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  1. Roadrunner

    FM9 via SPDIF to Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen' running Reaper DAW

    Hi all. If I'm not mistaken the FM9 internal clock is fixed to 48KHZ....? Anyone has experience running the 9 to Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen' running Reaper DAW? Is there any thing to do / config? Thanks.
  2. Roadrunner

    Discovering hot water.

    Ok so this joke is on me, but I must share it with you guys… So, I have been using Fractal gear since 2012 more or less and I went through all the Axe modelers and few of them even twice! So, a big fan of FAS here. I'm playing guitar for almost 40 years, old school player. I've had pedals I had...
  3. Roadrunner

    Mimiq Doubler

    Listening to the demo, I think the equivalent in the Axe would be what the Enhancer block does, what do you think?
  4. Roadrunner

    Guitar shops worth visiting Rockford, + Pittsburgh?

    Hi guys. Heading for a short business trip to US, will be visiting Rockford, IL and Pittsburgh PA. Any interesting guitar shops worth checking over there? Thanks.
  5. Roadrunner

    Input frequency 50/60Hz.

    This one refers to all products, not only the III, also FM3 + 9. Under global settings IIRC there is an option to choose your power source frequency, either 60Hz or 50Hz. I tried them both, I could not tell any difference. From electronic point of view there is obviously an internal transformer...
  6. Roadrunner

    Handheld / Field recorder with wireless R.C?

    Hi. Does anyone know and can recommend a field / handheld recorder like Zoom H4n, H2n etc. but with a wireless remote control? Thanks.
  7. Roadrunner

    Bagpipe preset

    Hi all. There is an old bag pipe preset done by Simeon back in the days for Axe II. While the preset runes 2 x Synth blocks and the FM3 can do only one, anyone tried to convert it or to redo it to fit the FM3? I'm looking for something like a bag pipe sound for AC/DC "Its a long way to the top"...
  8. Roadrunner

    Reverb, Economy vs. Ultra-High

    I was playing with the reverb block back and forth Economy vs. Ultra-High on a simple amp + cab block preset, just to check the reverb quality itself. I must say I could not notice a sound quality difference between Economy vs. Ultra-High. Am I starting to lose my hearing or there is actually no...
  9. Roadrunner

    Harley Benton Custom Line Thunder 99 – What a huge/tiny surprise.

    While going through the endless tunnel of gear acquisition / setups for downsizing my rig, I was looking for a more portable amplification solution which I can pair with my Matrix NL212. In general, I use a Matrix GT1000FX 1U housed in a 2U space rack which is great, powerful and light but….I...
  10. Roadrunner

    AC/DC (again) sound...?

    Hi all. So as mentioned in few other threads, my current project is an AC/DC tribute which actually runs nicely. I'm currently using a single preset with 3 scenes for rhythm (light crunch), bolder rhythm parts (crunchier) and leads. I will post it her later when I’m near my FM. Also added an amp...
  11. Roadrunner

    Split bords, FM3 + FC6, switching between OMG3/9.

    Hi. While waiting for the FC6 to arrive I started designing my new pedalboard which will include both FM and FC6 + few F.SW but yesterday gig had reminded me the size of stages we are on so heaving a ~32" long pedal board might be a problem… What I have in mind is maybe splitting to 2 boards, A...
  12. Roadrunner

    Ext switch toggle between scenes and presets, how?

    Hi. Is it possible to define an external switch to toggle between Scene mode and Preset mode? Thanks.
  13. Roadrunner

    Globally - turn on/off the amp boost switch with ext. sw?

    Hi. Is there a way to assign globally (for all presets) an external switch to turn on/off the amp boost switch? Thanks.
  14. Roadrunner

    AC/DC goes amp modeling.

    Well, not exactly, My current project in the last 2y is an AC/DC tribute, in the last 25y or so I've been always using amp modelers and other digital multi-FX along with tube amps / preamps etc. For this project I told myself I have to be authentic and stay as close as I can to the original so...
  15. Roadrunner

    WTB WTB - Temple Audio Duo 34

    Hi all. Looking for a nice Temple Audio Duo 34 + soft case if possible. Thanks.
  16. Roadrunner

    WTB FC6

    Looking for a nice and clean FC6, USA only. Thanks.
  17. Roadrunner

    Tuner On / Off with Ext switch?

    Hi. Is there a way to assign the tuner on/off to an external switch (Exp / SW #2)? I can do that with the TAP for example but for the tuner engage, looks like only cc's. Thanks.
  18. Roadrunner

    Importing AxeIII preset and user cab bank

    Hi all. So, just got my FM3 and wanted to upload it one bank and one user cab bank from my AxeIII. I first converted the preset A bank to FM3 format using Fractool but......nothing happens. I used FAS bot, the screen show some progress but the preset are not there. Am i missing something? For...
  19. Roadrunner

    Anyone has experience with Harley Benton Custom Line Thunder 99?

    Hi all. Part of my new FM3 based pedal board will be a stereo power amp so I can run in stereo a 4x12 cab or 2 cabs in any scenario. I'm into a pedal shape power amp, there are a lot of options out there. What caught my eyes is Harley Benton Custom Line Thunder 99. Its very small. Its stereo...
  20. Roadrunner

    MIDI to relay (amp switching)

    Hi All. I would like to pair my amp head with the FM3 (4CM) so I will be able to switch channels as well. The FM3 doesn't have relays. I can use a Midi to Relay dedicated device like MIDI Solutions offers. However, an Arduino based circuit can also be an option. I got all the parts needed for...
  21. Roadrunner

    FM3 with other midi controllers

    Hi all. Obviously the FM3 can be paired with the FC6/12 but I’m curious to know if any of you had experience running the FM with other midi controllers like rjm GT’s etc. Further, what didn’t you like on the OMG9/15 setup? Thanks.
  22. Roadrunner

    Which pitch shifter pedal is more accurate for drop tuning?

    I'm using few tunings in our band and frankly I'm tired of dragging the big rack to rehearsals so I thought of adding a pitch shifter to my small pedalboard I got so will be able to "drop" on the fly. So, which one do you think is better in terms of authentic and tracking / no latency...
  23. Roadrunner

    Wish Mesa / Boogie Badlander

    As there is a new member in the Rectifier family the Mesa Badlander, would be nice to have it in the Axe.
  24. Roadrunner

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    So, I got this simple LP style guitar, weight relief chambered mahogany body, arched top with set-in mahogany neck, overall nice one but the weak point is the pickups. I'm looking for a set of humbuckers, not something too fancy but something that will give it the ummmff that is missing and...
  25. Roadrunner

    Sharing blocks between Axe-Fx III / FM3, possible?

    As the title say, is it possible to use blocks form AxeIII into FM3? Thanks.
  26. Roadrunner

    Where in USA I can buy online Charvel Guthrie Govan HSH Flame Maple?

    So, I have a friend arriving to US for business for few days and looking to grab a Charvel Guthrie Govan Flame Maple. Already checked Sweetwater, they don't have it in stock. Any idea for other shops (known / recommended) he can buy online? Thanks.
  27. Roadrunner

    Who own an Harley Benton LP guitar?

    I'm looking for a backup guitar for my current project (AC/DC tribute) and the key factors are: 1. Sound decent in a live band situation, remember it will not be used in the studio so I'm not looking for a top sound guitar, just need to be ok for crunch live sound. 2. Cheap so I will not bother...
  28. Roadrunner

    Anyone is using a head paired with a floor based multi FX?

    Hi all. I'm tired of the pedal setup for my amp head (can't find a configuration I'm happy with) and thinking to go back using a digital floor based multi FX solution for FX to pair with the amp. There are 2 limitation for the external digital unit, it must be small and include a relay so it...
  29. Roadrunner

    Midi to relay - midi switcher – new project.

    Hi all. So, as many of us, I got "some" free time now so I'm going to build a midi switcher, midi to relays so I can control the amp channel switching via midi as I'm planning to run an FM3 in the future with an amp head in 4CM and want to control channel switching via FM3. I don’t have the...
  30. Roadrunner

    Heavy heaters / down tune users, what gage?

    Hi all. So, we are forced to down tune full step to D (singer can’t go so high). I’m typically using 10 gage, It sounds too fluffy and muddy when tuned to D. I tried 13’s, way too tight and hard. For those who play D tuned guitars, which gage are you using Thanks.
  31. Roadrunner

    ENGL Powerball II, one trick pony?

    I got an offer to trade my Mesa TC50 for an ENGL Powerball II, the amp is in perfect con', like my Mesa so no problem here. However, I remember a discussion I had back than with a Powerball I owner, saying that it’s a nice amp but….it is a one trick pony, metal or nothing. Anyone has experience...
  32. Roadrunner

    Implemented Mesa Boogie TC-50

    I own this amp, it is different in its own way from traditional Mesa amps, would be nice to have it in the black box, it has 3 channels with 2 modes for each, can run EL34, 6L6 and 6V6.
  33. Roadrunner

    [solved] Can't use the Axe-Fx III as a sound interface for playing music

    My AxeIII is conected to the PC (WIN10) via USB, I can record, AE works with out a prob' but i cant play music or play any sound (MP3, YouTube etc..) from the PC via the Axe as sound interface. In the PC sound config i select the Axe as speakers but no soun. Another thing, as soon as I select...
  34. Roadrunner

    Reaper not record / playback

    Up to now I didn’t face any problems recording to reaper, however something must have changed, and I can't find what. Reaper will not record nor playback, nothing. I get an error message when selecting ASIO and top right of the DAW it showes "audio device closed". When using "Direct Sound"...
  35. Roadrunner

    Line 6 PowerCab 112

    Anyone had a chance to try these Line 6 PowerCab 112? After not a big success I had with another FRFR manufacture, I’m thinking to dive again to the FRFR world, looking for something nice, not planning to spend too much $$$. Thanks.
  36. Roadrunner

    Budget used studio monitors – which?

    I could use a pair of studio monitors. Planing to buy used ones as I'm not looking for something too fancy, I'm not doing any pro recording, its mainly as another reference source for the Axe. I listen to music through a home stereo system. Will probably not set them on my desk but on my live...
  37. Roadrunner

    Axe stops PC playback

    I have something strange going on when using the Axe III as a sound interface (USB) When I try to play a song / mp3 / wav etc. through the Axe (I define it in the PC as my playback device) the file will play and I can hear it through the speakers or head phones which are connected to the Axe...
  38. Roadrunner

    Your suggestions for a small portable FX unit for 4CM

    Hey guys. So, I'm looking to replace the old L6 500HDx unit for something more UpToDate, portable (smaller foot print) FX unit to run 4CM with an amp head. The requirements are: Unit will run in 4CM so it needs also drives, compressors, Wah etc. not only modulations. Amp simulations is not a...
  39. Roadrunner

    Implemented Accurate down tuning Pitch block

    As was discussed many times and lately here. Would be happy to have a better response pitch block (especially in cleans) to achieve precise down tuning up to 1 octave. Thanks ahead.
  40. Roadrunner

    Down tuning with Pitch block, III vs. II

    Hi all. Until I will have the III, I got few question for those of you who use pitch block for down tuning the guitar. How is the tracking compared to the II? Form my experience I’ve used it with the II many times, specially for live application, it works good enough for distorted sound but not...
  41. Roadrunner

    How to unprotect an Excel file when you forgot the password?

    Hi guys, I got this excel file I build ton of time ago, loaded with too much info and formulas and its protected with a password which obviously I don’t remember and now need to edit it and I relay don't want to start it all over. Is there any solution for a lost password? Something that lets...
  42. Roadrunner

    Cheap but yet useful and nice multi FX for amp FX loop.

    I'm looking for a nice multi FX, rack form factor preferred or a floor based multi FX , no need for amps or cabs simulations, something like t.c electronics Gmajor 2, only modulations and time based FX as I will pair it with my amp head via FX loop and rout the switching together via midi (amp...
  43. Roadrunner

    Free PC software based FX?

    I would like to connect my tube amp FX loop to my sound card which will run some modulations / time based FX as a plugin or standalone software (preferred). There are so many of these, any recommends for a free one? Thanks.
  44. Roadrunner

    Look what I found over FAS shop

    X-Load LB-2 Load Box
  45. Roadrunner

    Happy 70th Birthday Sammy Hagar!

  46. Roadrunner

    Recommended fabric for acoustic panels

    I'm finally taking care of the acoustics in my home studio, currently building panels (wood frame with acoustic foam inside). Anyone can say if there is a specific cloth recommended to be used on these kind of panels? Not looking for something fancy, just plain color (off white or dark red). Thanks.
  47. Roadrunner

    Cheap home practice wireless in ear set.

    Hi. I'm looking for a simple not too fancy, cheap Wireless in ear set that I will use for home practice only. This set is not for live use, only at home when I practicing, might get used to it hearing the mix in ear. I actually don’t have to get the ear buds as well (will use good studio...
  48. Roadrunner

    Can't get that throaty Wah sound I'm looking for.

    I'm trying to get the Wah block as deep / throaty / wide I can, a good example is JP Wah pedal which has a very deep / wide frequency travel. Curious to hear your ideas / Wah block example. Thanks.
  49. Roadrunner

    Panel socket color tag

    Hi. Anyone knows maybe where I can get these color tags which installed behined the input?
  50. Roadrunner

    4CM and stereo, possible?

    I'm running my setup lately in 4CM, I like the result very much and was thinking if it would be possible to run it stereo. I have 2 cabs and a Matrix GT1000 to do the stereo amplifying section. So the pieces are the Axe, an amp head , Matrix power amp and 2 cabs. The Matrix will feed the cabs...
  51. Roadrunner

    RGM22 doesn't toggle on/off scenes

    I used to have 3 switches on the RJM dedicated to scenes 2, 3, 4. in the following way: When loading a preset, the default is scene 1. If I'm pressing scene 2, the XL+ will go to scene 2 and if pressing again scene 2, it will switch off and go back to scene 1. To conclude, each scene button...
  52. Roadrunner

    RGM22 doesn't "Reload" a preset.

    Recently switched my XL for an XL+, basically a P&P for the RJM. However I have few issues: On the RJM "Global" tab I checked V "Preset button 2nd press:" so I can reload the preset from its original state if I changes scenes or FX. However when pressing again the selected preset, few things...
  53. Roadrunner

    Recording XL+ to reaper in stereo

    Hi. For some reason when recording the XL+ to reaper via USB, I get a mono summed channel instead of a stereo channel. I remember that on older versions of reaper I could chose the input on the specific channel if I want it to be mono or stereo but now for stereo only "force input " is available...
  54. Roadrunner

    Honey….I’m home (again).

    So I decided to go light and switched from the XL/RJM22 combo to the AX8 for few months but eventually decided I need (or should I say, I’m used) the Axe FX/RJM flexibility and power so…yes! got an XL+ again. As I was very limited with the delivery date (logistics things) I asked FAS guys to...
  55. Roadrunner

    Midi over RJM22, Axe FX XL+ and an amp head with midi, how to connect?

    Hi guys. I got the RJM22, Axe FX XL+ and an amp head that has midi onboard. As im runing this setup in 4CM, I also want to have the Axe/amp switch presets / channel together. When im runing the XL+ only, I have the he RJM connected to the Axe via the phantom power box and uses the Axe's both...
  56. Roadrunner

    Recommended gage for drop tuning.

    I usually use 010 strings for standard tuning. I need to tune to drop C / C tuning for some fast tight metal song we are playing. What gage would you recommend so it won't sound flabby / mudy and keep it tight? Using a fixed bridge guitar. Thanks.
  57. Roadrunner

    Cab sim on / off on non FRFR setup, new conclusions.

    So, I decided to change my XL rig so I got an AX8 and also a tube amp, Mesa TC-50 (haven’t touched tube amps in 5 years!). With the XL, I used to run it through a Matrix GT1000FX and 2 Matrix NL212 with cab sim ON and it sounded like a dream. Whenever I switched cab sim to OFF, I felt all the...
  58. Roadrunner

    Where in EU can I get Switchcraft TS plugs and Mogami cables?

    To my EU friends, any recommended shop (Germany preferred) where I can on line Switchcraft 380 TS plugs and Mogami W2319 bulk cable? I will be in Germany for business for few days and need to renew my pedalboard supplies
  59. Roadrunner

    RJM22, considering to sell, how much should I ask?

    Hi. My setup is going through changes (again) and I’m thinking to let go of my RJM22 to finance other stuff. It’s like new, with all accessories like the phantom power box and a long (aprox’ 20 – 25ft) Best-Tronics 7pin midi cable which has one side straight plug and the other side is a 90...
  60. Roadrunner

    So many AXE's on one stage

    Spoted II and 2 AX8...
  61. Roadrunner

    Experienced E.H 44 Magnum Power Amp pedal?

    So I got an AX8 on a pedal board and I thought to add there 2 x EH 44 Magnum Power Amp pedals to have stereo out to 2 2x12 I got running in stereo. Although it’s a pedal size, it is loud enough for what I'm looking for, problem is I don't have a way to test it before buying. Anyone had a chance...
  62. Roadrunner

    My expressions acts nonlinear on the AX8

    Hi. I recently got a new AX8 and copied my XL presets into it. New setup is same layout as with the XL, includes 2 EP-1 Mission Engineering expression pedals in input #1 and #4, one dedicated to Wah and the other mostly for volume control and some gain control. No matter what I tried, both act...
  63. Roadrunner

    Specific guitar cable for the pedal board, which, where?

    Hi guys. I’m building a new pedal board, looking for specific guitar cables to run in and from the pedal board to the amp and back etc. Up to now I used Klotz, they are great and robust but hard to bent and thick, I don’t like that. I’m looking for a good guitar cable which will not be so thick...
  64. Roadrunner

    Who is using the AX8 with a 2nd midi foot controller.

    I'm trying to find the best way to add few more switches, I thought maybe to use a tiny (4 switch) midi foot switch to be connected to the AX8 via midi and control maybe scenes or FX blocks etc. Anyone tried that? Thanks.
  65. Roadrunner

    Switching layout thoughts after running XL + RJM.

    Hi all. I'm thinking to narrow my setup, recently bought an AX8 to see if it can replace my Axe XL + RJM22 board. As you know, the XL + RJM22 together are a killer control combination. I'm trying how to decide about the AX8 switches layout. I need access to: All 8 presets / bank. Bank up /...
  66. Roadrunner

    Guitars shops in Santa Barbara.

    Hey guys. I'm heading for few days to Santa Barbara. Any interesting worth vising guitar shops over there? It's going to be a short business trip but I will have some free time, any tips for some fun time are most welcome. Thanks.
  67. Roadrunner

    Too much guitar heroes in one vid :-)

  68. Roadrunner

    New pickups, Bareknuckle, which?

    Hi. it's time for new pickups for one of my Axe's Guitar is mahogany with quilted Maple top body and maple / maple neck, H/H configuration. I would like to go with Bareknuckle this time. Overall type will be hot / modern so it narrows the search for CONTEMPORARY...
  69. Roadrunner

    Which strap locks?

    I'm currently using this Chinese stuff, problem is that the pin connected to the guitar horn get loos from time to time although the screw is well tightened (the screw get loos for some reason) and it happens on all my guitars, some on the front and some on the back. I decided to throw...
  70. Roadrunner

    Where does he hide the Axe?

  71. Roadrunner

    4x12 Harley Benton with V30.

    Has anyone had expirience with this cab: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g412s_vintage.htm Price is a killer but usualy what cost little will sound little.... Tempting to get 2 for stereo.
  72. Roadrunner

    Local SIM in Netherland, data + calls.

    Heading to Netherland for few days, need mostly data but also phone calls. 1GB of data will be enough. What do the Dutch guys recommend? Should I buy one in Schiphol ? What are the rates? Thanks.
  73. Roadrunner

    Thinking to get a tablet, black Friday deals?

    So I really really need (not really) a new tablet. Specs wise……10", WIN10, enough memory to run simple stuff and internet, I will use it for AE etc, internal modem, GPS is not a must but can be nice and detachable keyboard will be great. What do you guys recommend for this? Anyone can...
  74. Roadrunner

    AC/DC, R.I.P?

    Didn’t see that coming: If it continues like that, Angus is going to find himself playing alone…. I’m so glad I had the chance to see them with Brian Johnson. What a band.
  75. Roadrunner

    Pink Floyd – Sorrow, background drone sound

    Hi all. I’m thinking of doing a cover for Pink Floyd – Sorrow, together with my band. Now, the intro is a great huge guitar with kind of drone sound in the background. The background drone sound is based of 4 notes / chords. What I had in mind is using 4 scenes to switch between different...
  76. Roadrunner

    MOV file repair software?

    Hi. I was taking few vids with my action cam and the MOV files where not finalized (the cam stopped recording for some reason) so the files are “broken” and cannot be played. However I found few repairing software that actually does the job and can fix the files but they are not so cheap. Any...
  77. Roadrunner

    Something strange is going on for me with the L6 wireless units.

    Hi guys. I’m using L6 G50 wireless connected to the rear input for rehearsing and live. In the past 8 months or so I wasn’t in a band and played @ home only so the wireless was not used, I was running a standard cable and that’s it. Anyway I started playing with a new band and had 8-9...
  78. Roadrunner

    Can't decide on a name

    Hi guys. I'm in this new band and we are going to start gigging now but can't decide for a name. We play covers only, classic rock like the Stones, ZZ Top, Beatles, Deep Purple, Pink Floyed etc… Would be happy to hear your suggestions, something catchy, one word preferred. Thanks.
  79. Roadrunner

    Young lust lead sound

    So we are covering Pink Floyed Young Lust. The lead tone is kind of drive with I think some modulation on top, anybody has an idea about the sound? It sounds to me like kind of flanger or something, not sure. Switch to 01:38 for the solo. Thanks.
  80. Roadrunner

    Neutrik NJ3FP6C

    I'm rebuilding my rack \ back panel wiring and need 4 x Neutrik NJ3FP6C. It looks like they are very expensive, anyone can recommend a cheap online place to buy these? Thanks
  81. Roadrunner

    Best floyed trem?

    My guitar has an original Shaller floyed which i hate, its unbalanced gets out of tune and hard as a rock when bending. I want to replace it, any segestions for best floyed? Thanks.
  82. Roadrunner


    I got a 7 pin midi cable made by BTPA which has straight plugs on both ends and I would like to replace one side with an angle one. This is the plug. Thing is that BTPA shipping cost outside of USA for this tiny plug is a non-funny joke (ridicules expensive). Does anyone know where I can get...
  83. Roadrunner

    Panel feed through 7-pin midi socket

    Hi guys. I'm building my rack for the last time this year (right..), also building a new back panel and looking for a panel feed through 7 pin midi socket, like this but 7 and not 5 pin. Anyone has an idea where to get these? Thanks.
  84. Roadrunner

    Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers killer Hammond intro needed.

    So we are going to try and play Deep Purple’s famous Perfect Strangers and I’m trying to nail the killer Hammond intro sound. Attached is what I found and tweaked to be as close as I can but it still miss that “grinned”, the killer Lord’s distortion. Anyone have tried / have something like...
  85. Roadrunner

    which potentiometers for H/H guitar?

    Hi I got an Ibanez with 2 humbuckers which need new fresh potentiometers. Anyway, it's been years since the last time I've replaced potentiometers, any recommends? I know it should be 500kΩ but is there any special things to look for when selecting potentiometers? Thanks.
  86. Roadrunner

    No way!

    I thought April fools is only next week: http://www.tmz.com/2016/03/28/axl-rose-ac-dc-in-studio/ http://www.nme.com/news/acdc/92509 http://www.guitarplayer.com/artists/1013/axl-rose-reportedly-joining-acdc-tour-to-fill-in-for-brian-johnson/57255 Can't believe this is actually true.
  87. Roadrunner

    Saw the Aristocrats last night.

    It was their last gig for the European tour and we were lucky to have them well baked with the show which was absolutely phenomenal! This is their 3rd time here so I guess it also contributed to the overall feel that was relaxed, they told stories, few jokes and a lot of interaction with the...
  88. Roadrunner

    US first time - tips?

    Hey US guys. So, after so many years and so many traveling NOT to the US It finally does happen and I will be visiting a short one for the first time. Basically I'm landing in NY and will be staying there for 3 days, than flying to New Orleans for some business + 2 free days and then by car to...
  89. Roadrunner

    How about these Skervesen…?

    So, I’m in for a new axe again and it will be a custom one (unless I will bump into something really special pre-made). I played last week on a new 7 string Skervesen of a friend that just got it, fully customized. This axe is a beast, I’ve never heard such nice cleans with so much bottom and...
  90. Roadrunner

    How do you program your MMGT's?

    I recently switched from the MFC to the MMGT22, very powerful board and easy to use / program. I have it now setup for 3 pages: 1. 6 x presets, from ultra-clean to heavy distortion and leads + FX on/off + Tuner and Tap. 2. 6 x Scenes + FX. 3. Amps, Cabs and FX X/Y. I haven't thought of...
  91. Roadrunner

    MM GT22 Problem with expressions - Axe controller first "jumps" to 60%

    Hi. I also asked this over the MM forum but I guess I should check here as well. I've switched from MFC-101 to the GT22 controlling Axe II XL. I'm facing one problem though and it’s the expression pedals. I'm using 2 Mission pedals connects to Ext 1 and Ext 4 in the GT same as it was on the...
  92. Roadrunner

    Why should I switch from the MFC+EXT4MFC to the RJM MMGT22?

    The question is for you guys running the biggest version of RJM mastermind GT, the one with 22 switches. I'm currently using the MFC-101 MKIII + my EXT4MFC (4 switch expansion) giving me the total of 21 free assigned switches (I'm not counting the system switches - REVEAL, EDIT, UP, DOWN)...
  93. Roadrunner

    Bank bundle backup.

    Hi guys. Is there an option to make a bundle backup (patch + cab) to more than a single preset? I would like to back up a bank as a bundle, is it possible? Thanks.
  94. Roadrunner

    How I fried a 4x12 OR... wow this MATRIX is a beast!

    Over our rehearsing space I use a Marshall JVM 4x12 in stereo paired with my MATRIX GT1000FX. Anyway….. While heaving a break yesterday @ the rehearsal, I wanted to feel how loud this cab can go. So, I dialed the Matrix to 80% and the Axe to 80% as well (more or less), selected a heavy patch...
  95. Roadrunner

    Just saw AC/DC in Berlin

    So, who else was in the concert and stay alive to tell? :)
  96. Roadrunner

    For the Finnish people out there…..

    So I'm heading to Finland and have a short stop for the weekend over Helsinki. What is recommended? Which area recommended for hotel? Music shops? Any other recommend will most welcome. Thanks guys.
  97. Roadrunner

    I just love this guy

    JP @ GC.
  98. Roadrunner

    Help with AC/DC style preset

    Hi guys. I'm pooling my hair here over this crunch ala AC/DC style sound. After last live recording we had I've noticed the sound I have for AC/DC and rock songs is way to metal for AC/DC style so I'm trying to start almost from scratch. Attached is the preset (it's based partly on one of...
  99. Roadrunner

    Help choosing Bare Knuckle pickups.

    So…it's time for a pickup swap, I do it on every guitar I have every few years. I'm on the traditional line for more than 20 years, using always Dimarzio, Duncan and EMG's and its time for something totally new and different. So, the victim now is 5A book match mahogany body with quilted maple...
  100. Roadrunner

    gas for frfr again

    Ok.... who have expirience with both Matrix and xitone frfr cabs? Going to europe soon, its an option for a new Matrix cab but its much more expensive than the xitone one [emoji17]
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