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  1. Morphosis

    Fixed FC Controller Pedal did not work under MIDI/Remote configuration

    FM3 FW 1.06 FC6 FW 1.11 FC Controller Pedal did not work under MIDI/Remote configuration. Example: MID/Remote -> Other: Output1Volume = FC1 Pedal 1 - DID NOT WORK MID/Remote -> Other: Output1Volume = Pedal 1 (Exp/Sw Tip) - DID WORK Pedal is calibrated for the FC Pedal connection. FC 1 Pedal...
  2. Morphosis

    Fixed Bypass switch in FM3 Edit for Delay1 and Delay2 did not work correctly (no function)

    Bypass switch in FM3 Edit for Delay1 and Delay2 did not work correctly (no function). For other blocks it works. Latest FW on FM3 and Edit. No Modifier attached. Double Clock on Block in the Matrix still works, just the button in Edit (In the Block Edit...) did not.
  3. Morphosis

    Not a Bug FW 1.05 scene revert ON no function, reacts like Scene revert OFF

    As title says: FW 1.05 scene revert ON no function, reacts like Scene revert OFF
  4. Morphosis

    AX8 bug? I/O OUT 2 ( FX Send) ECHO: INPUT 1 result in different output levels left&right.

    Because the wish & bug area is obviously closed, I post here: Following G66 customer support case: AX8 | FW 10.1 | Reset System Parameters. Then: I/O -> Audio -> OUT 2 ( FX Send) ECHO: INPUT 1 The setting leads to different output levels at OUT2 Left and Right. Is this a bug or "by design" ...
  5. Morphosis

    WISH: Scene Levels of OUT1/2/3/4 Blocks available for FC-X

    Scene Levels of the Output1 & 2 are available via Setup -> MIDI/Remote -> Other -> Output 1/2 Volume Increment/Decrement. Via MIDI CC# the Scene Levels on the Output Blocks 1 & 2 are available, but not with the FC-6/12. I wish therefore a functionality like the FC-X Switch type: Utility -> Amp...
  6. Morphosis

    Wish Independence for the AES/SPDIF IN/OUTs

    All physical analog IN/OUTs have dedicated IN/OUT Blocks. Why not the AES/SPDIF digital ones also? They should be handled equally as the analog ones. It seems, we have 16 digital lanes (8in / 8outs). Any chances to increase those lanes to 20 (10in/ 10out) and have two more Blocks: [IN D]igital...
  7. Morphosis

    flickering scrolling bar in SETUP: MIDI/Remote -> PC Mapping tab

    Makes me crazy ... and seems to be the only flickering scrolling bar from all tabs in Axe III
  8. Morphosis

    TUTORIAL: In depth MFC-101 programming guide for the Axe-Fx III

    Don`t forget to turn the english subtitles on in the youtube video :) In this tutorial you will find step-by-step instructions in 5 steps on how to configure the MFC-101 so that you can control the following functions of the Axe-Fx III and always keep track of current switching states. You`ll...
  9. Morphosis

    Wish IN/OUT Block bypass behaviour should support FX LOOP trails

    OUT Blocks bypass state are fixed to: Physical OUT = MUTE Block Grid Out = MUTE IN Blocks bypass state are fixed to: Physical IN = MUTE Block Grid IN = THRU This behaviour does NOT support time based Effects in the FX Loop to let their Delay or Reverb trails "ringing out", when bypassing the...
  10. Morphosis

    No consistent behaviour Push Value = Layout Menu

    Inconsistent User guidance behaviour: Axe-Fx III FW1.10: push value = layout, no leaving via Exit possible If you Enter the layout menu from HOME via a) Push C Encoder [LAYOUT], you can exit and return to Home via EXIT button b) Push ENTER button, you can exit and return to Home via EXIT...
  11. Morphosis

    BUG: Ignore Redundant PC = ON does not work

    Ignore PC Redundant = ON did NOT ignore redundant PC Change Commands: Example in the Video: Preset 001 saved with default SCENE3. When i send now PC 001 & SCENE Command value for Scene 1, the Axe III seems to reload the same Preset (instead of ignoring the command) and secondly change the...
  12. Morphosis


    Can anybody tell me, what this is? What it makes? Footswitch -> Global -> Output [Post]. you can select this entry in FX-Edit, but never get rid of it, if selected (NONE is greyed out) I can`t find this paramter to select in the Hardware, is it there anhywhere? What does this switch? Can`t...
  13. Morphosis

    Bug? AX8 FW Q9.04 Bug: Crazy Global settings when hitting Footswitches 1-8

    Reverb Mix = OD808, ähh no ... Analog mono :D Spillover = 4000 Hz :eek: Funny, but buggy ...at least, this should`nt happen ... Is it just me, or can someone else confirm?
  14. Morphosis

    cabIR.eu Happy Easter Sale 30%

    I wish you and your families a Happy Easter! Markus from www.cabIR.eu :)
  15. Morphosis

    5153 RED - Chugga Chugga with a cheapo LP?

    Actually, I wanted to try something.... but somehow I had fallen in love with the Chugga Chugga Chugga.... 5153 RED - stock settings Epi LP Classic 57+ HB Drop D What would you change / tweak ???
  16. Morphosis

    Bug? MFC freeze in SET Mode, when global WRAP=OFF

    ... and you stepped thru the last Song in the Set ... confirmed on MFC-101 MKI and MKIII
  17. Morphosis

    cabIR.eu USA-COMBOS: 5 new IR libraries from the 60ie to date

    Hi guys, i happily want to share the release of 5 new www.cabIR.eu USA COMBOS IR libraries based on some really nice, untouched originals. All libraries are as singles or as bundle with a 50% OFF introduction pricing available. The following soundsamples were all done with the Axe-Fx II...
  18. Morphosis

    cabIR.eu Black Weekend 33.33% OFF

    In the spirit of marketing flooding at good prices ... cabir.eu will not lag behind: D And as a repeated tip, to make life no harder than it is (it`s quite the opposite these days with the Axe, seriously ...) to find the sound (I can not say it often enough): Find your sound quickly...
  19. Morphosis

    How did you create your "core" tones? How much time you have to invest??

    Maybe i am currently in my - we call it in german "Zweiter Frühling" - "second spring time" with the Axe. Maybe it`s just honey moon phase with some of my new IRs, anyhow ... maybe we can get a great discussion, which approaches there are to get to "core tone". With core tone i mean the basic...
  20. Morphosis

    Preset under a minute from scratch: Plexi + cabIR.eu MR-AX1960_FOCUS_CAB IR

    The Axe-Fx is sooooo easy! Exaclty ZERO tweaks on the Amp Block, ZERO tweaks on the Cab-Block (just the cabIR.eu MR-AX1960_FOCUS_CAB IR, bit of Studio C Reverb. Guitar used: ES-335. Preset from scratch under a minute! And not the badest sounding one, IMO.... Who says, with modelers, you`ll...
  21. Morphosis

    Voxish Surf Sound. Preset attached (cabIR.eu)

    Haiko did a great Surf Sound Preset, with his Axe-Fx, using Class 30W TB Amp Sim and the cabIR.eu VX-CA30TB_FOCUS_CAB IR from the new cabIR.eu Vox library with Blue Alnicos ... Try it for yourself: Axe-Fx II XL Preset here: if you have another factal unit, convert the preset easily with the...
  22. Morphosis

    cabIR.eu CORE 4 TONE starter pack

    Guys, i bundled 4 new cabinets of the new "focus IR series" and for an introduction i discounted this CORE4TONE starter pack that much (introduction price till 7th july), that nobody should miss it! Check it out! I`m sure, you will love it! I am really sure, you will love the new folder...
  23. Morphosis

    cabIR.eu is back: VX-CA30TB_BLUE IR library

    Sometimes it just takes longer. Complete new re-shooting, processing and Cab-Pack building. But now it`s there: The cabIR.eu VX-CA30TB_BLUE IR library, based on a VOX ™ AC30 / 6 TB from 1995 with 2x12 "VOX ™ Alnico Blue 8Ohm speakers. The new "focus IR series" has a goal - clarity at all...
  24. Morphosis

    Creed `Higher` cover: Axe-Fx II Uberschall + cabIR.eu MR-1960AX-G12M25 IR-library

    Guitarist Kevin uses the Axe-Fx II Uberschall Amp Sim with the www.cabIR.eu MR-1960AX-G12M25 IR-library. Damn good, right? If you like it, give the guys a like at https://www.facebook.com/generationgrungeband/ I think, they have deserved it ;)
  25. Morphosis

    Classic Marshall tones for a classic song: `Black Betty` | Axe-Fx II & cabIR.eu

    User nwngnm did this great `Black Betty`cover with the Axe-Fx II + cabIR.eu IRs: rhythm guitar: Axe-Fx II Plexi Treble + cabIR.eu MR-PIN68 IR lead guitar: Axe-Fx II 1987X + cabIR.eu OR-4X12 IR Did you think anybody would doubt, if we would told them, it is played with real Tube Amps? The...
  26. Morphosis

    Axe-Fx JTM45 with the famous `Pete Townsend` 8x12" cabinet

    Another one from Haiko :) When did you listen the last time to a Marshall Cabinet, loaded with Alnico speakers? This time, Haiko put a fuzz and chorus in front of the Axe-Fx JTM45 sim and use a IR from the www.cabIR.eu MR-PETE library, loaded with the Celestion T652 Alnicos (aka Celestion...
  27. Morphosis

    Marshall rock heaven: Axe-Fx II JTM45 + cabIR.eu MR-CB71 (/w preset)

    Haiko Heinz rock the Axe-Fx JTM45 Amp sim, matched with the www.cabIR.eu MR-CB71 (1971 pre-rola G12M 25 watt greenback cab). Axe-Fx II XL Preset https://www.cabir.eu/_external_content/cabIR.eu-MR-CB71_SIG_02_AM-Axe-Fx-XL-preset.zip If you have no XL, but an MKI / II or AX8, AlGrenadine`s great...
  28. Morphosis

    cabIR.eu TESTIFY IR`s: Amp-in-the-room for In-Ears & Guitar Cabinet feel for FRFR?

    Dear Community! Working on some IR stuff and would love some notes from you in reference for two Tests: TEST 1 is for heaphone-bedroom player & In-Ear users. Could be "natural room" included in IRs, respecting the 170ms Ultra-Res paradigm be an advantage in comparison just easily using the...
  29. Morphosis

    Silent fun with In-Ears and the ODS100 Ford Md

    Just tried some unreleased cabIR.eu IRs and had fun with my ES335, the Axe-Fx II ODS100 Ford Md Sim. Silent playing with "Amp in the room" Sound on my In-Ears ... All three samples with the identical (nearly default) Amp settings, just different finger attack, pickups or guit. volume. It`s fun...
  30. Morphosis

    Authentic Amp in the room sound with the Axe-Fx & Ambient IRs

    At the german Axe-Fest i demonstrated some people how it sounds, if you monitor thru headphones or In-Ears and mix some ambient / room and/or back cabinet IRs together with close mic or mixes of close mic IRs. Because you need longer IR length to provide the room reflections of room or back...
  31. Morphosis

    Now available: New cabIR.eu UK Triple Vol.2 Cab-Packs at the new relaunched store

    What would you do, if you produce Cab-Packs and took a visit for some days at one of the biggest Marshall Collections of the world at www.marshall-forever.de? (click the foto and get an impression of the museum!) Right: You shoot ... and create the Mother of the mother of the Marshall cab-IR...
  32. Morphosis

    cabIR.eu "pro IR series" for FREE - Rock the sh!t out of them ;)

    The promotion has ended, as mentioned here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cabir-eu-pro-ir-series-for-free-rock-the-sh-t-out-of-them.109813/page-2#post-1317086 Thank you for your understanding.
  33. Morphosis

    Now available: The cabIR.eu UK Triple Collection VOL.1

    Vintage! Rare! British! More MOJO for everyone! :) 1936 unique IRs | 12 Speaker | Lot of fun ... The UK Triple Collection VOL.1 Bundle contains 3 "pro IR series" Cab-Pack speaker Impulse-Response libraries: PIN68: Based on a Marshall™ 1960A™ "Pinstripe" from 1965, loaded with Celestion™ G12M...
  34. Morphosis

    1959SLP Treble and cabIR.eu MR-1960AX-G12M25 SM57 IR

    Just seen this video of a real SLP1959 Plexi & the 1960AX cab, miced with just an SM57 and i really liked it: So i tried to get in the same ballpark with the Axe-Fx, using the same "virtual" gear: Guitar: Epi LesPaul Amp-Sim: 1959SLP Treble, all default, but Mids on 10 and correct...
  35. Morphosis

    Now available: The cabir.eu OR-4X12 IR-Library (based on a Orange 4x12 from 1971)

    The team from cabir.eu proudly presents: The OR-4X12 IR-Library is based on a 1971' Orange™ 4x12, loaded with Celestion™ G12H30 speakers with the legendary „pulsonic cones“ (Pre-Rola) (also from 1971) We discovered this cab in a hidden corner of one of the private rehearsal room from Sigi...
  36. Morphosis

    Bogner 20th anniversary & Ecstasy 101 VS. Axe-Fx XL

    The last three days i had a job as "Axe-Fx consultant" for a client, located in Austria. Beside the "consultant job" (Axe-Fx in-deep, re-creating a new working structure with MFC+Ground Control and a doubled backup-system, doing some "geeky" MFC, MIDI, Modifier & Axe-Fx programing to the...
  37. Morphosis

    Pick up the 1968 Pre-Rola G12M 20Watt and tell me you preferences!

    Pick up the 1968 Pre-Rola G12M 20Watt and tell me your preferences! Hi Folks, the cab-IR Crew visited the www.marshall-forever.de museum and shot 10 super rare Cabinets from 1965 to 2005. Pre-Rolas, pulsonic-cone, Checkerboards, Pinstripe grills, 8x10" Alnico, Limited Editions (Jimi Hendrix...
  38. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | DISKUSSION: drive/gain tone mit dem Axe-Fx II

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | DISKUSSION: drive/gain tone mit dem Axe-Fx II Der Ton ist leider sehr leise: Am besten Kopfhörer aufsetzen und laut machen Dann geht es trotzdem ganz gut... Danke an Hanne für das zur Verfügung stellen des Videomaterials!
  39. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | DISKUSSION: clean tone mit dem Axe-Fx II

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | DISKUSSION: clean tone mit dem Axe-Fx II Der Ton ist leider sehr leise: Am besten Kopfhörer aufsetzen und laut machen Dann geht es trotzdem ganz gut... Danke an Hanne für das zur Verfügung stellen des Videomaterials!
  40. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | WORKSHOP: Reamping und DAW-Einrichtung mit dem Axe-Fx II

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | WORKSHOP: Reamping und DAW-Einrichtung mit dem Axe-Fx II - #1/2 PDF zum Axe-Fx II Reamping Workshop Der Ton ist leider sehr leise: Am besten Kopfhörer aufsetzen und laut machen Dann geht es trotzdem ganz gut... Danke an Hanne für die zu Verfügung Stellung des...
  41. Morphosis

    Straight Marshall Rocksound incl. Axe-Fx XL Presets by Heinzi

    Heinzi`s Soundsample triple (first, second) , now again with the cabIR.eu MR-1960Ax-G12M25 Cab-Pack ends with this third one - my personal most liked one: Straight rock`n roll :) :encouragement: yeah .... Axe-Fx XL Presets DOWNLOAD Rhytm Parts with a Strat and Plexi Sim, Solo with Les Paul...
  42. Morphosis

    Recti & VH4 blue + Diezel IR`s from the cabIR.eu DZ-212FL-G12K100 - Preset incl.

    Heinzi was so kind to share this soundsample with me, created with IR`s from the cabir.EU DZ-212FL-G12K100 Cab-Pack. Guitar is a Framus Diablo, Amp-Sims are Mesa Recti modern & Diezel VH4 blue. Axe-Fx XL Presets DOWNLOAD Used user cab-IR for Axe-Fx-XL_Diezel.syx Preset...
  43. Morphosis

    Plexi & Marshall 1960AX IR from the cabIR.eu Cab-Pack - Axe-Fx XL Presets incl.

    Heinzi was so kind to share some soundsamples with me, created with IR`s from the cabir.EU MR-1960AX-G12M25 Cab-Pack & he also send me the Axe-Fx XL Presets he recorded the track with, to share them with you.... So, here is the first one: Axe-Fx XL Presets DOWNLOAD Super sweet, IMO...
  44. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | DZ-212FL-G12K100 Teaser

    Well, after making night to day, the Axe-Fest 2015 version of the Diezel 2x12 front loaded oversized cabinet is ready .... soon ... ;) The selection out of hundreds of MPT_idealized and RAW "imperfect" real-Phase MIX-IRs is finished. Beside the Single Mics, the pack will have 40 MPt MIX IRs and...
  45. Morphosis

    Axe-fest Germany 2015 | Marshall 1960AX Greenback loaded now available

    Hi IR lovers, seven weeks ago the Axe-Fest Germany 2015 ends and now the first Cab-Pack is finsiehd and released, which starts weeks ago here, did you remember? ...Wow, this was some work, but if you do it - do it right, right? ... MR-1960AX-G12M25 - Marshall 4x12" 1960AX, loaded with...
  46. Morphosis

    M@TT-LAB vs. BART-LAB: Find the 10 matches

    >>> M@TT-LAB vs. BART-LAB <<< :mrgreen
  47. Morphosis

    Ultra&Standard IRs: TT Rex Pro 2x12" with Eminence Governor & Wizard

    Hey trusty Standard & Ultra User, i did not forget you and convert some IRs also in Axe-I format. Some Cab-IRs to check out, you`ll find them HERE Have fun...
  48. Morphosis

    Mini-Cab-Pack: TT Rex Pro 2x12" with Eminence Governor & Wizard

    Because some of you seems to really like some of my "Test-IRs" i thought i re-pack them all into a well sorted and named Cab-Pack: All file formats will be supported: - Axe-Fx II / XL / XL+ Ultra-Res & .IR: -> RAW -> MPT - Axe-Fx I & Ultra - .wav 48kHz/24bit (24K samples) -> RAW -> MPT...
  49. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest Germany 2015 | CAB-PACK Teaser

    Well, the Axe-Fest Germany 2015 is over and after our succes with the IR-shooting at the Axe-Fest 2014 it was time for doing it again. This year i`ve did previously a lot research & development with different capture methods and sweet spot findings, resulting in some test-IRs and feedback from...
  50. Morphosis

    Eminence Wizard & Eminence Governor UR IRs - Test Batch

    Hi, 4 Eminence Wizard & 4 Eminence Governor UR IRs for Axe-Fx II & XL. I experiment at the moment with different methods to find sweet spots, so i really would appreciate some feedback from you guys ... all IRs are Single Mic Shure SM57. So, each speaker folder contain 4 IRs. Which two IRs do...
  51. Morphosis

    Objektive sound comparison: Fw17.04 vs. FW18 (G3)

    So what advantages will FW18 / G3 bring to us? I`ve tried a Apple-to-Apple comparison FW17.04 vs. FW18 (G3 models). Here`s the test and all .wav samples as download for your own comparisons... Test installation: - Different DI-recordings with always the same guitar (MM Silhouette Special...
  52. Morphosis

    IR Capture: Axe-Fx MIC + Reference IR vs. Voxengo Deconvolver + Room EQ Wizard

    Today i checked out the "new" "MIC + DI" (reference IR) tecnique in FW17.04. As assumed it works flawless :encouragement: Also i validate, if i get same results using the "old school analog" method via Voxengo Deconvolver plus integration of the "inversed reference IR" via Room EQ Wizard. For...
  53. Morphosis

    Speaker-Simulation Quiz: UltraRes Impulse Responses vs. PEQ-Block

    So, beside the whole IR accuracy discussion (UltraRes, Reference IR, Speaker page,...) let`s have a fun part :) 9x the same reamping: DI through Friedman HBE (stock settings), followed by Cab-Block with several UltraRes IR`s OR just a simple PEQ-Block with different settings as "analog speaker...
  54. Morphosis

    Germany Axe-Fest 2014 review: Axe-Fx vs. Plexi style Amp

    Remembering the story from the Axe vs. real Amp in the PDF from the Axe-Fest Germany Cab-Pack? Well, 8 months later, we have now the video (so, based on FW13) ;) From minute 2: Guitar -> A/B Switch: GREEN: Axe -> [Plexi100jump]-> Matrix GT1000 -> one speaker of stereo 2x12" cabinet (Diezel...
  55. Morphosis

    !? The Axe-Fest Germany Cab Pack Team consider: A Marshall Museum Collection ?!

    !? Marshall Museum Cab-Pack Collection ?! The "Axe-Fest Germany 2014 Cab Pack Team" consider about new challenges :mrgreen ... A Cab-Pack of the best Marshall Cabs from 5 decades ... hello Marshall Museum (you have to scroll through the image gallery at least! Now I know where heaven on earth...
  56. Morphosis

    Bug? OUT1 Mode affects OUT2 Mode

    Looking on the flow diagram in the manual, that should`nt be? FW15.02 No Fx Loop in the Preset I/O settings: Out1 Mode = Copy L>R Echo Out2: Out1 Out2 Mode: Stereo When copying Left to Right for OUT1 this affects also OUT2 (se to Stereo). Looking on the flow diagram, this should`nt be?! Cliff?
  57. Morphosis

    MASTER-CLASS: Axe-Fx II & MFC-101 programming

    You like to have total control? Like to have 17 Axe-Fx IA`s & additional 8 Scenes IA`s & direct access to 2 Amps ( & 3 "gapless" Gainstages e.g. clean/rythm/lead) & quick access to 4 Presets at the same time? Don`t think about to many Presets, Banks, Switches,... just play guitar! Here is...
  58. Morphosis

    Cab-Lab does not support 96kHz_32bit_float .wav conversion?

    From the Cab-Lab manual: "Wav2Syx requires mono .Wav files which have been deconvolved (but they can be of any sample rate or bit depth.)" Cab-Lab convert without warning or error message 96kHz/32bit_float IRs. But whatever format (UltraRes or High-Res) i choose to convert Wav2Syx, it sound...
  59. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest Germany 2014 Cab Pack | including also Standard & Ultra IR`s

    We`re proud to present the Axe-Fest Germany 2014 Cab Pack, made by fine members of the german axefx.de community: This was a tough job to do! Not only the capturing, but also converting to all formats (also Standard & Ultra & .wav 24/32bit!), pics, plots, backround infos (read the...
  60. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest Germany 2014 Cab Pack | incl. UltraRes & .wav

    We`re proud to present the Axe-Fest Germany 2014 Cab Pack, made by fine members of the german axefx.de community: This was a tough job to do! Not only the capturing, but also converting to all formats (also Standard & Ultra & .wav 24/32bit!), pics, plots, backround infos (read the PDFs!)...
  61. Morphosis

    Bug? FW13.07: PLUS DIST & HARD FUZZ Drives sound the same

    What the title says. Can somebody confirm or refute?
  62. Morphosis

    Shouldn`t "Bypass Thru" keep FX out of signal path?

    Shouldn`t "Bypass Thru" keep FX-Block out of signal path? Did not understand why the Delay buffer filled with Audio Signals when the Block is bypassed in "THRU" mode. The Block reacts similiar to "MUTE FX OUT", but the Output Level knobs don`t work. In my understanding bypass THRU means: The...
  63. Morphosis

    Wish Rename BYPASS in Looper Mode

    Normally Axe-Fx IA`s are named to their correspondending blocks. The name appear when activating a current block (IA change from red to green). That said, this behaviour is the same on the Looper Mode, but the name logic is - logical - another. When pressing BYPASS on Looper Mode (Display...
  64. Morphosis

    The secret of the 8K IR DUMP in FW12.03 - a symbol from the Illuminati?

    From the release notes FW 12.03: Nobody whisper about, nobody care? Is it just me who search for an answer? IMHO, this fourth times longer (ca. 170ms) IR export could be long enough to capture early room reflections from ambience or room IR cuptures. The exported data format is .syx. No tool...
  65. Morphosis

    1:1 - Let`s talk A/B testing actual Amps to their Axe-Fx II Counterparts

    When it comes down to compare the Axe-Fx II Amp Sims with real Tube-Amps, I experienced a difference in "feel" I cannot achieve, no matter how much I tweak out the hell out of the Axe-Fx II. Before I will explain that in particular, let me say some words to myself in reference to the Axe-Fx II...
  66. Morphosis

    Wish Group-/Batch-Processing for Preset-Layout

    This idea i had after a question of a german forum member. Maybe there will be thousand reasons, why this could not work, anyhow ... 1) Select the presets in the Axe-Edit Preset folde you want for Batch-Processing, the first selected will appear in the Grid. 2) Make your changes: Block...
  67. Morphosis

    Wish Copy Preset XXX as Song YYY [Use Presets in Setlist]

    If i am right, you can only select SONGS for a SET, not PRESETS. That said, SETs are only usable, if i programm Songs by hand (select Preset(s); type in a Song Name). This is a lot work! I can imaging, that since "Scenes" in FW9 the majority don`t need more than one Preset in a song. So, my...
  68. Morphosis

    Axe-Fest European 2014 in Daxxweiler - Anmeldung

    Wer Interesse hat beim Axe-Fest 2014 (25 - 27. April) in Deutschland mit dabei zu sein, der findet Info`s und Anmeldemöglichkeit (verbindlich!) hier: ANMELDUNG: Axe-Fest 2014 in 55442 Daxweiler
  69. Morphosis

    Looper: Unity Gain?

    What did i have to consider, if i want unity gain out of the looper? I want it to put into the first slot of my signal chain to use it for sound-tweaking, without the need of playing guitar at the same time. So, the recorded loop should be identical loud as the input signal of the guitar. -...
  70. Morphosis

    Bug? Pitch Track on/off inverted?

    Pitch-Block: Fixed-Harmony: If Pitch Track is OFF, "track adjust" works. If Pitch Track is ON, "track adjust" don`t. Should be vice versa?!
  71. Morphosis

    Bug? Link group on MFC did not work correct with scenes

    Can anybody please check this out and confirm? Or confute? Or tell me, that under this circumstances we have to live with this issue? "Preset saved as" means: The green/red lights shine correct when recall the preset - correspondending blocks are bypasses / unbypassed as the MFC shows ...
  72. Morphosis

    Jeff Beck tone?!

    Just play around with Plexi50W High + 4x12 Basketweave Green Mix and my Strat and thought by myself ... hmmm, ... heard it before, what sounds like that? ... ahhhh ... this: ok, lets bring some more reverb into my preset and noodle around with the master ... I love FW10 !!!!!!!!!
  73. Morphosis

    Why tonematching your real Amp if you can tweak it?!

    In the past i matched my Koch Studiotone Tube-Amp. First with izotope EQ Match & Axe-Fx Standard. Second with Axe-Fx II FW6 with inbuilt TMA-Block. Now we are on FW10, and i wanted to bring the real Amp with all channels and bright-switch with the actual settings from the Koch into the Axe-Fx...
  74. Morphosis

    Rework and ideas to max out Axe-Fx II w/ scenes + MFC-101 + 4ext. switches

    Because of the awesome power, scenes give (me) i decided to add 4 external switches to the MFC for dedicated and direct scenes-switching, which frees 4 Axe-Fx IAs on my MFC. I reworked my Master template in the Axe-Fx and reworked my MFC layout. Thought i share it with you guys, cause erhaps...
  75. Morphosis

    Did CAB IR`s (Impulse Response technology) really represent the real thing?

    Yesterday i did an A/B comparison between a miced Speaker Cabinet and the counterpart Impulse Response, i captured with the Axe-Fx II. Recorded OUT2 (miced Cab w/o CAB IR) and OUT2 (CAB IR from that cab/mic/position) the same time. Here is the result: Test 1.: JM45 + Strat -> Eminence Wizard ->...
  76. Morphosis

    Presence / Depth Parameter: All the same frequency by default in every Amp Model?

    Because, i am not sure, if this is a bug, i`ll post it here ... Just wondering: What the title says: Advanced: Presence at 1000Hz, Depth at 250Hz - FW 9.02. Is this correct by design? I remember, that the Presence frequency was in many Amps different by default in older Versions (just comitt...
  77. Morphosis

    Testing the FW9 Vibro King

    just what the title says. I like the Amp! Loop is Mono, Lead is stereo (reverb) with the COMP all the way up ;) I like that compression of that knob! guitar: PRS Neck PU
  78. Morphosis

    Test Fuchs ODS 50

    Remebering my favourite Dumble Sound Example on Youtube -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap6odoC4itw i tried to get something simliar with the new FOX ODS. Just in mind the Video above from Peter Lerche i did this clip with my PRS, just switching PU combinations and using the Guitar Volume...
  79. Morphosis

    This is why i prefer using a sine-sweep instead of guitar-shredding

    So, what do we see here? Matching with a sine-sweep from voice3 of the synth block (20Hz - 20Khz, attached to LFO) gives me always the same, redundant result. Not so with guitar-shredding as carrier signal for the tonematch: wether i use a (default) average timeto measure or measure using peak...
  80. Morphosis

    Bug? "Scenes"-Issues with 9p00Beta (&MFC)

    ... Doublepost, because electronpirate say, that bugs should be reported here and not in the 9.00 Beta thread ... sorry ... First let me say, that the idea of "scenes" is very nice! I have doing intensive tests with this new feature, but will give FAS feedback for some issues I have...
  81. Morphosis

    axefx.de - Die deutschsprachige Axe-Fx Community

    Liebe Leute, es ist soweit: Ich lade euch alle recht herzlich ein, mal auf dem neuen axefx.de - Die deutschsprachige Axe-Fx Community Forum vorbeizuschauen. Es ist inoffiziell, es ist privat von mir aus Spaß an der Freude ins Leben gerufen - und es ist noch völlig nackt! Warum mache ich...
  82. Morphosis

    Anybody know the song and band?

    Noodling my acoustic tonematch and came to these chordies .... tweaked a bit the sound and ... damn ... i have it in mind, heard it years ago ... anybody know, what song i try to play here? I want that song! ;-) Forget the band, song, anything ... just have these chords coming when i play ...
  83. Morphosis

    Acoustic Sound with my PRS Custom24 - bridge HB

    Tonematched with one of these "How to record a Acoustic Guitar Tutorials" from youtube ... added (probobly to much) reverb and control the Low- and High-end with the Multiband Compressor ... funny ;-) some pickings ...and some chords
  84. Morphosis

    FW7 is so liquid ;-) Short impression from the Plexi Treble + Strat

    You all know the problem: You`ve to work on your sounds for the next gig, but find a tone you`ll like an noodle, noodle, noodle ... instead doing, what you SHOULD do! So here a short impression from the dynamics in FW7, which i really love: Using from my big 4-Amps+Pedalboard preset my crunch...
  85. Morphosis

    Bug? METRO Switch in LOOPER CONTROL MODE do not work ...

    ... until you press the TEMPO button on the AXEFX II frontpanel... is this a bug or intention to prevent unwished Metronome sound, when using live?
  86. Morphosis

    MIX TEMPLATE: 4 CAB IR`s MIXDOWN to 1 USER CAB IR using the Tonematch Block

    Just answered a Forum question ... and thought this idea wold be cool for a thread on it`s own .... MIXING CAB IRs and SAVE THEM WITHOUT NOTHING THAN THE AXE-FX II ;-) So, here`s my suggestion how you can MIX up to four CAB IR`s in the AXE-FX and save it as 1 USER CAB IR by using the...
  87. Morphosis

    10 Step-by-Step Video Tutorial: MFC-101 FW update with the AXE-FX II as MIDI device

    Hey guys, because not everybody has a dedicated MIDI Interface to bring on the new Firmware to the MFC-101, it`s lovely that you can use the AXE-FX II itself as MIDI device (to upgrade the MFC...). All you need is a MIDI cable! The tutorial is in german language but i attached 10 english...
  88. Morphosis

    FW 2.11 makes the Looper realy usable without loosing IA`s ;-)

    FW 2.11 makes the Looper really usable without loosing IA`s ;-) The new Firmware is super cool! Now, we have a "third layer" beneath the REVEAL Switch: PRESET MODE, REVEAL MODE, and now LOOPER MODE! This feature makes the Looper really usable without loosing IA´s for other tasks ... played a...
  89. Morphosis

    Input -> SPDIF -> Sync. problems

    How get you SPDIF to sync. ? My Axe loose sync. when Switch to INPUT-> SPDIF/AES Axe Standard: - Have to sync soundcard, when Axe Input = Analog. After that i can change to SPDIF and it still keeps sync. Axe II - when Input = Analog sync to SPDIF works. After that i try to switch Input...
  90. Morphosis

    Recommendations to fix the MFC-101 on the pedalboard?

    How did you guys fix your MFC on the pedalboard? Removing the feets and velcro al over the ground? Any tips & tricks?
  91. Morphosis

    Wish WISH: [12.1.5 Preset Internal CC States] -> Expand Selection from ON,OFF,N/A (No)

    WISH: [12.1.5 Preset Internal CC States] -> Expand Selection from ON,OFF,N/A. N/A = Nothing will be sent! I know, that the "Nothing will be sent" is GLOBAL selectable, but it`s needed per Preset! I can`t get the sense, why this should make Globally sense?! Internal CCs are great to expand...
  92. Morphosis

    Bug? MFC-101 Freeze

    When trying to change [12.4.7 IA Switch Axe-Fx Functions] when [12.5.0 Axe-Fx Mode = ON] the MFC Freeze totally. Re-cycle is needed. (Of course it make less sense to change Axe IA settings, when in Preset-mode, just saying you can freeze the unit ...)
  93. Morphosis

    Wish My compendium for a better MFC-101 - hope on comments!

    Preamble: - My WISHes refer to the Software map described in the owner manual for FW 2.0X - Most WISHes based on the fact, that some advantages of the [12.5.0 Axe-Fx Mode: NONE] are not available in [12.5.0 Axe-Fx Mode: II] and vice versa. And this gives me some headache! - In fact i really...
  94. Morphosis

    EITHER display Tuner [AxeFx mode = II] OR display PresetNames [AxeFX mode = NONE] ?

    Can`t get it ;( Love the function showing the Tuner in the MFC Display! But i need that in Preset-Mode (Axe Fx mode = NONE): Thinking of my Main Preset with 4 switchable Amps and many "Pedalboard Effects" i want to Save "snapshots" with dedicated IA (&instant IA #CC) status of which Amp and...
  95. Morphosis

    AXE-FX landed! The first Amp-Clone is done!

    Wooooow ..... i mean axefx II is landed ;) i got it! yiiihaaaaa! Awesome box! After hours of noodling with the first 50 presets.... uhhh yes .... i did, what i want to do for months: Clone my Koch Studiotone into the Axe! I use my template from my Step-by-Step thread...
  96. Morphosis

    What are the best test-tone settings in the synth-block?

    Perhaps Cliff can help out? Because Amp-matching with a test-tone from the synth-block should be much more accurate and independent from a guitar, which settings on the test-tone-generator (synth-block) will give the most accurate results? In my Amp-matching Tutorial a sine-sweep is default...
  97. Morphosis

    Step-by-Step Guide Amp Matching Tutorial incl. preset-template - tested and valid

    Well, now it`s perfect: The tutorial (PDF) is reworked, preset-template was optimized and tested by Axe-II Owner with a real VOX AC30 (thanks to "year2525") and rewritten in correct english! (thanks again to "year2525"). Advantages of the AMP-MATCHING-template: - After hook up the "real amp...
  98. Morphosis


    I write a tutorial for AMP matching with the AxeII. With the help from 2 other AxeFX-II Owner it is confirmed, that this will work! Thanks to „year2525 „ and „Don7v“ who helped the "blind man without the axeII"! Advantages: - More accurate than with guitar playing MATCHING via Testtone from...
  99. Morphosis

    Plexi AMP Match for Axe Std / Ultra - Participate from that beauty!

    EDIT: PRESET + MATCHED CAB I for AXE GEN 1 as download in the next post from me ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch out the comparison between the...
  100. Morphosis

    AMP MATCHING TUTORIAL with Preset template and commented Axe Edit picture

    Hi, because i does Amp matching successful in the past with my axe Standard and the VST plugin Ozone EQ (which seems does exactly the same, the new TM Block does) i tried to make a pictured tutorial (see attached files) and a AMP MATCHING template Preset for downloading (see attached files)...
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