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  1. Guitari

    My Rig Mesa, Revelation, Groove Tubes Dual 75, 2x12's

    Wanted to say a big Hello to the Forum ;) From reading on here for the past few months I figured the best was to say Hi was so say - here is my Rig! Instruments 1961 Les Paul + Custom Made Dave Krause Guitar Floor FX Too Many to List + MFC-101 + 2exp pedals Pre-amps Revelation...
  2. Guitari

    Volume control FX/Axe Signal vs Dry Pre Amp in FX Loop

    Any ideas about how Best to do this? Grateful for any advice. I like Pre Amps I have several I lime to switch between All these are routed in the FX loop in Axe I also love the Axe Sounds I have Designed I would like to have a two volume pedal Setup Either analog outside of Axe OR both...
  3. Guitari

    Just Bought an Ultra a Week Ago....

    I just bought an Ultra a week ago Is Fractal gonna cut me a deal on this puppy Man I would have waited another week if I had known... Can I trade mine in?? Lol
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