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  1. ectoplasm88

    SOLD Two EV-1's one black and one silver like new $175 shipped.

    Two EV-1's one black and one silver like new $175 shipped in the U.S . Still have all the original packing materials. Definitely want to sell the pair together. They are just a bit too large for the pedal board I am trying to setup but awesome pedals.
  2. ectoplasm88

    Nostalgia for these v12 factory presets

    I've been ever so slowly working my way through the 16.04 factory presets. I like many others here have really been digging them and my slow pace is one part lack of time and 1 part getting stuck for extended periods of time on a great tone as I work my way through! Along the way I've found a...
  3. ectoplasm88

    WISH: Mirrored I/O on the FC-12

    I'd love to have an IO option on the FC-12 itself similar to how we have switch and expression ports. I have some effects pedals that I like to loop in and really enjoy being able to control where they are in the chain but like to have them live on my pedal board. That means running 4 long...
  4. ectoplasm88

    Optimal USB input level (using USB in block)

    I've created a very simple preset just the USB in block and Output 1 block. I'm not sure the best way to compensate for levels though with this setup. I'm using Guitar Rig 6 at the moment and this lets me quickly play around with it and also process it with the AxeFx additionally. I'm running...
  5. ectoplasm88

    SOLD Axe-Fx III 1900 + shipping (or local pickup in San Diego county in California)

    Just got notice my MKII shipped so I'm putting my original system up for sale. It's worked flawlessly for me and has lived at home in my studio in a rack its whole life. Smoke free environment and in great condition. Offering it up here in the forums first but will be putting it up for sale...
  6. ectoplasm88

    Rotary knobs for parameter editing on the FC-12

    One thing I really miss about the Helix was the feature where if you touched the switch attached to an effect the screen would flip over and you could start tweaking parameters. I'm not always near where the AxeFx is so its not always easy to get to the performance pages. It seems like there...
  7. ectoplasm88

    PC Reset value... can it be set via Axe-Edit?

    I've only been able to successfully set the PC Reset value when editing the preset on the hardware. Am I missing something via Axe-Edit? You can toggle the value on/off on the modifier screen. I had assumed I would then be able to either manually edit the value or if I saved the preset it...
  8. ectoplasm88

    Wish Export selected presets without prepending preset number?

    I'm hoping I'm missing an easy way to do this but is there a way to highlight a bunch of presets when in the preset manager and export them without each one getting the preset number added to the front of the preset?
  9. ectoplasm88

    Dedicated External Switches... Unique or just your favorite solution?

    I've currently got the FC-12 and two mission expression pedals (with switch). I realize I have a lot of options already between the two but I'm thinking I want 2-4 dedicated external switches. I almost always use one of my expression pedals for a wah and one for volume and honestly don't end...
  10. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III and deconstructing / parsing a .syx / sysex preset file

    I've been reading through the forum posts, wiki, and wherever else google takes me on processing a sysex file and more specifically a Axe-Fx III preset or bank thereof. So far the only thing I think I know for sure is each line in an individual preset file will start with the header: F0 00 01...
  11. ectoplasm88

    Help with some David Bowie presets

    I've got some friends that are trying to put together a David Bowie tribute band of sorts. Very casual situation. I need to put together some guitar sounds for songs spanning his career and I'm curious if anyone has some already worked out they would be willing to share? Its a struggle for me...
  12. ectoplasm88

    Preset 208 highest I can get to via bank up/down

    Right now I have my bank size set to 4. I can't seem to bank up or down past preset 208. I have FC firmware 1.10 and FX III 12.02 . If I am sitting on any preset above 208 and try to bank up or down I end up in bank 0 with the first 4 presets. When I hit bank down I jump to a bank where the...
  13. ectoplasm88

    Axe-Fx III now my main rig. Others also running Helix and/or still holding on to it why do so?

    I've been using a Helix for several years and have just recently decided to switch to the Axe-Fx III as my main rig. It is not the first Fractal system I've owned but this will be the first time I've used a Fractal system as my main rig. I switched to the Helix years ago for the compact...
  14. ectoplasm88

    Changing bank size causing incorrect switch settings in Preset and Scene layouts.

    I am not sure if this is user error or a bug of some sort. I've just updated to FW 10. I am relatively new to the III and still just doing some basic setup. One thing I wanted to change was the bank size so that when in Perform 1 layout I could bank up and down and have banks that were 4...
  15. ectoplasm88

    Live rig with Axe-Fx III + UA Arrow + Fishman Triple Play + Laptop DAW

    So I'm trying to figure out how I want to configure my ultimate live rig. The Axe FX is at the core of it but I also want to be able to use my Fishman Triple Play along with possible leveraging UA plugins and other plugins available within a DAW. The combinations of how I can achieve all of...
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