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  1. gpz

    Who made you start playing guitar?

    Mark Knopfler and a friend
  2. gpz

    Fw 19.02 - Full PINK FLOYD show

    Awesome !
  3. gpz

    My blocks and presets

    Thanks Sir !
  4. gpz

    Vai - the Hydra

    The perfect guitar for home studio :grin:
  5. gpz

    DIRE STRAITS -You&Your Friend- Mark Knopfler Tone

    One of my favorite songs
  6. gpz

    AXE-FX IV - WISH List

    Pickup modeling Polyphonic synth with midi out capabilities
  7. gpz

    Duran Duran - Ordinary World Solo Cover

    Lovely. Thanks ! (The song is from 1993)
  8. gpz

    The 'Complete' Musician.

    Rory Gallagher
  9. gpz

    Shadows Presets Cygnus 2021

    Thanks Sir !
  10. gpz

    Free presets

    Excellent presets and very inspiring videos. Thank you !
  11. gpz

    Free Acoustic IRs

    Thanks !
  12. gpz

    Brian Setzer style Rockabily sound with the Axe FX 3 + PRESET INSIDE

    I am one of your biggest fans :D:cool:
  13. gpz

    Guitar Instrumentals?

    I agree. Marino is insanely gifted yet almost unknown. His pentatonic/blues lines are phenomenal 👌
  14. gpz

    Guitar Instrumentals?

    Frank Marino And of course Danny Gatton
  15. gpz

    Best Guitarist of all times

    Danny Gatton :rolleyes:
  16. gpz

    Any Javascript Programmers in FractalLand?

    The value you want your function to return is document.getElementById("myRange").value
  17. gpz

    Anyone switched from Kemper to Axe-Fx III?

    I own an Axe II, Axe III + FC12 and a Kemper rack + floor controller. I find the Fractal ecosystem way easier to setup, tweak and play with. I'm not even considering Axe Edit which is an order of magnitude better than its Kemper counterpart.
  18. gpz

    "Voodoo Child" Blues Shred with Patch Included!

    Already a subscriber. Hendrix and Knopfler, 2 of my heroes :tonguewink:
  19. gpz

    SRV 12.00 beta

    Thanks !
  20. gpz

    Fractal-Bot 3.00.00

    Wow killer features ! Thanks
  21. gpz

    FCs in Europe?

    Coming Monday too. The UPS delivery has been delayed. FC-12 won't arrive tomorrow Friday. The weekend is gonna be sooo long ;)
  22. gpz

    FCs in Europe?

    FC-12 to be delivered Friday
  23. gpz

    Bogner Blue Improvisation

    +1 for the patch :) Excellent playing and sound. Truly awesome indeed! What is the Bonamassa song (backing track) ?
  24. gpz

    Pink Floyd "Sorrow" intro guitar riff

    Nice one. thanks. What did you use on the first post to make it sound more modernized?
  25. gpz

    New IIIs on their way to Europe...

    5th Feb here and no email yet. We're getting close though :)
  26. gpz

    Axe-Fx III available now with no wait!

    Please feed the europeans! :rolleyes:
  27. gpz

    The Definition parameter....

    Would you share a recording for those who are still waiting for their III ? Thx.
  28. gpz

    Axe FX III Scenes & Channels Demo

    or even for an entire life ;)
  29. gpz

    Fender Demo

    The song that got me into guitar :)
  30. gpz

    Wish Search Tags for Patches

    Tags would be stored in presets. It depends how much space is left and if that space is reserved for future uses (new blocks, new parameters etc)
  31. gpz

    Things about the III you may have missed

    FC (MFC) Edit built in
  32. gpz

    Favorite New Feature?

    Favorite feature: the price! $2499 doesn't seem expensive for such a beast.
  33. gpz

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Looks like it will fit nicely in my rack. One day. :D Congrats Fractal Audio!
  34. gpz

    David Gilmour - On An Island (Quantum 7 beta 2)

    Great recording. Bravo!
  35. gpz

    Sax sound

    I don't think it's wise to make trumpet sounds on guitar. Either play the part with integrity on a guitar sound, or get a trumpet player.
  36. gpz

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    It's probably the best compromise. Thank you!
  37. gpz

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    WOW thanks a lot Fractal Audio!
  38. gpz

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Public Beta

    Those who can load beta Q6, how does it sound? Amazing??? ;) Mark 1 owner here. Wish I could get the wah update, anyway congrats to Fractal Audio and I'm sure Cliff & team are doing their best to find a solution. Thank you!
  39. gpz

    Axe FX II in the mix - 2,5 minutes guitar solo :)

    Wow.. killer tone and playing. Impressive!
  40. gpz

    SRV Little Wing Sounds

    I think this vid will sell units Very nice, great sound and playing!
  41. gpz

    Something in 6/8. Breaking writer's block

    Wow. Love it! Overall style and mood remind me of Jimmy Herring. Awesome composition you did.
  42. gpz

    Coming back to Life - 2nd and final solo recommendations?

    Ah yeah. Thanks. I already have it then ;) FW 12.0 preset running great on Quantum 2.0? I'm going to try.
  43. gpz

    Coming back to Life - 2nd and final solo recommendations?

    Would you share your intro preset? That song is awesome.
  44. gpz

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Deux

    Thank you Sir!
  45. gpz

    Dire Straits - Money for nothing

    Very nice! Actually I have never heard a cover of that song that sounded like the original. Your version is not bad at all. Note: I would say that the chords sequence in the intro and verse ends with F G rather than Bb C.
  46. gpz

    Complete Beginner at EVERYTHING guitar

    Sadly, you just need a folk guitar!
  47. gpz

    Fremen Quantum 1.0 presets

    Thank you Sir!
  48. gpz

    Kinda freaking out a little...

    Very strange because if the .syx file was corrupted it wouldn't pass the verification stage where it calculates the checksum and compares it with the value embedded in the file. Very unlikely imho. Now lets pretend that the verification stage is bypassed and one loads a "corrupt" firmware into...
  49. gpz

    Why Are drummers normally Unintelligent and Lazy?

    Are you a drummer?
  50. gpz

    Total Newb Question: no sound from downloaded preset

    There's probably a pedal attached to a volume block or something similar.
  51. gpz

    AE closes when I open it

    AxeEdit or Fractal Bot? A new version of Fractal Bot is available on the web site.
  52. gpz

    Axe-Fx 2: Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Tone Video Tutorial

    Fantastic! Another video that could potentially sell millions of units :mrgreen Thanks a lot.
  53. gpz

    "The Solo Series" ep.9 - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

    Because it's one of his favorite underrated solo.
  54. gpz

    "The Solo Series" ep.9 - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

    This video is for Yek :mrgreen
  55. gpz

    My official Axe FX II demo video

    The kind of vid that would have sold me the box if I weren't already an owner (it took Fremen's vids back in the days to sell me the box :mrgreen ) Very good playing. Great job!
  56. gpz

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    The modeling accuracy has now reached the Planck scale.
  57. gpz

    Who would you bring back?

    Albert Einstein for a short violin show. Then one would present him the John Bell inequalities paper and the Alain Aspect's experiment results. *Mind blown* :mrgreen
  58. gpz

    New family member... help name her!

  59. gpz

    Another FW18.xx vs 19b1 comparison ...

    I'm not here to comment on the tone difference or the waveforms. What a blast! wow! This is fantastic playing! Bravo Edit: Yeah! i haven't seen the post just above before writing mine :D
  60. gpz

    Pink Floyd presets

    Thank you!
  61. gpz

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    Thank you Sir.
  62. gpz

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Nice! So, AX8 + FX8 kind of = AxeFx + MFC
  63. gpz

    EMERGENCY!!! Calling all country pickers!!!

    It's actually easier to prove the Riemann hypothesis than to learn to play country in 48H
  64. gpz

    AC/DC's drummer is so metal....

    Very nice advice. Thanks.
  65. gpz

    R.I.P. Johnny Winter

    Sad news. I remember being blown away by that final guitar solo on Raised on Rock from John Dawson Winter III. RIP Johnny.
  66. gpz

    Shredding or songwritting?

    Shredding! What the point in songwriting?
  67. gpz

    User Amp Models

    Posts #1 and #31 here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/45338-so-cool.html
  68. gpz

    User Amp Models

    I believe Cliff already talked about such user-defined amps a long time ago. If I remember it well, the main difficulty was how to provide a good and simple enough GUI to allow the user to edit the various components. This is probably what Fractal Audio already does with the help of MIMIC and Co...
  69. gpz

    News of the MidyAX2 - Pilot the AXE-FX with MIDI controllers (X-Touch, BCR2000, Guitar Wing, ...)

    There are a couple of midi modules for Node.js (last time i checked there were many wrappers for rtmidi). Node.js running on RPI is something i would look into.
  70. gpz

    Help me... help you.

    lol :mrgreen
  71. gpz

    5153 Blue Reboots Axe Fx [SOLVED]

    does it happen with any random preset? or just one? would you post it here if that is the case...
  72. gpz

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Released

    Thanks a lot Sir and the whole team!
  73. gpz

    Firmware release dates since FW 9.0......FW 15 when?

    It seems a "minor" update turned into a major one
  74. gpz

    Global Fixed Blocks Idea

    You could achieve something (pretty much) similar with the new AxeEdit template feature and the good old global blocks. What you propose seems too much complicated. The way I understand it would make presets sharing almost impossible. Also editing presets could "corrupt" other presets due to...
  75. gpz

    The "Clark Kent" Personality

    I've just done the test. I am one of those (INTPs) : Socrates, philosopher Rene Descartes, philosopher Blaise Pascal, mathematician, philosopher Isaac Newton, physicist Carl Jung, psychologist Albert Einstein, physicist James Madison, the former U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower, a former...
  76. gpz

    POLL Ultra Res Vs Normal Res

    I got it wrong on Clark Kent's comparison thread. Anyway UltraRes is clip 2.
  77. gpz

    Controlling Axe FX 2 using USB Midi Controller

    Back in the days I managed to use an old Native Instruments Rig Kontrol 2 foot controller with the AxeFx II. 7 switches + a pedal. Both units were plugged (USB) to a linux computer. I wrote a simple program that translated events from the foot controller to midi events for the Axe.
  78. gpz

    UltraRes vs NormalRes

    First is UltraRes (how it sounds + looking at the wave shape) If i'm wrong it's OK. I can live with that :mrgreen
  79. gpz

    Tech behind AE 3?

    The UI/event framework is the Juce library JUCE Cross-Platform C++ Library It's C++. Juce provides midi IO but AE could be using something else. We don't know..
  80. gpz

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 13.02 Released

    Christmas on Feb 8th. Why not? :mrgreen Thanks a lot FAS!
  81. gpz

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    I guess yes if this is allowed by the firmware. Now the question is which blocks will have their instance doubled :roll
  82. gpz

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    eheh what a great news!! Congrats FAS!! OMG you guys will have to create 128 new factory presets to fill the extra slots? :mrgreen By the way thanks for this double preset capacity hint. I now better understand why the II provides up to 4 and generally 2 instances of a given block type. Good...
  83. gpz

    new axe fx user seeking best threads/presets/help

    About AxeManage in AxeEdit, it seems this feature is around the corner. It should be available in the very next updates.
  84. gpz

    wah doesnt show status in axe edit

    It's a known behavior. I do not think it's a bug, I would say a missing feature indeed. The fact we are not supposed to "touch" the Axe when using the Editor might be a reason why things behave like this...
  85. gpz

    Telecaster Blues Tone

    Great tone and video. Thanks a lot!
  86. gpz

    is there a list of the new factory prsets?

    I think they did more than a simple amp reset. Lots of presets do have the Wah block configured with the Extern 1 pedal. May be I am wrong but i think it was not the case before.
  87. gpz

    Suhr Badger 30, BB Pre, Redwirez Matchless IR's

    A pleasure to listen to. Kind of frustrating to watch, though. LOL. Yes, it's Tom Quayle. :mrgreen
  88. gpz

    Matrix GT800FX and NL212

    Thanks for the review. Do you keep the Cab Simulation turned on from the AxeFx? (and did you try on and off to compare?)
  89. gpz

    RIP Mandela

    He will be remembered a thousand years from now. Good bye Nelson Mandela.
  90. gpz

    Fremen's V 11.05 presets

    Wow... Thanks a lot!
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