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  1. Sharka

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    I'm so shocked to hear this news. I was so confident he was going to beat this, he had the will and the spirit to do so. (sigh) Why is it they always take the good ones...? Todd was without doubt one of the more friendly and inspiring people on this forum. I will echo the condolences and sorrow...
  2. Sharka

    Stuck on Boot Up Screen

    Yes, this has happened to me a few times (beta 2.0). I found having the USB cable connected while booting seems to be the issue (for me). For now, I just remember to disconnect the USB cable before booting. After the booting screen has loaded, I reconnect the cable and it's fine. This is...
  3. Sharka

    Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio DRIVE Models [updated July 2022, Axe-Fx III, FM3, FM9]

    @yek Thank you man, you are nothing short of stoic!
  4. Sharka

    TIL #2 - Where Have All the Good Times Gone

    OMG... ROFLOL! Well, don't feel bad. Somewhat related... To add further confusion to that, when the Kinks do "You Really Got Me" live now, I've heard Ray Davies (jokingly) says; "Okay, we're gonna do a Van Halen song now…!" Haha!
  5. Sharka

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Wow, I forgot about these guys! F@#$ 98 till' his balls turned blue!... Ha! I had this on cassette... I need to freshen my media LOL! Great band!!! Thanks again!
  6. Sharka

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Along with Scatterbrain... this was another great album to close out the '80s. Such a fun (and funny) album... Another band that should have gotten more recognition.
  7. Sharka

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    OMG! I saw these guys at L'Amour's (Brooklyn) back in the day. The guitar player was fierce! Thanks for that memory! =:·)
  8. Sharka

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Stepping out... That is a great cut! This is another (great) lost cut from Joe in '82... I think this is one that really hits the OP's requirements too...
  9. Sharka

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    The sound of '82, truly a band that needs recognition. One of my favorite live jams, no crazy shred, just an honest rock vibe... They had the stupidest logo (mascot), but overall a solid band that captured the spirit of rock n' roll. I'm surprised no one mentioned them.
  10. Sharka

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Needs a tip of the hat... It was a super project and I still can believe Robert's no longer with us. He was a solid great human being all around and he left us too young.
  11. Sharka

    FM9 Preventive Maintenance?

    This method is universally "mom-approved"!
  12. Sharka

    Wow, what a great cover, for the Yes fans

    OMG! The vocals... Damn! I've seen (and heard) some of their other work, an amazing project. I love it when people take the time to really nail shit! The capes were a nice touch (for those adoring fans).
  13. Sharka

    A cool band I discovered a couple years ago, thanks to Pandora's algorithms: Crack The Sky

    OMG... I remember when this album came out (on old scratchy vinyl, I may even still have it). What's funny, some of it (especially the vocal harmonies and arrangments) sounds a bit "precursor" to King's -X. Well to me at least. A forgotten gem. Thanks for keeping it alive!
  14. Sharka

    Wish MIDI Note messages

    +1 (bump, keeping this wish alive) Off-topic and I've mentioned this before in another thread, but in addition to the "Note On/Off" type, it would be amazing to have the ability to add a "controller" to the value parameter. Both of these additions would bust open a world of creative possibilities.
  15. Sharka

    FAS-FX Reverb 1.5

    Sweet upgrade price! I'm in!
  16. Sharka

    Studio Slip for FM9

    This is more in my budget range... It sticks out a little bit at the top, but it'll be fine.
  17. Sharka

    The music that got you going

    I have some very resonant (ridiculously) early memories. At 3 or 4, while riding in my parent's car I heard something that changed everything (for better or worse. Ha!)... And that other thing... Alex Lifeson Rik Emmet Gordon Lightfoot Frank Marino Neil Young Kim Mitchell
  18. Sharka

    Health Update

    @bishop5150, I've kicked ass many nights using some of your shared (Randy) presets. You need to beat this... I'll be needing more of those presets! :cool: Seriously, cardio issues are no joke, I have my share. Glad to hear you're in an area that can provide good care and you have good...
  19. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    Waitlist 8/27/2021 1:36 PM EST Invite: Wed 9/22/2021 1:22 PM EST * ORDERED * ...and goodbye to this thread! Duces bitches! :cool:
  20. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    Me neither, 8/27/2021 1:36 PM EST. Nothing in my spam folder... Many others have posted earlier times, so something is off, or that dude posted an incorrect timestamp.
  21. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

  22. Sharka

    The more you have to wait, the more…

    I've participated in all of Fractal’s product waitlists for more than a decade. They all mostly go about the same, some faster than others, but the keyword is... wait. We're in a good place, the FM9 list has already hit distribution. Let us remember It was well over a year before the FM3 list...
  23. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

  24. Sharka

    MXR 117 Flanger on the III

    It's true. I’ve been using Fractal products for over a decade now. Earlier, I was always critical of the AXE FX flanger or phaser in particular. Don’t get me wrong, they were okay, close enough to get the job done at a gig, but not quite like the original boxes I own. For me, they just missed...
  25. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    I'm right there in the queue... should be interesting to see what a few minutes make? Of course, there are so many other factors outside these "junk" metrics. Me - 8/27/2021 1:36 EST Hopefully, the current distribution batch hasn't ended and the next batch is due March 2022 ...? (sad...
  26. Sharka

    Waitlist Email

    ...and when they don't, the chorus-line of whining will begin! =:·O
  27. Sharka

    Bluetooth headphone use.

    About 3 or 4 months ago I bought the SENNHEISER RS 175 RF Wireless Headphones to replace my broken Sony MDR - RF970 headphones. I was majorly disappointed, the latency was awful and I found them virtually useless for playing music. They're probably great for watching TV or listening to music in...
  28. Sharka

    Microsoft Announces Windows 11: New UI, Productivity and Gaming Features

    What money? You do realize... Windows 11 is a free upgrade.
  29. Sharka

    Microsoft Announces Windows 11: New UI, Productivity and Gaming Features

    This is not necessarily about processing power, but likely about hardware security requirements. Check to see if your PC hardware bios' TPM chipset is enabled. If your PC does not have the TPM module, you may be able to purchase an add-on module. Also, TPM version 1.2 WILL work with windows...
  30. Sharka

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    It just opened!!! What do you think broke the internet this morning... Fractal waiting list causes massive internet outage: Websites and apps around the world go dark -CNN
  31. Sharka

    Seymour Duncan PS170 vs Fryette Powersation

    I use the PowerStage 170 with my FM3, but I bought a PowerStage 700 for the Axe-FX III for Stereo. I would recommend that as a viable option too if stereo is what you are looking to do. Fryette, Duncan - A lot of great options!
  32. Sharka

    Seymour Duncan PS170 vs Fryette Powersation

    I have the PowerStage 170. I've tried dozens of amps, and it's pretty much one of the best-sounding SS power amps I've ever used. It may or may not matter to you, but portability without sacrificing power and quality was a big deal to me. So you really can’t beat the form factor. For me, it...
  33. Sharka

    Coming soon...

  34. Sharka

    Gilmour and the Univibe

    Hi @Bulldog50, I used a mix of the Phaser block and the Rotary block for Breathe Reprise, it seemed to work out fine. E.g. ... The Phaser and Rotary kick in around 6:09 (scene 4 in preset)... Sounded groovy enough for me. I used an old Axe-II preset on Axe-Change (Time Solo - @zangiamit91) as...
  35. Sharka

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I went through the same disappointment with my Temple Audio board. While there are some great features and ideas, they missed the mark on a few things. While it would have been probably easier and quicker, I was determined not to make any destructive changes to my new board. I'm very...
  36. Sharka

    Backing Track Block

    I've taken a similar approach with the BOSS RC-3, but I upgraded to a BOSS RC-10R, which is still small enough and midi compatible. I use it with my FM3 currently, but no doubt it will definitely work with the AXE III. I just through a midi block in the preset and control the presets, start and...
  37. Sharka

    Phosphine found on Venus: life?

    Wha...? but I've heard Siberia is really nice this time of year? (sigh) There goes my timeshare... =:·(
  38. Sharka

    Connecting Axe-Fx 3 to OBS via USB

    Open Broadcaster Software®️ | OBS
  39. Sharka

    fender combo reverb

    The trick is usually to put a large spring reverb in front of a (Fender-like) amp block, all though I've seen it done between the amp and cab block too. Here's a screenshot of Leon Todd's handy work... (LT Blackface Fenders). This preset is for the III, but Leon has it listed on the...
  40. Sharka

    The Immigrant Song - How the West Was Won

    Found some old video of a show done with the Axe-Fx II. I don't remember what preset was used, but I think the amp model was with Carol-Ann or Marshall (Plexi?) type. I do know I used a Mesa 2:Nintey power amp and 2 real cabinets(4*12 Recto and 2*12 Recto). This was a bit before I got into...
  41. Sharka

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    The (masked) driver place the package at my doorstep, rang the bell and (from 10ft away) asked my name and signed for me. It doesn't matter who signs, it's just validation someone received the item at the specified address. It was a non-issue.
  42. Sharka

    What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

    Oops, my bad... I thought you said "Hubba Hubba!".
  43. Sharka

    What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

  44. Sharka

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    OMG! Talk about weapons of mass destruction. That case just makes it look so "Jame Bond" serious! Good luck explaining that to the TSA at the airport...! =:·D Then again, these days, it would just be nice to have such a problem now. (sigh)
  45. Sharka

    What Firmware version are we on??

    Not strange at all. This is what's called a "soft-launch". Target your power users first, then go mainstream with certainty that any bugs are worked out. This typical in software development practice. As for the government, at this particular juncture... really?
  46. Sharka

    [Solved] SPDIF question

    OMG! As if the "stay in place" wasn't bad enough! You just saved me from losing my mind! My recordings sounded like I was playing through a ring modulator! I was up all bloody night trying to figure it out. That "Word Clock" tweak did the trick! Thank You!!! Stay safe brother!
  47. Sharka

    Euro Red Modern + Plex Delay

    Very angelic! Parts of that reminds me of Jeff (who else? LOL). Bell well and safe over there! Thanks!
  48. Sharka

    Wish Preset "Notes" Field

    BUMP =:·O
  49. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Tour? Who's touring now...? Personally, I don't give a shit. This nothing new here. The real issue... Some people just feel slighted with the notion that their place in the queue has been proceeded by someone out to make a profit. Yes, it's seemingly unfair, however, there is no rule...
  50. Sharka

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.02

  51. Sharka

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    ...and the only thing truly growing faster than the spread of the virus.
  52. Sharka

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

  53. Sharka

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I'm so not into politics, government, right or left, however... I just watch NY gov. Andrew Cuomo's (unscripted) live press conference from the Javits center. Being I have such contempt for the average politician, I found it surprisingly very impressive. A high-level summary; He addressed...
  54. Sharka

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    ...er-uh, not sure that's the right visual a company would want to promote at this particular juncture. Just my immediate thought.
  55. Sharka

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Really...? Feel free to stop by Bellvue and visit the new massive makeshift morgue. This is not a conspiracy to sell new papers... This not about one hospital. - Updated 2 hours ago "NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- A New York City nurse is among the 280 deaths from coronavirus in the city as the...
  56. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Yes, we are under "shelter in place" here, however, as of this moment USPS and UPS are still in full operation here (and by here I mean NYC). Mail, UPS, and other random stuff have been delivered all week. Even this morning we had deliveries in my building. So if they can make it here...
  57. Sharka

    Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio DRIVE Models [updated July 2022, Axe-Fx III, FM3, FM9]

    Nah... let them continue arguing over timezones and the length of their waitlist dates. HaHa. Seriously though, thanks @yek for your tireless efforts and contributions. This is quite an amazing attention to detail. Technical documentation can be/is like another level of hell. What's more...
  58. Sharka

    SLO100 Lead - Gary Moore Style

    Oh yeah, that's sweet! I really needed to hear that right about now. Thanks!
  59. Sharka

    FM3 Blank Template

    Balsamiq or illustrator (Adobe). Personally, I think time would be better spent practicing or writing music.
  60. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    You're right, it's not important That should be the least of your worries at this point. Cliff's message say's it all...
  61. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    LOL! I hear you, brother! So true. Thanks for the heads-up on the Amplifire... I may give it another go. Peace
  62. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I don't know if you tired one, but I recently bought a Strymon "Iridium" for the meantime for that reason. It perfect for on the fly like an AFB. Obviously it's not as versatile as my Axe FX 3 or AX8, but it does fit in a gig bag. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for me, it covers my...
  63. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Yes, I think that's what was (the point) missed by my response to the OP, "it doesn't automatically deserve to be viewed as no good or inferior". It's not that we disagree, just looking from different angles. Obviously never a day goes by without the use of Chinese products. =:·D Cheers!
  64. Sharka

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    MARCO MADNESS!!! Nice shop bro!
  65. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

  66. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    That wasn't the point. Every company has it's slugs or bad years of production (Apple included)... However, have you played or owned a Chibson? I would never own or buy an iPhone... good luck to those with one kidney.
  67. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Really? Ha! Obviously you've never played a (piece of junk) Chibson Les Paul.
  68. Sharka

    Do I keep my audiointerface once I get the FM3

    Yes, for "guitar only" I would agree the FM3 should have a preferred quality. Of course, I'm basing my assumption on the quality of the Axe III at this present juncture. However, as others have pointed out, for vocals and micing other instruments, you may want to take advantage of the wider...
  69. Sharka

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    No assumption, you are correct. @Admin M@ has firmly assured us there is no creative-crafty line cutting. It's by date, not by product.
  70. Sharka

    FC 6/12 Alternatives for your FM3

    Morningstar MC6 and MC8
  71. Sharka

    3 switches Vs 11

    I would like this comment n+ if I could! Yes, it really is all about the guitar playing! Even though I don't own the FM3 (as of yet), and neither do many others, too many people are jumping to conclusions about the minimalistic approach of only 3 buttons without even trying it. I...
  72. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    As per @Admin M@, no. ...and yes, it is a federal US holiday. (presidents day observed)
  73. Sharka

    FM3 General Discussion Thread

    Wanting to know is not the problem... asking repeatedly is. Here is all you need to know....
  74. Sharka

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?...
  75. Sharka

    Firmware 12 Beta Overview

    One thing I knew I could count on when I woke up this morning. :) Thanks, Leon!
  76. Sharka

    II 2 III migrator let down by FAS USB Win driver

    Windows 7 is due to reach End Of Life (EOL) on 14 January 2020 (Yes, tomorrow). So you better get cracking on downloading any driver updates. Regardless, even "if" you get it working, you can enjoy it for the remaining "supported" few hours. It might just be time to move on. Upgraded...
  77. Sharka

    Free HJ 4x12 RCA Cab Pack

    Try aligning the "distance". That should put the in phase in a usable state. Try a few IR's, some will mix (sound) better than others. e.g. I hope that helps.
  78. Sharka

    Would a nearby lightning strike possibly fry my Axe-Fx 3’s USB socket?

    Off-topic, but OMG... That all sounds too eerily familiar. Yes, development is hard enough. WFH is a real lifesaver (meaning it prevents me from killing my co-workers ). Glad to hear you at least get that option!
  79. Sharka

    Problem with starting audio on Windows

    Not really a fix, but more of an explanation/workaround... Your other (internal) sound card is the default, so first in wins. You can select (switch) over to the Axe III from the tray, or control panel. Or just remember to turn it on first. BTW, I've had this issue too with the Ultra and...
  80. Sharka

    Best way to go from AX8 to Axe-Fx III

    It's not necessary to start from scratch... You can convert your presets with FracTool (ver 3.25 latest). It's essential and a must-have if you are migrating up from a previous version (II, AX8). It can make your life much easier. ...and don't forget to donate. =:·)
  81. Sharka

    Carrying Axe-Fx III to gigs/jams without rack. Is the unit robust?

    I just use bungee cords and strap it to the roof of my car. Just make sure you keep a shammy cloth in your gig bag to wipe off the insects that get splattered on the front panel while driving, you'll thank me later. Rain may be problem too, or not if you drive really fast. Good luck!
  82. Sharka

    Is it me? Does 6.03 suck? My live sounds are now terrible.

    Sounds great to me, your declaration is a bit vague. Need more details. Tell us more about your preset(s), setup, amp block, etc. Maybe even post your preset. That will perhaps help find a solution to the issue you are experiencing.
  83. Sharka

    Build a rock rig in 5 minutes

    (as always) Excellent video... I also enjoyed the nod to Schenker at the end, great tune!
  84. Sharka

    Lead volume boost question

    Another option, I personally like for "lead" boosting is utilizing Amp Block's input boosting feature (in the preamp section) via scene controller. A lot of tonal options to choose from in the "Boost Type" dropdown. I find this can really bring out some screaming lead tones. What's nice is...
  85. Sharka

    Heart 'Magic Man' - Can the Axe-Fx 3 pull it off?

    There's no flanger in "Magic Man", but there is some phase shifter on the rhythm. I was asked to fill in with a Heart tribute band a few weeks ago and we did play Magic Man (surprise!). I played rhythm using an Axe 8, and the lead player used a SansAmp FlyRig. He seems to nail some decent...
  86. Sharka

    Orange Pedal Baby or Seymour Duncan PS170 (and other small power amps).

    ...and the (great?) Fryette Power Station also weighs 15lb (vs. the 170's 2lb). At only 200 watt's and dimensional much larger, not sure how much greater that is. Not really pedalboard friendly either (IMHO). If really need more power, the PowerStage 700 is still only 6.3 lb, smaller and...
  87. Sharka

    Orange Pedal Baby or Seymour Duncan PS170 (and other small power amps).

    For a small power amp with plenty of headroom; Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. I've been using it constantly at rehearsals and gigs. Mounted the 170 on my board with my AX8 and Mission pedal, easy and it sounds great.
  88. Sharka

    The elusive Pitch Block

    One word... @Moke I'm willing to bet "if" anyone can do it, he can. I've been using some of his other harmony preset packages, and their pretty bad-ass.
  89. Sharka

    Ares 1 for AX8?

    Axe II update is already been released... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-ii-ares-rev-1-00-firmware-release.148248/
  90. Sharka

    Three Amp Blocks?

    Well played, well played...
  91. Sharka

    Ares 1 for AX8?

    I posted the same question a few days ago... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ax8-ares-rev.148280/
  92. Sharka

    AX8 "ARES Rev"... ?

    Yes, I'm well aware of all al the previous requests., I only asked because I see Axe II has an ARES update, was an unexpected pleasant surprise Being it was said it was likely not possible for the II. Maybe it will be plausible now for AX8 too, just was a general question. As mentioned, I...
  93. Sharka

    AX8 "ARES Rev"... ?

    Greetings, Pardon if it's been asked, but I haven't found a thread on the subject matter... Just curious, being the "Axe II" has had an ARES Rev (1.00), is there one in the works for AX8? I have an Axe III, but it's so much easier doing gigs in the city with the AX8. It would be really...
  94. Sharka

    Drive Block Status

    That would be the "PUSSY" Melter. Please be specific, wouldn't want confusion over all the other "Melter" pedals out there...
  95. Sharka

    Power amp recommendations

    I had the same experience with the Power Stage (170 and 700). I sent the Matrix back, I thought it fell far short of all the hype.
  96. Sharka

    Power amp recommendations

    Seymour Duncan - PowerStage - 170 or 700. I have both, they sound great with either FRFR or real cabinet.
  97. Sharka

    Protective film?

    Mom would approve!
  98. Sharka

    Protective film?

    There's actually a checkbox on the order form for the protective film option. I order mine with.
  99. Sharka

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    My FC-12 arrives tomorrow! I was lucky enough to slip through and order while site was in a rogue state. What's funny, I wasn't even in there for that, I was shopping for cab packs and was like; "Oh, what's this FC-12 available for purchase?, I'll take one of those, thank you!" :D
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