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  1. secondwindow

    Toggle to “favorite” preset then back to last preset

    I’d like to be able to switch to a “favorite” preset, then switch back to the last preset. The first part is easy and I know it’s possible to setup a switch to toggle between two presets. But, what I’m tying to do is a bit different. Example: If my favorite preset is #1 and I’m currently on...
  2. secondwindow

    Wah to bypass, engaged on power-up

    I've added a wah block and want it to be disengaged by default. However, on power-up, the wah is engaged. This seems to occur regardless of the settings I use. I'm controlling the wah sweep with an EV-2 and an external OCD footswitch to engage/disengage, both connected to my FC-12. I've...
  3. secondwindow

    HSS with Suhr Aldrich - single coil recommendations

    I have a Suhr Standard HSS with alder body and 25.5 scale rosewood fretboard. The current pickups are SSH+/V60/V60. I’d like to try some different pickups in this guitar, just because. I have a Suhr Aldrich humbucker on-hand; I had one in a Suhr Modern and liked it a lot. Any suggestions...
  4. secondwindow

    Change tuner offset on/off with foot switch

    Is it possible to change the tuner offset on/off using a control switch? I’ve checked the manuals, but didn’t find an answer. I have one guitar with BFTS, but my others don’t. The guitar with BFTS needs to be tuned with offsets. So, it would be handy to be able to turn the tuner offset...
  5. secondwindow

    Help me decide: Strat-style - Suhr or Anderson

    I have a Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster that I'm thinking about replacing with a strat-style from Suhr or Anderson, probably with SSS. My Fender is on the heavy side and the noiseless pickups aren't bad, but not too inspiring. The playability is fine and craftsmanship is OK. I have...
  6. secondwindow

    Decal for American Elite Stratocaster Headstock

    I'm having my Fender Stratocaster refinished and I'll need a logodecalfortheheadstock. I'd like to find a decal like the one used on the the American Elite Stratocaster that looks like it's embossed chrome. See attached. Can anyone suggest where I can purchase this decal? Thanks!
  7. secondwindow

    Advice Wanted: Guitar Painting/Refinishing or Other Options

    I'm considering having my stratocaster painted. It's currently finished in sunburst with gloss urethane over ash. It's a Fender American Ultra Luxe Stratocaster, purchased early this year. There's nothing at all wrong with the finish - it looks great and is in mint condition. So, nothing...
  8. secondwindow

    NG and NB Days - Too many brown guitars

    I realized recently that all of my guitars were some version of brown - 3-tone sunburst, tobacco burst, bourbon burst, desert burst, etc. All were great guitars, but just didn't inspire me - not just because of looks. All were great guitars, but just weren't exciting me the way I'd want them...
  9. secondwindow

    NGD: Suhr Custom Modern HH Dark Cherry Burst

    This is my brand-new Suhr Custom Modern in Dark Cherry Burst with with dual humbuckers, three-way toggle, and chrome hardware. It has an okoume body and neck with flame maple top and pau ferro fretboard. The recessed bridge is a TonePros TP6 and the pickups are Suhr SSV neck and SSH bridge. I...
  10. secondwindow

    NGD - Suhr Modern Custom

    A big splurge, for sure, but I'm really diggin' this guitar. The neck feels great and there are no dead spots. I'm the second owner. Here are the specs ... Suhr Modern Custom 2020 Satin Trans Black Burst Specs : Satin finish Roasted swamp ash w/arm, hand, tummy contour Roasted flame maple...
  11. secondwindow

    NBD: Lakland 55-94 5-string

    Just got a third-hand Lakland 55-94 5-string. This was a custom build for one of their supported artists. It's very plain for a 55-94, but it's just what I was looking for ... 35" scale and versatile sound options. I'm very pleased and have been playing it a lot.
  12. secondwindow

    Suhr double oval inlay

    I'm considering buying a Suhr that has a "double oval" inlay at the 12th fret. I think it looks kinda cool. However, I'm wondering if it has any meaning (pro or anti anything, etc). Any insight on this?
  13. secondwindow

    String recommendations for B-E-A-D tuning

    I have a 4-string bass, Fender American Elite Precision, that I've been tuning to B-E-A-D by using the four lowest strings of a 5-string set. These are the strings I'm using now: Ernie Ball 5-String Super Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Set, .040 - .125. The problem I have is that the 4th string is...
  14. secondwindow

    NGD - Fender 75th Anniversary Commemorative Telecaster

    I actually got this guitar last Thursday. I wanted to make sure it was a keeper before posting here. It's a brand new Fender 75th Anniversary Commemorative Telecaster in bourbon Burst with maple fretboard. The pickups are Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele. I haven't owned a Tele in about 15...
  15. secondwindow

    NGD - Kiesel DC600T - Seller's Remorse Cured

    I bought this Kiesel DC600T new in 2016 direct from Kiesel. I bought it on a whim, had a bit of buyer's remorse, and decided to return it, but the 10-day return period had expired. So, I sold it on Reverb. Then, had an immediate case of seller's remorse. Drat. I contacted the buyer, but...
  16. secondwindow

    Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar

    Hello If you own or have had hands on a Studio MIDI Guitar from Jamstik, what are your thoughts? https://jamstik.com/collections/all/products/studio-midi-guitar I've had several MIDI interfaces on/connected to guitars in the past and am wondering how this new product holds up to Roland, Axon...
  17. secondwindow

    Premier Guitar magazine review

    The latest issue of Premier Guitar magazine, December 2018, includes a review of the Axe-FX III. They give it very high marks; well-deserved of course. They also said the FC won't be released until the fall of 2019. However, I think that’s a typo and they meant to say “2018”.
  18. secondwindow

    Axe-Fx III to replace mixer

    Hello I’m lookimg forward to getting my III, but still on the wait list. In the meantime ... Is anyone using their III to replace their mixer for studio monitoring and recordiding via USB? I’ve been using a Presonus mixer and only using two mic inputs plus four more inputs as stereo pairs...
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