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    Why don't they just make some amps?

    I don't think there'd be much money in this for Fractal, just a LOT of hassle.
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    Kirk Hammett with AXE-FX lll

    Metallica have been Axe FX since like 2014
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01 Public Beta (Beta 2)

    You've unlocked the Zoom 505 emulation feature!
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    Anything like the Kemper "Space" setting for us headphone guys?

    Don't forget about FullRes IRs!! There are some baked into the firmware (at least on the MK2 onwards not sure about MK1). Put a stereo pair into slot 3 and 4 in the cab block and pan hard left and right. Then adjust levels to taste. The factory FullRes room IRs in the Legacy bank are: 190 —...
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    Sophisticated thread about Globally turning off all Cabs in the FM3.

    Amps through FRFR with no cab modelling generally sounds like angry fizzy bees. There's a reason cab modelling exists. Like Cliff said, sounds like you're getting no high frequencies out of your monitors, either that or your ears are completely shot.
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    FX-iii and Mac OS Monterey 12.4?

    No issues here, Intel macbook pro.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00 Public Beta (Beta 4)

    Nooooo, just about to go on holiday so won't get to play with this for a week!! :disappointed: Thank you Cliff and all at Fractal! 🤩
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    Mouse Review

    Logitech are (famously) the absolute worse at this, I've gone through 4 logitech mice in the last 2 years because I get double clicking issues. Apparently they run the switches out of spec to save power. But they also use cheap Chinese Omron switches, they must save like 2 cents on each mouse...
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    Dialing Out High Gain Unwanted String Noise

    I struggle with pick squeaking on hi-gain presets, pretty sure it's my technique tho. You can search for the offending frequencies with a para eq and notch them out. String noise means poor muting of non-played strings, which is defo technique (or too much gain).
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    usb from axe3 to computer causing youtube to be choppy? anyone else? solutions?

    Nope, not had this issue. Try a different cable. But the fact it's just youtube makes me think this is a computer/browser problem.
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    More than 1000 presets

    if I had that many presets I'd have a laptop connected at all times anyway, just to be able to search through and find them in Axe Edit!
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    Time based effects in serial or parallel?

    Whoops, I meant only delay, I rarely bypass the reverb block on/off in the same preset so not really a concern for me. But it's easy enough to just increase the level. https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Reverb_block#Mix
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    Time based effects in serial or parallel?

    Depends if the effect needs to be sent a clean signal or not. The only effect I run in parallel is shimmer reverb as I don't want a distorted signal going into the block. Series makes the preset less cluttered and the mix control is usually fine, I find for delay and reverb it's simpler to use...
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    Testing IR Full Res - What do you think about this sample?

    Definitely got that amp in the room vibe.
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    Axe FX too overkill for bedroom only playing?

    Axe FX too overkill for bedroom only playing? If you can afford it and want no compromise on tone, no.
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    'The Alien' Wins Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

    There should be an award for Best Guitar Tone.
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    Impedance curves ?

    Is the Class A 30W blues or greenbacks?
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    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    I have the mixFi, great but they are very heavy.
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    Speaker Impedance Curve: Why is this in the Amp Block instead of the Cab block?

    Hi, apologies for the question, but is the IC a property of the cabinet, or the actual speakers (or both). I ask because the 2x12 Class A 30W IC makes no mention of speaker (greenback or Alnico), yet there's another non AC30 IC "2x12 Guy Tron Alnico Blue" IC that says "Alnico Blue". If I'm...
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    Using a metal pick made my III sound way better

    An Elizabeth I coin? He's not THAT old! :tearsofjoy:
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    Front panel poll

    I work exclusively with Axe Edit so don't care about the front panel TBH.
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    What do you do to make the Axe feel fluid and as close to amp+pedals as you can get?

    I strap a 30KG lead weight to the Axe just to give it that backbreaking real amp heft.
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    Using Pitch / Virtual Capo to practice with music

    Yeah wouldn't it be better to do this offline rather than real time?
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    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    The fullres room IRs that come with the Axe (in the MK2 at least) are stereo pairs and have L and R in the names to indicate where to pan them. If it's TOO roomy just lower the levels. I have a Mk2 so run them in the cab block slots 3&4 panned L&R with an ordinary Cab in slot 1 so you can...
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    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    This is precisecly what full-res IRs was for. Just add a couple of fullres IRs and pan them left/right et voila, nice spacious amp in the room sound.
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    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    Think Cliff has recommended Blue headphones in the past, I have them and they are stellar. I know when I played through Metallica's rig they used them as well.
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    They All Sound the Same Again

    Reveal Reveal!! :blush::blush:
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    Drive Models Suck

    1 seems closest to 2 to my ears (DS1 the differences seem more pronounced across the 4 than the others), so 1 Axe FX?
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    They All Sound the Same Again

    3rd one sounds like a pillow was put in front of the mic, 1 and 2 very similar. I'd say: 1. amp 2. axe 3. Algorithmically Perfect (TM)?
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    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    I don't know enough about what a 5150 with a vol knob rolled back should sound like to make a judgement here.
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    Date Format in Thread

    Seriously? I'm from the UK and I'm not confused, it's not even a US date format. It's a day and time, likely dictated by the forum software, not Fractal. Maybe the dates on this page are more to your liking? https://www.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-iii-downloads/
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    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Well damn! 👏👏 1 and 4 are definitely noticeably better.
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    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    1 and 4 have the most natural sounding "bloom" on the open chord to my ears. If pushed I'd say 4 was the real amp, because of the convincing bell like midrange tones.
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    Screen problem "Burnt in" pixel E

    The screen protector on the screen provides the incredible tonal qualities?
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    Screen problem "Burnt in" pixel E

    The screen protector is 30% of the tone, take it off at your peril.
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    Does a USB cable affect the tone?

    It's digital, so as long as it works properly, no. Noise is not guitar "tone".
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 1

    No way you implemented this that quickly!? Unbelievable!
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    8.9 MB ...

    I suppose it shows the modelling is genuinely algorithmic rather than massive pre-calculated lookup tables.
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    Have we reached a point

    Funny definition of a trickle, before xmas it felt there was an update every 5 minutes.
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    Axe Fx 3/Focusrite 2i2

    You could get a small mixer if you're feeling fancy.
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    Adobe Sucks

    Chrome opens PDFs as well if you just drag the file into it. One less program to download. I would only install acrobat if I had to create PDFs.
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    Full Res IR question

    Nope. Which makes sense if you think about it, a live venue already has a bunch of reflections. I suppose it could make your monitor mix a bit nicer if you had IEMs. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/aitr.176587/page-5#post-2145064
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    Can The Axe FX 3 do this? what can't it do?

    Dude comes in, posts one question about the Axe's "limitations" then disappears into the sunset.... 🤔🤔🤔
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    Where is this Distortion coming from?

    How are we supposed to diagnose this with just a picture of your rack, lol. At least post a sound clip/preset.
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    Old Grumpy Ultrafart Emerges From Grave

    Start from scratch, you WILL NOT be disappointed.
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    rectifier bias excursion time

    What time is it? bias excursion time
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    Can The Axe FX 3 do this? what can't it do?

    I don't think I've seen anyone, ever, mention they have been limited by the Axe's number of pitch blocks, especially with channels/scenes and other effect types with pitch shifting capabilities.
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    Turbo vs reg mkII and full res IR

    The Axe FX 2 was released in 2011..... that's a 7 year lifecycle.
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    Turbo vs reg mkII and full res IR

    CPU has always depended on the preset. I repeat, I've never hit the CPU limit.
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    Turbo vs reg mkII and full res IR

    I run stereo full res on my mkII and have never hit the CPU limit.
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    Does Latency Kick in

    I meant it objectively and measurably doesn't have noticeable latency. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Does Latency Kick in

  53. A

    Does Latency Kick in

    Not sure exactly what you're trying to say? It was pretty obvious what my point was. The total system latency of the axe is 1ms, not "a few milliseconds". Not detectable by humans. Sound travels 34cm in 1ms, so not a "few feet". Anyone that claims they can detect latency on the axe vs an...
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    Does Latency Kick in

    It objectively and measurably doesn't. Unless you are used to playing with your faced pressed up against the grille.
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    Owned Axe FX 2, 3, FM3, and sold them all. Couldn't get decent tones. What was I doing wrong?

    That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, almost bizarre, why did you not just come here for help?! It's bound to be something simple in the setup of your system. Oh well.
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    Does Latency Kick in

    Do the presets have a pitch shifter? That can add noticeable latency. Otherwise I'd try plugging the axe directly into your monitors. A klaxon went off when you said you were going via another interface, introducing another AD/DA conversion will add latency.
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    Issue w Axe-FX III (Fizzy)

    Can you attach a sound clip or preset? Fizzy could be cabs are turned off.
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    Help MY WIFE! (pick out a Christmas present for me!)

    This is basically the Radiohead pedal.
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    " Speaker Compression " .... a quick question on its " optimal " use (?)

    I think if you're running FRFR (which has little compression) you might want to use speaker compression to mimic guitar cab compression. If you are using a guitar cab that is already compressing, then you might not want to use it...
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    USB Problem?

    You should be fine with a 20+ EUR cable from Amazon. No need to pay silly money like 100EUR.
  61. A

    USB Problem?

    In my experience virtually all USB issues are cable related.
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    Best Headphones for Metal

    Blue Mo-Fi.
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    Clone sound of II to III

    If you're going from Q9 to the current III firmware using fractool, it'll almost 100% need tweaking, I came from Ares on the II to the III and basically junked all my old presets. The only way is to try it and see.
  64. A

    USB Issues

    Glad you got it sorted.
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    How do we know the amp models are very accurate?

    Yeah I don't care either at this point, it sounds killer and that's what matters to me.
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    Should I upgrade to 17.02? Currently 16.05

    You can always backup your presets and downgrade again if it's too much of an issue. The upgrade won't change the sound that much and ruin your presets.
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    USB Issues

    Try another computer? Are you using a thunderbolt adapter? I have a 2018 macbook pro and need to use a dongle, are you sure yours is working? I would say most connection issues are dodgy usb cables. Are you on Monterey?
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    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    Just google the gear of the band you want to sound like and copy their setup.
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    Axe-Fx III - Anyone using Cubase 11 Pro and a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro?

    Yeah, a basic mic pre is a must if you want to use condenser mics, and probably recommended anyway. But as stated the Axe is a sound interface.
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    Just took the Axe FX plunge...

    Welcome to the club! I don't think you'll be holding onto that rack gear for long once you try the Axe FX. As for as that 80s clean tone, just dial up the Roland JC-120 model (Jazz 120) and a bit of chorus and you're there.
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    Axe III just about took my head off!

    I thought it was a well known rule to turn on the powered part of your sound setup last, be that power amp or powered speakers, or at least turn them down when powering on equipment. Many frightening thuds and near heart attacks have taught me this rule over the years.
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    Headphones Choice

    I think you'll struggle to find anyone that has used all three of those together for a comparison. I have the mix-fis and they are amazing, easily the best headphones I've owned. But, they are very heavy, not uncomfortably so, but just be aware.
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    Windows 11 - Should I do it?

    Upgraded one of my PCs, failing to see the point of Win11, no new killer feature, it feels like Win10 apart from some UI changes, some annoying (like making the tabs on the taskbar really small). Could quite easily just have been a patch to Win10. If you are happy with Win10 then stick with...
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    I wasn't quite expecting such a difference between the III and the II

    Yeah, I had the same experience. Especially if you're coming to the Axe 3 recently like I did, where there have many major advances in firmware since Ares on the II.
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    Best practices for making the move from Axe 2 to 3

    You can use frac-tool to port your presets over, but to be honest, the leap is so huge I'd just start from scratch. You'll find yourself wanting to do that anyway as you start going through the vast amount of factory cabs and other new features.
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    no distortion from IIC++

    Yeah, that's obviously not right, post the preset please.
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    Hello Everyone! Prospective AXE FX3 Owner Here!

    The pros are endless, smaller/lighter rig, no unreliable tubes, consistently great sound to the desk. No need to crank amps to pain level volumes. There are no cons really i can think of other than getting guitar feedback can be tricky. It's not that complicated if you don't need it to be...
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    Using guitar tone controls as integral part of tone?

    Personally I never touch the tone controls on my strat and haven't for about 25 years since I picked up a guitar. Tone controls just make the guitar sound muffled to me. If I want a softer sound I'll usually head to the neck pickup or dial down the treble on the axe, or even go for a...
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    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    The GC Pro and GCX switcher were a great bit of gear, I still have mine somewhere! My rack was double the size of this..... What a pain to move around. Times have changed.
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    Cheers Cliff and all at Fractal for your hard work. Much appreciated.
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    How are you guys using the new fullres IRs?

    Useful for recording and fantastic for headphone playing. I've realised a lot of my favourite album guitar tones have some element of room mics in there.
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    I don't "get" the IIC+

    Try the IIC++. It's like an easy to dial in version of the IIC+ due to different tapers. I don't vibe with the IIC+ models either. The IIC++ is one of the best models in the Axe 3 in my opinion. If you put drive and overdrive to 10 with active pickups is way too gainy. Metallica use it as...
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    Unbelievable rate of development, thanks!
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    New reverbs sound mega! Thank you!
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    Lost some presets after downgrading FW 17 to 16,5

  86. A

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    There's nothing it can't do. Apart from store fullres.
  87. A

    USB Audio Stopped Working

    Fine for me. Might be helpful if you stated what OS you are running. There was a new Windows 10 driver released earlier last month. https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/drivers/axe-fx-3/Axe-Fx_3_USB_Driver_Setup_5p22.zip
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    Free FullRes Room IRs

    You absolute legend, thanks man!
  89. A

    Updated: Now I am getting the Magic of FullRez IRs... Holy Cow, they are thrilling!

    2 sounds realistic to my ears. 3 sounds like post reverb.
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    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    It should be put into context, it's a very tiny minority that are complaining.
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    Bug? Axe Edit 1.10.00 shows all IR´s in green

    I didn't even know what the IR colours meant! Thanks for informing me! :smile:
  92. A

    Axe-Edit III 1.10.00

    Nice! Thanks guys.
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    Mk1 FW:17 preset increased CPU usage

    I'm sure Cliff will identify and fix any issues, if the last 10 years of continuous support and fixes are anything to go by.
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