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  1. godprobe

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Just want to say congrats to everyone at Fractal! I still love my Ultras, but it's great to see the Axe-Fx continuing to grow and evolve! :) lol... my signature is so old... haven't logged in here in literally years... :)
  2. godprobe

    What Song is Stuck in Your Brain Today??

    I actually keep a google docs list of songs that get super-stuck in my head. They're often indie female-vocalist-with-a-slight-accent songs, exactly like the current one... Yael Naim & David Donatien - New Soul Also, thanks for the thread, hadn't ever looked up the video before. Two of the...
  3. godprobe

    What ever happened to the vintage reverb?

    Firmware history - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki (These are found under the Type selection on the first page of the Reverb block in SM, MD, and LG sizes. Additional spring tweaks are at the bottom of the ADVanced page. Also, they're fun. :D)
  4. godprobe

    Kirk Hunter orchestral libraries group buy

    Hey all, Thought I'd mention this deal that's going on in case anyone here might be interested. Kirk Hunter Studios is doing a group buy for their major orchestral libraries and at the highest tier (right now we're about 60 people away from hitting it) they'll all be 75% off, which, on my tight...
  5. godprobe

    Favorite all time solo(s) and why?

    in general, weezer blue album solos. i rarely listen to weezer anymore, but those old songs are still always as good as i remember. oh right... the "why"... like a couple other posters, i hate solos that don't add anything but a solo to the song. generally, weezer seem to have solos that carry...
  6. godprobe

    Post Your Rig!

    looks perfect DG, nice job! I'm jealous of it
  7. godprobe

    Help Using my axe II with Reaper

    Right. By default, it won't be. ...I think... (there's a lot of layout flexibility). Ctrl-mousewheel over that left-hand track panel area to vertically expand/shrink it. Or right-click over the meter in that area or the record button to get the same options as right-clicking the speaker...
  8. godprobe

    Pop when powering off

    I'm tempted to ask you to check which plugs on the power conditioner you used with the Ultra. I haven't used a power amp before, so I'm not sure if it would be any different, but with powered speakers I *always* turn them off before turning off anything feeding them a signal (or else yes, you...
  9. godprobe

    Preset Incr/Decr via MIDI

    Not sure if your reply was in response to farrakon, but if not... PCs call specific presets. They never have and never will increment or decrement. This wishlist item has nothing whatsoever to do with PCs.
  10. godprobe

    Where in the US?

    +1 to Colorado. You'll get used to the cold times and the rest of the times are worth it. Plus you'll have a good contingent of fellow original Fractalites including javajunkie, electronpirate, and solo-act. -1 to California for the heat and cost of living. The earthquakes are fun though...
  11. godprobe

    Is guitar on the decline?

    kinda looks like a decline in those sorts of things in general. added "dance lessons" and that shapes up similar to guitar. Google Insights for Search pull guitar and dance out of the above, leaving drums, bass, and piano and it's easier to see that they're *all* slowly declining for whatever...
  12. godprobe

    Do we need a Music Revolution in the 21st century?

    I used to love dubstep. Now that I'm hearing it on freaking *everything* (EVERYTHING) it's starting to sound as repetitive as most trance did back in the day. I still haven't heard a *good* combo of it and metal though, and I think that's definitely still doable. But yes... fact is, it didn't...
  13. godprobe

    Disconnecting the Fan in Ultra

    I doubt you'll get any nod from Cliff, given the misinterpretations that spawned from earlier statements he had on the subject, causing this absolute statement on the subject half a year ago... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-discussion/33659-buzzing.html#post466968 (unsure whether...
  14. godprobe

    Clawfinger IRs - 2048?

    doesn't look like they're all included, but the Marshall ones under "Clawfinger" in the .zip on voes's site are from that cab. ...actually... looking closer... they *are* all included. I just also have the pre-6.0 firmware 512-length versions mixed in with my collection. (for reference, the...
  15. godprobe

    Drum Machine Software Recommendations

    That will typically depend on your host/sequencer/DAW software. I know Reaper has the option to use a computer keyboard to emulate a piano, and I don't doubt that all of the major players in that market likely have the option as well. If they don't, there are some VSTs and other workarounds...
  16. godprobe

    We Lost a Long Time Moderator?

    I like Jay. I also like that he's no longer a moderator. Hope he returns.
  17. godprobe

    Choosing The Right USB Cable

    aside from the actual shape of the connectors, the vast majority of USB cables should be compatible with anything, power included. given the length of 33ft mentioned for the "powered" USB cable mentioned above, it probably has an internal repeater allowing the USB to carry data across a longer...
  18. godprobe

    Admin deleted post without reason

    semi-off-topic... for what it's worth, USAmerican here, and I always write dates on files as yyyy.mm.dd so that things always auto-sort correctly on the computer. Written on paper, I use yyyy Mon dd (e.g. 2011 Aug 04) so that there's no possible confusion about any of the bits except my terrible...
  19. godprobe

    searching three character words?

    Use Google... site:forum.fractalaudio.com amp foh axe cab box out mic - Google Search
  20. godprobe

    Axe 2 plus Free REcording Software --anyone try or have hints?

    depends on your audio interface or sound card. adjust the interface's settings to minimize latency while making sure things don't get too glitchy. no reason not to, if you want to really monitor without latency. that's essentially exactly the same as any other thing that claims zero latency...
  21. godprobe

    Axe 2 plus Free REcording Software --anyone try or have hints?

    yes. create a new MIDI item on a track (Insert > New MIDI item) Edit the new MIDI item (I usually just double-click) In the bottom left, it probably says Velocity. Switch that to Program. Draw in your program changes. To edit them, select them and go to View > Event Properties (Ctrl-F2 on...
  22. godprobe

    The REAL reason tubes are better that solid state

    I prefer jackets with zippers over jackets with buttons. Despite how much easier it is to replace a button (assuming you can find one that nicely matches), zippers are just easier and rarely need replacement. ...unless you're using one of those cheap zippers that always gets stuck... I do like...
  23. godprobe

    Let's all wish Cliff good vibes and a quick recovery!

    Get healthy, Cliff! I'm thankful I can step away from these boards at times and hope you get a chance to do so yourself soon. Get some air! Take a vacation! Ride your motorcycle!
  24. godprobe

    Congratulations to Dweezilla Scholarship Winner Sean Strickland

    congrats!!! couldn't have happened for a more deserving person! :)
  25. godprobe

    Quality of delays in AxeFX II?

    Gdzh!--... bdt!!!--... gaaaah, just read this... now I need a II! Darn you, Cliff! Darn you to a beautiful paradise!
  26. godprobe

    1st time Axe FX owner

    The 5150 sim was added in firmware 7.00. If you're on any version prior, it won't be there. Firmware history - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki You can check your current firmware version by pressing the Utility button, and Paging all the way to the right, the Firmware page. Also, congrats on...
  27. godprobe

    RME Fireface 800

    Looks like that was a February, 2010 release? -- RME User Forum / Latest driver updates I wouldn't have picked up on it anyway though, as I'm on Windows here. XP. There *is* a new driver than the one I'd been using though (2.9992, firmware 2.77) -- I might have to re-test things with 3.034...
  28. godprobe

    RME Fireface 800

    Here's the thread with the info I was able to gather... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-zone/26882-dam-updating-epoms.html I haven't *completely* ruled out other aspects of my setup, my experiments were not perfect, and I haven't experimented with other operating systems or the buffer...
  29. godprobe

    Just got my ax, my first impression...

    Wrong. Women love diamonds for their wide range of industrial applications. ...YouTube - Valentine's Day Gift Buying :D
  30. godprobe

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    ? What do the four Quick Control knobs and X/Y buttons do (if anything) while on the Recall screen?
  31. godprobe

    Ultra Firmware History...

    Also on the Wiki... (Ultra starts at version 3.05) Firmware history - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki
  32. godprobe

    I am, but to be honest, I haven't really used it for almost two years. Depending on what you're...

    I am, but to be honest, I haven't really used it for almost two years. Depending on what you're using to send the signal (I use a GK-3 pickup), it could be a bad piezo element (might be a faint signal) or just a loose connection (intermittent signal). If it's not registering at all though, I...
  33. godprobe

    Axe FX Accessibility

    Reading through GM Arts's page, that will only get you as far as adjusting all of the parameters on all of the effect blocks. You'll also need this SysEx page on the Axe-Fx Wiki... Axe-Fx SysEx Documentation - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki ...to be able to place or remove effect blocks, connect...
  34. godprobe

    Axe FX Accessibility

    That's actually not a bad idea at all, GfromHarpOn! Though I don't know how well it would work in practice, good thinking! Here's the link to GM Arts's SysEx documentation, which would probably be the most clear and comprehensive single web page on the subject. Axe-FX SysEx Messages If you...
  35. godprobe

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    depends on the features available on the pin(s) they're connected to. in any case, having both red and green on at the same time would still just be a simple on/off state for each color element in the LED (they are probably on separate pins), so I don't think the partially-on thing is even...
  36. godprobe

    Which one amp model can I use for clean, crunch and high gain?

    imho, crunch would be the hardest to get of those (assuming you don't mind a drive block assist...) so, first get the best crunch you can, then use the guitar's volume knob to help dial in an appropriate clean tweak, and finally kick on the drive block for the gain
  37. godprobe

    What should I do?

    Two easily-discoverable indicators for how old it is are: - finger indent on the scrollwheel: *really* old, one of the first, vintage sound ;), collector's item! :D - absence of the two additional bolts in the middle (top and bottom) of the faceplate: older, quite possibly still from the...
  38. godprobe

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    Here's Cliff's answer about the additional detail on the cabs, from earlier in this thread... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii/35997-axe-fx-ii-technical-questions-thread-6.html#post491042
  39. godprobe

    What's your fave DAW software and why?

    imho... 1st choice... REAPER, because it's inexpensive, well-supported, easy to use, highly configurable, and works. 2nd choice... Ableton Live, because the workflow is very different and very useful in certain situations. Used before, didn't get along with... FL Studio (long ago), because it...
  40. godprobe

    Firmware upgrade tips & tricks for noobies

    Heh... well... technically, the terrible power-off time is right after it's gone to 100%. Esp. if it's in the middle of the write. Avoid upgrading during lightning storms. Or having your computer on at the time, for that matter.
  41. godprobe

    Introducing the Axe-Fx II

    I did a double-take on that too. :D
  42. godprobe

    OwnHammer will charge but Red Wire will not?

    Looks that way. Since RW provides the Axe-Fx version 1 SYX and the WAV files in each purchase, it would be weird to charge for version 2 files anyway, assuming (fairly safely) that the community gets an IR converter for version 2 files. Were I to buy into OwnHammer, I'd probably go for the raw...
  43. godprobe

    Can we get "New posts" back???

    it should. make sure you're clicking this button to the left of the thread title.
  44. godprobe

    Can we get "New posts" back???

    I assume traffic's still high (or is anticipated to be high when the Axe-II actually launches) and the ten results returned is just temporary -- limiting that would definitely reduce server load. Hopefully it can get kicked back up later. I've definitely come back at times where there's ten or...
  45. godprobe

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    Can we copy block_instanceU's parameters to block_instanceV's? (e.g.) Drive1 settings to Drive2? Between patches? (without Axe-Edit?) Side note: Robboman's metal-plug Cat-5 suggestion is probably a good one too. IIRC, frequent failures of the cable were the reason they did that for the...
  46. godprobe

    Main Soundimprovement in AxeFx II

    I expect d)'s answer would depend on the amp/cab and dialed tone.
  47. godprobe

    Axe-fx II amp only firmware for axe-fx ultra.

    well I'm definitely very intrigued by the idea. best wish list post I've seen in years, imho. (having two ultras already, I may be biased...)
  48. godprobe

    Applauding Cliff.

    Hey, where'd the Like button go? :? (can't wait 'til I can view New Posts again :mrgreen) i.e. ...+1
  49. godprobe

    compare button?

    Nice! I'd just assumed that's what the X/Y evolved from. Dedicated Compare aside from that is even better!
  50. godprobe

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    (not quite technical) ...but I just have to ask... bitcrusher?
  51. godprobe

    Introducing the Axe-Fx II

    Very cool! Good (and surprisingly surprising) to see Cliff & Co. continuing to push the limits. Am I bummed at the lower resale value of my two Ultras? Definitely. My idea to cope: wait for the Axe-Fx Three; and meanwhile... play guitar. (And also be very jealous of all the Axe II owners...
  52. godprobe

    Can we get instructions updated on how to use special features of this forum...?

    Not a bad idea; I definitely agree that it's not immediately obvious.
  53. godprobe

    Can we get instructions updated on how to use special features of this forum...?

    BB Code List - Fractal Audio Systems Forum (this link is (hopefully!) at the bottom of the page you're viewing now, under the white-text-on-gray section that says "Posting Permissions") :)
  54. godprobe

    Countdown 0.5...

    Maybe it's part of Cliff's master plan -- if they go on eBay cheap, he'll buy them all up for less than the cost of the parts from the factories -- demand will be lower, supply will be readily available for b-stock builds, and the people will stop complaining about the shopping cart system! :D
  55. godprobe

    Countdown 0.5...

    Debated doing the same thing, but can't help thinking... "Nah, whatever it is, it can't be better than two Ultras!" :mrgreen
  56. godprobe

    Axe-FX sighting - Westminster Abbey!!

    If it was one of the *very* original units (would have to be a Standard, not an Ultra) -- it may have had the finger indent on the value knob.
  57. godprobe

    LoFi effect?

    Another option would be to go with a custom cab IR. Take one of the .wav download samples from here... Impulse responses ...or the .sit downloads if you have StuffIt (are on a Mac). Run it through AlbertA's IR converter... Guitar Logic - Downloads ...and upload it to your Axe-Fx in a user cab...
  58. godprobe

    AlbertA Appreciation Thread

    And don't forget his Pantera patches! :)
  59. godprobe

    sOFTSTEP + fcb1010 uNO...... Looks Promising.

    Wikification appreciated! (There is no Enhancer 2 Bypass control. It goes Drive2, Enhancer, Filter1, Filter2, etc. in the list.) Also, that list leaves off Input Volume, Out1Volume, and Out2Volume. Without default CCs (before they existed), here's the list I made quite a while back on the...
  60. godprobe

    Recording computer advice

    fwiw, cost to build my current Windows machine was just under $1400; if i'd purchased a similar config from any manufacturer, it would've cost me about $2000. however, I probably *did* spend $600 worth of time doing research prior to the build (SilentPCReview's forums were great). the build...
  61. godprobe


    future-proofing... checked the View Source... can probably foreverafter use this format instead of the literal one... forum.fractalaudio.com/showthread.php?t=34141 :-/ (seems to auto-parse that to the string version in posts, but paste it into the URL bar and it should work)
  62. godprobe

    Jay Mitchell and the power of flat response

    If folks are seriously looking for a more accessible option, Renkus-Heinz, as a company, got a nod from Jay back when we were on the old forums. Link. I think only a handful of Axe-Fx forumers ever used their speakers though -- a "Sygma" SG121-2 and a CF121M-2 -- due to their comparatively-high...
  63. godprobe

    Avoiding dips between patch changes

    IIRC, Meshuggah got around this by buying another Ultra... :D
  64. godprobe

    Sweeping PEQ to find annoying frequencies?

    just dialing from one end of the frequency range to the other haven't read the rest of this thread, and maybe you're already familiar with this, but to explain anyway... you add a single "filter" (i.e. one EQ... thingy...) to the chain and either bump it up to the max gain boost, or the lowest...
  65. godprobe

    Question about Redwirez Cabs

    I finally got around to using LeCab2 (free, Win only) the other day and definitely dig it Set the master volume to 1.000 (100%) and running the Axe amps through it should sound exactly (to my ears) as if you were loading the cabs into the Axe's own cab slot. Test with toggling bypass on a cab...
  66. godprobe

    Ready, aim...

    a few likely reasons for why there's no phone support: - there's e-mail instead (which has the advantage of preserving a record for any solutions you receive... you can go back and read through it again rather than relying on your memory) - there's a very active user forum (as already...
  67. godprobe

    About time...Five Guys Burgers & Fries in Las Vegas

    Man... I still haven't been, and there's one a lot closer to me now than when the last time this came up on the Fractal board (was that you too? :D) -- I need to make a trip to that place soon.
  68. godprobe

    Axe-FX ultimate preset libary - online

    FB-style "Like" button might be better than a star rating -- imho, 5-star systems tend to be either very polarized or they just average out in a weird way that's not really helpful due to people's random and varied preferences -- "Like" counts are a little easier to parse the meaning of, and a...
  69. godprobe

    Prodigy Breathe Effect?

    First try to get the James Bond theme... http://www.nekozine.co.uk/prodigy/info/sources.html :D
  70. godprobe

    Keeping track of data

    can't say i've ever felt the need to spreadsheet my axe-fx settings, and I love spreadsheets! :D but if it works for you, awesome! :) (if you have a google account, you can load the excel file directly into google docs for sharing, btw)
  71. godprobe


    Did you completely miss LMO's reply? If you need more reasons than he gave, I'm going to dub *you* impossible. :)
  72. godprobe

    where's the link for the virtual midi footcontroller ?

    this still has all the instructions and the 1.03 version on the site... http://www.uwe-steigmann.de/vmfc/ ...there were a couple of later versions that I'm aware of as well as a source release, but I'm not exactly sure what was added, compared to 1.03.
  73. godprobe

    Piano modelling - now more realistic than sampling?

    SD2 should have discs. The rest is downloadable. (SD2 will also have a "preview" download so you can start working with it before the discs arrive.)
  74. godprobe

    how do i select patches in banks B and C?

    I think I've owned an Axe for over two years now, and I still don't have a coherent way of organizing my patches on the unit -- which is really weird for me, since I organize the hell out of everything else digital in my life I definitely *do* recommend using Bank A for the gig patches as you...
  75. godprobe

    updating firmware?

    For clarity's sake in this thread... the "single midi to usb cable" mentioned basically *is* a MIDI interface, albeit a very compact one. Some people have had good luck with those types. Others have not. Same as the other standard form interfaces. imho, a 2x2 is a more versatile small...
  76. godprobe

    Just ordered an ultra!

    if you were able to order it, it was in stock and i'm gonna guess a week :) is there a prize if we guess right? :D
  77. godprobe

    Any thoughts about a NEW AxeFX on the horizon?

    It'll come in two colors. Dark black, and a slightly darker black.
  78. godprobe

    older firmware and editor

    if you happen to find firmwares around 4.xx or earlier, be very careful with them and particularly make sure you have the proper ultra/standard version. no checksum process back then and loading ultra to standard or vice versa could lock up your unit. if you're after general nostalgia, G66's...
  79. godprobe

    Wiki version history poll: as-is, or reverse order (latest first)?

    Got a request to reverse the order of the firmware history on the Wiki... http://axefxwiki.guitarlogic.org/index.php?title=Firmware_history It was chronological when I started adding to it, so, along with being roughly in sync with the table of contents, I kept it that way. But, I went ahead...
  80. godprobe

    FEB 2011 - The things we CAN and CANNOT do

    THINGS WE CANNOT DO: read a book in the shower okay, there are a few workarounds, but it's a pet peeve of mine. it's such a simple problem, but it doesn't have a simple solution that I'm aware of. attempting to read a book or magazine in the shower, ignoring logic = book is destroyed somehow...
  81. godprobe

    FEB 2011 - The things we CAN and CANNOT do

    put your syx files on your iphone/pad/pod/thing, load them... http://line6.com/midimobilizer/ ...i have neither the mobilizer or any apple products, so I don't have first-hand experience with this... but it's an option.
  82. godprobe

    fireface 800 can corrupt large sysex data!

    Encountered the issue in testing on my FF800 and documented it a bit in the forum after hearing reports of other people's FF800 problems. Haven't gone back to re-check or do follow-up tests on buffer settings as I'd initially planned. XP SP3 here (may've been SP2 at the time). Driver 2.9992...
  83. godprobe

    Ideal Studio Monitor?

    another I kept seeing from multiple people while reading "the mixing engineer's handbook" is standing outside the room
  84. godprobe

    YES! Now I can finally use Google Docs to sanely make a signal path chart!

    (possibly premature celebration... until I can bend those "wires" around a bit more and have more connector points)
  85. godprobe

    YES! Now I can finally use Google Docs to sanely make a signal path chart!

    YES! Now I can finally use Google Docs to sanely make a signal path chart! http://googledocs.blogspot.com/2010/12/staying-connected-in-google-drawings.html ...because before, I was trying to do it in Google Docs anyway... and going insane.
  86. godprobe

    Happy Birthday Scott Peterson!

    happy bday! thanks for all the modding! :D
  87. godprobe

    SPAM pages on the wiki

    egad... it's getting out of hand... I just reverted the MAIN PAGE back to normality. I hope someone else can undo all of these changes en masse. I don't know how to delete pages, or if I'm even able to. For undoing defaced pages, go to Page History, and Undo the proper change. If it helps...
  88. godprobe

    THE definitive axe-fx mono setup guide

    stereo/mono comparison work in progress that I never finished... maybe one of these days. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/19426-Stereo-Mono-questions-on-the-effect-blocks and ignore the "[/*:m:252uz1dw]" funkiness -- looks like a result of the forum transfer on list tags in any case...
  89. godprobe

    this footswitch is amazing!!!

    Instead of "8)" = 8), use "8)" or "Go Advanced" when posting and select the checkmark for "Disable smilies in text"
  90. godprobe

    Drum Programming

    Just a quick note to Soundshell777's otherwise very nice post... Superior Drummer 2, EZdrummer, and Beatstation are Toontrack's "stand-alone" offerings. Everything else adds sound libraries to those apps. SD2 comes with the Avatar sound library, EZD comes with the Pop/Rock and Cocktail...
  91. godprobe

    Is the Axe-Fx alone with this grid routing scheme?

    found two so far... Both seem to be included only with a whole host program, and are kinda old Mac only: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan09/articles/peak6.htm <-- see the second screenshot of "VBox" Mac and Win: http://www.kvraudio.com/db/spark_fx_machine_by_tc_works
  92. godprobe

    Drum Programming

    For me... if I don't start with a MIDI groove... I'll set up a metronome, and do many many takes of individual kit pieces on the keys. Repetition gets me closer to what I want. Usually, I'll just start with the snare and kick to keep it simple. Add the hats after that. Tweak the recorded...
  93. godprobe

    Help, I want to record!

    In addition to mark's reply, if you have a store nearby where you can audition them, I recommend doing so. My local Guitar Centers have a decent "studio" room with multiple monitors set up. Bring a CD with music you're very familiar with that covers a wide range of frequencies and stereo...
  94. godprobe

    Cables...do you think they make a difference?

    If I use a cable, things generally tend to sound a little louder, so I'm on the side that says they do make a difference.
  95. godprobe

    Help, I want to record!

    I run SD2 in Reaper all the time. imho, the two most important parts of getting set up are: 1) audio interface 2) studio monitors neither have to be top-of-the-line, but you *need* both. personally, i usually buy either the best thing for my needs available or the cheapest thing that works --...
  96. godprobe

    How does "modeling" work?

    +1, esp. on the time savings
  97. godprobe

    Is the Axe-Fx alone with this grid routing scheme?

    was gonna suggest Reaper myself, but wasn't sure how much the UI design is what Beefcake's after stacking multiple effects in series on a single track, and then using sends and returns to simulate going up or down a "row" for parallel and additional post effects, you can effectively get the same...
  98. godprobe

    Is it possible to figure out which IR you have in the user slots?

    been requested many times over the years -- doubtful that this will ever happen
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