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  1. swass

    Passive CLR PEQ Curves

    Just curious if anyone here on the forum that had or has the passive CLR's, have the PEQ curves for alternate positions. (ie; pole/speaker stand and back line). I did email Tom last week... MIA I guess... If anyone would be so kind to help out... :encouragement: Thanks!
  2. swass

    OwnHammer 4x10 SVT beta IR demo

    Here's a quick clip I did with an OwnHammer SVT Bass IR which is one of Kevin's "mix" beta files. Literally, "off the cuff" approach to it not knowing how it would turn out. After a couple tries I think I got it to sound somewhat cohesive. I tried to let the bass be predominant in the clip with...
  3. swass

    Slate Digital Goes Analog

    Got an email from Slate Digital today... Very interesting... kind of funny too.
  4. swass

    Mind-Blowing SIX Song Country Mashup!

    A buddy of mine emailed this to me and found it unbelievably pathetic and pretty darn sad.
  5. swass


    Cliff actually, "liked" someone's post, post#60 http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/82869-neck-pick-up-issues-axe-fx-just-me-3.html Then I went to his profile and there is one other, "like" as well. Alright Cliff!! That's the way to roll. :encouragement:
  6. swass

    Mixing Woes

    (Disclaimer: NEWB!) Over the past few months or so I've made up my mind to really sink my teeth into, "the DAW" realm of recording. I've mucked around with it over the past couple years here and there for shits and giggles to do up some sound bites over the time. What I've learnt over the...
  7. swass

    F/S: A Few Things

    Sorry. Accidentally hit the wrong forum button to post.
  8. swass

    Sound Bite w/OH "Mix IR's"

    So I'm working on a new song potentially for a CD. Years ago I was trying to remember a song I had only heard a few times strictly from memory. When I listened back to the song... not even got close :lol... but used it a demo lick ever since. I got a few compliments on it so I thought I'd invest...
  9. swass

    New OH Studio Mix IR demo's (w/classic metal context)

    I've had the privilege of working with Kevin through the beta process for the new IR's (a new experience for me). I just wanted to pop up a snippet of a "classic metal" song (one take with clams and all) demoing the classic speakers used from the era and of these particular Marshall cabs... with...
  10. swass

    RE: Cool Windows 8 Wallpaper

    When I upgraded to Windows 8 I found this cool wallpaper from the app store. Free of course and just thought I'd share it.
  11. swass

    New IR's: Test (No More Tears)

    Just a quick test for some new IR's that were made up... with clams and all! (disclaimer: This is NOT note for note). It came out decent so I thought I'd share it. Details posted with SoundCloud description. Sorry about the chorus. As a rule I'm not a chorus guy with high gain but due to the...
  12. swass

    Most Impressive All Girl Bands

    I was reading the "Maiden vs Metallica" poll/thread and inadvertently came across something pretty cool by way of watching the Maiden video. So I thought I'd start a Swedish Chef type thread... but we'll see if it gets the same traction as Chef's does. This is pretty damn impressive. The Iron...
  13. swass

    Users Online at Once Record Crushed!

    ... and may be broke again as we speak.
  14. swass

    RE: Fireface 800 to Thunderbolt/PC/WIN8 or 7 ?

    I've been looking into possibly going firewire to thunderbolt with my PC. Just curious as to if anyone has got any pro's/cons, experience, advice, or conclusions for this transition with Win8 or 7. Will the TI chipset facter come into play as well? I'll be inquiring over at RME as well but...
  15. swass

    Smokin' Win 8 Deal

    Just thought I'd pass along a really good bargain to those who have a legit copy of Win 7 and want to possibly upgrade to Win 8 at any point. I downloaded the digital copy, (product key included) and burned the ISO file for future installation. Here's the link to the site where I found the Win...
  16. swass

    Not One Bit Fanboi'ish

    I saw this yesterday and just had to have it. Although I have to say that it is a very cool tower that is clean and practical... trade you for a T-shirt Cliff. :-P
  17. swass

    OwnHammer: New IR's (test) "Detroit Rock City"

    When the public betas came out I did a very quick sound clip of this song. Giving away my age here... So I finally got some time to, "frig" with these IR's some more and do a relatively quick redoing and messing with the guitar harmonies but trying to keep the same melody. Couldn't change the...
  18. swass

    Kansas: V.7 tone before V.8

    While I thoroughly enjoy all the tone and amp matching capabilities with the Axe II, creating a tone is still my real passion with this machine. This was (and still will be) a guitar tone I was working on before V.8 dropped. I was going to add some leads but Kansas's rhythm work on this tune is...
  19. swass

    For Alex Lifeson Fans:

    For Alex Lifeson fans: Trailor Park Boys (Alex Lifeson gets kidnapped) Warning: Extreme and course humor and language.
  20. swass

    Thrifty and Crafty

    What to do when you have an empty amp/head box laying around... I bought this a couple years ago from a guy who swore up and down til the cows came home that a JMP chassis would fit in this box. Well it don't as far as the face goes. The opening is much too large. I did try to get my money...
  21. swass

    Still Good Folks in the World

    I just wanted to share something that absolutely floored my wife and I recently; This past Monday our 9 year old son had his routine dentist appointment. Now he has had unusual problems with his teeth in the past, such as an abscessed tooth which required surgery. But I was not prepared for...
  22. swass

    Sort of a Newb Question...

    Is it possible to take a cab from the Ultra and convert it for the II? I miss some of the cabs and would love to see some of them possibly make into the Axe II.
  23. swass

    A Wee Flavor to Ask...

    I have a bit of a flavor to ask someone if possible. I used to own the Ultra and now "les deux". Anywhooo... I was pretty partial to the JM2000 cab/IR. Is there any one who has the Ultra that could convert that cab/IR for the les Axe duex??... Cliff? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  24. swass

    Where's the "LIKE" Button???

    Where's the "LIKE" Button??? I guess we can't like anything or anyone anymore... but I still like you... whoever you are that removed it :-P
  25. swass

    ADA MP-1 (Repair??)

    I got an ADA MP-1 Classic, (newer reissue version) and was wondering if anyone knows anyone who can repair them. Guys around here want the schematics,(not that I blame them) but they are hard to be had. Just thought maybe someone knows someone that knows these things like the back of their hand...
  26. swass

    For All Us Old "MetalHeads" Who Need a New Perspective

    Friend just showed me this stuff. Quite humorous as well as a very gifted individual(s).
  27. swass

    Where's Mark??

    Haven't heard from Mark Day in awhile. Just curious, "Where's Mark"? Kind of miss him around here.
  28. swass

    One of the Most Influential Moments

    I was just pondering one of the most influential times in memory as a young, aspiring guitar player from when I was 12 that consequently had quite the impact on me throughout my guitar life; I still remember the day, and it is etched in my memories... 12 years old and always will because of the...
  29. swass

    What Song is Stuck in Your Brain Today??

    With not much thanks to "Ibrunet" for posting (as funny as it is): Guitarist slapped in the face ! Grosse baffe musicale - YouTube, from the ever popular thread "things that make you laugh". I have had this song stuck in my head for a few days now. Can't seem to shake it and it's driving me...
  30. swass

    Looking for Texas Instrument Chipped PCI 800 Card: Li'l help

    OK. I'm looking at purchasing a RME Fireface 800. I need some assistance in narrowing down the scope for a (TI) loaded PCI 800 card as I know that there are some out there that are not reliable as well as some that are rock solid. Cost efficiency would be a plus. Any suggestions? Running Windows...
  31. swass

    PC Audio Interface: a li'l help

    With all that is on the market these days it's hard to sift through everything. I'm looking to buy an audio interface, (USB) for my PC. I was thinking of going to a Mac with an Apogee Duet II but that seems to be out of the question for now due to financial duress. So a little guidance from my...
  32. swass

    Get the Funk Out... sort of...

    First recording with Axe II and first experience with DAW. Hopefully I'll be a late bloomer with this digital recording stuff. Lots to learn and is quite the curve. Hope it's as enjoyable to listen to as it was to create new patches with the Axe II. As far as the recording learning curve... it...
  33. swass

    Delay Block Bug ??

    V3.02: Went to use some delay tonight and can't seem to adjust the "delay time". Does not matter which type of delay I chose. Can someone confirm this as a"Bug". Thanks. Peace, Also when you go to turn the data wheel, even though the value doesn't change the edit LED shows as it being edited.
  34. swass

    JM2000 cab IR

    Does anyone have the sysex file for the JM2000 IR ? If so could you share? Thanks
  35. swass

    Wacky Notes/ Axe FX II

    I come to discover something really odd to me with my Axe II. Don't know if this is normal but am inclined not to think so. When I play singular note on the low "E" string in particular I get this really weird transition of the notes, (don't how to describe it so I posted a clip). I does it on...
  36. swass

    AXE II as Audio Interface/ Sound Card

    Last time I was into home recording it was with mini disc and a VS-1880... (joke)... and since I got my first AXE it has renewed the desire again to a great degree... well things have definitely changed since the turn of the millennium. Since I'm relativity new to DAW's, what is comparable in...
  37. swass

    Fractal Review

    "K"... here's another review from the proverbial glass house of perspectives... from a "newbie" at that. First off let me review the Fractal community as a whole: Let me say, I've never been much into participating with threads, online discussions, reviews or social sites in general. Social...
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