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    SOLD AxeFX 2 XL+ and MFC-101 Mk3 $800

    Neither unit has ever been out of the studio, excellent condition. No shipping if in the Los Angeles area, or else whatever it costs. Paypal or cash (if LA.) Thanks, Tommy
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    SOLD LA Area: Axe-Fx II & MFC-101 on Pedaltrain board - $800

    I don't want to ship if I don't have to, so I'm putting this up here for anyone in the LA area who can pick it up. AxeFX II and an MFC-101 foot controller, both Mk 1. The AxeFX II has the latest Ares 1.03 firmware. The MFC is mounted on a mid-size Pedaltrain aluminum framework w/soft case...
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    SOLD LA Area or ship: AxeFX Ultra & Midimate controller - $395

    I don't want to ship if I don't have to, so I'm putting this up here first for anyone in the LA area who can pick it up. EDIT: Available to ship now! AxeFX Ultra, Midimate foot controller w/power supply and a 7-pin MIDI cable to power the Midimate remotely from the AxeFX. Both units are in...
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    PRS 408 -- Any owners and/or opinions?

    I keep being tempted by these -- I've been looking for more flexibility so I don't have to lug as many guitars around to cop various tones. I figure one of these and my Strat would work to cover the basics for most situations. Thoughts? TT
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    Switching Amp List sort order

    I've been searching through the various menus, but I don't see a way to sort the amps back to the original 'added' order. I find that really handy to be able to go directly to new models without having to search/jump all over the place. Is there a way to swap sort orders back and forth...
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    Is Boss getting nervous?

    Amusing... In an interview with Thomas Nordegg that raves about the GT-100, they specifically mention how the Fractal is so expensive, is bigger and requires two (count 'em, two) things to use instead of the all-in-one Boss unit. BOSS Users Group - Thomas Nordegg: The Man Behind the Curtain...
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    CLR as a PA -- Wow

    I used my 2 CLR cabs as the PA for a birthday party/jam last weekend, and wow -- these things really are versatile (and great.) Stuck them up on a couple of poles and selected the free-field option. Everything was run direct through them. Two guitars (Ultra and II), keyboards, bass, 3-4...
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    2 CLR cabs - Woohoo! ... Oh-oh...

    My two Atomic CLR cabs (not wedges) arrived yesterday -- happy, happy, joy, joy! Plugged them in and wow, great sound... but why am I only getting half my stereo spread? Ack, one of them is muffled, really low output and distorting in not a good way. Rats. Tried the usuals: Different cables...
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    Feb issue of EM - Deftones and Fractal

    The lead off article on the Deftones in the new Feb Electronic Musician mag is *filled* with them raving about out how their Fractal units are so great (both guitarists have one.) Pretty much the entire second page, and then a scattering through the rest of it. It's their 'best of the year'...
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    Oddities from NAMM 2013

    Now that the show is wrapping up, what did anyone see that was wierd/odd/out of the box? I'll start it off with this: For the djentlemanly crowd, Schecter has a new 4x12 cab with 3 V30's plus a 200 watt subwoofer. Chugga-chugga to the max! TT
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    Assembling Eminence Beta 12CX

    Greetings! I had ordered a couple of Eminence Beta 12CX, x-overs and ASD tweeters a little while ago and finally found some time to put them together. This thread will cover the basics of getting them assembled and installed... I have some spare cabinets lying around and wanted to compare how...
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    Eminence BETA-12CX -- Thoughts and ideas

    Hi! In my quest for trying different FRFR solutions, I've been toying with the thought of getting a pair of Beta-12CX coax speakers plus crossover and tweeter to try out. I've got two pairs of cabinets sitting around here gathering dust, and now I'm getting the itch to do something with them...
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    Mackie goes coax - new DLM series

    So now there's another entry in the coax sweepstakes, the Mackie DLM series. Of course, they don't call it coaxial (how mundane!), it is a "Mackie designed, vertically-aligned, common-magnet TruSource driver". Mackie - DLM Powered Loudspeakers: Line-Up Sweetwater puts the 8" at $699, 12" at...
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    EQ'ing the Verve 12ma

    I've got a pair of Verve 12ma that I use with the Axe, and I'm thinking of eventually replacing them with one of the upcoming FRFR solutions or a couple RCF NX once the dust settles (I loves me some stereo, yes I do.) In the meantime, I've been using Merlin17's corrective IR and, while that...
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    Found the 'secret sauce' for MFC upgrades

    I've been knocking my head against the wall for 2 1/2 weeks trying to get my MFC upgraded. Using the Axe as an interface, using a TC Electronics 24D interface, using different machines (fancy desktops and modern laptops), cables, programs (Midi-OX, C6, etc.) and nothing worked. At best, hit...
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    MFC upgrade = total failure

    It's said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Well, this MFC upgrade has definitely driven me over the edge... I've had a bricked (Error 14) MFC now for two weeks. All attempts to upgrade it have ended in failure (we are seriously...
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    The perfect use for profiling?

    With all the angst that accompanies FW upgrades, it seems to me that the profiling Cliff has mentioned may be the perfect solution. Is your Fenderator absolutely sublime in v4? Profile it and keep it so it won't be affected by future updates. Got your dream Max-o-grinder in 5.01? Take a...
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    WISH: Able to reverse 5 patch/10 IA to 10 IA/5 patch.

    I use the 5 patch, 10 IA pedalboard mode, and think it would be great if we could shift the 5 patch switches to the top row instead of the bottom. I tend to switch patches between songs, but am turning effects off/on a lot during a performance, and it is very easy to accidentally hit a patch...
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    How to attach an image

    It seems that images can only be links from another web site rather than directly uploaded from my PC. Is that right? Thanks, TT
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    A few MFC issues and questions

    I'm transitioning my Ultra from a MidiMate to my new MFC (running in Axe-FX mode), and have a couple of issues... Issue #1) I had tap tempo set up on the MidiMate, but obviously it wouldn't reflect the actual tempo. The MFC does a great job with that, but now I'm hearing a 'tick' sound every...
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    Midi Mate expression pedal oddness

    I picked up a Midi Mate to use with my Ultra while waiting for the MFC (yes, the MFC exists and I've actually had my foot on one at the LA Amp show), but something seems a bit hinky with the MM. I'm plugging a Roland EV-5 into the MM expression pedal input. I've had the pedal for quite a...
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    Atomic FR high end settings

    I'm running my Ultra into a pair of Fratomics and been fighting somewhat with the high-end. I find I've been setting the treble pads to around 9 o'clock lately (from my original 12 or 1 settings.) This is primarily with brighter strat/single coils guitars. Especially for live use, would any...
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    Ultra seems ultra bright

    Greetings... I've had my Ultra for a few months now, and been lurking/absorbing all of the great info shared here while digging into the unit to try and create my own personal tone nirvana. So far, cleans are killer, and hi-gains are great when recording with my LP or other humbucker guitars...
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