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  1. shadoe

    Any chance of getting more colours?

    Probably 0. They haven't updated axe edit from the standard and ultra since the 2 came out. There would be no reason for them to go in and make one to the last version of axe edit for the 2 .
  2. shadoe

    Just wanted to say thanks.

    Hey guys. Its been a long time since I've logged in. I've been playing guitar since 2001 and bought the Axe Fx 2 MK2 right after it was announced. I've been enjoying it ever since. I was super active in the forum and in and out of metal bands from then, until mid-last year. I was diagnosed with...
  3. shadoe

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    The end of an era. Thank you!
  4. shadoe

    Potential New Rig... thoughts?

    Wait. 380 pros. Not 280. Only $30-$40 more.
  5. shadoe

    Potential New Rig... thoughts?

    Its all about the Sennheiser hd280 pro's.
  6. shadoe

    How do I update from 2.0?

    I'm about to jump as well. Typically, there's a few firmawares you have to do to get to the latest. Following to see.
  7. shadoe

    Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

    Sounds great man!
  8. shadoe

    Andy Summers Bozo Review

    This is assuming we know the pre-text of the conversation. If they asked Summers to do an interview about the gear he used on his new album, then, that line of questioning would be warranted. However, if they only asked him to do an interview about his new album, I would definitely understand...
  9. shadoe

    Andy Summers Bozo Review

    I was reading this interview today and Andy Summers almost goes off on the interviewer for asking mundane questions. Anyway, here it is: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/25745-andy-summers-not-another-classic-bozo-interview I've never been a huge fan of the police. However, I've always...
  10. shadoe

    One Cab to play AXE and AX-8

    Yep, if you haven't fried anything already, you're a lucky man. Power amp>speaker, always. Mixers, axe fx, etc. can not handle loads.
  11. shadoe

    AX8 Incoming

    I haven't personally used the helix. So, I have no means to compare. But, welcome to the fractal family! Make sure you keep your manual close, for a while. And, have fun!
  12. shadoe

    Somebody please convince me to NOT buy an Axe FX with my tax return.

    If you're a fan of any of the line 6 spiders, don't buy it.
  13. shadoe

    MONO or STEREO for Backing Tracks live?

    A lot of house sound guys I've used run a 2 guitar band panned about 70% each way. I would rather have each panned in stereo. It depeneds on style/gain/tone. It basically depends on what you're going for.
  14. shadoe

    New pickups, Bareknuckle, which?

    Considering acdc and zz top both use and have always used gibsons, I reccomend these. https://bareknucklepickups.co.uk/main/pickups.php?cat=humbuckers&sub=vintage&pickup=the_mule
  15. shadoe

    Women with Axe FX

    And here I am, wondering why anyone gives a shit. Music transcends genders and all other labels. Besides that, if someone can play guitar, who gives a shit what gender they are?
  16. shadoe

    Periphery - Zero tone test

    Sounds great man! Care to share the preset? I have a bass preset you may find useful, as well!
  17. shadoe

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    Hell, you can still get $900 out of a standard. I say get rid of them. I'd rather my mark II stay relevant and able to continue receiving updates. I've been around since Firmware 5 and before that, the standard. Nothing can touch the models we have now.
  18. shadoe

    When do I lose the "apprentice" status?

    Its all to do with your post counts.
  19. shadoe

    usb 3.0

    Yep. Same as 2.0
  20. shadoe

    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    I have to weigh in. I use Bluetooth in my car and I also use lg tones (which are Bluetooth). I don't notice a huge difference honestly. Plus, they'll have a second speaker on the phone which should substantially, improve audio quality. I have used my head phone jack in a long time. To the...
  21. shadoe

    Amp modellers look like spaceship controls

    Eh. I'd rather keep the axe designed for whatever makes my workflow easier. I wouldn't be able to think of any design that would work better than what is already in place.
  22. shadoe

    Yamaha HS8 Users: How do you like it with Axe?

    I can't hear much under 60 hz through mine. However I don't have the room to set them up right. They need to be setup away from walls and your room needs to be sound treated. Other than that, they're super clear and reveal almost every mixing/performance mistakes you may make.
  23. shadoe


    Darko killing it as always. I love the tone. I love the song and I haven't even heard the entire thing yet.
  24. shadoe

    Short Rock Idea

    Jimmy Eat World up in this mug. I dig it.
  25. shadoe

    New Cab Pack! ML Bulb Zilla UltraRes™ Collection

    So I bought the pack this morning and got inspired to make this. The solo sucks. But, I'm not much of a shredder and the part needed something. It turns out that this is my favorite cab pack so far. The irs sound phenomenal. The presets also sound phenomenal with little adjustment ( I only...
  26. shadoe

    New Cab Pack! ML Bulb Zilla UltraRes™ Collection

    Cheers man! Superb answer. Told me everything I needed to know. I think I'll purchase this and take a shot. If I don't like it, at least ill supporting two amazing people, that do great things for music.
  27. shadoe

    New Cab Pack! ML Bulb Zilla UltraRes™ Collection

    Does it completely blow away cab pack 13? Or is it just different? I've been pretty happy with 13. But, I'm contemplating this. Especially since it includes presets.
  28. shadoe

    Upcoming 4th-Be Safe!

    *bassist haha
  29. shadoe

    Powering Axe FX II and a rack unit wireless

    Assuming the 2 into 1 is built correctly (read reviews before buying), it would be exactly like plugging two different electronics into both plugs on an outlet. Should work fine.
  30. shadoe

    Powering Axe FX II and a rack unit wireless

    That's supposed to be a link but it's didn't work. Search "2 into 1 iec"
  31. shadoe

    Powering Axe FX II and a rack unit wireless

    Conntek 05215 Y-Cable 6 inch + 8-Inch 1 to 2 Outlet Y Power Equalizer 5-15P to 2 C13 Computer/Monitor/Projector Power Cord
  32. shadoe

    Pantera "Becoming" whammy effect/setting anyone?

    Favorite *pantera song
  33. shadoe

    Pantera "Becoming" whammy effect/setting anyone?

    He did a pinch harmonic and a whammy bar. It's a neat trick and this is my favorite song.
  34. shadoe

    Carvin T-100 power amp stops working at high volume?

    Like I said, I need a power amp. Both for saving rack space and I need both channels. Does anyone have any suggestions about the initial post?
  35. shadoe

    Carvin T-100 power amp stops working at high volume?

    That setup won't work for me. Although, I love the 5150 III amp in real life, I would go with a mesa 2:50 or 2:90. I don't need to haul around a head on top of the things I already have to haul around.
  36. shadoe

    Carvin T-100 power amp stops working at high volume?

    This may or may not be the wrong forum to ask. But, I know a lot of you have vast experience with tube amps. So, I bought an OS Mesa 4x12 the other day and wanted to crank it. I had the power amp bridged and playing through 100 watts. I double checked my ohms and made sure the cab matches the...
  37. shadoe

    Guitar Brightness – Raw Tone vs Album Tone

    A common trick when recording heavy guitars is getting a high-end fizz. You have to get a decent one and when you double track and throw in a mix, it makes it sparkle! It's completely achievable with the axe fx and has been done many times. You just didn't realize it.
  38. shadoe

    How to get crazy Karnivool sounds?

    The guitarist starts in these "wails" at :34. I was wondering if anybody knew where to start with them? Thanks in advance!
  39. shadoe

    Rewire Orange 4x12 from 16ohm to 4ohm

    I would think you'd have to get new speakers. Right?
  40. shadoe

    Any strap lock recommendations?

    I like the DiMarzio buckle straps a lot.
  41. shadoe

    How to get a good bass tone with a Standard Axe-Fx

    Yes sir! It's been a long time since I've done it. I haven't had the standard in a while. But I threw an eq on both chains, running the guitar and amp for mids and the bass amp for lows and highs.
  42. shadoe

    How to get a good bass tone with a Standard Axe-Fx

    Run the the amp with the 8x10 cab and then run a guitar amp on a side chain for the distortion. I remember using an hbe and a 4x12.
  43. shadoe

    Wish: Anti-Feedback Block

    Can you not throw a gate In the chain and adjust it to taste?
  44. shadoe

    I saw Polyphia the other night

    I live in mission. So, I'm probably pretty close to you. I wanted to go but couldn't get work off. It sucks knowing you missed a good show. It's a nice, small club too.
  45. shadoe

    Speaker Resonating Frequency

    It works with irs too. Although, it's definitely more subtle. It improved my ir low end and cleaned up some mud.
  46. shadoe

    Speaker Resonating Frequency

    I've owned my Axe FX II for nearly 3 years. I had a standard before that. I've been attempting to make a nice, smooth metal tone for just as long. I could always nail the mids-highs and gain that I wanted. However, I could never figure out low-end. When I eq'd the low end to my tastes, it just...
  47. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Haha. I programmed them with minigrand. It's a stock avid plugin. Sorry to disappoint!
  48. shadoe

    Friedman HBE Quantum 2.03 Progressive Metal

    As always, great tune! I love all of your stuff
  49. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Me too! It's so nice. I'm mainly a guitar player with very limited knowledge of bass tones. So, he makes it easy.
  50. shadoe

    My first gig using a Fractal unit

    Sounds great! I even dig how you have the appropriate guitars for the right ozzy eras. Cheers!
  51. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/3-x-bass-presets-fw-15-seed-video.86999/ Its the v15 patch.
  52. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Thank you very much!
  53. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Hey thank you guys! I want to find someone who can sing to lay some vocals on it. Although, I may have to tone down some of it to get a vocalist to fit, without having too much going on.
  54. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Hey thanks man! I appreciate the kind words!
  55. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Also, the preset for is stock ruby rocket (preset 106) and the preset for bass is one of seed's.
  56. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Hey fellas (and whatever few ladies that might roam the boards), I woke up the other day and had this melody in my head. The song is quite different from anything I've made. Let me know what you think! on #SoundCloud
  57. shadoe

    Marshall is going digital

    Marshall said the head is under £200. Which means in usd, it'll be under $300.
  58. shadoe

    SeeD - Bass preset for 1.06 Q. Have fun

    Jesus dude. I've never had a better sounding bass in my mixes. Thank you.
  59. shadoe

    PEQ help

    You can put it before the amp block. However, the amp and is going to sonically, add a lot of those frequencies back.
  60. shadoe

    PEQ help

    I would put a high pass filter after the amp block around 80hz. This is usually where I start when mixing heavy guitars.
  61. shadoe

    what the.. "The only Full Tube, 100% Analogue, Modelling Guitar Amplifier"

    Jesus Christ. I was reading the comments while listening to this video. And, I was wondering why everyone was ragging on his playing. While I didn't think it was that bad. Then..... His high-gain demos kicked in and uhhhhhh. Not only do they sound completely awful. But, his guitar is horribly...
  62. shadoe

    dat tone, halp?

    Sounds like heavy evh influence? I would start with the 5150 block.
  63. shadoe

    New Love for EMG Active

    I'm also anot old 81 user. Now I have the 57/66. They're amazing. Quickly becoming my favorite pickup set.
  64. shadoe

    Tone-Matching a Pedal?

    What if you recorded the Mesa with the ts808 on and tone matched that same rig in the afx?
  65. shadoe

    U2's The Edge plays through my Axe-Fx2

    So intensely amazing!
  66. shadoe

    Glenn Fricker's Opinion.

    Agreed. Its not that you need 40+ amp sims. Its that if you by chance do need any of them, you can call them up, very simply.
  67. shadoe

    Glenn Fricker's Opinion.

    Now, before I start this, the last thing I want to do is start a pissing war. I am a fan of Glenn Fricker and watch his channel, religiously. However, He's had some interesting things to say about the Axe FX II. He's even gone as far as to make a shirt about modelers. It doesn't say anything...
  68. shadoe

    I will never undertand I guess..........................

    Dude pulled Jennifer Anniston. My hat is off to him. Whether, he is a dick or not. Plus, he has chops. Whatever happened to, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything, at all."?
  69. shadoe

    For fans of Veil of Maya and/or August Burns Red

    Just a little shameless promotion here: We just released a single from our upcoming ep that's due out in October. If you like it, Give us a like on Facebook. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/lightbringerus
  70. shadoe

    ML Sound Lab: FW20 Stratocaster in a mix test!

    Beautiful! It reminds me of Dredg. Have you ever heard of them?
  71. shadoe

    Experimenting with glassy tones on the Axe Fx 2.

    That's fucking awesome! I would love to know how to achieve this sort of effect.
  72. shadoe

    The stoneage problem: drums too loud

    If he doesn't want to spring for plexiglass because its too expensive, he most certainly won't want iem's.
  73. shadoe

    The stoneage problem: drums too loud

    Have you tried hearos? They're expensive but, well worth it. They're earplugs that retain sound quality a lot better than regular ones do.
  74. shadoe

    Newbie Here

    Welcome to the party. I hope you've made peace with the fact that you'll get little to no sleep for a while. Also, Google is your friend. Almost any question you'll have for a while will most likely have already been answered. Read the manual cover to cover and enjoy!
  75. shadoe

    Please recommend me a cab-pack

    Cab Pack 13 is majestic. Whether you're a fan of Misha or not, those ir's sound amazing. Best 4x12 ir's so far. IMO
  76. shadoe

    Question for Cliff

    I only count 23 actual amps in this pic. Imagine that x4.
  77. shadoe

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    Thanks for the tip! I'll try that! Don't be! I actually enjoy direct, to the point feedback like this. It helps, substantially.
  78. shadoe

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    Haha no. He's a very important piece. It should go like this, "Fire your your shitty bass player and get someone who knows their craft, really well. I am still working on it. I haven't even written the rest of the song, yet. Thank you for the direct advice, I'll try cleaning up those frequencies.
  79. shadoe

    1RU tube power amps?? Anything available?

    Why 1u? Other than space, what is the benefit? If it is so it can fit in a bigger case, I would invest in a different case. As, going 2u will substantially broaden your options.
  80. shadoe

    Hey Guyth! My Metal band did a video thing

    Good job! Great tunes. I hear a heavy soilwork influence here. That's a good thing.
  81. shadoe

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    Do you cut on your master bus, or on each individual track?
  82. shadoe

    Aerosmith "Blue Army Tour" Last Night

    I saw them a couple of years ago. I thought they were good live. I only went because my old man dragged me there. I've never found out what's so appealing about them. The worst part is, I had to sit through poison's set to get to it.
  83. shadoe

    adjusting tone in a band mix

    Check out my post here:http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/102719-getting-low-end-thump-chest-while-also-cutting-through-mix.html
  84. shadoe

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    Here. I've uploaded an example. The way I mix first is by muting everything except drums and bass to make sure they have a good relationship in the bottom end (giggity). And then, I unmute guitars and make my high/low pass adjustments ac necessary. The first bar is the full mix. The second is...
  85. shadoe

    Cab-Pack 1 is now FREE!

    Thank you!
  86. shadoe

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    Yep. A tight bass player makes all of the difference. For a referance, I put a low pass on my guitars at 90 hz. And bass at around 40. Basically guitars should fill mid to mid highs and bass should fill between 40 and 80 hz. And usually anything above 3-5 k depending on what you want it to sound...
  87. shadoe

    AxeFxCabList : A new tool listing Cabs used in your presets

    I'm super son caused as to what this actually does. Layman's terms please?
  88. shadoe

    NEW GUITAR DAY! PRS Custom 24 Holcomb Signature!

    Great song! Nice guitar!
  89. shadoe

    Now rack 11 is better.... Haha

    They also talk about how awesome it is if you buy a tube screamer to put in front of it. Good thing axe's emulate them and almost to a T.
  90. shadoe

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    Yep. If it's a good mix with a great low end, 9 times out of 10 it's because it's the bass youre hearing. In most any great mixes (with the exception of groups like dreamtheatre), the low end is all kick and bass. The guitar is usually brittle and all mids-mid highs. People with great mixes...
  91. shadoe

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    HAHA. I saw them a couple weeks ago. That is an accurate description.
  92. shadoe

    Anyone know how to set protools up with 2 devices?

    Badass! Thank you. Yes it's mac. If that doesn't work, I'll attempt the spdif
  93. shadoe

    Anyone know how to set protools up with 2 devices?

    I record with a Presonus Firepod. But, I also want to be able to record via USB with the Axe FX and monitor from the Firepod. Is there any way to do this? I'm sure the Axe would sound better if I recorded USB instead of using the converters in the Firepod. Thanks in advance!
  94. shadoe

    New Guitar Day!! - Carvin/Keisel (Pics inside)

    Thanks guys! And, Yes it does have lithium k14's in it. I actually like them. Which, is weird. I've never liked stock pickups in any guitar I've ever purchased.
  95. shadoe

    New Guitar Day!! - Carvin/Keisel (Pics inside)

    I'm not a huge fan of headless guitars. But those have me changing my mind. They look great!
  96. shadoe

    Use two amps, less quality?

    Holy thread resurrection, batman.
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