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    FC-12 changing/resetting settings by itself

    So I went to start playing and after I booted up the axe all the mini LCDs were blank. After checking connections it was still happening. So I connected my laptop and started looking and it seems "per preset switch overrides" got enabled since I was last playing. Now I know I didn't do it...
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    Axe FX 2 --> Axe FX 3 Upgrader Person

    So, having owned the Axe FX 2 and MFC for several years I finally bought an Axe FX 3 Mk2 and FC-12. Just a quick summary on where I am so far after a week or so. I started by porting my presets across using frac-tool (amazingly useful, although it doubled all my delay times for some reason)...
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    [SOLVED] Has https://www.fractalaudio.com been compromised?

    Hi, when trying to access: https://www.fractalaudio.com or https://www.fractalaudio.com/fm3/ I get redirected to a very suspicious and non existent website. Just letting you guys know. EDIT, Looks like it could have been malware cookies on my machine. EDIT2, I'll just add some further...
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    Metallica to headline Glastonbury!

    BBC News - Metallica to headline Glastonbury on Saturday night slot Great news and will definitely be tuning in on the BBC. So could this be the Axe's biggest gig yet?
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    Amp picture + description displayed in amp selection menu

    Hi, I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but what would be REALLY frikken cool would be a pop up or something when hovering over an amp model in the selection menu, this pop up would have a brief description and picture of the amp and recommended cab, basically like the wiki. I don't...
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    Tonematched The Edge

    Don't ask me how, but knowing how much secret sauce his old 64 vox speakers add I thought I'd give it a go. Patch below. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=1880
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    Producer Pack: 2x12 '64 Class-A TB 30W (Jensen Silvers)

    Hi, I'm looking for a good 60s AC30 silver/blue IR, the silver and blue mixes included with the Axe 2 are okay, just looking to try something else. I saw the "2x12 '64 Class-A TB 30W (Jensen Silvers)" listed in the Producer Cab Pack 2 but am confused that it says "Jensen Silvers". The AC30 '64...
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    Major USB issues - Help?

    Hi guys, my Axe FX2 has been recording fine and dandy via USB for a few weeks, yesterday I went to record and this horrible sound below is what came out. I let the chord ring out at the end to show it is not a clipping issue, as the clicks and pops continue right along regardless of volume...
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