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  1. CodePoet

    It's all about the way you set the EQ

    Interesting. I figured that one day someone would reverse-engineer it and the answer would be known. It's too bad if he was exploiting his position as an expert to sell something that was just an EQ. (that never happens in the guitar pedal world :p ).
  2. CodePoet

    Youth Gone Wild Attempt!

    That was awesome - sounds great - great playing!
  3. CodePoet

    It's all about the way you set the EQ

    Oh my, I remember that timeframe. Didn't buy one, but that was "the solution" at one time. Pod Pro XT->Radtone HC = the missing link. :p
  4. CodePoet

    Van Halen 90's Balance Tone

    You're right - I heard Trevor talk about that once. Eddie kinda knicked that riff and he ended up sending some money to Trevor to make things right in a friendly way. Love Trevor's Can't Look Away album.
  5. CodePoet

    Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter!

    Yes! I've been stymied by that situation before. This alone makes it a requirement to always record a direct track.
  6. CodePoet

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    This is crushing. I only knew Todd thru the forum but followed him the last few years and all thru his cancer experiences. All my interactions with him told me he was a great positive force in the universe and I wish I'd met him in person. I hope his wife Chrysti (who was such a fierce...
  7. CodePoet

    Health Update

    Just saw that on FB. I got to know Todd here thru the forum and was pulling for him - he will be greatly missed around here and I'm so sad for his wife who was such a fighter for him all the way through. This one hurts. Rest in Peace brother!
  8. CodePoet

    "Outside" by The Fixx clip

    A little clip of the main riff to "Outside" from "Reach The Beach" by The Fixx, as originally played by Jamie West-Oram. Using the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III with a Brit JM45 model, some compressors, delays, and a heaping of Cirrocumulus reverb.
  9. CodePoet

    Bigsby Pedal

    I got one of those - need to check it out still and do a video. I'm a sucker for a Bibsby so I wanted to try it :). Was also interested in using it as a controller with the AxeFx.
  10. CodePoet

    Best way to use IEM with axfx3?

    I use a little Mackie Mix5 mixer. I take Out 1 of the AFXIII into the mixer and take the mix from the soundman into another input on the mixer and send the output of the mixer to my IEMS. That way, I can always have my guitar in stereo whether the venue is taking a stereo feed or not. I just...
  11. CodePoet

    Carl Martin Honey Comp Compressor Settings

    Does it match best with the Studio Comp type vs. one of the others? If so, which Studio type (we have 2-each of the Feed Forward and Feedback types)? Also any estimates of what they might be using for the attack and release settings.
  12. CodePoet

    Carl Martin Honey Comp Compressor Settings

    Does anyone have a good starting point of settings to mimic the Carl Martin Honey Comp (or even their classic compressor)? Wondering what compressor type and attack/release settings would get in the ballpark. There are Pete Thorn and Burgs videos in the link below that run thru it. Thanks...
  13. CodePoet

    When did Ernie Ball start NOT recessing all their backside plates???? Aweful!!!

    I was wondering the same thing, having picked up an Axis and a Super Sport recently. Seems odd they don't recess it. But, I usually keep the trem cover off anyway, so it's not too big a deal for me.
  14. CodePoet

    Schecter Nick Johnston 1546 Traditional HSS

    I didn’t have an issue. I have the HSS - maybe it’s a bit different?
  15. CodePoet

    Schecter Nick Johnston 1546 Traditional HSS

    No,I own the Indonesian-made one - was $800. It’s pretty amazing.
  16. CodePoet

    Schecter Nick Johnston 1546 Traditional HSS

    I have a Nick Johnston Diamond Series HSS - it's amazing. To look at it, it's really trying to be a Suhr. The guys at my guitar shop agree that it's pretty much at Suhr level and I agree. The neck is amazing right out of the box. I swapped out the tremolo for a Gotoh 510 that's on the Suhrs...
  17. CodePoet

    Auto-Advance to Next Set option possible to implement?

    I could see it as a "nice-to-have" if it's not much work to implement. I've implemented it now on my FC-6 by using a View (+1) switch on a stand-in-switch that takes me to Per-Preset view 2, where button 12 is defined on my FC-6 as a Setlist Increment switch, and it's set to load the first...
  18. CodePoet

    Auto-Advance to Next Set option possible to implement?

    First off, songs/set functionality is awesome! For those that need/prefer more than 32-songs in a set, would it be possible to implement an option to auto-advance to the next set so that once the end of a set was reached, selecting Next Song would auto-advance to the first song in the next set...
  19. CodePoet

    CBC Marketplace - Fraud Fighters

    I've watched some of those channels - fun stuff! Nice to see some people fighting back - some of those scammers are ruthless.
  20. CodePoet

    Mouse Review

    Cool to hear about that one! Personally, I prefer not to slide a mouse around a workstation - I got into thumb-operated trackball mice long ago. It probably improves your pick-hand dexterity for guitar as well! :) Using a Logitech MX ERGO M-R0065 currently.
  21. CodePoet

    The iPad-A-Prompter Generation Is Upon Us

    I personally hate the idea of having an iPad in view for people who are playing a show of their own material (1-2 hours) in the rock genre. Seems like you need to learn your material and not be up there reading and swiping. The iPad reading takes the performer out of the moment and away from...
  22. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.06 Public Beta

    Awesome! Can't wait to check this out!!! I'm another one that could use more than 32 songs per set. We medley stuff together, so it's not uncommon for us to play parts of 50+ songs in one long set. I try to re-use the same presets as much as possible, but still would need to switch between...
  23. CodePoet

    Yamaha THR30ii

    I sanded the original paint off then sprayed it with 3 different Rustoleum Chalked paint cans in the style of EVH for the striping and added some clearcoat. Also tapped into the power to add the red LED light to shine behind the grill. I was copying a similar project from Craig Stofko - you...
  24. CodePoet

    Yamaha THR30ii

    Here's mine - I modded it...:). I like the G10 wireless capability and running it on a battery is very cool. Pretty nice package all-in-all. It's no Fractal of course, but it couldn't be. .
  25. CodePoet

    Has it really come that far?

    The Axe-Fx II is great, but there's a huge level up in the Axe-Fx III. There have been many advancements that have been implemented in the ecosystem of the III. Anecdotally, I feel and hear the huge improvements the III provides. I had a II also. But as for everything, go with what fits...
  26. CodePoet

    Wish Allow Control Switches to be accessed on the Perform pages

    I'm using control switches to toggle things on using the FC controller. At times when the FC isn't hooked up, it would be nice to be able to engage the control switches via a "virtual press" on the Perform page.
  27. CodePoet

    Steve Lukather - Running with the Night - guitar solo cover

    Smokin'! Nice Luke III too! Great job.
  28. CodePoet

    Marc Bonilla on the FM3

    Oh yes for Toy Matinee! Very cool! Welcome Marc! Great video!
  29. CodePoet

    Announcing FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II

    Gotcha. That would be a nice feature to have to be able to turn off the LCD totally so that it's dark if a switch wasn't being used. Or take it further - flash, slow glow, strobe...:p I'll +1 the turning off however. Plus it would lower power consumption - "this preset uses only .00015 kWh...
  30. CodePoet

    Mac Studio

    Agree - it's nice there's more memory now in the Studio - that was the main reservation I had with the original M1 Mac Minis. It does seem like a fairly great value overall, especially with the performance. They're really making a push to move people to their chips. I ordered the Studio Max -...
  31. CodePoet

    Master Wish List(s): reorganized and consolidated

    Now that is a list! The level of thought that goes into an effort like that amazing - appreciate ya yek!
  32. CodePoet

    Announcing FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II

    What do you mean by switching them off? Globally? If you use the Per-Preset layout you can choose which ones you want to use for each preset and have them assigned or not.
  33. CodePoet

    Mac Studio

    Pretty good positioning. The Studio Max is positioned for the high-end media producer and the Studio Ultra is super-high-end such as making Pixar movies :). But it was definitely a needed space. I had a 2008 Mac Pro for about 10 years. After that went to the Mini (prior to the M1) and it...
  34. CodePoet

    Mac Studio

    Yes - I think that's what I'm going for - in need of a Mac Mini upgrade.
  35. CodePoet

    Announcing FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II

    I posted this in a new thread, but I have some side-by-side comparisons in this video. I love the FC-6 Mark II - the size of the label text is an amazing upgrade for the live stage.
  36. CodePoet

    Preview! Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 19.04

    Awesome work! Thanks Matt and everyone involved!
  37. CodePoet

    Heardle - Like Wordle, but for Music

    Oh man, thanks for this! #Heardle #8 🔉🟥🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ https://heardle.app
  38. CodePoet

    Got an FC-6 Mark II - Quick Overview Video

    Thanks Matt! Appreciate it as I cut it together quickly. No, the background music isn't mine, but the little intro riff is mine. I used background music from Uppbeat - it's a cool tune.
  39. CodePoet

    Got an FC-6 Mark II - Quick Overview Video

    I ordered the new FC-6 Mark II when it came out and it just arrived. I put together a quick video comparing it to my Mark I if you want to see how they look side-by-side. The new large LCD mini-displays are great - going to be so nice when playing live! Great job with this guys! If you...
  40. CodePoet

    Rotator Cuff Injury

    And it healed on its own or did you have some kind of procedure eventually?
  41. CodePoet

    Rotator Cuff Injury

    Just wondering - how did you guys tear your rotator cuff?
  42. CodePoet

    I started a new Twitch Live stream on Tone Talk

    Following! Good luck with the streams my man!
  43. CodePoet

    Announcing FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II

    Ordered - Awesome!
  44. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02

    Played a 3-hr gig w/ 19.02 on Saturday - worked like a champ. Thanks for the great update!
  45. CodePoet

    Guitar Magazine Time Capsule

    Cool - I've seen Michael Nielsen do that on his YT Channel (Big Hairy Guitars) also. As someone who grew up on GFTPM, I love the trip down memory lane. Those were some of the only touchpoints we had with guitar players back in the day, so you looked forward to each issue with great anticipation.
  46. CodePoet

    Stand in switches

    Fantastic - thanks for confirming! Needing those stand-in switches back :)...
  47. CodePoet

    Georgia Tech Professor is going to DIY an Axe-FX III

    Kinda confusing as I'm sure this guy is brilliant and understands the hardware, audio, and guitar disciplines, but most of the focus seems to be on the fact that he could assemble the same chips/hardware at a much lower price. From there, all that would be left is to throw some code onto the...
  48. CodePoet

    Sold a guitar. Shipped it via UPS. Receiver claims he did not receive it...

    That's between UPS and the receiver isn't it? You entrusted it to UPS - they took ownership of it and say they delivered it. I wouldn't refund the money if UPS is saying they delivered it.
  49. CodePoet

    Joe Perry 2020 Rig Explanation By Bob Bradshaw

    A pro not going for "amp in the room"? :) Agree - this would be a much, much smaller rig (and sound better I'm sure) if he'd just use an Axe-Fx III. I guess this kept Bob Bradshaw busy for a few days/weeks. Would be awesome to have @Admin M@ walk in and replicate all of this in a half a day...
  50. CodePoet

    Health Update

    So awesome! Thanks for sharing that - Zakk is a beast of a dude in all aspects!
  51. CodePoet

    Ratt - Never Use Love

    Nice job! The pick guard on the guitar you used for the solo reminds me of the one on Pete Thorn's new Suhr. Is that one you added? What's that style called?
  52. CodePoet

    Tonetalk is going downhill!

    You're seeing how people make more money on YT compared to views alone - from direct donations and selling other products. Plus, it's really difficult to make an engaging livestream - not many of us have the content or personalities to make compelling live content in a talk show format...
  53. CodePoet

    Not a Bug 5.01 1959SLP Treble

    Well, you are FenderJunkie, so your expertise on 1959SLPs would be suspect anyway...:p
  54. CodePoet

    Health Update

    Happy Birthday Todd!
  55. CodePoet

    Back Panel Poll

    That new design is so minimalist it's almost perfect. Very "open concept". If you can remove that IEC power port then it gets my vote. Short of that, perhaps an "Authentic" view that provides only the I/O from the currently selected amp model.
  56. CodePoet

    Movie Review: Nobody

    Hmm...I heard good things about it. Now you have me intrigued :).
  57. CodePoet

    Health Update

    Great news Todd! So glad to hear!
  58. CodePoet

    Who edits during shows?

    I surely could, but never really do, usually because there's not much opportunity. We usually have to set up and go. But I'd never deep-edit at a gig - maybe just change things like overall gain, EQ, or delay level via the Performance controls.
  59. CodePoet

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Listening closely, I can definitely hear differences between them. If I listen to the dynamics and distortion as notes decay, #2 definitely performs the worst. The distortion remains about the same from attack to decay - real amps breathe and clean up as the signal gets lower. #3 does better...
  60. CodePoet

    Do We Need A Forum For All Fractal Modelers?

    It's a tricky question - similar to a folder vs. tags discussion. I really pay attention to which forum I'm in only when I have to select it to create a new post - I self-filter when reading. I always use the "New Posts" link which surfaces everything new across all forums since I'm interested...
  61. CodePoet

    Rhett Shull Axe-FXIII Review

    I agree. But perhaps some of those shortcomings are due to the platform itself rather than the implementation in the product. I can't slag a rack unit for not having footswitches for instance. I wouldn't expect it to - it's not the device for that use. I don't expect a 4" screen to have a...
  62. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 1

    Awesome! Looking forward to checking it out! CPU impact of CNFB with this version?
  63. CodePoet

    Rhett Shull Axe-FXIII Review

    Making edits on-stage between songs would be...a terrible process. Plus, no one wants to see you fiddling with a device on stage (unless that's your gimmick). I'd expect for a studio gig where you needed to adjust sounds quickly, using Axe-Edit would be a must. I wouldn't expect otherwise...
  64. CodePoet

    Rhett Shull Axe-FXIII Review

    Yeah, I thought that was pretty weak. And the sales pitch isn't good: "Buy presets from a guy that can't navigate the unit and doesn't know what the advanced parameters are." (Said more for the comedy aspect of it than a cut at him). That said, I do enjoy Rhett's content and think he...
  65. CodePoet

    Rhett Shull Axe-FXIII Review

    I feel like he needed to come up with a negative in order to have a review that looks "unbiased". If the negative is that the Axe-Fx III sounds so good that he's spent his time playing guitar and not learning how to navigate the front panel, then bring it on! :) Instead of filming himself...
  66. CodePoet

    Need to send tempo from Axe-Fx III to Boss SY-200 - MIDI translator perhaps?

    Thanks @mr_fender ! I think I got it! After a bit of trial and error - this is working. Awesome!
  67. CodePoet

    Need to send tempo from Axe-Fx III to Boss SY-200 - MIDI translator perhaps?

    I figured that the III could send tempo out via MIDI, but it seems it does not - it can receive tempo info only. I see that some controllers like the Mastermind can interpret the Axe-Fx III's tempo via the realtime sysex function. Before I give up, is there any way by hook or crook to get...
  68. CodePoet

    Have we reached a point

    Yes - I don't know whether the post is passive-aggressive or merely uninformed, but it is quite ridiculous.
  69. CodePoet

    Easy demonstration of how sound in the air comes through guitar pickups

    I got a hard lesson on this at a gig once. It was a tight space and I had my FRFR monitor up off the floor pretty close to me. It squealed like crazy and I had no idea what was happening, so I think I just kept turning it down to near-inaudible levels. That sucked.
  70. CodePoet

    Any experience with the Freeway 10 position strat switch?

    I have a Freeway 10-position in my Strat and a 6-position in one of my Wolfgangs. Works great! All those extra positions without adding new switches. Opens up a lot of new tones. You could do something similar with a push/pull on a pot, but this gives you access to your pickup positions with...
  71. CodePoet

    White Lion Tell Me Solo Cover using Austin Buddy Preset

    Nice job! Will have to check that one out too. Vito's playing was (very) influenced by EVH but he had a lot more to offer as well. Very melodic, and a great player as well as composer of great songs, rhythm parts, and solos.
  72. CodePoet

    Who's Crying Now End Solo

    Great job! It's a great solo - the man exudes melody.
  73. CodePoet

    Tom Waits - Black Mariah ~ National + Axe + Ableton Live looping cover

    That's some visual setup you have going on there - awesome! Sounds great - great performance. And I LOVE Tom Waits! Subscribed!
  74. CodePoet

    Metallica play's free tonight at midnight

    Checking out the Sunday show now. Yeah, I could deal with some (a lot?) more guitar in the mix for sure, at least the bits I've heard so far, maybe they'll kick it up. If you want to hear Lars, it's a great mix :). But overall they sound fantastic. Visually it's very cool. For a 40th...
  75. CodePoet

    Ben Eller's new Luke III

    That sounds really great.
  76. CodePoet

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday Cliff! Legends ARE born this day - you share a birthday with my daughter.
  77. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00 Public Beta

    The Threshold was removed from the JFET compressor in v17 and perhaps some other things, so you’ll need to adjust any presets using it. I found in all my presets using it that the level had bumped up a bit and needed to be brought down.
  78. CodePoet

    👽You asked for it, you got it!

    Cool - snagged one of those!
  79. CodePoet

    Congratulations Cooper Carter

    Congratulations @Cooper Carter - all the best wishes for everyone! And you did it right by having a daughter - they're the best!
  80. CodePoet

    Cabinet high cut mystery

    The above is basically it - some IR producers create their IRs raw (straight from the mic) and others already have it EQ'd via preamps, EQs, etc. and have the highs shelved off already.
  81. CodePoet

    DOKKEN - Back For The Attack tone w/patch

    Sounds killer - and yeah, that tone is really aggressive and trebly, but it's mean. Great playing as always! Time to fire up the Dokken!
  82. CodePoet

    How sensitive are the Fractal expression pedals??

    You can make them cry at the drop of a hat (or the touch of a foot) - that's how sensitive they are. Calibrate it and it will be smooth across the entire sweep of the pedal.
  83. CodePoet

    Health Update

    Glad to hear the update Todd! Rest well and keep it going - prayers sent your way!
  84. CodePoet

    Any Josh Meader fans here?

    Not bad...:p. He's beyond what I can comprehend, but thanks for the heads-up on him - followed. Wow.
  85. CodePoet

    Bands that I somehow missed

    Cool. The singer never really looks at the camera does he?
  86. CodePoet

    Blocks Guide Update 4.5

    @Admin M@ - I noticed that starting with the Ring Modulator section, the links in the TOC start getting off by a page.
  87. CodePoet

    Blocks Guide Update 4.5

    Awesome document - thank you!
  88. CodePoet

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Appreciative of all that's been sacrificed - thank you to all who served!
  89. CodePoet

    Fremen is nuts!

    That is very awesome - @fremen is killing it. And those shoes...;) Great presentation on that video - fantastic!
  90. CodePoet

    Scene bypass???

    ...and set the CS per Scene controls to "Last" to retain their state across Scene changes.
  91. CodePoet

    Scene bypass???

    If I'm understanding the OP correctly, you should be able to do this as @toneseeker911 says and use control switches for the effects you want to control outside of the scene changes. Their state will persist across scene changes.
  92. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release

    Not mentioned in the release notes, but as some have seen there are some new Delay types as well Worn Tape, Zephyr among them. Awesome!
  93. CodePoet

    a burning dream

    Yeah, not so much the shape of the headstock, but that repeating logo is unforgivable IMO. I don't think I could play that, unless my name was James Tyler. :) But that's just a preference thing. I know their guitars are incredible builds. Congrats and enjoy!
  94. CodePoet

    FM9-Edit really slow at higher CPU usage

    I love the FM9 but hope a little more responsiveness can come about in future upgrades as it can slow down the creative process when you're waiting on things to catch up. But that's been my only concern so far - love the 9 buttons compared to the FM3.
  95. CodePoet

    M1 Pro

    Waiting on the new Mini...
  96. CodePoet

    Where do you keep your wallet/phone/keys when gigging?

    Exactly...thank you. 🙏
  97. CodePoet

    Where do you keep your wallet/phone/keys when gigging?

    I do very much have an objection to that, even if it's European. :D
  98. CodePoet

    Where do you keep your wallet/phone/keys when gigging?

    I thought Geddy stuck his wallet in the on-stage washing machine…
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