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  1. Roland

    Set List tips

    My first thought was that we should have a new multi-platform section of the forum just for the Set List feature, but quickly decided that the traffic levels would be low. However there must be some tips and tricks we could share. To kick things off here are two things I’ve encountered in my...
  2. Roland

    Is this a bug?

    My preset has two Delay blocks. On the FC12 I've set one of the buttons to bypass Delay2 on tap, and Delay1 on hold. However the FC12 insists on having Delay1 on tap and Delay2 on hold. I've tried the obvious things such as changing the button to something else, and then coming back and setting...
  3. Roland

    Migrating from AxeFX II & MFC to AxeFX III & FC12

    Next week I’ll start migrating from an AxeFX II and MFC to an AxeFX III and FC12. Currently I use five presets, each with five scenes. They’re all carefully honed down over years of playing gigs. So this isn’t a volume problem, more about getting the details right. Initially I’m expecting to...
  4. Roland

    Reducing scene change time

    What can I do to reduce the time it takes to change scenes? I’m the only guitarist in the band. Often I have to switch from rhythm to solo, then back to rhythm, between beats. There’s a lot going on in that split second: amp parameters, delay and reverb settings, maybe chorus settings. How can...
  5. Roland

    Anyone involved in the Las Vegas incident?

    I don't normally discuss personal matters on the internet, but I've used this forum for a long time, and view many members as friends. Several forum members live in Las Vegas, and others may have been visiting for the Country Music festival, or even on the bill. Were any forum members were...
  6. Roland

    Midi Implementation

    The manual says, in 17.3, that CCs are not passed forward via midi-thru. A quick check with midiOX shows that they are passed. Does anyone know anything about this?
  7. Roland

    What happens if I swap the ribbon cables in my MFC?

    Yesterday I opened up my MFC to remove something which was rattling around inside. I noticed that each row of foot switches is attached to the "motherboard" by a separate ribbon cable. What would happen if I swap the cables? Is it a solution to the mk1 and mk2 problem of only being able to...
  8. Roland

    What do we think of the new forum format now we've used it for a while?

    Now that the novelty has worn off, and we've got used to the new format and features, what do we think? Personally, I like the way the "new postings" search works, and doesn't assume I've read everything in my previous search. I also like the fact that it's no longer limited to 100 posts.
  9. Roland

    Tuner stopped working

    The tuner has stopped working on my FXII. There's signal going in, and the ball in the circle is showing tuning stability, but the main tuner display doesn't move. Have I altered a configuration setting by mistake? Is it a bug in FW18? Could it be a hardware failure?
  10. Roland

    iPad as a midi controller

    Does anyone have experience of using an iPad, with suitable outboard gear, to send midi messages, or control DMX? I'm thinking that it would be nice to have the set list on screen, and have the iPad automatically change the Axe FX preset and lighting settings whenever you select a new song
  11. Roland

    Number of threads in a "New Posts" search

    A measure of Fractal's success is that the forum has got a lot busier. It used to be that I could come on here once a day, hit "New Posts", and see 24 hours activity across all the sections. Nowadays there are far more than 100 posts each day, and I can no longer do that. I know that it has...
  12. Roland

    An upgraders diary

    It started with a chance posting on another forum. An Axe FX II was for sale, close to where I would be at the weekend. Why should I upgrade from an Ultra? The chance to get a better acoustic sound is part of the story. Running out of memory is another. The incremental cost over a two or...
  13. Roland

    How are you using X and Y settings?

    Background: Ultra user about to embark on configuring a II. I would search past threads, but "x y" is too short for search engine validation. I'm wondering how to use the x and y settings. Ideas so far are: 1. To compare before and after sounds when tinkering with settings 2. Rhythm and...
  14. Roland

    How can I activate the Tuner when the volume goes to zero?

    I know that it's possible to activate and de-activate FX blocks when the volume pedal is at a certain setting. How can I activate the Tuner, and then turn it off when I raise the volume to say 5%?
  15. Roland

    Carbon footprint

    What do you think that the Axe FX has done for the guitarist's carbon footprint? There's obvious potential reductions in amps, valves and electricity.
  16. Roland

    Re-starting from scratch

    I'm considering rebuilding my patches. The individual amp and effect settings are not likely to change much, and there lots of "how to" about settings in the wiki. Rebuilding gives the opportunity to change the way I lay out the effects matrix, connect inputs and outputs (mag/piezo/synth...
  17. Roland

    Steel drum sound

    There is a particular song, Happy Birthday by Altered Images, which starts with a steel drum sound. if I can get close to that with the AFX then I can leave the guitar synth at home. I'm guessing that Ring Modulator and an enveloped Synth sine wave will get me close. Has anyone tried this?
  18. Roland

    How do you organise your patches on your floor controller?

    How do you arrange patches and stomps on your floor controller? I'm deciding how to arrange patch and stomp switching on my FCB1010 for live use, and would like to know what other people do. Players with other controllers may also have useful viewpoints. My first thought is to have one...
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