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  1. stratzrus

    Tone Match - Have you used it? Tips?

    I'm considering using Tone Match for the first time and wondered if anyone else has used it and gotten positive results? Also, I'd welcome any tips you may have that will help in getting the best Tone Match captures. Thanks!
  2. stratzrus

    Axe FX II and the Seven Cable Method

    Is it possible with the Axe II to do a seven cable method? In effect it would be like the 4CM but using two heads for a stereo rig. The idea would be to have access to both tube preamps and tube power amps but use the Axe FX for drive in front of, and delay after the tube preamps (or Axe FX...
  3. stratzrus

    Axe FX II and Ultra firmware updates

    If you connect your Axe II to a computer using USB and connect the Axe II to the Ultra via MIDI (Axe II MIDI Thru>Ultra MIDI in), can you effectively use the Axe II as an interface to update the firmware on an Ultra?
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