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  1. pull75

    Ax8 waiting list

    Does anyone have any idea how long the waiting list is? Or how long did you all wait for one?
  2. pull75

    Legato patches

    Whats everyone's favorite legato style patches for soloing? Amps, cabs etc....
  3. pull75

    Jimmy Eat World switched to Fractal

    They're using the modeling to! This is very in depth!
  4. pull75

    Request for Progressive Rocco!!!

    Rocco, I have a special request... not that you're necessarily taking requests hahahaha but... Your Girl Gone Bad cover video is why I bought a Fractal! Could you do a cover of Van Halen's House of Pain? That way I have something else to obsess over! LOL
  5. pull75

    Gated feel when the gate is off

    Hi all, I'll try to explain this as well as I can. I 'm using a Plexi model and I hate noise gates. I'm a strat player and I use my volume on the actual guitar a ton. I roll it off for clean tones and less gain. I have been noticing what almost sounds like digital distortion or some type of...
  6. pull75

    I saw Polyphia the other night

    I saw them in Lawrence Kansas at a very small bar. They opened for Chon. They were very nice guys and I got to chat for a while. They were using the Axe FX ii for their rigs going direct. Here's a small snippet filmed with my phone. I think they said they're using the SOLO100 for lead tone.
  7. pull75

    Axe FX sighting U2 Edge Fender video

    This was just released four days ago. about 4 minutes in I see an Axe Fx
  8. pull75

    Technically could you RTA speaker cabs?

    Technically couldn't someone RTA their cabs, wedges etc. and compare it to the direct signal of the fractal and EQ their Cab/wedges accordingly? For example I'm running 2 10" wedges powered by a crown amplifier in stereo. Could I tune those wedges and power amp with a RTA mic and program and...
  9. pull75

    Has Anyone Achieved This tone?

    I love the sustain but not much drive in this tone... Has anyone achieved this? He's using the VOX AC30 on a Kemper. I know the fractal can do it, just wondering if someone has something close to start with? before I did in?
  10. pull75

    Has Anyone Tried Blue Amp Powered Cabs?

    Anyone have any luck with this yet? MINUS THE KEMPER Just the powered 2x10 stereo cab... http://www.blueamps.de/ampscabs/spark/
  11. pull75

    You Could DIY Your Own FR Cab Perhaps

    Check this out. I have 2 Seismic Audio wedges I use for my Axe Fx2. I suppose a guy could buy their guitar cab and load it with the speakers perhaps...? http://www.seismicaudiospeakers.com/empty-guitar-cabinets/c/457
  12. pull75

    Rack Case that looks like a guitar amp head?

    Does anyone know who makes a rack case that has the appearance of an amp head like a Marshall, Mesa etc.? I'm sure someone has posted something but it's kind of an oddball thing to search for.
  13. pull75

    Polyphia's New Music

    Have you guys heard the 2 new single Polyphia released last week? They're Fractal Artists. Great tone!
  14. pull75

    Who has sold their Axe Fx to get an AX8?

    I want to hear from a former Axe FX user that sold it for an AX8 and is completely satisfied and happy.. pros, cons etc. I'm way too OCD and anal retentive to pull the trigger not to mention too poor to own both because I'm feeding two college students and a 17 year year old.
  15. pull75

    AXE 8 Larry Mitchell Demo

    Maybe it's been posted already... but DANG! Sounds so good! On a second note, I'm sure it's been discussed but I don't want to sift through every thread to find the answer. My question: Can you transfer tones from the Axe FX2 over to an AXE 8 successfully with no problems?
  16. pull75

    Saving presets question

    is there a way to save the entire contents of the ace fx 2 instead of just one patch at a time? I know the line 6 stuff lets you do that. Just curious.
  17. pull75

    Muse--- Unsustainable Drum remix for the Muse Fans

    My son did a drum remix of the Muse tune "Unsustainable"
  18. pull75

    Not Fractal Related but...

    My son is a drummer and he took the viral video 100 guitar riffs and put drums to it in one take. Thought you fellow musicians would enjoy.
  19. pull75

    Call Me Slow To This Game...

    Is the AX8 basically the Axe FX and controller all put into one unit? Kind of like a POD on steroids? This is not a question of which is better... Fractal always wins. Just wondering if it's the same modeling as the axe fx including amps, cabs etc. or just the effects with no amps included...
  20. pull75

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Here's My Rendition of Silent Night!

    My son is a drummer. So I made an arrangement of Silent Night and he played drums on it for me. Merry Christmas everyone! Same Mesa Boogie Lonestar patch as the other day. Here is the patch http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3928
  21. pull75

    Mesa Boogie Lonestar with a Strat Video

    I did a little thing today, I hadn't had a chance to sit down with my Axe FX ll yet and actually create anything. Here is the patch as well http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3922
  22. pull75

    If you could buy one cab pack?

    What is everyone's favorite cab pack? Is there one that just stands out above the rest? My favorite Van Halen tone is probably 1984 or Van Halen II Any recommendations on cabs to achieve that? I'm also a huge Andy Timmons fan
  23. pull75

    Feelin Good Live

    Our church had it's 34th Anniversary a few weeks ago and we did "Feelin Good" I used a Bonamassa Les Paul and my axe fx 2 Hopefully this link works. It's just an iphone video from someone in the audience.
  24. pull75

    Comparison Chart?

    This might be a stupid question and I didn't know where to begin to start searching so I'll just ask... Is there a chart somewhere comparing the ultra amps to the axe fx 2 amps? Such as The Plexi 1 on the ultra translates to the Plexi blah blah on the 2? Or the 4x12 v30 translates to the...
  25. pull75

    I have Lincoln Brewster's Axe Fx Tones from Real Life

    I have Lincoln's actual Axe Fx settings I just aquired from his old bass player Norm stockton. I believe they were for the Ultra. I have an Axe Fx 2. Anyway to transfer them over or view them to recreate them? If anyone wants them PM your email address I'll gladly share.
  26. pull75

    Anyone own one of these? Powered cab

    This looks like it would be pretty accurate.. Gemini 2 - Mission Engineering
  27. pull75

    These Kids are tearing it up with AXE FXiis

    I know they've been mentioned on here before but this really deserves some checking out. They are Fractal users. Their entire album is catchy, hooky and melodic front to back. there isn't one bad song on it. Great Tones!! Their name is Polyphia, all kids from Texas and I don't think any of...
  28. pull75

    Brit Brown with High Res Cab Pack 5

    Hey guys this is my first demo/tone/video. I just got an Axe Fx 2 last week. It's just camera audio captured from my studio monitors but it sounds great! Digging the Fractal.
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