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  1. CodePoet

    "Outside" by The Fixx clip

    A little clip of the main riff to "Outside" from "Reach The Beach" by The Fixx, as originally played by Jamie West-Oram. Using the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III with a Brit JM45 model, some compressors, delays, and a heaping of Cirrocumulus reverb.
  2. CodePoet

    Carl Martin Honey Comp Compressor Settings

    Does anyone have a good starting point of settings to mimic the Carl Martin Honey Comp (or even their classic compressor)? Wondering what compressor type and attack/release settings would get in the ballpark. There are Pete Thorn and Burgs videos in the link below that run thru it. Thanks...
  3. CodePoet

    Auto-Advance to Next Set option possible to implement?

    First off, songs/set functionality is awesome! For those that need/prefer more than 32-songs in a set, would it be possible to implement an option to auto-advance to the next set so that once the end of a set was reached, selecting Next Song would auto-advance to the first song in the next set...
  4. CodePoet

    Wish Allow Control Switches to be accessed on the Perform pages

    I'm using control switches to toggle things on using the FC controller. At times when the FC isn't hooked up, it would be nice to be able to engage the control switches via a "virtual press" on the Perform page.
  5. CodePoet

    Got an FC-6 Mark II - Quick Overview Video

    I ordered the new FC-6 Mark II when it came out and it just arrived. I put together a quick video comparing it to my Mark I if you want to see how they look side-by-side. The new large LCD mini-displays are great - going to be so nice when playing live! Great job with this guys! If you...
  6. CodePoet

    Need to send tempo from Axe-Fx III to Boss SY-200 - MIDI translator perhaps?

    I figured that the III could send tempo out via MIDI, but it seems it does not - it can receive tempo info only. I see that some controllers like the Mastermind can interpret the Axe-Fx III's tempo via the realtime sysex function. Before I give up, is there any way by hook or crook to get...
  7. CodePoet

    Where do you keep your wallet/phone/keys when gigging?

    Was wondering what systems folks used for this. I hate to be separated from those items but sometimes it’s not comfortable/practical to have them all pocketed (in my skin tight leather pants - jk). Having them backstage unattended in a non-secure type of setting isn’t smart. Just wondering...
  8. CodePoet

    No more black ebony? New EVH Wolfgang Stealth not so stealthy...

    I've had an EVH Wolfgang Special Stealth (i.e. all black) on order from Sweetwater for 9 months or so. Just got an email they shipped it. Got a nice email with detailed photos of it from Sweetwater. Looking good, then I noticed that the fretboard is overall lighter then their previous...
  9. CodePoet

    Bug? Input Envelope controls not showing in Multitap Delay for some types

    I don't see the Input Envelope controls for some types such as the Quad Parallel Delay, Quad Series, Quad Tape. I see them on FM3 edit. I DO see the Input Envelope controls when selecting Quad-Tap and Quad-Tap Band. Axe-Edit III 1.08.14: For comparison, FM3 Edit 1.04.01
  10. CodePoet

    Wish: Control Switch on the Perform Pages?

    Is there a way to assign a Control Switch to one of the Perform Page slots? I can't seem to find a way...the wiki mentions that toggle (on/off) controls are supported but I can't find a way to find a Control Switch label to drag to the Perform Page.
  11. CodePoet

    "Sunglasses At Night" Live - Axe-Fx III - Synth & Cyngus!

    Video from our show a couple weeks ago. Some people thought we were playing to a track ;) . Nope, it's da Fractal.
  12. CodePoet

    "Take It On The Run" Harmony Solo - Dual Diatonic Pitch Block

    Here's a quick performance video of the harmony solo portion of "Take It On The Run" by REO Speedwagon. I'm playing the top part and using the pitch block to play the other two lower parts. I'm using 4 channels of a Dual Diatonic Pitch block to switch between the right harmonies. You can...
  13. CodePoet

    Tim Pierce Toy Matinee Video

    If you're into Toy Matinee, this is so cool. Tim talks about the album and plays licks from it (looks like he's using his Axe-Fx III as well). Such killer parts.
  14. CodePoet

    Test pedals online and real-time

  15. CodePoet

    NGD - Wolfgang Special

    I've had one of these on order with Sweetwater for a few months now but one popped up on eBay and I grabbed it. Seeing all of @bishop5150 's new Wolfgang purchases was too much to handle :). It's a 2018 MIM in perfect condition - seems awesome so far. I've never held one before... Anyone...
  16. CodePoet

    New UA Pedals

    Been watching the fanfare regarding the new UA pedals (as anything with James Santiago is always a treat). Putting all the UA self-congratulation and hype aside, they've gone after some specific vintage tones and I'm interested to hear your impressions of the sounds and if there's anything...
  17. CodePoet

    "Rio" by Duran Duran video

    Here's a video of "Rio" by Duran Duran that my 80's tribute band put together this summer. Audio here is recorded live from the video session. Axe-Fx III is handling the guitar and synth tones and I also used it to add a little re-amp to the bass as well.
  18. CodePoet

    "Christmas Time Is Here" - Clean Johnny A style with bass and plex delay

    Here's my recording of "Christmas Time Is Here". The patch is in the style of Johnny A. and uses a parallel path that drops things down an octave to mimic a bass. There's some Plex delay you can bring in with a momentary switch as well. Patch is up on Axechange...
  19. CodePoet

    TSO Livestream is this weekend - plus another Axe-Fx III TSO cover

    The Trans-Siberian Orchestra livestream is going on this weekend at www.tsolivestream.com - nicely filmed, sounds great. They set up in a soundstage in Nashville and recorded the show up-close and personal with the full compliment of backgrounds, fog, lasers, etc. They're doing the performance...
  20. CodePoet

    Pirate Vai plays with a hook

    Which begs the question...did he use the Hook amp in the Axe-Fx III for this? [This was from Devin Townsend's online Halloween party]
  21. CodePoet

    Runnin' With The Dweezil

    https://www.dweezilzappa.com/pages/copy-of-runnin-with-the-dweezil This should be a very cool Van Halen tribute - I expect it will be very well-done by DZ. Will include some Axe-Fx III presets too.
  22. CodePoet

    EVH Stealth Candy Chute

    A little Van Halen tribute this Halloween. #EverybodyWantsSome
  23. CodePoet

    Van Halen "1984" Synth Sweep?

    Do any synth-master gurus know if it'd be possible to approximate the sweeping bass sounds of "1984" by VH with the Axe-Fx synth block and some FX? (not as interested in the right-hand synth sounds at the moment). Thanks for any help! @simeon @Admin M@
  24. CodePoet

    FS Sold: MFC-101 / Axe-Fx II Kicktags - Glow In The Dark

    Selling the pictured collection of MFC-101 kicktags - glow-in-the-dda. Comes with the surrounds and magnetized labels and graphics. $20 USD.
  25. CodePoet

    Brian Setzer stuff on Reverb tomorrow

    https://reverb.com/news/brian-setzer-is-coming-to-reverb @FractalAudio - that 1963 Blonde Bassman w/ 2x12 cab would look great in the home office.
  26. CodePoet

    Synth Workout - "The One Thing" by INXS - tracked, triggered, and sequenced

    Greetings 80s fans! Here's a video that goes through an overview of a preset of "The One Thing" by INXS that I put together showing off three flavors of the Axe-Fx III synth block. One scene uses the pitch follower to implement a split guitar/synth setup (guitar tone for the low notes, synth...
  27. CodePoet

    Techniques for Pitch Follower Smoothing? Guitar and synth trade-offs

    I'm setting up a preset where I want to hear my guitar amp tone when playing down on the lower strings and have a synth sound when I jump up to high notes on the top couple of strings. I have things set up with the pitch follower on the synth output level and overall it's working fairly well...
  28. CodePoet

    FC-6 stand-in switch causing Axe-Fx III to show the tuner approx. 20 secs. after powering on

    Recently (about the time range of the last couple of versions of the Axe-Fx III - just updated to v13 beta now) I've noticed that when I power up the Axe-Fx III, it's engaging the tuner automatically in a range of 10-30 seconds after powering up (happens with empty preset or not). I don't have...
  29. CodePoet

    Adamant that the Axe-Fx III can do Adam Ant

    I do an 80s band thing and it's always fun seeing what the Axe-Fx III can do to cover synth parts and other weird stuff. It always comes thru.
  30. CodePoet

    What [short] coiled cable do you like for playing at your desk?

    I have my Axe-Fx III on top of my desk right next to me. I like using a short coiled cable into it - it's probably 18" coiled, 10'-ish stretched - to keep the cable off the floor. Need to source a backup and/or upgraded one. Are there any similar short high-quality coiled cables you like to...
  31. CodePoet

    Delay [or any block] Channel Sticky Across Scenes

    I have a Delay block with different types of delays on channels A&B. I'd like the ability to select one or the other delay channels and persist that channel setting for the delay block for all the scenes in the preset. Is this possible the way things are today or do we need some new...
  32. CodePoet

    A little unexpected Alice In Chains

    Sometimes a tone you dig just lands in your lap. Funnily enough I was dialing in a tone for the 80s pop tune "867-5309" and the mind went to Alice In Chains for a second and I lost a half-hour recalling AIC riffs. Just rolling down the volume knob a bit worked pretty well for the "Bleed The...
  33. CodePoet

    NuX Bumblebee Pedalboard for our Fractal gear - Review

    Hey everyone - I put together a video review of the NuX Bumblebee pedalboard. I've been digging them for an all-in-one FM3/EV-2 or FC-6/EV-2 solution. In the video I walk through the fit of the FM3 and FC-6 and run-down the specs of the pedalboard. If you enjoy stuff like this, please...
  34. CodePoet

    "Home Sweet Home" video - QuaranTune #1

    Hey everyone - if you need a little diversion, wanted to share a video my band put together while we're apart - a QuaranTune if you will. We decided to start with "Home Sweet Home" and have some more coming. It has some hat tips to the original video and other Easter Eggs thrown in there...
  35. CodePoet

    FS Mission GM-HL 4U Rack Case

    Black tolex 4U rack case, 16-inch depth. $175 - local pickup (Atlanta-area) or shipping to US. In excellent condition with no dings or scratches. Comes with the 2U insert.
  36. CodePoet

    A little Andy Summers tone hunting: "SynchronAxeFxIII"

    This is going to be my starting place for some Andy Summers distorted stuff - started off with the @iaresee preset "Andy's CAE" and tweaked a few amp parms to fit my guitar and tone I was looking for and threw a default Electric Mistress in front. Started playing Synchronicity II and had some...
  37. CodePoet

    Johnny A. on the morning show with his III and FC-12

    "This is becoming more and more commonplace in music, isn't it, using your feet?" Gotta love morning hosts ;). https://www.kusi.com/johnny-a-performs-live
  38. CodePoet

    Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24 Cover, aka "Carol-Ann of the Bells" [Featuring Axe-Fx III Cello and Flute]

    "A lone cellist playing a forgotten holiday song..." Hey everyone - I like to do a Christmas recording each year - this year it's the widely-covered Trans-Siberian Orchestra classic. All guitars were run thru the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III. The cello and flute parts were also done on the Axe-Fx...
  39. CodePoet

    Tile trackers on your music gear?

    Anyone put a Tile (or similar tracking device) on their guitars, Axe-Fx, or music gear? What are your experiences and where did you place it on the item?
  40. CodePoet

    Gator Cases Retro Rack for the Axe-Fx III

    Hey everyone - I just posted a quick video review of the new Gator Cases Vintage Amp Vibe Retro Rack 3U rack case. I think it's pretty cool and a great fit for the III. Check out the look and features in the video. Also, I'm trying to throw more content up on my channel and figure out the YT...
  41. CodePoet

    Congrats! We are the champions.

    "The next step up is champions. These are online groups, such as Fractal Audio Systems, with its Axe-Fx guitar processors. Here, the community members aren't just fans; they write documentation, test beta products, and help new users get up to speed."...
  42. CodePoet

    Move to UA Apollo Twin Solo from Focusrite/Preamp setup?

    Requesting opinions on this question. With UA's current deal, you can get their Analog Classis Pro Bundle of plugins thrown in (Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler, 1176 Classic Limiter, Pultec Passive EQ, Fairchild Tube Limiter, and UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collections - $500 regularly) when you...
  43. CodePoet

    Use Axe-Fx III as in-ear mixer?

    Haven't tried it but was wondering if this could work. When getting an in-ear mix from a venue it's usually mono. I'd love to hear my guitar in stereo. Was looking at getting a little external mixer to mix an output of the III with the board mix (sans guitar) and mix my own. But was...
  44. CodePoet

    Andy Summers Monochrome Strat

    So who here is getting one? It's said to be $12,500 USD. You can also get the Andy Summers Leica Monochrome Camera for $15k.
  45. CodePoet

    Block Update Strategy

    I'm interested in hearing people's workflow for updating blocks in the block library. When a preset is loaded, does/should Axe-Edit know and link which block library entry a block came from? I ask as it doesn't seem to (but I'm not sure that it ever did) and this seems to be the only way to...
  46. CodePoet

    Blue Mix-Fi Headphones on clearance at Fry's

    Just happened upon this today and got a pair for $131. https://www.frys.com/product/9424641?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
  47. CodePoet

    Larry Mitchell - Live AX8 - "World Come Together"

    The boots. The hat. The rings. The hands. You know who I mean. Had the privilege of hanging out with @Larry Mitchell this weekend at the guitar show in Atlanta. He's a legend around this forum and deservedly so. He showed me his latest guitars and gear setup and I grabbed some phone video...
  48. CodePoet

    "Message In A (Kaleidoscopic) Bottle"

    The result of some errant clicks and I'm mesmerized, especially how it develops at the end. Behold the "Message In A Bottle" guitar part interpreted through a kaleidoscope. Because why not? Recorded with the AX8. If you enjoyed it and can throw a Like at my band Double Take that would be...
  49. CodePoet

    Fractal Expression Pedal Tale of the Taper

    The Fractal expression/volume pedals are awesome. Love 'em so much I put together a runthru of them, so check it out if you have one on your shopping list.
  50. CodePoet

    "Interstellar" Presets and Tutorial

    (Warning: Cross-posted over on the Axe-Fx Presets forum) A demo and tutorial on the design of the "Interstellar" preset on the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL and AX8. This preset uses a Shepard Risset-Glissando technique to mimic the sounds found in some recent Christopher Nolan / Hans Zimmer films...
  51. CodePoet

    "Interstellar" Presets and Tutorial

    A demo and tutorial on the design of the "Interstellar" preset on the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL and AX8. This preset uses a Shepard Risset-Glissando technique to mimic the sounds found in some recent Christopher Nolan / Hans Zimmer films. Uses the synth block and some Deep Space reverb to get...
  52. CodePoet

    Double Take live video clips - AX8 direct #tonegeek

    This is a live clip from the room of a few seconds of some tunes from a recent show of my band Double Take - facebook.com/DoubleTakeAtl (follow for more). This is using the AX8 direct to the board - a raw room recording, warts and all. Some AX8/tone geekery: 0:06: I started the show with the...
  53. CodePoet

    AX8 Synth Pitch Tracking Tip

    Summary: Get your CPU usage as low as possible. While your preset will operate at higher CPU levels, the synth tracking improves as your CPU usage drops - keeping CPU under 75% seemed to give good results and going lower continued to help. Details: I was converting one of Simeon's synth...
  54. CodePoet

    FAS-FX Reverb demo recording (Large Cathedral)

    (Please forgive the cross-post...) I posted this a few days ago in the Axe-Fx II recordings section, but I realized it may actually be a better demo for FAS-FX Reverb as it's used quite a bit here. It's a free-time guitar piece with no drums so you can hear the reverb clearly. It really set...
  55. CodePoet

    George Winston (new age solo piano) cover for XMas w/ Q6.02, JM45, FAS-Reverb

    Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate. This song ("Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head") is a cover from the George Winston "December" album, which is a new-age solo piano thing. (Great album - I'm not really a new-ager but got hooked on this one young). I've always loved the melody and the way...
  56. CodePoet

    Javier Reyes Preset Pack Released

    Javier from Animals As Leaders sent over presets he built for his latest Mestis side-project and gave a great interview where he ran through the details of the presets, discussed his tone creation process, and gave a little bit of AAL news. Interesting to hear his approach on things. The...
  57. CodePoet

    Need your vote to inflict my Axe-Fx on Atlanta - prize entry for your vote

    Hey guys - forgive the begging, but I could use your vote in a band face-off deal. We're up against some bands with bigger followings so we're calling on all our social streams for help. If you can go to the link below and vote for the Jonathan Gale Band that would be much appreciated (you...
  58. CodePoet

    "Time" Solo (Live) - Pink Floyd cover

    Recently started up a new band project and we play a medley of "Breathe" and "Time" by Pink Floyd. Was fun to play this one live - first time performing it for a crowd. Had a GoPro running next to me - audio is from the GoPro next to my monitor so it's fairly loud. Using my Axe-Fx II through...
  59. CodePoet

    James Hetfield talks about music

    James Hetfield talks about the power of music If you haven't seen it, check out this video of James Hetfield talking about many things, but the transformational power of music is a big one. It's great to see the joy that comes over him while recalling how he started out and his acceptance of...
  60. CodePoet

    Axe Edit resets my sound card's sample rate to 44.1

    Not a problem per-se, but I noticed that when starting Axe-Edit, my sound card pops due to the sample rate changing from another rate to 44.1 kHz. Doesn't seem like Axe-Edit would need to access USB audio at all. Using Axe-Edit 3.0.1, Max OS 10.8.4, USB Driver 167.
  61. CodePoet

    Preset not displaying block state correctly on load

    Axe-Edit Version: 3.00.0000 Axe-Fx Model and Firmware Version: II, 11 Connection: (USB/MIDI... if MIDI, specify the interface) USB OS/Version: OSX 10.8.4 Other HW peripherals: SW Component: (Axe-Edit/Axe-Manage/Installer/etc.) Axe-Edit Steps to Reproduce: When navigating to some presets, the...
  62. CodePoet

    Dweezil's new touring rig

    Getting Ready For Tour! 2013-14 - Dweezil Zappa World Back to 2 Axe-Fx...
  63. CodePoet

    Chris Letchford of Scale The Summit: Fractal Artist Profile

    Up next in the artist profile series is Chris Letchford of Scale The Summit where you can watch Chris play and read how he uses the Axe-Fx live and in-studio. It was great meeting Chris - he's an incredible player and we had a great conversation about his approach to dialing in tones with the...
  64. CodePoet

    Pete Thorn: Fractal Artist Profile

    Check out the newest in our series of in-depth Fractal artist profiles where Pete Thorn discusses his newly-released preset pack and his approach to crafting guitar tones with the Axe-Fx II. Pete Thorn Artist Profile "I use the Axe-Fx without reservation. It's an all-in-1 Swiss Army Knife for...
  65. CodePoet

    Scale The Summit @ Yestival 8/3

    Fractal artist Chris Letchford and his band Scale The Summit are playing at Yestival on Saturday in Camden, NJ. Check it out if you're near. (And Yes is playing as well) Yes Announcing first-ever YESTIVAL at Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden NJ on 3rd Aug 2013 - Yes
  66. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx II v10 Review Update in iGuitar

    Tom Quayle updates his Axe-Fx II review: Guitar Interactive Magazine - Issue 18
  67. CodePoet

    Strymon Timeline Preset Clones? Patterned Trem?

    Have any Timeline users tried to replicate some of the more interesting presets from the Strymon Timeline? I'd be curious to hear your experiences. How about this patterned tremolo setting from the Mobius - is there a way to hook this up in the Axe? (Go to 10:41 if the link doesn't start you...
  68. CodePoet

    Your concert experiences: 60s, 70s

    Cobbler's thread (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/68737-my-how-times-have-changed.html) got me thinking that there are probably a lot of cool concert stories of shows from back in the day. While not that young myself, I'd love to hear people's stories of shows they went to in the 70s and...
  69. CodePoet

    Animals As Leaders Rig Rundown

  70. CodePoet

    BTBAM Rig Rundown - Fractal Content

    Premier Guitar Rig Rundown of Between the Buried and Me
  71. CodePoet

    The Axepocalypse

    Waiting for firmware to drop can make one see strange things...I snapped a pic of my Axe-Fx getting quite antsy for some new code to feast upon. Not sure how much longer I can hold it off...
  72. CodePoet

    The forum is smokin'-fast!

    If it stays this way after everyone's back on, it'll be awesome. Nice!
  73. CodePoet

    Yngwie's not looking for an endorsement

    Silly Yngwie. I bet you've never tried one: Let’s talk gear now. I know you have your signature Marshall YJM amps but have you checked out any of the new modeling devices like the Axe-Fx? No. I have a motto in life: Always trade up. If you have the best, don’t go downwards. From Interview...
  74. CodePoet

    Scenes / Bank Size = 1 / IA1 light question

    I love scenes - revolutionized my setup. I've re-worked my presets to make use of scenes and have the MFC set up to use switches 1-5 to select scenes 1-5 (IAs set up with SCENEx assigned to them). I'd like to have a bank size of 1 and up/down through presets (or songs), land at the song I...
  75. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx II Artist Interview: Ethan Pakchar

    In case you haven't seen it, Matt posted a new interview to the Blog with another Fractal artist that I was able to speak with. It's a discussion with Ethan Pakchar who is Broadway and touring musical guitarist. Hope you enjoy it...
  76. CodePoet

    Guitar advice: Piezo candidates besides JP6

    I'm looking for options for a nice piezo-equipped humbucker guitar in the $2k range. The Music Man Petrucci JP6 would seem to have what I'm looking for, although I don't need the Petrucci name on it and also wish there were some more wood-grain type of finish choices (although the stealth black...
  77. CodePoet

    Axe-Fest Appreciation Thread

    Thanks for the great weekend of talking guitars and the Axe-Fx. The gathering of a community around Fractal and their products is really great to have been a part of. Monumental thanks for Kerry, Cobbler, and Scott for their tireless work in undertaking this event - amazing to see what they were...
  78. CodePoet

    Marty Friedman digs the Axe-Fx

    From the new Guitar World: "I was in the studio recording and the engineer busted out one of those Fractal Axe-Fx for the last track. I was like, 'This thing is amazing'. So I redid a bunch of tracks, and I never redo anything in the studio, ever. But some of the sounds that the Axe-Fx had were...
  79. CodePoet

    Another "Saw Vai Last Nite" Post

    Rolled up to the venue in ATL and see a Fractal Audio T-Shirt walking by -- it's Mr. Solo-Of-The-Week - ccroyalsenders. Fun to meet a fellow forum member and chat with him for a bit. Vai was awesome as always. Had a signal feeding his Axe-Fx II all night. Posted a few shots from the show here...
  80. CodePoet

    5153 Impressions

    On first run through of the 3 5153 channels, they all sound great - I dare say they each invoke an EVH character although my brain probably misleads my ear there. They all seem very rich harmonically with great string separation and respond amazingly to pick attack - quite a range of attack...
  81. CodePoet

    6.01 - Thumbs up on global blocks now using Axe-Edit?

    Thanks for 6.01 - sounds great and I see that the global block issue is resolved. Are we all clear to go back to saving with Axe Edit now for this and any other issues that were seen or should we wait on the next release? Thanks again for the update!
  82. CodePoet

    Room Level in Cab Block - Do you use it? How about for outdoor gigs?

    I've been going pretty dry with the Room Level in the cab block. I have an outdoor gig coming up - should I add in some room reflections in the cab block since there won't be a real room? How do you guys use the Room settings in the cab block in different scenarios? Like adding room...
  83. CodePoet

    Mac OS 10.7.4 released

    Can Fractal discuss the changes related to audio now?
  84. CodePoet

    It's Only Love (TM)

    Did a straight tone match as well as a modified tone match to maintain some of the original patch while bringing in 50% tone match EQ. 1st pass - original (matched from an MP3 - would be interesting to see the difference from a CD...) 2nd pass - tone match with no cab, 100% amount, 0%...
  85. CodePoet

    New Van Halen Esquire interview

    Interview Outtakes - he talks about his Variax experiments and lying about how it was set initially: Esquire Eddie Van Halen Interview - Esquire Published Interview - Edward Van Halen Is Alive - Esquire
  86. CodePoet

    The Marshall Fridge

    You know you have to have it... Marshall Fridge | The coolest icon in music just got cooler. The Fractal Fridge can't be far behind...
  87. CodePoet

    Firmware 5.0 Tips

    I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but was wondering if the beta testers or people who have checked it out tonight have any tips for tweaking the new parameters. Is the Motor Drive in the Cab block the big one? How do you find the Dynamics settings in the Amp block are affecting things?
  88. CodePoet

    Noise with single coils

    When building patches, I'm running into noise/clipping quite often with some combinations of settings. It seems to occur with my single coil guitars. My input level into the Axe is right (tickling the reds or below), and I'm using stock presets with moderate MV and Drive settings. Turning...
  89. CodePoet

    Forum Reader recommendations for Mac users

    How do you guys with Macs best read the forums? I haven't found any good software - the best experience is actually Forum Runner on the iPad - I like the Current view that shows the latest posts across all forums. Anyone using anything cool?
  90. CodePoet

    Feedback on a new project requested - "Murder by Numbers" demo

    I've gotten back into a band in the last year and we're on a hiatus so the singer and I are playing around with some solo arrangements of songs of different styles. Outside of the classic rock style we do in the band, she also enjoys a jazzy/loungy type of vibe. This is a recording of The...
  91. CodePoet

    Procedure for EQing monitors to flatten them more?

    Is there a procedure to determine some global EQ adjustment for your current monitoring speakers (FRFR or close to it) to nudge them flatter, such as recording white noise through them and then looking at that in a spectrum analyzer and making eq adjustments or capturing an IR via the Axe-II and...
  92. CodePoet

    USB Recording - Direct Signal Level Question

    I was playing with the Axe II direct recording last night into Logic and reamping - very fun and cool. My question is - what type of levels should I expect from output 3 - the dry signal? The levels I record are very low on those. Is there a way to increase the levels? Should I be concerned...
  93. CodePoet

    Saw Guthrie Govan and the Aristocrats

    Was a great show. Really enjoyed the songs live even more than the album - great band. It was the first night of this leg of the tour, but they were tight. I've been watching Guthrie online and in magazines for the last 10 years or so and it was a treat to stand 3 feet away from him to watch...
  94. CodePoet

    Cab Block Room Effects

    Wanted to get a discussion going on the options for the room effects in the cab block. - Am I right to think of these parameters as something akin to a virtual colorless mic being thrown up in the room at some distance from the cabinet? - Is there a real-world equivalent for the units of...
  95. CodePoet

    How do you use the X/Y functionality on your Axe II?

    I have an Axe II on the way and am excited/worried about the X/Y functionality on the II. No worried really, but wondering how best to make use of it. - How do you guys use X/Y switching compared to switching patches, and how do you work with it on your MFC (or other foot controller)? -...
  96. CodePoet

    Tone Recipe (needed): Sheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy

    For the electric part of the main riff - anyone have any thoughts on this one? I can't seem to nail it down - maybe because there is an acoustic and at least a couple different electrics. Anyone have thoughts as to amps and effects to try on this one? Can seem to find that right mix of clean...
  97. CodePoet

    Neal Schon live rig pics - Ultras and MFC included

    Neal Schon's 2011 Journey live rig in pictures | Page 2 | MusicRadar.com
  98. CodePoet

    Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen sound

    Anyone ever work this one up? Was wondering what Axe settings would get closest to the sound on this one.
  99. CodePoet

    Solo switch or separate preset?

    I'm brand new to the MFC and am laying out my patches and switches and was hoping for some advice. I was wondering what people do in regard to switching when a solo comes up. I had been setting up my patches and the MFC with a solo switch by setting an external for multiple effects (drive...
  100. CodePoet

    MFC-101 - Construction Issues

    I just received my MFC-101 and think it does wonderful things - was able to get it just in time to spend an allnighter with it to get it ready for use at practice yesterday and it was fun. But I was surprised at a couple of construction issues - which I was disappointed in on a $750 pedalboard...
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