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    Ready for the Amp Show

    Cliff is looking trim.:encouragement:
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    Five Finger Death Punch | Hard To See [SOLO COVER] | QUANTUM pitch block

    Rocco been workin out. Setting a good example.
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    Heading to the Amp show.

    I wanna get in on that..:lol
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    Heading to the Amp show.

    Huh...I thought Cooper was taller.
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    For those of you that bang on about a 4x12 'pushing air'

    someone should call the federalizes. He is playing that tune all wrong.:pirate:
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    Cliff, need a bunch of amps to model?

    Error (429) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! " :cry
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    Brown Sound Effects Video

    RUSH ! YYZ LIMELIGHT RED BARCHEDER more RUSH songs after those!
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    What A Tool!!!!

    I blame the Internet....:numbness:
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    What A Tool!!!!

    You are perfect in every way. Never let anyone tell you different....:mrgreen
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    What A Tool!!!!

    I I I I I I I I can spot the narcissist in this thread...:lol
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    Why Are drummers normally Unintelligent and Lazy?

    Some people have absolutely NO sense of humor.
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    Why Are drummers normally Unintelligent and Lazy?

    I don't usually talk to drummers, but when I do I ask for a large fries with my meal..:lol
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    How to dial up the Brown Sound in ten minutes

    U tube channel subscribed. Looking foreword to part 2 :encouragement:
  14. M


    Its In the details,,,like reading the thread before response.
  15. M


    A tonne of bricks were soon to follow..:D
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    I don't think I'll ever have to change strings again.!:lol
  17. M


    Fractal Audio Systems - Fractal-Bot MIDI Utility for the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks, FRACTAL AUDIO !
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    Is Axe Fx too perfect sounding?

    I blame the Internet...
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    Does anyone else find they have a new favorite amp in different firmware releases

    After lurking here for 4 years, I agree 100%:encouragement:
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    my F key is starting to fail from over usage pounding.:cry
  22. M

    Is Axe Fx too perfect sounding?

    If there is a way to get "ideal" FW19 sound from OUT1 while maintaining pure Quantum for stage monitor OUT2, I am grateful. Maybe I don't even need it.?,,,,,,,,,,, I don't know I haven't played out for a while. And I am still on FW19.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Will the new Ax-Edit be more real? :lol
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    Lookie what positive grid just anounced...

    Another FACE PALM for trolling, OP. one more and you go on ignore.
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    What Is The Soonest You Change Strings?

    So "indents" was not effective communication skills. I should have used "flattish spots" .:ambivalence: Anyways, run your pointer or middle finger of your picking hand under your clean strings. Feel any "flattish spots" ? That is the point at which I will change out my strings. Or wires. Or...
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    Axe2 Preset building

    It is a monster preset way up the top of ladder of professional routing. Your threads are a "must read" for any ax owner.
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    Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women

    Most are under the impression the fellow doing the cute little light hearted presentation was the author. -------------------------------------------------------- At the website where I found this the vast majority excepted it as good hearted clean fun. The only few who were offended by the...
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    Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women

    His wife is smoking hot. BTW, I've seen your picture. Perhaps you should consider settling.:lol
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    What Is The Soonest You Change Strings?

    To clarify, for me it is the D string I will feel small indents on the string. Its what I've come to use after 37 years of playing. I am a medium light finger fretter.:lol I keep my strings squeaky clean at all times.
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    MCF-101 stopped working during show

    Did you contact support back in June when recommended?
  31. M

    RIP Gary Richrath

    Flying turkey trot is a really cool tune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiHW32XJHHA
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    What Is The Soonest You Change Strings?

    I run my finger under each string. If I can feel indents from the frets in a string I change out the set.
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    Quantum Modern Van Halen. Made with real pumpkin!!!

    :shock that sounds huge through my headphones.!
  34. M

    Every time I see Matt and Cliff online at the same time....

    how can it possibly get any better? It just sounds more real.
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    Quantum final release estimation date?

    It was a good question and respectfully submitted. :encouragement: Some of the members can be a bit over protective and for good reason.
  36. M

    Can we please boycott "it sounds more real".

    I would be satisfied to never hear the word "pedantic" again...ever.
  37. M

    Poll What FW is on your AxeFX II/XL/XL+ right now?

    I like beta's I'm a master beta. :lol
  38. M

    Implemented Looper position POST IN

    I blame the translator.
  39. M

    Axe -> Power Amp -> Cab = shit tone

    The thread tittle is a little disturbing, because for me Axfx -> power amp -> cab = KILLER TONE
  40. M

    Gibson reconsiders

    Its not enough. agree with OP...to little too late.
  41. M

    What control/parameter to tweak?

    I think the word "pedantic" should be banned.
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    What's your opinion for paying me a little bit for a patch you love to have it !

    Brother, I would suggest putting up a donation box at your site or blog. You may just make some serious cash. On a per preset basis I wont pay, but would be giving to one who shares with all for free.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    I'm totally happy with my tone now since this latest release and can't imagine that it will improve so I won't be updating my firmware now for quite a while :lol
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    Any traders here?

    Silver Eagles, a water source, bullets and canned food. This may not be a drill.:nightmare: That is all you need to know....for now.
  45. M

    Axe changing preset Values on its own???

    Put up the patch and it will be solved lick a the split Guess games rabbit holes tired after time.
  46. M

    Steve Stevens guitars

    So, do you buy all his leftovers?
  47. M

    Feels like I got together with an old girlfriend.

    The factory presets are painfully under rated IMO. nice noodles 8)
  48. M

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    All I know is right now I have KILLER guitar tones and effects. Thanks Cliff Chase.
  49. M

    Journey "Lights" Live - Funny Story

    Too short of warm-up and my hand would cramp. Liquid hydration mattered not
  50. M

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    If I had a nickel....
  51. M

    #1 Biggest User Error

  52. M

    Aerosmith "Blue Army Tour" Last Night

    That's a LONG time to hold a grudge.
  53. M

    Who would you bring back?

    That video was offensive
  54. M

    Is the Axe losing its resale value?

    Fractal products are UNDER priced. However price anomalies do occur. ie Some do take objects of value to the pawn stores and accept compensation of 25 to 30 percent of value.
  55. M

    Cab-Pack 1 is now FREE!

    Another gift from Fractal ....:star:
  56. M

    Axe edit manual

    Thanks for that video!
  57. M

    Windows 10

    Data mining is more profitable for Microsoft than charging for this OS IMO.
  58. M

    Windows 10

    This is a quick guide to fixing privacy concerns in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. The default settings and applications with Windows 10 have numerous security flaws, privacy problems, keystroke monitors installed and turned on by default. This guide will help you fix the problems in a...
  59. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    You opened by calling me a liar, Junior. Next time put down the bong and read the whole post before spouting off like a liitle boy.
  60. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    "GFY little boy".
  61. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    Thanks. Just trying to help the forum.
  62. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    Explain how it is plagiarized when I put the blog link after the quote?
  63. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

  64. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    Guy's I went back and deleted my "fear mongering" post. If you want to clean up the quotes then this rubbish knowledge I posted will disappear. Some deserve the future, so please delete the quotes. Thanks!
  65. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    In a few years we shall see. The source is Martin Armstrong. One of the smartest people on the planet. He is virtually NEVER wrong. :lolBut some of you guys are all knowing, so I will not try and warn this forum again.
  66. M

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

  67. M

    "Walk A Mile" - live recorded blues-rock

  68. M

    If you could only have one amp modeled in your Axe...

    Factory preset #1 and FAS Lead is all I would ever need. I'm easy.
  69. M

    Who would you bring back?

  70. M

    METALLICA Chooses Fractal Audio Axe-Fx IIs for Silent Antarctica Concert

    I bet they sounded great! FW19 is the best since fw9 IMO.
  71. M

    Satch used Axe Fx II...

    my money is on the Brit 800 factory preset.;)
  72. M

    Who would you bring back?

    On the list--Hendrix. Not on the list-->SRV. Freddy mercury?--who cares:roll
  73. M

    Any special settings or tweaks to record Axe Fx in Reaper?

    The Axfx is a pro level unit. It is just way to complicated for some and is not for everyone. Perhaps you should sell.
  74. M

    Beginner Tips for Noob Axe-FX II Guy

    Be sure to warm up properly. The factory preset tones generate inspiration, which in turn may cause a hand injury due to the long hours of playing.
  75. M

    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    :encouragement: Another class act move, Fractal
  76. M

    Fractal Audio has been challenged, or so it seems.

    Classic fan boy syndrome
  77. M

    really off topic but important

    I don't take baths. When I shower I typically wear a rubber glove to protect what calluses I have. end 2c
  78. M

    Fractal Audio has been challenged, or so it seems.

    Not even in the same league. When pro's like RUSH and Dream Theater have that product in their racks I'll take notice. Until then, the scamps will scrounge for loose change from the chumps that are willing to fork out 200 bucks for worthless 1's and zero's.
  79. M

    Iron Maiden Wasted Years Solo

    The poster made an innocent comment designed to be helpful. Several of the posts above are antagonistic and warrant warning.
  80. M

    really off topic but important

    What about me? I gots the nicest dam cheeks in motown
  81. M

    Iron Maiden Wasted Years Solo

    :lol you're all washed up!
  82. M

    back in the brotherhood!

    Dude, welcome back. encouragement:
  83. M

    Bought an Axe Fx II, Kept it, not exactly happy....

    positive click bait.......who woulda thunk...:lol
  84. M

    Rubber ducks

    When I was a boy if we wanted Jacuzzi we had to fart in the tub....:lol
  85. M

    Bought AXE FX 2 returned...not exactly happy

    I doubt the o p ever had an AXFX in his possession.
  86. M


    The musicians uncle is ashamed
  87. M

    Cliff is up to something.

    :lol my reading comprehension skills are sometimes off. I have good days and bad. Another year and I may not know who I am when looking in the mirror. Sorry for the fruckuss. Great job on the wikki.
  88. M

    Cliff is up to something.

    It states; Axe-Fx II firmware 19.00 (final version) is available now! the statement does not indicate the XL leading the reader to conclude the message is for AxII users only. AxfxII and Final Version should be removed from the top of the wiki page.
  89. M

    Cliff is up to something.

    Probably on a deserved vacation. The wiki says FW 19 is the end of the road for the AXII. Axe-Fx II Wiki Home - Axe-Fx II Wiki
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