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  1. Nikko


    Hi All, this is my try of the BRIT 800 + ML Sure Pack https://soundcloud.com/nikk-18/sure-pack-ml-try-purple-axe AMP / CAB / REVERB with no tweaks…just Qantum 1 No Drive, just the Guitar volume .) :shock
  2. Nikko

    Little Try Of Irs from ML sound lab / Ownhammer & TAF

    Hi All, All this tracks have been recorded quickly, directly with the Axe in few takes ,) so, the play & the sound are perfectible, and maybe not represent the real quality of the Irs used!... Ice : Bass_Amp : SV BASS Cab : ML Soundlab / Cab-Pack-11-ML-SV-Bass-4x10 / ML SV...
  3. Nikko

    How to load user cabs, waiting the Q, Axe-edit & fractal-bot updates

    Using XL / Mac OSX 10.9.5 only from the Axe ! . choose an empty user cab slot on your Axe (layout of your preset / cab block / edit / PG1 / select an empty user cab slot) . select your cab in fractalbot / Begin . choose the "send to currently selected slot" option / click Send . save...
  4. Nikko

    My Second record using AxeFXIIXL and OH,TAF & ML Irs .)

    My Second recording using AxeFXIIXL and OH,TAF & ML Irs .) Hi All, and thank you to share your experiences, it's really precious for an Axe novice like me :) this is my second recording try with this tremendous system : guitars Irs : Rhythm Cab: TAF-Cream-Serious Rock...
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