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    Flatlands Live!

    I have been Transcribing the guitar part for the following version of Flatlands, if anyone is interested I will share the file when I'm done. It is a guitar Pro 7 file, let me know if you would like a copy Ill be done with it very soon. Here is the video of the version. Markmusicman
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    Comfortably Numb Solo

    I did this one using the Fender Princeton amp as usual, I love that amp! I hope they do not block this one as well! Thanks for listening.
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    Hotel California solo cover!

    Here is a version I did of Hotel California solo, All the solos I have posted on this forum I have done using the Princeton Reverb amp! I love that amp! I also have a certain cab IR I have been using for years and it's my favorite, If you like the tone I might just give it up. Thanks for...
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    Pink Floyd Cover!

    Here is a cover I did using the Axe FX, I just love this unit more than anything! Thanks for listening!! Markmusicman
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    Axe FX Sounds Good Every Year!

    I did this recording 4 years ago with my Axe FX and it sounded great then! But I know we are all trying to always find a better tone!!
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    Green Grass & High Tides solo.

    Here is my version of the Green Grass & High Tides solo using the Princeton Reverb amp, you have to love this guitar solo if you are as old as me.
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    High Hopes Cover Solo

    Here is another solo using the Princeton Reverb amp, I really love this amp and I'm also using the Ownhammer V30 Chinese. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Free Bird solo

    Here is another solo I did using the Princeton Reverb amp!! I love this amp so much, I use it for all my solos! I hope you enjoy this solo also.
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    On The Turning Away Solo Cover

    I used my Princeton reverb preset for this solo, Please check it out and let me know if you like it! Thanks Mark
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    Time solo by Pink Floyd.

    Here is a video of me doing Time by Pink Floyd, I am using the Princeton Reverb amp and I really love that amp!! Markmusicman
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    Firmware 3.0 Issue Maybe

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but, when using the amp Prince tone rev amp I cannot view the basic settings using Axe edit. I'm hoping some one will also take a look at this. Thanks Mark
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    Vintage Preamps

    I'm not sure how many users here have been using preamps and for how long but I have been using the preamp model since the early 80s. I started out with a Fender Deluxe reverb in the early 70s and used it at full volume for many years performing. Eventually I started using pedals to develop...
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    My Latest Recording.

    Here is my latest song, it is a easy going song with some background solos using the Axe FX and a Gibson SG. Hope you enjoy it, I used Sonar to record all my parts. https://www.reverbnation.com/playlist/view_playlist/-4?page_object=artist_3054017 Markmusicman
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    Ownhammer IR ?

    I was just wondering what most people seems tyo like the best for the Ownhammer IRs, do you like a certain mic or a mix I know everyone has their own taste just trying to see if the majority likes similar IRs. Thanks for your input!
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    BB Preamp?

    Is anyone using the BB Preamp I'm trying together just a little boost without losing tone. I'm just wondering what others are doing to set their drive block up without jepordising tone. I almost have it just missing it by a bit. Thanks
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    compressor ?

    I was wondering how many of you are using a compressor on your patches. I'm just experimenting and would love to hear what others are doing. I searched the forum but didn't come up nwith anything. Thanks for your time!
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    Amp block ?

    Which amp block do you use for a great classic rock sound? I appreciate your input, Thanks
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    Axe Fx Live Gig ?

    I was just wondering do most Axe Fx users power it down between sets? I was just interested in what most users on here have been doing. I have never used mine in a live situation yet and am looking for some tips. Thanks
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    EEprom thought!

    I just purchased a couple EEprom from Fractal. I have never had a failure but I figure why not be prepared for the small cost of this chip. Just thought I would throw this out there for others to consider just encase. Happy jammin man!
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    Really learning What The Amp Controls Do!

    I know many users of the Axe don't care about all the controls and then there are those like myself who need to know what everything does. I'm sure this has been covered somewhere in here before but I thought I would share my day. Basically I went through the following Wiki page and tried to...
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    Strat whammy or block?

    I was just wondering how many strat users place a block behind their trem or just deal with tuning issues. I have purchased different terms and had some success but they work the best for me when I just leave them blocked.
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    back up unit

    I recently purchased an Eleven Rack from EBay the unit is brand new never registered but it does not come with Pro tools. You can get one of these for $375.00 which I believe to be a great deal. Since I cannot afford another axe this is as breast back up plan. I sold one of my Boss GT10s and...
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    Solo (Slower feel)

    Here is a solo I recorded for a friends Christian song a few weeks ago. I thought I would share it with everyone on the forum, I used some bending techniques on this one. I hope you enjoy it. Its allot different then my normal fast picking stuff...
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    Phil Keaggy demonstrating a Lopper pedal

    I have always loved Phil Keaggy even back in the 70s, he has been around jamming for a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1orAnKMHwME
  25. M

    Phil Keaggy

    Here is a video of phil playing an acoustic song he wrote. Check out the whole thing if you get a chance he uses a looper and he is so good at it. He has been using the looper for a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rero_qy3fc
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    Waitng So Long

    Here is an original I put together awhile ago and reworked the solo using the Axe FX let me know what you think. Thanks markmusicman I performed a melodic solo versus something fast I tired to capture the melody of the song. Markmusicman Songs | ReverbNation
  27. M

    Axe Manage?

    Is there are target date for when Axe manage will be available? With more and more IRs coming out it would be nice to be able to use Axe manage to maintain our User cabs more efficiently and with ease. Just looking for an approximate date? Ant news would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Effects Section of Forum

    I wasn't sure where to put this bought I saw someone else ask for this awhile ago and think its as good idea. It would be great to add a section in the forum just on effects. I use to run a forum and know this would be easy to add. Hopefully the right person will see this and make this change...
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    Princeton Reverb Amp (Jam)

    This is a Princeton reverb amp block with the gain and the master all the way up. I am using the OH V30 Chinese version for the cab. This is a pretty intense jam and yes I could have played slower leads but this is what I like to do sometimes. I hope some of the Fractal members like it I just...
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    Super Vee Tremolo

    I was wondering if anyone else here on the forums has tried the Super Vee Tremolo system. I'll tell you what it is the best thing I ever did the my HSS Strat and my Malmsteen Strat. They stay in perfect tune now and I have them both set up to float. If you have a Strat that you are unhappy with...
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    Loading User cabs (Excellent Process)

    Here is what I did to load all 100 user cabs with my favorite user cabs. First of all I have purchased both the Producer packs and both the OH vintage and modern IRs. Then what I did was install AxeCabManager the utility some great Fractal forum member created. Then what I did was use Axe edit...
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    Axe manage

    Any time frame on when Axe manage will be up and running. With all these new cabs it would be really nice to have this utility going. I guess i am going to try the Axe manage tool one of the members has created. Thanks
  33. M

    Original song Can You hear Me

    Here is a song I recorded in Sonar I played the drums using a Roland Stage kit, 12 string ovation , Gibson SG, Ibanez bass and sand all the vocals. This song has a bit of a Floyd feel. Markmusicman Songs | ReverbNation
  34. M

    Playing With Emotion

    I call this Playing With Emotion, because I just let go and played from the heart. Its a pretty cool jam, let me know what you think of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76b4nlxJevw
  35. M

    Ted Nugent Cover

    Here is a cover of the Studio version of Wand Dang I did. Wang Dang Uncle Ted Nugent guitar solo - YouTube
  36. M

    Rock Guitar

    Here is a song I through together I call it Rock Guitar. I play the drums and bass on it to, its a pretty cool instrumental. Markmusicman Songs | ReverbNation
  37. M

    This is a Love Ballad I wrote. Gilmour type solo at the end.

    Here is a song I wrote and put a slide type Gilmour solo at the end plus there are some double leads in it. Markmusicman Songs | ReverbNation
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    What is your favorite cab & amp block?

    I thought it would be cool to find out what amp and cab block user like the most. Since I only use a very few amps it would be nice to find out some different combos from other users. Please post your favorite amp and cab block I would love to try out what is working great for others and get a...
  39. M

    Playing with Emotion

    Here is a video I did with my old Mackie SRM450s before I bought the HD1221s. Original Guitar Soloing (Playing With Emotion) - YouTube
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    Backup Guitar Setup?

    I currently have a Boss gt10 and a rack setup with a Pearce preamp I am using for backup. Id love to get another Axe Fx but the money is an issue right now. I'm thinking an Eleven rack would be the easy to go. These are going for a bit over $600.00 bucks which is pretty reasonable. Just...
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    Losing Audio when plugging Switch into MFC.

    I recently unplugged a switch I have setup on midi channel 2 to operate a unit I have through the FX loop. When I plug the cable into the MFC switch input the audio cuts out for a moment. I went into to the MFC and disabled the switch and tried the same thing. It quit cutting in and out. I put...
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    Mackie HD1221

    Is anyone else using the Mackie HD1221s? I really love mine but I don't hear to many people mentioning them on the forum. I know the first release of these speakers had some issues but as far as I know Mackie worked out all the issues. The pair I am using were produced at the beginning of the...
  43. M

    New Mackie speakers.

    Anyone looking for a new FRFR solution, the new Mackies look pretty nice for the price. They have a SRM550 and 650s I believe would work great with the Axe. The 550s put out 1600 watts each and are only $599.00 if anyone tries them be sure to give us a review.
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    Princeton Amp block

    Ok here is a recording showing more dynamics of the amp block. Hopefully you will enjoy this a bit more. https://soundcloud.com/mark-rounds-1/princeton-amp-slow-jam
  45. M

    Jam using Princeton Amp block. I love this amp!

    Here is a quick jam I through together demonstrating the Princeton Amp block. I love the dynamics of this block. I am also using a mission expression EP1 for the Wah. I haven't heard any others that have used this amp, I really love the way it cleans up with the guitar volume ...
  46. M

    USB to PC ?

    I look around but couldn't seem to find this anywhere. I'm sure its documented somewhere but I just wanted to make sure. Is it ok to plug the USB cable into the Axe FX unit when it is powered on and plug it into the PC? Or does it need to be powered down when hooking it up? Thanks
  47. M

    Producer cab packs?

    I am thinking about purchasing the cab packs and am wondering if anyone is really digging them? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  48. M

    Drive Effect Block

    Any suggestions on which drive effect block you find the best for kicking in the sustain a bit. Right now I am using the BB and it sounds pretty nice. Just wondering what others have found. Looking to get that perfect feedback at low levels.
  49. M

    Is any one eles using red bear pickas from this Forum?

    Is any one eles using red bear picks in this forum? I have been using the red bear picks for going on three years and absolutely love them. Just wondering if there are any other Red Bear pick users here?
  50. M

    Previous Guitar Setup (Pearce Preamp)

    I thought it would be cool to have a post where users could list their old guitar setup prior to their Axe Fx. I have been using a Pearce preamp along with a Boss Gt10 for quite awhile. I have had the Pearce since the early 90s. This would be a great preamp or amp for Cliff to sample. I guy by...
  51. M

    My Youtube Channel

    I recently purchased an Axe Fx II and am really loving it. I have just completed my system, I'm keeping my old guitar setup for backup or if its extremely hot outside. I never want the Axe Fx II to get hurt I am very glad I purchased the three year warranty with it. Here is a video of the sound...
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    Prince Tone Rev

    I was hoping for this amp to be added, back in the early 70s an old friend of mine had a Fender Princeton reverb amp. I had a Deluxe reverb at the time, I remember he would crank that amp up all the way as it wasn't a really loud amp but it had a great sound. I have incorporated this new amp...
  53. M

    My Axe FX is on the way!

    Hello, My name is Mark or markmusicman and I just wanted to say I just ordered my Fractal Audio FX II unit and am very excited. I have been playing guitar for 45 years and have been using the preamp model for developing my guitar sounds since the late 70s early 80s. Currently I am using an old...
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