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  1. maschoff

    IR Leveling, increase output 2? or decrease cab block or output 1 level?

    Please view this video and let me know your thoughts. Should I be adjusting the FX loop volume, the cab block volume or output 1 volume? Thanks!
  2. maschoff

    Star Wars Commander

    Not sure how many of you play but I've created a squad called maschoff Search and join if you like. We are on the dark side and 500 medals is required ... we share liberally so look us up so we can join forces in killing rebel scum :) Star Wars Commander
  3. maschoff

    IRs boost the signal 3 dB, 6 dB, 9 dB and some 12 dB ... what do you do to level IRs?

    ... if anything at all? If you disable a cab block so the signal goes through, IRs typically boost the signal 3dB, 6dB, 9dB and some 12 dB. Some IRs sound strained until they are leveled. I have output one 1/4 inch out going into a mixer, as well as output two. I then use the -20dB lights to...
  4. maschoff

    The Tomato Farm Studio Ampeg SVT 410 Bass IRs ... best $100 I've spent on IRs

    I recently endeavored to enlist Greg Tomao from The Tomato Farm Studio to make a custom IR pack using an Ampeg SVT-VR power amp through an Ampeg SVT 410. I requested the SM57 and MD421 mics and Greg was kind enough to throw in the Mondo for my patience. The link below is to a zip file...
  5. maschoff

    If you could have any two 4x12 cabs, what would they be?

    If you could have any two 4x12s which two would you want? And why? Just brainstorming and would love to hear your input :)
  6. maschoff

    Def Leppard Rig Rundown

    Looks interesting ...Rig Rundown: Def Leppard | Premier Guitar
  7. maschoff

    Crappy Stock Radial Capacitors

    So I am preparing to change out the pickups and do a wiring mod on my stock Les Paul Custom and during my recon, I noticed Gibson uses radial capacitors; you know the ones, flat and disc shaped, and dirt cheap. I removed and replaced these with some film capacitors of the same capacitance I had...
  8. maschoff

    Bergantino HD112 UltraRes IRs captured with a Blue Yeti Pro (Cardioid)

    Here are some IRs I captured today with a Blue Yeti Pro microphone through a Mackie Onyx 1220i mixer. The cab was powered by a Matrix GT1500FX. These are all ConeEdge with the Horn at various levels. These should be more readily useful and I will do the same for the GK NEO 112 when I get time...
  9. maschoff

    Gallien Krueger NEO 112 UltraRes IRs captured with a Blue Yeti Pro (Cardioid)

    Here are some IRs I captured today with a Blue Yeti Pro microphone through a Mackie Onyx 1220i mixer. The cab was powered by a Matrix GT1500FX. I captured the cap, capedge, horn and port. These should be good for mixing once CabLab is up a running but the cap and capedge are useful now...
  10. maschoff

    Renaming Internal Ultrares IRs Names - How best to do this?

    Just wondering what people are doing to change their internal Ultrares IR names? I've got IRs from a GK Neo 112 and a Bergantino HD 112 I'm trying to upload but they all have the same internal name. I always wished there was an option to just use the file name. Thanks!
  11. maschoff

    EMG- 40HZ Replacement 5 String Bass Soapbar Pickup Suggestions?

    I'd like to replace the EMG- 40HZs in my Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 string bass and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? They are passive and I would like to stay that way, not really a fan of active pickups; the whole crispy thing. I have a Bartolini 5.4 A/P preamp installed...
  12. maschoff

    Soild or Chambered Warmoth Tele Body?

    Anyone have any experience with either and could make a suggestion? I'm not sure that it will make a difference to anything but my aging back and neck dive but just wondering? I'm looking for a vintage tone but think that Teles are a bit thin, so I'm leaning toward chambered. The sales...
  13. maschoff

    8 String Pointers

    Just got a RG2228A and am interested in other's experience with the Axe and 8 strings. Here's a sample of the FAS Modern just noodling around. And the preset. Would love to know about other people's experiences or suggestions, thanks!
  14. maschoff

    Slanted 2x12 TubeWorks Cab with Eminence Man O War and Texas Heat IRs

    3 IRs, capturing each speaker independently, and then both together. These are at 2 inches, slightly off axis, with Shure SM57 mics using Mackie Onyx 1220i mic pres and a Matrix GT1000FX. Texas Heat Man O War Both Together Sound samples: https://soundcloud.com/michael-aschoff/2x12-th-and-mow...
  15. maschoff

    Jim Campilongo with Chris Morrissey and Josh Dion @ Yoshi's in SF Tonight

    Great show tonight ... these guys killed :) Took the misses and she really enjoyed it. Great food and music, what a great way to spend the Holidays. They'll be in LA tomorrow, so catch them if you can!
  16. maschoff

    Tell me your tales of Teles

    I've always wanted one and never played one. I totally dig Jim Campilongo but am a fan of John 5 and James #4 (Jim Root) also. I want a Tele that will do it all. 1. Is that a possibility? Please excuse my ignorance. 2. If so, how? :) I'm thinking ash body, maple neck, rosewood fret board...
  17. maschoff

    Discovered the Rectos for use as bass amps today :)

    Made a couple of bass patches today and really dug the Rectos. This is my first stab using Ableton Live with the Axe-FX II. https://soundcloud.com/michael-aschoff/project-120113 Guitar 5153 Red, bass Recto1 Orange Normal. Drums via Ableton. I've got a lot to learn but man this was fun :)
  18. maschoff

    Jimi Hendrix - American Masters: Eddie Kramer on Little Wing

    American Masters did a 2 hour show on Jimi Hendrix. Try to catch it if you can. Eddie Kramer, Jimi's recording engineer, talked about the guitars on Little Wing and there are three; one clean, one slightly dirty and one with a Leslie ... definitely going to build a patch :) What would...
  19. maschoff

    Steven Slate Drums 4 (SSD4) on XP with Ableton Live 9 ... any issues?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any recent experience with these two pieces of software? And was aware of any RAM issues? SSD4 says it require Windows 7 but I've heard back from their support and they just do not support it under XP anymore, so it may work but be hounded by RAM issues...
  20. maschoff

    OwnHammer T1 DYN57 and RBN121

    So I started building presets based on each version of the amp channels available in the Axe and I've been rolling through appropriate IRs suggestions from the AMP (block) list. I really liked Adam Cook's suggestion of the Basketweave TV 57 and R121; just a stereo cab with these IRs selected...
  21. maschoff

    Joe Satriani plays National Anthem at the MotoGP round at Laguna Seca

    Thought somebody would find this interesting, enjoy :)
  22. maschoff

    Now I have a problem ...

    ... telling the difference between my FRFR and my real guitar cabs :) Every firmware update has gotten closer and closer, but yesterday, after upgrading to firmware 10.10, I was standing behind my Axe and I could not remember which output I had turned up, 1 or 2? I was sitting behind my axe...
  23. maschoff

    MotoGP Spoiler Alert

    Vale wins at Assen :eagerness:
  24. maschoff

    Matrix CFR12s ... they're here :)

    Finally, UPS didn't wait until 6 pm to deliver, so I could open these up properly and see what they could do. My first impressions after 15 minutes of playing are that they sound great! :) They pair nicely with the Q12s. I'm powering them with the GT1500FX and going into the Q12s and then...
  25. maschoff

    New Matrix Q12s, Foreshadowing?

    Just got a new pair of Matrix Q12s yesterday and was playing music last night through them to break'em in. When I woke up this morning and went to my man cave, this song was playing David Lee Roth - Damn Good - YouTube Then this song played :) Pantera - The Art Of Shredding - YouTube...
  26. maschoff

    Thank you for the new bass IRs!

    The 4x10 SV Bass M88 is my new favorite bass IR :) More of these please! :D
  27. maschoff

    Yamaha LLX6 DN acoustic-electric guitar through Axe-FX II

    My Yamaha LLX6 DN acoustic-electric guitar through various amps of the Axe-Fx II with a Shure SM-57 mixed in through the FXL return. Too much reverb and compression ... sorry, so sorry ... really, I am so sorry :) https://soundcloud.com/michael-aschoff/yamaha-acoustic
  28. maschoff

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm vs DT880 Premium 32 Ohm Headphones

    I recently got my hands on the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm and DT880 Premium 32 Ohm Headphones in the same room as my AXE-FX II and I wanted to give anyone interested in either of these headphones my impressions of them. Both are great headphones, the 770s @ ~$200 US and the 880s @ ~$350 US...
  29. maschoff

    Matrix GT1500FX - Protect light on solid and will not go off

    Hi Matrix users, anyone experience this and resolve it? I've disconnected all cables and the Protect light still stays on. Bummed ... I have all day to play :(
  30. maschoff

    Matrix GT1500FX just landed

    All I can say is that I was going to post some clips of my old Mosvalve 962 and this amp but why bother? :) I don't ever want to plug the Mosvalve in again, I mean it was was ok but it's such a sharp amp and it hurt my ears. The GT1500FX sounds incredibly clear at all volumes and doesn't color...
  31. maschoff

    Anyone else go to the Tomahawk show tonight in SF?

    They were on! It was a great show :)
  32. maschoff

    You should have seen the look on her face ...

    So I started a new job last July and they were taking too much taxes out, ~$250 a paycheck for 4 paychecks. So when the wife and I completed our taxes this year, we had a Federal return of ~$1100. So I looked at her and said, "I won't feel so bad about spending all that money because we know...
  33. maschoff

    1st stab at mixing and recording

    I finally sequenced some drums and recorded my bass and guitar. I know I need to work on my timing and a bunch of other things, but this was a lot of fun :) 1st Time Together by Michael Aschoff on SoundCloud - Hear the world
  34. maschoff

    Kinman K9 Harness Users - Hi Def or Regular Tone Controls?

    Which one do you use and why?
  35. maschoff

    FX Loop Level Question

    Could somebody please help me understand this? I've matched Input 1 and 2 but Output 1 drops a number of decibels after the FX loop; amp and FX loop are the only active FX. I would assume if input 1 and 2 are the same then with nothing after the FX loop, the level would be the same at Output...
  36. maschoff

    Thank you Cliff ... You've saved my life

    At the end of the day, when my job is wearing me down, I have a place where I can find solace ... Thank you for this wonderful machine!
  37. maschoff

    Humbuster cable from axe to mixer with bal/unb connections, OK?

    Just wondering if it's ok to use humbuster cables to connect the axe to a mixer with balanced/unbalanced connections? I wouldn't think it would hurt anything but wanted to check. Thanks!
  38. maschoff

    Look Mom, no volume knob ... Tool Schism Whammy

    The Axe-Fx II is so awesome ... put this together in about 30 minutes using the Tube Pre with a Rat Distortion and the OwnHammer Public V31 SM57 5 cab :) Schism - Whammy by Michael Aschoff on SoundCloud - Hear the world
  39. maschoff

    Need help choosing a bass ...

    Ok, I'm a guitarist and am looking for a bass that I can record with using the axe and no bass tone gets me going like Justin Chancellor's but I'm not a bassist and cannot justify spending 6 grand on a Wal bass ... I've been looking and have found a bass that's closer to my target range; looks...
  40. maschoff

    Gibtone Goodness

    This amp is so sweet, thanks FAS! I've been playing it all day ... which my neighbors love because they aren't the djent types :) This sample is using a mix of the RedWirez Twin Jensen C12N IRs. Just noodling around, so enjoy! Gibtone Goodness by Michael Aschoff on SoundCloud - Create...
  41. maschoff

    FAS Crunch ... Anyone else experiencing this?

    I was playing around with the FAS Crunch and after sitting for a bit thinking ... this happened ... ~@ 1:45 point. It happened 3 times in a row and is repeatable. Anyone else experienced this? I found this by hunting for the phantom distorted overtones that someone brought up recently. I...
  42. maschoff

    Firmware 9 FAS Crunch sample

    Used the public OwnHammer V31 SM57 W-5 IR alone ... this amp sounds so sweet :) Firmware 9 FAS Crunch by Michael Aschoff on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  43. maschoff

    ~6 dB drop across FX Loop block

    If you connect unbalanced cables from output 2 directly to input 2, you get around a 6 dB drop across the FX Loop block with output 2 set at noon, unity. Could someone explain why this is? Is this because of the balanced input 2 jack? Would I get my 6 dB back if I used balanced system/cables...
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