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  1. jasonmauer

    issue with mk2 Turbo and Mastermind GT

    I recently upgraded my guitar rigs by replacing my AxeFx III mk1 units with mk2 Turbos. I've run into an issue when using the new Turbo units with my Mastermind GT controller. When doing the Get Preset Names operation from the controller to load the AxeFx preset/scene names into the MMGT, both...
  2. jasonmauer

    Wish Scene Levels in Volume/Mixer Blocks

    Setting up some new presets, adjusting levels per scene -- would love to leverage the Scene Levels option in the Output block, but that adjusts the entire level including effect tails, which can result in undesirable volume shifts when switching scenes. It would be fantastic to have the same...
  3. jasonmauer

    Wish Multiple Input blocks (per input)

    Currently, there is one block per Input available in the Axe-FX III. (e.g. one Input 3 block, one Input 4 block, etc.) For running more effects pedals in their own loops, it would be awesome to be able to have multiple Input blocks per input -- for example, Input 3 Left, Input 3 Right. This...
  4. jasonmauer

    Support for MIDI banks?

    I'm working on setting up my foot controller (Mastermind GT) with the Axe-Fx III, and have run into a snag with with MIDI preset selection. For some reason MIDI bank changes aren't working. I've tried MSB, LSB, MSB:LSB... no dice. Also tried sending bank/preset changes with MIDI-OX over USB and...
  5. jasonmauer

    Bug? Preset backtrack not working w/MFC v2.01, AxeFX II v6.00c

    I believe I've stumbled across a bug with the backtracking feature of alternate presets. I'm running the latest firmware on the AxeFX II (v6.00c) and the MFC-101 (v2.01). I went into the SETUP menu on the MFC and set GlobalPreset to BAK, but nothing changed -- when I hit a preset footswitch a...
  6. jasonmauer

    using both Output 1s?

    Hi everyone, new AxeFX II owner here (and loving it) with a question about output. I've been running 1/4" to my power amp from Output 1. During rehearsal I also plug into the XLRs to connect to the mixer for recording. When I do so, I lose the signal to the 1/4" jacks. Is this by design or do I...
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