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  1. ectoplasm88

    Fractal Audio Stream Deck Icon Pack (Free)

    Would be really cool to see a little video of your workflow! I've looked at the Stream Deck a couple of times in the past for some other uses but have yet to purchase one.
  2. ectoplasm88

    Ultra Clean for Radio

    Around what times in the podcast can we hear the band? It's a pretty long podcast. I love Paula Poundstone but don't have the 1.5 hours to listen to it today :)
  3. ectoplasm88

    Scene Ignore feature - Discussion & How you use it

    I wish folks did this more often! The release threads tend to devolve so quickly.
  4. ectoplasm88

    Preview! Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 19.04

    Thanks so much for sharing this cheat sheet to jump quickly to some of the new stuff. So far I've spent the last half hour mostly on the Fuzzy Orange scene of preset 15. Great fuzz tone!
  5. ectoplasm88

    Preview! Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 19.04

    Oh well... say goodbye to my next several months going back through all of these! I move so slow but it's a fun ride :). Thanks SO MUCH I know this is a daunting task!
  6. ectoplasm88

    Yek's presets for cover songs [updated: June 2022]

    If you go to the first page about 4th post down a bunch of detail is provided. Artist is The Temperance Movement https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/yeks-presets-for-cover-songs-updated-march-2022.162292/post-1944497
  7. ectoplasm88

    Yek's presets for cover songs [updated: June 2022]

    You rock Yek! Thanks so much!
  8. ectoplasm88

    Procedure for Leveling Presets Output

    I don't think this really answers your question exactly but a good write up on leveling https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/everything-youve-always-wanted-to-know-about-levels-iii-fm3.168584/
  9. ectoplasm88

    SOLD Two EV-1's one black and one silver like new $175 shipped.

    Two EV-1's one black and one silver like new $175 shipped in the U.S . Still have all the original packing materials. Definitely want to sell the pair together. They are just a bit too large for the pedal board I am trying to setup but awesome pedals.
  10. ectoplasm88

    Home Studio….How Did You Learn the Ropes?

    I'm probably going to sound overly simple and somewhat boring here but for me what really helped me the most was focusing and completing some training for the DAW I was using. At the time it was Protools and I think nearly 10 years ago. I'm in need of doing this with Logic as I made the switch...
  11. ectoplasm88

    Time to leave Pro Tools. What would be a good replacement?

    Yup I agree... My 2 cents on the perceived expense of a Mac vs PC is long term I think the Mac wins. I'm at the point now where the only reason I find myself replacing a Mac is when I can no longer upgrade to a version of MacOS I want to run. I NEVER had a PC that lasted more than 2-3 years...
  12. ectoplasm88

    Time to leave Pro Tools. What would be a good replacement?

    I moved to Logic about 3 years ago from Pro Tools and I totally dig it. I have also considered Studio One and Cubase as both seem like really good DAW's but ultimately I just don't really have the time to do an in depth evaluation. My late night youtube watching I've observed some really cool...
  13. ectoplasm88

    Owned Axe FX 2, 3, FM3, and sold them all. Couldn't get decent tones. What was I doing wrong?

    I'm with @laxu on the second bullet. It's pretty typical for new users to post on here about low volume and they have the output set at -10 dBv (default) and they need to change it to +4 dBu. I guess that is the safe way to go for a default but I'm pretty sure nearly everyone here needs to run...
  14. ectoplasm88

    Does Latency Kick in

    Do the presets have some sort of auto swell or something going on that might make them "feel" like that purposefully? Or maybe noise suppression or some sort of filtering or anything that might just need to be tweaked a bit for your guitar? If it is in all the purchased presets it sounds like...
  15. ectoplasm88

    Latency Compensation Measurement

    I commented in the "Axe-FX for the recording musician" thread that I was getting zero latency shown from the IO plugin in logic but it was operator error. Once I got the test setup correctly its showing me various results on an empty project with just the plugin I get +704, on another project...
  16. ectoplasm88

    Axe-FX For The Recording Musician

    Oh thanks... I didn't notice all the related threads! Gonna do some additional testing tomorrow... I must have been doing something incorrectly on my end.
  17. ectoplasm88

    Axe-FX For The Recording Musician

    I guess the issue was my playing and not needing to offset for latency not getting reported correctly. This is based on using the IO utility plugin provided with Logic. @GlennO do you have any experience using that plugin for measuring how accurate the latency measurement is? I tried it with...
  18. ectoplasm88

    Axe-FX For The Recording Musician

    The other day I was recording directly from USB into Logic and I could have sworn the the recorded audio was off. I guess I have the latency issue with my setup. I'll have to try and dial that in. I have a patch bay and I've mostly just sent my output directly to the input of my audio...
  19. ectoplasm88

    Call me crazy, but I might buy another one.

    This thread is making me happy. I had been contemplating a second Fractal device for a long time. As I get older hauling gear around becomes more and more of a chore. I had been debating whether I want to get another FX III (probably a turbo and keep it at home permanently racked) or maybe...
  20. ectoplasm88

    Issues using USB to play audio...

    Interesting as I had a very similar issue and I was also using Anytune at the time. Not sure if it was just a coincidence as I've not seen this issue with other audio apps and I don't often use the Axe-FX as my output source for my computer audio. I was at rehearsal and running everything out...
  21. ectoplasm88

    My Blocks/Channels Library

    This community just rocks... thank you SO MUCH for sharing these. Signed up for the buck a month Patreon to help support all your hard work and generosity!
  22. ectoplasm88

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

  23. ectoplasm88

    Bug, Fixed: Scene switching - bypass/mute/unmute problems

    You probably want to upload the preset as well.
  24. ectoplasm88

    I did a bad bad thing.

    That's a bummer and I definitely feel your pain! Not specifically with losing my fractal presets but with finding myself in a jam due to the wrong keypress or mouse click! I'll beat the drum again of a better method/workflow for preset management from fractal. Nothing is fool proof but I'd...
  25. ectoplasm88

    Wish Manage Presets should allow color coding presets

    I'm going insane right now not being able to set color from the manage presets screen. Just searched the forums to see if I was just being dense and/or needed to RTFM both of which are not mutually excludable for me ;) ! My vote is in for this small but useful addition.
  26. ectoplasm88

    Nostalgia for these v12 factory presets

    I've been ever so slowly working my way through the 16.04 factory presets. I like many others here have really been digging them and my slow pace is one part lack of time and 1 part getting stuck for extended periods of time on a great tone as I work my way through! Along the way I've found a...
  27. ectoplasm88

    FM9 MKII

    I agree with @Repartee41. I ALWAYS get the next best unit and have been able to resell my previous model for 80-90% usually within 24 hours. I personally like to go for the 80% range to give another musician the opportunity to jump in for a good discount. At the same time I am keeping Fractal...
  28. ectoplasm88

    Axe-FX III Not Connecting to MacBook (M1 w/ USB C)

    @Veritas0Aequitas I didn't see an answer about your connection. Are you using a usb adapter to connect directly to the port or is there a hub in between? I've found with some finicky devices I need a hub sitting in the middle. You might just need this connectivity until you get the Axe...
  29. ectoplasm88

    Can FM9 control the AxeFX 3?

    I'd like this feature to design all of my presets that will function on both units around this 9 button layout. Yes I can choose to just ignore some buttons but I'm left with an FC-12 I could release back out into the wild if I discover I'm happy with the 9 buttons on the FM9. I've already...
  30. ectoplasm88

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Released on my 52nd bday... What a great present to myself! Just wait listed but I have a feeling its gonna be a while.
  31. ectoplasm88

    SiB Varidrive Pedal Alternative

    I actually have one of these drives. I was friends with the owner of SiB back in the day and purchased one. It's a drive unit with a tube and basic EQ. I think there are some more in depth analysis out on the interwebz.
  32. ectoplasm88

    Preset Encyclopedia

    I don't think this is as detailed as you might be imagining but its great information. https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Factory_presets#Bank_A
  33. ectoplasm88

    Static Crackle Guitar Noise Problem

    One thing that has caused me grief is any sort of USB hub in the mix with my audio gear. I've also had various devices that seem to have a ton of noise and I've had to make sure to disconnect them if I was going to record or mix. You mentioned using various audio interfaces does that include...
  34. ectoplasm88

    Escape Through The Wormhole

    Its a wild ride of a preset. Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing!
  35. ectoplasm88

    Escape Through The Wormhole

    I actually have a tag I use on my presets for "Sci-Fi" which this one has just earned!
  36. ectoplasm88

    Annihilation Verb (Preset Inspired By The Film)

    Wow sounds awesome! Nice job!
  37. ectoplasm88

    AxeEdit sync/update lag

    I was noticing today I had some pretty bad lag or what I perceived to be lag. It took quite a while for AxeEdit to load both before running the 16.05 firmware update and also after rebooting. Nothing unusable but it was a noticeable difference. I haven't tried rebooting my mac but will...
  38. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 16.04

    Thanks for all the hard work! These are amazing and its been a ton of fun playing through the release candidates and really inspiring. I'm STILL not out of the bank A yet though. In fact I'm less than halfway through it.... and I've been playing a ton. @Admin M@ I hope you keep posting vids...
  39. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Factory Preset Banks 16p03 - Preview

    The only physical amp I own at the moment is a Matchless Clubman 35. I dunno how close that model is to a Matchless Chieftain but the tones dialed in on the Matchbox Chieftain preset sure sound a LOT like what I coax out of my amp. I was very happy with this discovery today! I'll probably...
  40. ectoplasm88


    So good!!!
  41. ectoplasm88

    Sequencer Step Funk

    @Admin M@ you are on fire right now!!! Putting out some epic work! Hope there is another Axe-Fest one of these days so we can meet/thank the team in person. RAWK ON!!!
  42. ectoplasm88

    Sequencer Step Funk

    Oh that's awesome!!!!
  43. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Factory Preset Banks 16p03 - Preview

    I'm cracking up as I updated to the latest presets and the first one I went to play was my current favorite "Wrecker Rocket" I think it was called and it had changed to "Wreckers" with a bunch more scenes but missing my favorite scene which was scene 3 the lead with fx. No biggie as I just...
  44. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Factory Preset Banks 16p03 - Preview

    I was feeling pretty good about myself the other night. Made it up to the "Wrecker Rocket" preset in bank A then got stuck there for a good hour. Now that another preview of the presets has been released I guess its back to square one... gotta see what new scenes may have popped up. At this...
  45. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Edit III 1.09.00

    Very happy to see the channel save feature added! This will be really helpful for my workflow. A great step toward full blown library management of presets, ir's, and of course blocks and channels. It would be awesome to be able to choose either load or link from a saved channel and retain...
  46. ectoplasm88

    Delay Block Update

    The only time anything that doesn't sound "musical" or "colorful" comes out of my Fractal gear is due to the player (me)! This does sound like a great new addition though and probably one I will be shown a shining example of soon from @2112 or @Admin M@ or @Burgs or @austinbuddy or @simeon or...
  47. ectoplasm88

    New Community Tool/Resource

    You're off to a great start... that is a really nice format. A couple of things that immediately popped into my head might be links to the most obvious cab pairing IR's and also including the fractal model name(s) and be able to search cross / reference somehow. I'd also love to see links to...
  48. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Preset Banks A, B, and C

    I don't want to hijack this thread with my standard soap box rant about how much I want real library functionality in in AxeEdit. To me a preset should just have a state of either on the AxeFx or in the library. The library should be pretty much unlimited in how many presets one could have and...
  49. ectoplasm88

    Smokin' preset... revisited

    Will this make its way into the new preset banks or will it be in a future update?
  50. ectoplasm88

    HELP!!! In Dallas **FIXED-Thanks Cliff and all who replied**

    Yet another example of why Fractal rulez beyond all others... So cool that the mad scientist who created this work of art steps in to help you troubleshoot your rig... priceless. We're spoiled around here!
  51. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Presets - Banks A & B Preview

    Hmmm... beta 16.02 was released so will Bank C preview reappear ?
  52. ectoplasm88

    FC Bank Navigation with Axe III Mk 2

    Never mind I got it working... I flip flopped the presets per bank setting then that seemed to shake it out... also needed to. update all the layouts that had the bank increment / decrement. Until I updated all of them it wasn't working... also oddly seemed to really want the the upper limit to...
  53. ectoplasm88

    FC Bank Navigation with Axe III Mk 2

    I'm having a similar issue but can't seem to get my setup to work... My banks size is set to 4 and I've set via the front panel the upper bank increment to 255 and also in Axe Edit on the bank switches set the upper limit to 255 but not matter what it wraps at 127 for me. I have loaded up the...
  54. ectoplasm88

    Expression and Feedback pedal advice

    @jamongrande Great advice... especially if @ShatteredVitreous you are really comfortable with that particular pedal.
  55. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Presets - Banks A & B Preview

    @yek have these preset descriptions been around for a while? This is the first time I've known of them... Well regardless of whether they have been around for years or are new thanks for putting them together. I appreciate the hints of how to finesse your playing to get what the preset was...
  56. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Presets - Banks A & B Preview

    So nice having the the Mark II right now... I can load both of these banks up without having to make any space :). I also can't believe I just spent about a half hour on preset one... I was never a fan of the 59 Bassguy factory preset before but I'm loving it now. Not sure if its Cygnus...
  57. ectoplasm88

    Dear Focusrite Scarlett Users: I don't know why, but Thunderbolt doesn't like me.

    I just wonder if there is something the scarlet doesn't like when you are using the thunderbolt cable... have you tried a usb-c to usb-c cable? I've experienced issues with some devices similar to what you are experiencing and it boiled down to the cable. I've got a bunch of usb-a to usb-c...
  58. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    Finally got around to updating. I was going to start A/B'ing resetting amp blocks to see how much of an impact I thought it would make. I fired up one of my favorite presets from @austinbuddy (Tiny Terror Orange AX3) and started noodling... an hour later I just think it sounds awesome. Didn't...
  59. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    Same here... well technically my second amp but my first quality amp. Wish I still had that little guy. I used to walk into jam sessions and blow people away with the tones I got out of that little lunch box. Loud enough to jam with a drummer too!
  60. ectoplasm88

    Cygnus Update - Retaining old amp block settings in a preset copy ?

    Did you make a backup of all your presets before upgrading? You should do a full backup of everything before an upgrade. If so you can always fall back to those. I'm not positive but I think your presets will remain unchanged until you save them with the new firmware. Once saved they will be...
  61. ectoplasm88

    Connecting Apollo x8p and AxeFX3

    @bradlake that software looks pretty cool. Never heard of it until now. My personal experience with the Axe and Apollo as an aggregate device was not great. I ended up often needing to re-configure it as it seemed to lose track of the Axe device. Not a huge deal honestly but I eventually...
  62. ectoplasm88

    Starwards IV. Ambient preset.

    Wow... very inspiring preset with great scene names to boot!
  63. ectoplasm88

    George Lynch // Lynch Mob tone w/patch

    I finally got some time to play this week and I've just spent the past hour with this preset and all the others of @ProgressiveRocco that I could find in the forums and every one of these presets is RAWKZ!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing them. This GL preset is just mind boggling spot on!
  64. ectoplasm88

    Axe-FX III and NI Maschine + setup for home studio use?

    In the maschine software just select the Axe-FX III as your output. Assuming the Maschine+ still supports this as an option.
  65. ectoplasm88

    George Lynch // Lynch Mob tone w/patch

    Wow... amazing job! And some DAMN FINE PLAYING!
  66. ectoplasm88


    I think you may need to define what you consider "mint condition" for us and/or Fractal to answer you. B stock absolutely means it is not in mint condition but Fractal has promised fully functional and has a full warranty. My experience with B stock from a variety of companies has been very...
  67. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III Protection

    Any 3U or larger rack should accommodate it. There are some good threads here on this subject if you search the forums... this has tons of stuff in it https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/post-your-axe-fx-iii-rigs-here.136754/
  68. ectoplasm88

    Whammy for my Gittler

    Never heard of the "Gittler" until now... looks really cool.
  69. ectoplasm88

    5 Minute Tones - Autowah Tips & Tricks @2112

    Wonder if one of these presets posted around the same time as the vid might have the blocks included? Maybe the Mesa Mark IV or the C++ 4CH?
  70. ectoplasm88

    Round Two: Cygnus 50W Plexi VS Real Plexi

    I'm in the camp of both sound great... When people do these comparison's it might also be interesting to vote on which you thought sounded best. I voted A was the real amp but I actually preferred B. I won't say why as not to taint anyone else's voting but I could easily have dialed A in to...
  71. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Edit to support "SideCar"

    Yeah Duet is great!
  72. ectoplasm88

    Moke's preset quit working

    What version of firmware are you on? If it was saved with a firmware version greater than what you are running you might have issues. I can't remember if AxeEdit will refuse to load the preset or not... I'm pretty sure it will still shuttle it over.
  73. ectoplasm88

    recommendations for best presets, go to's, etc for axe 3 please. on the exchange or outside vendors. TIA.

    @austinbuddy and @fremen are both really good. If I had to choose just one paid for pack it would probably be Austin Buddy's "Live Gold". I highly recommend @simeon pack for ambient and more experimental presets. Even if they don't match your personal style of music they are very creative and...
  74. ectoplasm88

    Broadening My Horizons - Buttery

    Heh... great story! Thanks for sharing... I can relate to certain bands/releases really being the soundtrack to some of my best periods in life. AB's presets have gotten me all caught up in all sorts of amps I never thought I'd like. It's a great time to be a guitarist of you own an AxeFx!
  75. ectoplasm88

    Next big thing for Fractal

    I agree. I think Jason is a cool guy and trying to temper his reaction... Also, before using this video as a guide, one should note he clearly named it first impressions and he's just poking around in it shortly after an unboxing. I think he's like a lot of us on here and can find an...
  76. ectoplasm88

    Next big thing for Fractal

    I'm still personally hoping for improvements to AxeEdit... that is where most of my "Wishlist" requests are. So many other products have really great sorting, tagging, cataloging . Right now I manage all of this outside of AxeEdit. Its frustrating for me not to be able to, while within...
  77. ectoplasm88

    Revisited Old AC15TB/TWreck - presets

    Yeah the TW models have been extra blowing my mind... Actually a bunch of other models I largely ignored have also been sounding really good... either my ears are getting less discerning or some magic is happening. I'm suffering from even more analysis paralysis than I did before but what a...
  78. ectoplasm88

    Classes The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    Cool... What's the new content this go around? Got some quick bullet points to share?
  79. ectoplasm88

    Swedish Chef presets (sound effects)

    These are so cool! Very creative indeed! Thanks for sharing these Yek!
  80. ectoplasm88

    WISH: Mirrored I/O on the FC-12

    Thanks for the suggestions and yeah I figure'd it would come in a future foot pedal not the current. I should have added in parens v 2.0 or something. This is a "Wish" so I know there is no schedule applied and it may never be realized. But during the next foot controller design maybe it...
  81. ectoplasm88

    WISH: Mirrored I/O on the FC-12

    I'd love to have an IO option on the FC-12 itself similar to how we have switch and expression ports. I have some effects pedals that I like to loop in and really enjoy being able to control where they are in the chain but like to have them live on my pedal board. That means running 4 long...
  82. ectoplasm88

    Optimal USB input level (using USB in block)

    I've created a very simple preset just the USB in block and Output 1 block. I'm not sure the best way to compensate for levels though with this setup. I'm using Guitar Rig 6 at the moment and this lets me quickly play around with it and also process it with the AxeFx additionally. I'm running...
  83. ectoplasm88

    AFIII Presets Axe-FX III AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - Fully Updated for Cygnus 20.01, now available!!!

    @austinbuddy have you any advice around using your preset packs with FW 15? I know you are busy updating the Naked Amps presets but before I dive into FW 15 I'd be curious how you feel they might need to be tweaked. Both the Naked Amps and Live Gold are sounding so good with FW 14! I guess I...
  84. ectoplasm88

    UAD Apollo via Thunderbolt incompatibility

    What happens if you start with the apollo off/disconnected, get axe edit running with the AxeFx, then connect/power on the Apollo? Same implosion? Are there any other devices connected aside from the AxeFx and the Apollo?
  85. ectoplasm88

    AFIII Presets Axe-FX III AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - Fully Updated for Cygnus 20.01, now available!!!

    I've got my "perform 2" layout on the FC-12 all setup for auditioning the Live Gold presets so I'm good to go for the Naked Amp updates. I have physical switches mapped to CS2 through CS5. Definitely been using CS2/Amp Boost a lot. Finding both the Fat and Saturation nice on some scenes/models.
  86. ectoplasm88

    AFIII Presets Axe-FX III AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - Fully Updated for Cygnus 20.01, now available!!!

    I just finished playing through all the updated presets in the first bank... Sounding even better though that's hard to believe... I guess all the firmware changes and your additional tweaking are setting a new high water mark! REALLY digging both the new Archon and Triple Crown presets.
  87. ectoplasm88

    UAD Apollo via Thunderbolt incompatibility

    Can you describe a bit more about how you have everything connected? I have an Apollo x8p + Apollo Solo + AxeFx on my Macbook Pro with no issues. Also have a ton of other gear coexisting. Are both your AxeFx and Apollo directly connected to a thunderbolt port on the Mac? Do you have any usb...
  88. ectoplasm88

    Presets and User IRs from Axe-Fx III Mk I to Axe-Fx III Mk II help?

    I had a similar experience with both presets and IR's . At one point I restarted the unit and tried using the fractal bot embedded in Axe Edit and did not have any issues. I meant to post something but got consumed playing around with the new systems and forgot. When I ran fractal bot...
  89. ectoplasm88

    Joe Satriani preset

    There is a factory preset "Alien Surfer" and also a couple from @austinbuddy Naked Amps pack JVM410HJS(Satch1) and JVM410HJS(Satch2)
  90. ectoplasm88

    Microtonal guitar

    This post slightly mangled my brain but very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  91. ectoplasm88

    Fixed Preset Leveling meter broken after updating to 1.08.00

    I'm amazed by how few issues there are with the rate of new features and how often we get new firmware. The main thing to do before installing a new update is BACKUP. Really... if that step is not followed there isn't much else that can be done. Bugs are just a fact of life with any tech no...
  92. ectoplasm88

    SOLD Axe-Fx III 1900 + shipping (or local pickup in San Diego county in California)

    Just got notice my MKII shipped so I'm putting my original system up for sale. It's worked flawlessly for me and has lived at home in my studio in a rack its whole life. Smoke free environment and in great condition. Offering it up here in the forums first but will be putting it up for sale...
  93. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx disengaging in Logic Pro

    My personal experience I have always needed to have my audio interfaces directly connected to a port on my computer. Anytime I've tried a hub I've had issues. If you're just managing presets you should be fine but if you're using it as your audio interface I'd direct connect if you can.
  94. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx disengaging in Logic Pro

    Sounds like possibly a cable shorting out or maybe an issue with one of the ports... are you connected to a hub or connecting directly to the computer? Is this a new configuration for you or have you been using the AxeFx as an audio interface for a while without issue?
  95. ectoplasm88

    Ground noise issue and out of ideas to troubleshoot the unit

    Do you always play with it connected to a computer? I had some issues a while back and they only happened when my laptop was connected to the Axe. I eventually tracked it down to a usb device connected to the computer.
  96. ectoplasm88

    Future release ideas/suggestions... Edit preset order/setlists wirelessly

    @diezel013 I think Fractal and the community at whole appreciate any constructive feedback. Don't forget to checkout the "Wishlist" section of the forum as well for similar threads to chime in on or to officially deposit your "Wish" :) . Also, thanks for the great presets you've been posting!
  97. ectoplasm88

    AFIII Presets Axe-FX III AustinBuddy 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for firmware 20.01 is now fully updated!

    All the tag spaces data is just in json format already so really easy to manipulate. The whole tag database is one big json file and there is a hidden directory .ts where tag spaces keeps a single .json for each file. For instance the Yngwie.syx file has an accompanying .ts/Yngwie.syx.json...
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