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    Anyone want TWO free Blackback IRs?

    Thanks for sharing. I love Black backs
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    Axe-Fx Ultra in 2017

    I dig mine and i'm old, been through it all and is still the best piece of gear I have ever purchased. Former, (still), tube amp snob and the Ultra cuts it for me.
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    Effects to use for Ambient Guitar Noises

    You love ISIS? No blocks for you!
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    2007-2017: 10 Years with the Axe-Fx

    Every modeler I have had in the past, which is ALL of them, from line 6, to the eleven rack and everything in between, all pale in comparison. I used to love my Digitech 2101's and 2120's and I have had several, they sound like ass compared to the Ultra, no lie. The dynamics are there...
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    2x12 Cab stereo or mono?

    The 2 upper jacks are the stereo 16ohm outputs and the lower one, is an 8 ohm mono jack, so it is both, according to the way it is labeled. No need to take it apart, just get a cheap multi meter and a speaker cable, put the positive lead on the tip, negative on the sleeve and set the meter to...
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    2007-2017: 10 Years with the Axe-Fx

    I have the same sentiment as yourself. I have followed Cliff and the gang, since the beginning and yearned to own one. As a disabled Dad of 3, getting one was very difficult, but I finally found my way into an Axe-Fx Ultra and I am content, no gear chasing. I hear a sound I like and I cop it...
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    Help I'm new here

    Try here bro, http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/
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    Cab-Lab 3 Live Mode Buffer Issues

    Hate to bump this old thread, but this is my issue also. I am running a Core i7, 16gb ram, and cab lab vst alone, on one track, and cab lab 3 sucks 24% CPU. My system is fully Black Viper tweaked and all. Runs everything else great. Surprised this is not a common issue?
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    Could use a little help this morning (USB issue) (RESOLVED)

    Contact support, for sure.
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    Returning from the Kemper swamp - back to the Axe!

    I agree. The Kemper just doesn't have the ability to process ir's like the axe-fx, not to mention the superior effects in the axe. I almost went for the Kemper, but went for the Ultra instead, so just imagine how much better the II is.
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    State of the Union for FAS - what's next for Axe Fx and more

    Being an owner of an Axe-Fx Ultra, I can tell you that I am happy with it and there are plenty of great tones in there. In addition, there is enough in the unit to keep anyone busy for years. The Axe-II is double the fun of the Ultra, so your best bet is just to get in now. I would have the...
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    After 10 years, I'm done...

    Cool to still find something new after 10 years, right Yek? I have been considering the Matrix too, thanks. Now I just need at least, one good cab. My Marshall Mc412 SUCKS. Celestion Rocket 50's are junk with an axe-fx.
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    Purchasing Axe-FX II for Apartment use, what else do I need?

    Honestly, If you really want to do the axe justice. Get the most expensive studio monitors, you can afford. Unless your playing live. then frfr or cab/poweramp. I really didn't get the full experience until i grabbed a pair of Presonus Eris E5's, cost me $180.00 for the pair, shipped...
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    Ultra Patches

    Thank You, can never have too many presets to check out.
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    Wish FX-8 Rackmount & Made in the US

    Ax-8 rack mount would be cool too. If anything it should be cheaper, considering the foot switch aspect would not apply. I don't know. I guess the r&d of making a separate rack device, at a cheaper price point, would add to the cost. Hmmm
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    Presonus Eris E5, Very Impressed

    Thanks for that. I am confident in Sennheiser products. I will definitely consider the HD600's.
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    Presonus Eris E5, Very Impressed

    I am beginning to realize that too. They sounded decent until I heard the truth, lol. I think I want to try some Beyedynamic Dt-770's. They seem to be a hit with other users. Monitors from now on though, unless i can't for whatever reason. Luckily, I own my own home and I can play as loud...
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    Presonus Eris E5, Very Impressed

    Hey all just wanted to give my cents, for the Eris E5 monitors by Presonus. I must say these monitors offer a lot of bang for the buck. Having an Ultra and auditioning presets etc..with Headphones, (not recommended), these monitors are very accurate, considering how inexpensive they are. In...
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    1 Last Ultra Firmware Wish.... Really Easy one?

    Thanks Rex, I guess the footprint of the ax8 is not all that big. Has the gears turning, damn, not again, lol.
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    1 Last Ultra Firmware Wish.... Really Easy one?

    I figured as much, but can't hurt to throw it out there. I am considering selling the Ultra, (maybe), and going for a used ax8. I just wish it was in rack form. I can't use a floor pedal due to disability and can't swing a II. I can get over it, cab slots, just need to narrow it down to a...
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    1 Last Ultra Firmware Wish.... Really Easy one?

    That's the thing, I have a IR library the size of the average users hard drive, lol. Also, Impulses loaded into a vst, do not quite sound the same when added to axe. Ir loaders, in general, differ slightly, in sound from vst to vst, and the axe. Not sure why, but they do. For anyone, new to...
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    Other instrument IRs

    Ir's are not created from instruments, but speakers and spaces. Other than speaker ir's, there are reverb ir's created from specific rooms. Or there are also Ir's created from certain effect units, such as eventide/ lexicon etc.. So there is no such thing, as an instrument ir, that I know of...
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    Hardware IR Loader?

    +1 for the logidy epsi, great little box and high quality.
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    I need advice from ML Sound Lab about Cab Pack 7

    Mikko knows his Petrucci tones, that's for sure!
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    Need help with finding brighter IRs

    Use ir's with the 421 mic, these are usually really bright. Use a 25 watt greenback cab/speaker.
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    1 Last Ultra Firmware Wish.... Really Easy one?

    I know I'm probably beating a dead horse, but due to the fact, it will be a LONG time, before I can get my hands on a II, would it be possible to release a firmware version, that makes ALL the cabs, user cabs? Just an idea. It would be a easy to remove the firmware 11 cabs and just make them...
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    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    Just purchased the 412 MAR-CB pack. I'm looking forward to a nice old Marshall straight cab. I always seem to gravitate toward the straight Marshall's. I had the 2556A and B cabs forever and that B cab is still stuck in my head. I can't even count how many times I have whined about selling...
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    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    Same here, ^^^, I don't even bother with the other ir's, unless the tone is way off, or needs a bit of separation, etc... It is a good thing that those ir's are there though, just in case you want to stray from the norm and experiment. You can sometimes surprise yourself, by throwing a couple...
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    Free Ir Link 2 Rock Bogner

    Glad I could help!
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    Modded JMP Preset

    Nice, I have been on the hunt for a really pissed off modded Marshall JMP. Maybe this could help me get there with my Ultra?
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    John Mayer got a new amp yo

    His idea of a Marshall stack is broken, lol. I'm sorry I just can't help thinking he is reading from a tele prompter, lol.
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    John Mayer got a new amp yo

    I personally would never buy someones amp. I like getting an amp, or making one, (Thanks Cliff)that could be, MY amp. But to each his own. Those will fetch a lot of cash for a collector, in 20 years, I'm sure. If it is limited anyway. We could have made that amp cry for mercy, with the...
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    After switching off and on, all presets are bypassed

    That should do the trick, if not, contact support, that is the fastest way to solve an issue. There is a lot of misinformation, sometimes. The support here is FAST and reliable, even with the old Ultra.
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    John Mayer got a new amp yo

    Sounds Like ASS, for 6k worth of amp. Meh He is a great player, which is half the battle. There will be a lot of dudes upset they do not sound killer after spending 6 grand, lol.
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    Disappointed :(

    This thread is called USER ERROR, You can't have a whole studio worth of shit and make it sound good in 10 minutes, unless you know what your doing. I know what I'm doing and still learning everyday, just deleted every preset I had made and starting over AGAIN. It's all in there, you just need...
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    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Full OD (based on Fulltone Full-Drive 2)

    The OCD is like a fuller, more meaty TS, that sounds more amp like, than a pedal, IMO.
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    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    CabLab is only incompatible, in regard to, loading the ir's directly in to the Axe-fx Ultra. Also, the Ultra cannot utilize the Ultra-Res spec Ir's. However, it is usable in a daw situation, where your using the Cab Lab VST plug, in the box, (ITB), only using the Ultra, or any other source...
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    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    Thanks for the advice on LeCab. I TOTALLY agree that different loaders sound different from one another. I have NadIr also and every other VST know to man. I think I will finally take the plunge on CabLab. I also wanted to let you know that I have appreciated and loved your work from day 1...
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    Axe edit and Ultra

    FYI, Mac Os updates are often incompatible with older devices. So check Midi device drivers etc... make sure you have the latest and greatest. It will work out.
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    Axe edit and Ultra

    It is a Midi issue, or a Mac issue. What are you using to connect the axe to your mac? Possibly not jiving with Sierra? Maybe try and reinstall Axe-Edit beta again? http://www.fractalaudio.com/legacy.php
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    After switching off and on, all presets are bypassed

    Make sure you get a Cr2450 battery.
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    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    I am still on the fence, in regard to Cab Lab, because I only own an Ultra. Do you guys think it is worth buying anyway? I have tons of Ownhammer Ir's and have had, from the beginning. I also plan on the getting more of the V4 stuff. As far as a loader/etc..., would it be worth it? I still...
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    Free Ir Link 2 Rock Bogner

    Hey all, I was snooping for Ir's for acoustic work and I came across this site, I have never seen before. Which is rare, for me. Anyway, descriptions look very nice and then project was seemingly deserted? All Bogner cabs and a Two Rock. I felt it was worth checking out, here ya go...
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    Tips and tricks for using Axe Fx with IEMs

    Probably said already but, In this situation, IR's are your friend. I would try some roomy Ir's that sit with the band efficiently. I personally HATE IEM's and Headphones, in general. I wish you luck, it is very difficult to get a good in ear mix. It is so unfortunate that it has come down to...
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    Bryan Beller gear stolen!

    I wonder if he has had any luck in locating any of his basses. Man I would torture those bastards until they coughed up the info. Waterboarding is in order!
  47. P

    Bryan Beller gear stolen!

    In their defense, with current events of the past year, I can't say I blame them, for being unsocial. I mean these guys are probably wondering if it is going to be their last gig, is someone going to gun them down? Or the crowd for that matter. I'm sure it wasn't personal, probably just being...
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    Help With Time Signature

    Thanks for the help Moke and Chris, makes sense now, just didn't "click" at first, lol.
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    Help With Time Signature

    Hey all, I am having a hell of a time coming up with the correct click track, for a song i just wrote. I can give you the count for the intro, it goes like this. 1234 123 12345 1234 What would this be? No matter what signature I try, I can't seem to get a click that works with this. I write...
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    The Sad News in the Music Industry Continues - Gord Downie

    I just can't believe I didn't know about Gord. I will certainly check his solo album out. Thanks for lifting the rock off my head iaresee.
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    The Sad News in the Music Industry Continues - Gord Downie

    Noooooooooo That sucks!!!! They are a staple here in western Ny. Grew up with them cats. Great guys, Gord touched us all. What the crap. Why is this happening to our people? So much loss this past year and more to come. :(
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    "Crappy mode"

    I would start with a clean preset as mentioned, Amp/Cab, nothing else, with headphones. Are you connected USB, for the editor? That may cause issues too. You will figure it out, rest assured.
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    Fractal API Available for AX8 Development?

    It would not be in the best interest of FAS, in any way. I'd rather see resources go toward continued progress in their products.
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    Double expression from my SP-1 Mission!!!

    I guess this probably covers the rest. http://dsguitarengineering.com/blogcontent/1/21/2015/guitar-diy-episode-1-build-an-indestructible-expression-pedal
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    Double expression from my SP-1 Mission!!!

    Thank You for this. I am another Dunlop Wah owner looking to convert for the Ultra. Is the pot in the Dunlop suitable or no? Is there a parts list available? I'm good with a soldering iron and mechanics of it all, just not the electrical details. Thanks
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    CAE 3+ and JMP-1 model question

    Long Night? You will be messing WAY longer than that, lol. You will be able to get something set pretty quick for your gig though. Use the preset Exchange as a starting point.
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    Noise Gate flutter

    I always set release and attack to 0 and has never been an issue. 0x10-100 = 0, lol.
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    popping when switching scenes using scene controllers

    Thanks for helping me understand this a little better. I get the pop factor once and awhile and now I know what I can do to fix it.
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    Second clip for Marshall silver! with Gibson! Q6

    Even with the axe-fx, if not more so, the majority of your tone lies within your digits. :) I have found, that I can make the axe sound like any amp I want. Doesn't matter if it is in the list of amps, I can do virtually any tone there is now and new ones! Always sounds like me though, good...
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    awww yes! the marshall silver! (Q6)

    That was badass. Enjoyed the funky squeal meal you dished out there bro. Nice. \m/ Makes me really want a II bad, lol.
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    The Answer - Original

    Nice work, sounds very original, definitely has good vibe going on. It nice to hear some new stuff. Floyd meets Ozzy and Zakk. \m/
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    Need a backup

    Make sure you have the latest firmware for the MFC. I would talk to support.
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    Digital output issue - via S/PDIF (AX8-->AW2400)

    So sucks trying to get that solder to melt. I hate it. That solder is for machines, not for builders.
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    MFC-Edit 6.2 - new features

    Looks very user friendly, can't screw it up, lol. Nice work!
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    Bob Rock!

    I know that song so well, but never had a clue who played it, lol. Thanks for that.
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    Went from Q3 to Q6.1 everything is bassey

    I would try turning the master Volume and gain all the way down and slowly bring them up. I find the Master can go from bright, to mush sometimes. Hope you get it sorted out before your gig, that sucks. Or, just go back to the last firmware, (you backed up before right?), Then after New Years...
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    i really wonder if there is anyone using m-zone model as drive block ?

    I'll admit that I actually like the Metal Z, in certain eq situations. The knobs can do some interesting mid flavors, you might be surpised.
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    Heavy Jams with the PVH 6160

    TS808 can do a lot with the drive on 0. :)
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    So an update on my issues using the Axe with an amp...

    That's a great reminder to start with the most basic of possibilities.
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    Double expression from my SP-1 Mission!!!

    This is great. I have an old Dunlop Wah that I want to convert for my Ultra, for this specific reason. It will work with the Ultra, correct?
  71. P

    Heavy Jams with the PVH 6160

    Very Toolish, nice job Breh.
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    Two notes Torpedo usage

    I wouldn't bother with the torpedo, just get the Wall Of Sound (WOS), plug in, if you want to check it out. Same thing with no load box. Cab Lab is cheaper and the cab ir's are better and more suited to the Axe, obviously. No real advantage, unless your using a real amplifier.
  73. P

    What amp and cab are the cleanest with no distortion added

    Man this one is easy guys. Use the Divided by 13, cab to taste and thank me later.
  74. P

    Poor man's path To Fractal Goodness

    Still running ghetto gear, on the monitoring side of things, but it works for now, lol. I am using an old Sony Stereo receiver with Sennheiser Hd-280 phones. Doesn't quite do it justice, but it is usable. I am looking for any suggestions on a decent set of monitors, that aren't very...
  75. P

    Taylor 616ce & 618ce Tone Matches - More added :)

    Thanks Per sounds killer, can wait to try these in Cab LAB
  76. P

    Cab-Lab 3 Live Mode Buffer Issues

    That's a computer issue bro. If you can't run below 512 your CPU is choking. My suggestion is to make sure you PC is optimized for pro audio production. There are many sites dedicated to this. Most notably, Black Viper Service tweaks for all versions of Windows. ASIO4All is a good work...
  77. P

    Welcome to the New Cab-Lab and Cab-Lab Live Subforum

    I'm back for some more questioning, lol. I FINALLY got a hold of an Ultra. Should I hold off on Cab Lab, until the live version drops? I know I cannot import ir's into the Ultra, but I do want it for use inside Reaper. Is there an estimated time frame for release? I have every IR known to...
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    Poor man's path To Fractal Goodness

    Thanks John, same to you brother. I knew I would like it, but I had no idea the depth and quality of tone that truly can be achieved. Now I look forward to the II someday.
  79. P

    Poor man's path To Fractal Goodness

    Hey all, I thought it would be nice to post how I finally, got into an axe-fx, with little to no money. I know there are a lot of people who cannot afford an axe, including me, so I hope this can help someone in a similar situation. I am on disability and have not worked in 8 years. I have...
  80. P

    Question regarding Preamp Dynamics

    All I know is I HATE gates, although the axe has an extremely good one, I know it's there, digital or real amp. I cannot stand the way they suck tone and chop off tails etc..
  81. P

    Question regarding Preamp Dynamics

    I need to learn more, I have experienced this effect too and found nothing negative about it.
  82. P

    Outputs not level on my Ultra

    I had the same issue and it was something in my Daw, can't remember exactly what. Either a pad was was activated or something along those lines.
  83. P

    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    An affordable backup solution would be the Amplifire. It sounds pretty damn good, but it does not have the vast possibilities of the fractal stuff. With modeling you need to think of what's under the hood too. The Ultra is still pretty hard to beat. I can hear the depth in the Ultra that I...
  84. P

    Axe-Fx Ultra Parts Links, What works Etc...

    Well I guess this thread can be deleted because I noticed that the support site has it all already! Which is great. Here is the direct link for anyone interested. http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Parts_p/svc-parts1.htm Keep in mind that you MUST contact support first, to place an order or it...
  85. P

    Axe-Fx Ultra Parts Links, What works Etc...

    Hey Ultra users. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start a thread on parts, due to the fact a lot of us have weathered units. I am looking to replace the input jack, encoder wheel, and fan on mine and am looking into sourcing parts. Has anyone replaced the encoder, input jack? What...
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    I finally did it. Now what?

    I need monitors too but will need to wait until after xmas. Thanks for the tip on the JBL's.
  87. P

    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    Thanks Bro and I am getting up to speed fast. Being a little lazy with the front panel tweaking, but I'll get there. The editor is spoiling me, but let's me see what makes good patches great and so on. Gain staging is so important with this box and probably the one reason some people can get...
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    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    Oh, also, I have used user amp sim there is at least once aside from the Amplifire and the Ultra still is the better choice. Unless you are not the tweaker type anyway, then an Eleven Rack or Amplifire might be better for you. I wanted to try the amplifire but had to have the fractal first, lol.
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    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    I like it so far, the key to the Ultra is finding the Cab Impulses that fit best with each amp. There are only 10 user IR slots, but I think if I choose wisely, I can cover a lot of ground. I have an insane ir collection. A good REAL cab is key also, I think 2 Marshall B cabs will do it...
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    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    Yay! I finally was able to get one, will be here tomorrow. I will share any cool presets I make/find. The wait is finally over, probably will not kill the GAS, totally, but, hey you never know. It should keep me busy for awhile and no more excuses, time to finish my project. Cheers!
  91. P

    I finally did it. Now what?

    I will have mine Tues, thinking about getting Cab-Lab 3 too, for use as a vst in my DAW. I know it is not compatible as far as Ultra-Res Ir's being exported to the Ultra, but should work fine otherwise.
  92. P

    I finally did it. Now what?

    I hope to get mine too here soon. I have the midisport uno and it works fine from what I know. There is only one version of axe-edit for the Ultra, http://www.fractalaudio.com/legacy.php, bottom of the page.
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    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    I'm getting the deal done one way or another. I just can't rest until i have one, now that they are in range for me, financially. I want to finish a solo effort I have been working on forever. I am also broken as hell and want to take the axe and gig with one box. That's the main thing for...
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    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    My trade deal for the Ultra fell through and I have been quite bummed about it. Anyway, I am going to just use ebay and try and sell all my gear and hopefully, get a hold of one before the snow flies. It is going suck but I have convinced myself that there is no better option under 2k out...
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    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    This is all I needed to hear. I am good. I use my ears to make tones and as long as they can be had I WILL get them. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I just want to be done and play and be happy with some killer presets and write and jam away. No updating, no hype, just playing. :) \m/
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    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    I am a LOOONNGG time lurker and finally getting an Ultra. I have read and heard the II is far more superior, yadda yadda. I just want to know in a nut shell, can the Ultra get close to the II? In terms of, sound quality? I have no problem tweaking. If takes more than the II, than so be it...
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    Post Your Rig!

    Thanks for the information. I am a little hesitant about the Motu stuff too, but the speed is certainly a selling point. Should work great with my, quad core/16mb ram, Dell Laptop. I am broken as hell and psyched there is a possibility I can get out and jam again. I am trading my old rack...
  98. P

    Post Your Rig!

    I love the new Motu stuff sounds awesome. What rack case is that? I am looking for a similar one that isn't as heavy as the shock mount cases etc.. Thanks
  99. P

    Post Your Rig!

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