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  1. deakle

    Iron Maiden, Caught Somewhere in Time, w/ FM9s

    @Art_Vandelay You guys sound fantastic! I am a huge Iron Maiden fan having seen them live many, many times. Your harmony leads are spot on and your bass player and drummer have the rhythm down. Your singer is a beast!
  2. deakle

    Mac Studio or MacBook Pro?

    By other things, I mean just internet use, viewing the forum, that sort of thing.
  3. deakle

    Mac Studio or MacBook Pro?

    I am considering upgrading my current Mac Mini to either a Mac Studio using the M1 chip or a MacBook Pro also running the M1 chip. It would be or home recording only. I currently utilize Logic Pro X for all my recording and a Presonus Faderport 8 controller as well as a Universal Audio Apollo...
  4. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01

    Is there a 20.01 video in the works @2112 ?
  5. deakle

    Help please, no output

    So I have it now. @ApocalypticKatana thanks for the headphone suggestion. I tried my Shure's and everything works. I looked at my Blue Ella's to see what was up and noted that I had left them turned on and ran the battery dead. Back in business! Thanks guys!
  6. deakle

    Help please, no output

    Factory presets yes, Physical output knob turned up. Different guitars same result.
  7. deakle

    Help please, no output

    I should mention I am playing through headphones, plugged direct into the Axe and have tried different guitars with the same result.
  8. deakle

    Help please, no output

    Hello, was looking for some peer check help. I have no output from my Axe III. I checked the setup page and have the input and outputs turned up there. But every preset there is no output. I can see my input LED move when strumming so I know it is receiving signal from the guitar. What else can...
  9. deakle

    Green Day - Basket case

    Thank you!
  10. deakle

    Green Day - Basket case

    My absolute favorite Green Day tune! Well played sir! If you don’t mind me asking, what preset were you using? Nailed Billie Joe’s tone!
  11. deakle

    This Is Spinal Tap sequel confirmed for 2024 with original cast

    The spontaneously combusting drummers was classic!
  12. deakle

    This Is Spinal Tap sequel confirmed for 2024 with original cast

    I loved the original! The humor was outstanding yet you kind of need to be a musician to get it. I hope the sequel lives up to the original.
  13. deakle

    5 Minute Tones

    Very, very nice! Thanks for this 5 Minute Tones! I was just looking for something like this.
  14. deakle

    Blue on Black

    Nice job @CipherHost! This my all time favorite KWS tune!
  15. deakle

    Sustain Maniac Preset

    I’m looking for feedback. I’ll give this a look see.
  16. deakle

    Sustain Maniac Preset

    I am searching for the Sustain Maniac factory preset that has been mentioned here before. I believe it is an FM3 preset but could be used in an Axe III. Any idea where I may find it? I have the latest Axe III factory presets, but I have not found it there so it must be an FM3 preset. So how do I...
  17. deakle

    'Fairies Wear Boots'

    That my friends is a true nice guy rocker!
  18. deakle

    'Fairies Wear Boots'

    @bishop5150 great to see you playing again! So you got that guitar from Zakk himself?
  19. deakle

    Health Update

    Excellent news @bishop5150! Prayers going out to you and your family!
  20. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02 Public Beta

    Thanks! Fractal Friday!
  21. deakle

    White Lion Tell Me Solo Cover using Austin Buddy Preset

    Nice job! I hear you on Vito Bratta. such a short career. I had the good fortune to catch him live opening for Cinderella. He pulled off everything live. The guy was just stellar!
  22. deakle

    Famous Musicians You’ve Met?

    Back in the early 80's when Billy Sheehan had his band Talas they played at a local club. I arrived early and could hear soundcheck from the parking lot. I knew the club owner as my band played there quite a bit so I was able to get in early. From the parking lot, I thought the guitarist was...
  23. deakle

    Boss SY-1000 Impressions/Thoughts?

    So, I am considering either the new Boss SY-200 or a Boss SY-1000. I am leaning towards the SY-1000 as I feel that after using the SY-200 I will find myself “wanting a little more”. I know I will need a GK pickup equipped guitar to make full use of the SY-1000 and that is not an issue. But I...
  24. deakle

    Appetite-Style Preset with Video

    Very nice @ttjosh572! Question for you, concerning the backing track you are playing along with, did you do anything to remove/lessen the recorded guitars? I am a home studio player after retiring from gigging in bar bands and am finding my way around recording/modifying tracks in Logic Pro X to...
  25. deakle

    Health Update

    @bishop5150 hang in there man. I’m glad your med updates have been positive. I’m waiting anxiously for new Ozz videos so take care and get better soon. BTW: I saw your latest photo. I think you look cool man! Personally, I think that’s a good look for you. You kind of remind me of Wolf Hoffmann...
  26. deakle

    Call me crazy, but I might buy another one.

    I have the Axe III MK II Turbo and an FM9. I use them both equally though the FM9 is a backup in case something happens to my III.
  27. deakle

    Axe FX 3 Turbo

    It will say Turbo on the title screen as it boots up is one way.
  28. deakle

    Headphones Choice

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I ordered a set of Blue Ella's. Found a tremendous deal on them at Sweetwater, $300 off!
  29. deakle

    Headphones Choice

    So I found a set of Blue Ella headphones brand new @ $399. I want a nice set for my Axe III MK II Turbo and the full res IR’s. I am torn between the Blue Ellas, a set of Blue Mix-Fi (the new Mo Fi’s), or a set of Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X open back headphones. So what’s everyone’s opinion of...
  30. deakle

    Chris Stapleton Covers Metallica

    Chris Stapleton is one talented guy. He is more in a bluesier vein to me than country, but the guy just absolutely nails anything he tries. What amazes me is that whenever they pair him with someone on one of these awards shows for a collaboration; whether it is Justin Timberlake, H.E.R. or...
  31. deakle

    Knaggs Larry Mitchell Incoming - ARRIVED!!!!

    "World Come Together" off the Rhythm of Life album.
  32. deakle

    Knaggs Larry Mitchell Incoming - ARRIVED!!!!

    So the Knaggs Larry Mitchell is here! All I can say is "Freaking Wow"! This is one fine instrument. Gorgeous looks, excellent craftsmanship, and surprising (to me at least) acoustically, it is loud. Plugged into the Axe III it just sings. Playability is off the charts, effortless to fret a note...
  33. deakle

    Knaggs Larry Mitchell Incoming - ARRIVED!!!!

    I just picked up a fantastic used Knaggs Larry Mitchell guitar today. Super Stoked! Pictures coming up once it arrives! Anybody have experience with these?
  34. deakle

    EVH anniversary

    One of the saddest days in guitar history.
  35. deakle

    Free FullRes Room IRs

    Thank you very much @York Audio! These are great. It's the extras like this that make me one of your repeat customers. Well done!
  36. deakle

    Waitlist Email

    I put my name on the waitlist on the day of the announcement a couple hours after the announcement. I received my invite yesterday, September 22nd and placed my order this morning.
  37. deakle

    SOLD For Sale - FM3 Mint!

    I have a mint condition FM3 (plastic covering still on screen) for sale. It has only been used in my smoke free home studio. Currently loaded with Firmware 1.05. Played very little, I used it only as an addition to my Axe FX III. I will ship for free to the 48 continental United States only...
  38. deakle

    SOLD Axe FX III MK 1 For Sale - $1700 Shipped

    I have a mint condition Axe FX III MK 1 for sale. It has never left my smoke free home studio since I purchased it. It will be shipped to you free in the continental United States only, in the original box. Cost is $1700 PayPal gift. It has several presets of Leon Todd's loaded from the Axe...
  39. deakle

    Sweep Challenge! Fast arpeggios w/low gain (Holding out for a hero)

    Sort of right? That was fantastic! Well done sir!
  40. deakle

    Bark at the Moon - Jake E. Lee Guitar Solo + Patch

    Excellent @diezel013! That preset is dead on. Thanks for sharing! I also am an "old guy" who had the pleasure of witnessing Ozzy/Jake live on the Bark at the Moon tour in Pittsburgh. Excellent show! Jake was amazing! Motley Crue also opened the show during their Shout at the Devil tour and were...
  41. deakle

    Mr Crowley - Instrumental Cover

    Fantastic! You are talented sir!
  42. deakle

    SOLD 3 Guitars For Sale

    Hi fellow Fractalites! I have 3 guitars up for sale over on Reverb, a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2010 PRS S245 with a solid rosewood neck, and a Schecter E-1 with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac. I have placed links to all 3 listings on Reverb below. However, if you contact me here through the...
  43. deakle

    IR Tweaks?

    Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I truly appreciate your insights!
  44. deakle

    IR Tweaks?

    I apologize if this has been asked here before, but what parameters should one look to adjust first/most often on an IR when dialing in your tone? Does anyone know of any websites explaining the ins/outs of IR's? I have looked on the Fractal Wiki but not had much luck finding anything there...
  45. deakle

    7 String Advice

    @2112 Leon, how are you bonding with your 7 string?
  46. deakle

    7 String Advice

    Thanks @mrdo919! I had not heard of the "spider" exercise. This sounds like a great learning exercise.
  47. deakle

    7 String Advice

    Thanks @zedeloc! That does make sense. I was thinking about tuning it to drop A. That seems like it would add some extra umph to the power chords.
  48. deakle

    7 String Advice

    I tried 7 string guitar a few years back with an ESP LTD. Very nice, playable guitar, but I just grew frustrated with it and sold it. I have been looking to expand my guitar knowledge and thought I would give 7 string a go again. I had purchased a Strandberg Boden Standard 6 string previously...
  49. deakle

    Where Are The Mr. Big Fans?

    I love Mr Big! I got to meet Billy Sheehan back in the early 80's when he was still in Talas. They played a local bar and I was friends with his tech who introduced me to him after the show. He took me up on stage and showed me his rack and his bass. He even mentioned that some of the stuff was...
  50. deakle

    Using Axe-FX III with Tube Amp and Universal Audio Ox

    Well, I am just using headphone outs as I am playing in my bedroom and don't want to alarm the neighbors, but you bring up a very good point which I will check out. My reason for using the Axe with my tube amps was for it's effects as I have gotten rid of my effects pedals when I got the Axe...
  51. deakle

    Using Axe-FX III with Tube Amp and Universal Audio Ox

    So I splurged and bought myself a Universal Audio Ox. Awesome piece of gear! I have a few tube amps I keep around just because I still like to fool around with them, one being a 1965 Fender Bandmaster. What would be a proper way to use my Axe-FX III with a tube amp and my UA Ox? I would assume I...
  52. deakle

    Digitech Freqout or Sustainiac - Thoughts?

    I am in the market for either a Digitech Freqout or a sustainiac equipped guitar and was wondering if anyone had used both and has any thoughts/comparisons of the two? Not much on line in the way of a comparison. The sustainiac equipped Schecter's are a good bang for the buck, but if the same...
  53. deakle

    You guys are in for another treat.

    My gosh @FractalAudio, your brain is scary smart!
  54. deakle

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 6 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #3

    "IMPORTANT - READ ME - DON'T IGNORE - LISTEN UP CHUCKLEHEADS", ya' gotta love this! Excellent Cliff!
  55. deakle

    StewMac prices are insane!

    Try Philadelphia Luthiers if you are in the US. They have similar items at more reasonable prices. Not as large a selection as Stew Mac.
  56. deakle

    Guitar Dedicated to Slide

    I know I will get a myriad of answers, but I am looking for a guitar to set up specifically for slide (higher action, heavy gauge strings, flat radius, etc.) and was wondering what the forumites opinions were for a good slide guitar. Currently, I am looking at Gibson SG (humbuckers), Gibson...
  57. deakle

    Tune for a furry friend

    So sorry for your loss Leon. My heart goes out to you and your wife.
  58. deakle

    Gibson buying Mesa?

    So I guess Petrucci will be switching to a Marshall perhaps, or going total Fractal?
  59. deakle

    Rest In Peace Alexi Laiho

    There is a real shredding crew in heaven; Randy Rhoads, Eddie, Hendrix, Alexi......
  60. deakle

    How accurate is Fractal's amp modeling?

    Thanks @Stratoblaster!
  61. deakle

    How accurate is Fractal's amp modeling?

    Holy cow! This site is full of information! Thank you Cliff @FractalAudio!
  62. deakle

    How accurate is Fractal's amp modeling?

    I agree on the 15.xx firmware update. It really made a leap forward in my humble opinion. If I may ask @FractalAudio Cliff, do you have any recommendations on resources to learn more about the inner workings of some of the more popular amplifiers? I am an electrical engineer working from home...
  63. deakle

    Axe-Fx III on order - wondering if I should snag some black friday IR deals - advice?

    I second, third, fourth, fifth, umpteenth York Audio. Incredible IR's!
  64. deakle

    Prayers for Nashville

    So some sicko detonated a bomb in an RV in downtown Nashville early this morning. No one killed thank goodness. Lot of damage. Saw a guy on the news who lost his home and all his guitars and equipment in the blast, his means of making a living. Keep the residents in your thoughts and prayers.
  65. deakle

    Everything you've always wanted to know about LEVELS (III + FM3)

    Wow! Excellent work @yek! I will be saving this post!
  66. deakle

    Talk box with Axe-Fx III

    @yek I have the MXR and am considering this. Any suggestions on a mic preamp to use? I play mainly at home through headphones.
  67. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Thanks Cliff!
  68. deakle

    Guitar quest continues

    @electronpirate please let me know what you think when you receive it. I am considering one exactly like this. I am very interested in your thoughts.
  69. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    Holy Firmware Monday Batman! Thanks Cliff!
  70. deakle


    I have a package that was shipped via UPS then transferred to USPS for delivery. It has sat at the local USPS sorting center (2 miles from my house) for 2 weeks. USPS is a joke and the most horribly inefficient operation in history. I have tracked packages that are shipped from New York to my...
  71. deakle

    Effects Question

    Thanks @dr bonkers! Very helpful!
  72. deakle

    Any issues with Axe-Edit, Bot and FW with the new Apple M1 chip before I buy a Mac mini?

    Question for you: I am working on specs for my new Mini. What size HDD did you go for. I am thinking the 512 GB then add external HD if I need it later.
  73. deakle

    Effects Question

    Thanks! Very helpful as I am starting to try my hand at home recording with Logic Pro X. Any suggestions on good on line resources for learning the basics of home recording?
  74. deakle

    Rack Delays Preset

    Leon, this video is truly inspiring. I have tons of ideas to try out on the Axe III now! Thanks!
  75. deakle

    Effects Question

    Wow! Thanks for the input guys! Much appreciated!
  76. deakle

    Effects Question

    Please pardon my ignorance on this subject. I have noticed several presets where effects are placed in parallel with one another (such as delays). What is the purpose of this and what is the difference in placing effects in parallel or in series? I am an old guy and we did not have near the...
  77. deakle

    Cooper Carter Axe-Fx 3 Class

    I have this course and I recommend it for even the casual tweaker (which I am one). It will explain so much about the operation/configuration of the Axe III in easy to understand terms. Once I went through the course, I had a much better understanding of the unit. It unlocked the potential of...
  78. deakle

    Charvel Pro Mod DK24 HSS anyone?

    I am considering a new Charvel Pro Mod DK24 HSS with the Gotoh tremolo. Anyone here have experience with one of these, either own one or try one? I do not have a local dealer where I can try one so it will have to be an online purchase. I like the Gotoh trem and the locking tuners. For anyone...
  79. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    Thanks Cliff!
  80. deakle

    “Butler’s Bag” from “Crossroads”

    Amazing @bishop5150! What do you think of the Jackson Butler? I've been eyeing one of those.
  81. deakle

    Delay Designer

    Thanks for this @2112 Leon! This just reminds me that there is no limit to what you can do with the Axe III. Go ahead and try something, you might be surprised at how it evolves.
  82. deakle

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Baroque & Roll

    Amazing @RockyKramer!
  83. deakle

    Dodge Challenger

    What an improvement from a Kia Soul!
  84. deakle

    SPX90 Symphonic Setting

    Thanks Leon! Been waiting for this ever since I watched your video where you tried out your new SPX-90
  85. deakle

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    Just purchased this morning! Thanks so much for this Justin! Been waiting a long time for this one.
  86. deakle

    Trying to profit from tragedy.....

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the ridiculous prices some are trying to get for used Peavey and EVH Wolfgangs on the used market now? I'm seeing a better than 50% jump in the prices with some of the prices in a truly ridiculous range (like asking more than brand new pricing for a used...
  87. deakle

    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    Amazing @ProgressiveRocco! Thanks for the free preset and screenshots. You are very generous!
  88. deakle

    Live Album - Guitar/Bass Reamped with Axe-Fx III

    Hi @2112 Leon! Is this available on iTunes store also? Or just Bandcamp?
  89. deakle

    Friend of the Devil - Final Mix

    Very nice! I like the vocal mix.
  90. deakle

    Van Hagar and beyond EVH - that detune effect?

    Thanks for sharing the preset!
  91. deakle

    5153 model

    Try adding a pitch block set to dual detune with offsets at +12 and -12 with one panned hard left and the other panned hard right. Place it between the amp and cab blocks. It will give you the "Balance" sound.
  92. deakle

    Van Hagar and beyond EVH - that detune effect?

    I had never thought of that. Thank you for the explanation! I learn something every day here!
  93. deakle

    RIP Tony Lewis - The Outfield

    2020 is certainly a bad year for musicians. Loved The Outfield. They had some amazing vocal harmonies and just plain catchy songs.
  94. deakle

    Van Hagar and beyond EVH - that detune effect?

    Forgive me for my ignorance, but what are you referencing when you say "in parallel"?
  95. deakle

    Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

    Thank you!
  96. deakle

    Still Don't Understand The Fretboard? Free eBook.

    I just received it a few days ago and have been exploring it. It is very well written and extremely easy to understand. I highly recommend it! I have been playing for over 40 years but am always seeking out new ways of understanding the guitar as I am self taught and learned many things "wrong"...
  97. deakle

    Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

    Same here. I always hold off a couple months just to make sure the new OS is stable.
  98. deakle

    Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

    With the upcoming release of the new Mac OS, Big Sur, will Axe Edit and Fractal Bot be compatible? @Michael Pickens?
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