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  1. lucbl3

    Merry 2016 Christmas (Nuclear Tone)

    Merry Christmas to everyone in this forum, specially to @FractalAudio who made this God-like rack that the AxeFx II is :D Here's my version of "Holy Night" with a short message in the ending (Merry Christmas, in Portuguese). I'll be uploading the Preset-Cab Bundle, if anyone is interested.
  2. lucbl3

    Add FX Loop In All The Presets

    Hello, i'm curious to know if there's a way to add a FX Loop, before the CAB on every preset? I use it to hook up to an ART SLA-2. Thanks in advance!
  3. lucbl3

    Is there a way to use FX Loop for both CAB+FRFR and inserting effects on the Loop?

    Hello people. I'm gonna start playing with a new band soon, that uses all sorts of acoustic/electric sounds, as well as some synths, so i'll be using my GR55. Usually I send Output 1 to FOH and use FX Loop to send a signal to my CAB. This way I have more control on each volume. The question is...
  4. lucbl3

    Any Eminence CV-75 IRs out there?

    The title says it all. I built a 2x12 loaded with 2 Eminence CV-75. Although I could shoot some IRs myself, I don't have the equipment/knowledge/treated room for this job. I'm gonna start playing on a venue in 2 weeks. The Soundguy know the AxeFx and asked me if i could send a direct signal...
  5. lucbl3

    DI Models using Mic+DI method

    Greetings. I'll be starting to shoot my own IRs and I'm about to buy a DI for that purpose. There's a list on the wiki: Suhr ISO Line Out Box Pro Co DB1 Whirlwind Director Whirlwind Direct2 ART ZDirect Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 Behringer Ultra-G GI100 (with cab emulator off) Behringer Ultra-DI...
  6. lucbl3

    Which Speaker setup to buy

    Hello people from the forum. I'm about to make a custom 2x12 cabinet to play with my AxeFx II. I'll be using 2 Celestion V30's and I use an Art SLA-2 Amplifier. I'm new to customize cabs, so i'd like to know if someone can help on the impedance and setup of the speaker i need to buy! Thanks...
  7. lucbl3

    Using AxeFx for online classes

    Great people from the forum. I'll be starting to use my AxeFx, together with 2 cameras to start giving online guitar classes. Everything is set up, including the microphone, guitar (which are both running through my Axefx). I'd like, though, to be able to use a function somewhat like a...
  8. lucbl3

    Hostility on Kemper Forum

    Hey guys, i tried to have a nice polite chat with the people from Kemper forum about the Dephaser vs. Pure Cabinet thing. I guess if it was a live chat, i would be beaten up by them. I've lost count how many threads are about saying bad stuff about Fractal Audio. About how Cliff rips things off...
  9. lucbl3

    AxeFx vs. Amplitube 3 (Tone Match)

    Okay that's a tough blind test. I tone Matched Amplitube's Orange Rockerverb with moderate gain and stock EQ settings. A 4x12 Cab Amplitube's Cabinet was used. They sound almost identical, but I like AxeFx's tone a bit more (seems less compressed, I don't know, more alive). If I didn't tone...
  10. lucbl3

    Question for Reverb Experts

    Hello Guys! I've been trying to nail the reverb sound from Brian May's "Somebody to Love" solo. Could anyone here try to help me with settings? Thanks! Cheers!
  11. lucbl3

    Hit The Road Jack (Acoustic Cover)

    So guys, this is a simple cover from myself and my girlfriend! We used the AxeFx II XL for everything (including Reverbs, Chorus and Tone Match to make the Direct sound of Piezo sound good :) ). This is a pub we play regurlaly here in Brazil, hope you guys like it and enjoy another form of using...
  12. lucbl3

    A little Hiss

    Sorry if this is a normal behavior of the AxeFx II XL but I guess I've never notice it before, and since I live in a country without fractal dealers I'm a little worried. Anyway let's get to the "problem" Is it normal to have a little of hiss in a patch just with an amp and a cab. Maybe a...
  13. lucbl3

    Update Amps Freeze

    Hello everyone. Whenever I press update amp all presets, it does it until the end of the progress bar, then my AxeFx XL (firmware 15.06) just freezes and I have to turn power off and back on. Anyone having the same issue? A bug maybe? EDIT: it freezes but it works, resets all amp advanced...
  14. lucbl3

    Similar Amp to the DV Mark Triple 6

    Hello boys and girls of the forum, i'm proud new owner of the AxeFx II XL. Been waiting to buy an AxeFx for almost 5 years now (money was kind of an issue =/). But let's go directly to the subject. I'll be recording and playing some Maragold covers with a band. I'd like to know if there's a...
  15. lucbl3

    FCB1010 Wah Switch Mod

    Thought I'd share this little mod. I added a normal on/off switch by drilling underneath the left expression pedal. Then I connected to a new jack drilled on the rear, near the power button. What this allows me to do is to use the left expression pedal just like a real wah with a toe switch. I...
  16. lucbl3

    Crazy Train Solo

    People check out my try at this Rhandy Rhoads solo! It was recorded using an Ibanez RG1527 pluged into a cheap Fender Princeton 112. Not exactly the excellent sound i'd get from an Axe-Fx, but....that's all i can have right now =p Here's the solo: YouTube - Crazy Train Solo Cover Please...
  17. lucbl3

    Overdrive sound

    Hello, i'm creating posts all over just to certify that i'm buying this thing :) I'm getting the money in 2 weeks, and i'm gonna get one right after, so i need to raise one more question: I know Axefx is truly capable of nailing some pretty, outstanding metal tones. But that's all i can find...
  18. lucbl3

    Roland FC-300 and GORDIUS Little Giant Module

    I'm doing some research before i buy an Axefx, and i need a MIDI controller with toe buttons on the expression pedals! But The FC-300 is very limited in CC messages (only in CC mode you can have more of them). The question is simple: With the GORDIUS Little Giant Module, can i "Program" the...
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