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  1. Rickey5

    *NEW* Custom Master MIDI Foot Controller for Axe-Fx III

    Y'all are crazy....in the best possible way. That think looks like it could drive a spaceship. Bonus points for the lighting, it just says OHH YEAH, come step all over me you dirty boy. Hah. Freakin sick dude. I still scratch my head why there is such a short supply of MODERN displays with...
  2. Rickey5

    Will one of these get rid of hum, noise or buzz?

    hey buddy long time no see. Humbusters might be the ticket. I have been using Mogami with fantastic results. But if the XLRs are a lot quieter...you are dealing with RFI. Worth a look for sure. Aren't humbusters just TRS 1/4?
  3. Rickey5

    Can you recommend some electric strings?

    Elixir Nanoweb 10-46s or 10-52s...depending on tuning. I used to play D'Addario when I was a youngin...then EB Super Slinky...then the blue Dean Markley Blue Steel Cryogenic...straight Elixirs now....The nanoweb coating makes them last 3 times as long...but they cost 3x as much...lol
  4. Rickey5

    Anyone from Rochester NY area?

    Because it's "The store that ate your brain"...obviously their customers are in some kind of zombie state
  5. Rickey5

    Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition - FW 10

    I really dug that
  6. Rickey5

    Potential buyer with a few questions.

    Sounds super complex. I am sure you can get close though. Every single effect on the Axe sounds as good as anything Ive ever heard. If its good enough for John Petrucci's effects IN THE STUDIO...it works for me. I suggest getting an Axe Fx and trying to keep it a little simpler. It will...
  7. Rickey5

    What did you rely on before the Axe-Fx

    Crate and cheap stompoxes with a Hondo Grand Prix with a cheapo Van Halen stripes and a mirror pickguard. Got it at the Great House of Guitars for $100...lol Peavey Bandit and cheap stompboxes...one of which was a TS9 Ibanez....I had NO IDEA what I had...I scored it for $10 bucks from my buddy...
  8. Rickey5

    gassin for a new guitar

    CHECK CRAIGSLIST!!! I have been watching the music instruments section for the last couple months. WOW. I have seen some INSANE guitars. Last week, a totally custom Fender Strat called "Frankenstrat"...Dimarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge, scalloped fretboard, all black with...
  9. Rickey5

    Nuclear v10 Explosion IMMINENT!!!!

    I won't even have my AFX2 for another month or 2, and I am STILL checking the website every few hours!!
  10. Rickey5

    Cable for Atomic CLR (or equivalent) to Axe FX II - Neutrik Speakon?

    Not a dumb question, people go to school to learn this stuff. If you are using active FRFR speakers, they should have XLR inputs for the signal. That is the cable you want to use for sure, because it is balanced. Should be a male on one end and a female on the other. Not all cables are...
  11. Rickey5

    Deftones just rocked the Axe-FX in Rochester, NY!

    Axe-Fx 2 user in Rochester NY I am gonna take the Axe plunge in the next couple months, and wanted to see if anyone in Rochester NY would be willing to demo one. I am going nuts deciding how to finish this rig. I really want to hear it LOUD through a FRFR setup. I have never even...
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