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  1. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Good stuff guys! Thx
  2. carlguit

    FM9 Wishlist

    Not exactly an FM9 request but I'd like an in-line format of the FC6 to put in front of the FM9. Basically, just a strip.
  3. carlguit

    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    The Ir's is where it ''can'' take more time. But for exploration of the various amps and getting to learn how they sound individually, you could just stick with the IRs already in the presets. Now 2 more things. Developing your ears is very critical. What works in a mix isn't always what...
  4. carlguit

    Spring Reverb Pedal Vs Fractal Question/Suggestion

    Anasounds Element. https://anasounds.com/element-spring-reverb/
  5. carlguit

    Brokerage fees and shipping the FM3 into Canada

    1760$ to Montreal.
  6. carlguit

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Got the FM3 10 days ago. Here"s a few pics and a little rig rundown. There's a power supply under the FM3 and will add a ''loopy'' clone I'm currently building ( little device that turns the ''function switches'' of the Mastermind into a 2 loop switcher ). I really wanted to get a FC6 but...
  7. carlguit

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I got on the list on the 26th... I’ve been checking my e-mails every hour today hehe :D. Still waiting but it’s exciting knowing I’m I’m “next in line...” sort of... Thx to all the members who took the time to let us know where we’re at on the wait list. I’ll do the same once I get mine...
  8. carlguit

    3 Sigma J45 Impulse Response Test!

    Just bought the Ir's and loaded your preset. Threw in a graphic EQ and a slight Comp tweak and the result has been REALLY good. Thx for sharing.
  9. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    Ohhh that firmware is gooooood!!!! I like really like how the new power amp algorithm interacts with the drive block. Lately, every new firmware i'm like ''that's it they really nailed it'' but somehow Fractal manage to make it a bit better. Sort of like when you go see the optometrist for...
  10. carlguit

    Help : Instrument in not working

    Thx mate! I was just gonna do that...
  11. carlguit

    Help : Instrument in not working

    I'm having an issue with the front input. It happened when I plugged at sound check today and I ended up using the rear input. I'm on a fly date near Portland, Oregon and since I'm from Montreal, I thought that if it needs assistance, I'd rather send it from here. I was wondering if it was...
  12. carlguit

    Am I the Only One Not Using High or Low Cuts Anymore?

    Yup! Been re-working my main presets and a few new ones for an upcoming project. Really happy with the results... Once you got the right Ir it's very easy to dial-in great tones. And I rarely use the advanced parameters... Been on-board the Fractal train for 5-6 years...
  13. carlguit

    What you top 5 fav Amps in the Box at the moment ?

    Love the post. Some stuff I definitely need to check out... Would be cool if we'd comment on how or in what context we use certain amps. Anyways.. here are the I'm using with a HSH start for my corporate band. Atomic High - I use it for most of my classic rock needs ODS 100 Clean - Just...
  14. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.01

    That settles it! I gotta keep Fractal Bot in my dock...
  15. carlguit

    WTB Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170

    Title says it all. PM please
  16. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

    Wow! That is a good one... Been onboard the fractal train for over 5 years now!! First time I actually take the time to comment on the improvement of a specific firmware. I gotta say that since I got the III, I went from satisfied to excited about the Axe. Great work guys!! On a side note...
  17. carlguit

    Making the switch From Friedman BE-100 to Axe-Fx III

    Hey mate. Curious to see what you're using.
  18. carlguit

    Making the switch From Friedman BE-100 to Axe-Fx III

    There was a rig rundown of Failure if you wanna see the ins and outs... it,s on Premierguitar.com. And you know what. They actually go direct in the mixer, all Ir's, nor ''real'' cabs.
  19. carlguit

    Wish REAL compatible spring reverb

    Alright! That's what I was missing. Well it was worth a try. Thx for taking the time to share the right info mate! Much appreciated!
  20. carlguit

    Wish REAL compatible spring reverb

    But hey if it's not easily do-able I'm cool.
  21. carlguit

    Wish REAL compatible spring reverb

    Not my intention to argue but isn't it an amp effects loop, or the point between the preamp and power amp, where the reverbs usually is, Line Level? Maybe there's a part I don't get. After all the AxeFX loops do send signal. It's all a bit over my head electronically. If you could enlighten...
  22. carlguit

    Wish REAL compatible spring reverb

    Of course mate. I don't expect to just plug a tank and make it work. We'd need a dedicated block that you set to let's say : Out3 - Spring In - Spring out - In3. If you have a look at the schematic I posted earlier it's really not too complicated.
  23. carlguit

    Wish REAL compatible spring reverb

    Yes. I'll probably end up just buying the pedal and 1 or 2 tanks. I was just hoping to have the ''pedal '' part integrated in the Axe FX so we'd only need the ''tank'' part. We could do presets just like a regular block but with a little bit of external help. And the tank would fit perfectly...
  24. carlguit

    Wish REAL compatible spring reverb

    I wouldn't say lacking. It's just as good as any other emulations of a spring but IMHO it's not as close to the real-life counterpart as other blocks are, amps for instance. A few months ago, I tried to replicate my friend's AC-30 and Deluxe reverb. I had the Axe, Eventide H9 and Strymon Big...
  25. carlguit

    Wish REAL compatible spring reverb

    After checking demos of the Anasounds reverb, I've been ''gasing'' about real springs. It seems to me that it'd be doable ( and probably not that expensive ), to build a real spring tank ( or few different sizes ) that would connect to the in/outs of the Axe. Basically Fractal would need a new...
  26. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02

    Yup I know! It's been over-asked. ;) I'm just joking myself since this weird coincidence happened... I know I'm pushing my luck. Personally I don't really mind the Klon. Had an Archer on my board for a few months and while I understand why people like them, it's not exactly my thing. I...
  27. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02

    Fractal can we have a Klon??? Please?? i'll send over the schematics hahaha While we're there. A Maxon VOP-9... mix of a TS and a Klon ( clean blends with the drive... dual pot ) ...
  28. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02

    In the beta version conversation, I was talking about having variations of the Blues Breaker and Timmy and how it'd be nice to have them implemented. And today we get the Venuram Jan Ray and Lovepedal Amp Eleven ( Derived from the Timmy ) and the King Of Tone ( Blues Breaker ). I'm not one to...
  29. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Totally agree! Actually any 1:1 model of any block. i.e. Memory Man, Dimension C...
  30. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    That's the ultimate destination. I'm pretty sure it'll get there at some point... In the meantime, I could ''survive'' with just a few more drives pedals based of the ones we already got... ;)
  31. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    That'd be incredible for sure. Though, I wonder how many users would go that deep. Realistically, that'd be nice to have more variations of certain circuits. Timmy - Venuram Jan Ray, Lovepedal Amp 11... Blues Breaker - KOT, Morning Glory Micro Amp - Dod 250
  32. carlguit

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Now that puts a smile on a guy's face. I've always been tinkering with DIY pedals and mods and having the diodes option really opens the ''analog mods catalog''. Yes we do had the advanced controls ( Which are quite useful ) but being able to really replace a specific part ( like tubes in the...
  33. carlguit

    FS Axe-Fx II mkII - Montreal

    Unit is in good condition. Has a few stripes on the top and bottom from swapping rack case. Never had any problems with it. I'll include a Mission Engineering Ethernet cable to connect it to a MFC-101. Asking 1200$ USD or 1550$ CAD. I got an older 2U case that I can chip in if you want...
  34. carlguit

    Ins and Outs

    Awesome! Thx for the reply guys!
  35. carlguit

    Ins and Outs

    Can someone confirm the added ins and outs will accommodate regular pedals like ODs ( non line-level )? Its been my main issue with the Axe II.
  36. carlguit

    Axe FX - Boss ES-8 midi question

    I just acquired a Boss Es-8 to complement the Axe Fx. Just wanted to use a few external pedals. Everything works perfectly and I manage to build my '' scenes '' in the ES-8 using CC messages to dedicated blocks in the Axe. My only issue is with the Volume block. I like to use a volume block...
  37. carlguit

    what to use with the axe.amp? clr? matrix?

    I thought i'd chime. First of all, welcome in the amazing fractal world. You'll notice quickly that the community here is awesome. Very helpful and instructive. Take advantage of the forum. Now,I think the easiest way to get started is to use a FRFR. Don't overthink your patches. I...
  38. carlguit

    FS Matrix FR212

    Hi do you still have it?
  39. carlguit

    Atomic CLR Neo MkI MkII

    Yes i,m buying used
  40. carlguit

    Atomic CLR Neo MkI MkII

    Cool thx guys.
  41. carlguit

    Atomic CLR Neo MkI MkII

    Runs A LOT COOLER? Does that mean fan noise? I also have a MatrixGT800 that sounds really good but the fan volume annoys me. Should I avoid the mk1? ( will most likely buy used in the next few days ).
  42. carlguit

    Atomic CLR Neo MkI MkII

    So i've been actively looking at the CLRs. Though there isn't a lot of information and Atomic aren't very good at answering e-mails. I've sent 4 e-mails in the last 3 months and no answer. Basically is there such a thing as MkI or mkII when it comes to Neo or are all Neo's mkII Does mkII...
  43. carlguit

    Corrupt Patch?

    I suggest that you re-install the firmware
  44. carlguit

    Atomic CLR : Wedge or Cab? + integrating Stomboxes

    I'm about to order one of these. Was wondering if one of them is '' flatter '' or complements the Axe Fx and Ax8 better? Also, I just scored a vintage Tube screamer and the hype is real. It does sound better than the reissues, modded ones or boutique clones out there. At least for what I'm...
  45. carlguit

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta

    I love the 5751 in a fender amp. That'd be really nice to have that option.
  46. carlguit

    Hot Kitty question

    Try to lower the negative feedback ( next to master volume in the power amp page )
  47. carlguit

    Just upgraded from Fw17 to Quantum 2.0

    Yeah that's the plan…
  48. carlguit

    Just upgraded from Fw17 to Quantum 2.0

    Haha so true. But now that I don't have to spend on amps, switchers, pedals, etc… I got a lot more money to spend on guitars. And the beauty of it, it all goes on my annual taxes. :)
  49. carlguit

    Just upgraded from Fw17 to Quantum 2.0

    Since we're talking about rolling your volume to clean up the sound. Who uses a treble bleed here? I hesitate to do the mod. I've seen an interview with Andy Timmons ( That Pedal Show ) and he has it on all his guitars. I kind of like the darker tones you get when you roll off your volume but...
  50. carlguit

    Just upgraded from Fw17 to Quantum 2.0

    Nice!!! You can bet that I won't wait another year to upgrade. I still haven't finish to re-build all my patches and a new FW comes out. Shouldn't be as drastic though. Will do it next week. I've always been a Volume kind of player to get different textures. Can't wait to see that as it...
  51. carlguit

    Just upgraded from Fw17 to Quantum 2.0

    I work in a resident band 6 nights a week so I hadn't updated the firmware in over a year. We don't have rehearsals this week so I thought it was the perfect time to do it. After spending about 10 hours with the new FW at gig levels…. OMG. This is really a big step up. Maybe it's because I...
  52. carlguit

    Wish Next gen mfc request?

    You're best option is to get a cheap midi switcher like a decibel eleven or g-lab. That's what I do. I have the G-lab and run 4 pedals in the chain ( actually use it before the Axe FX, as the impedance of the Axe's effect loop would need to be converted ). So I have the Axe-FX plus a mini...
  53. carlguit

    Wish More amp-in-a-box pedals!

    You can do that with the Axe Fx or Ax-8 … not the Fx-8 as it doesn't have amp modelling. I tried that technique with the Axe-fx. Only works with certain amps. I've seen that thread a while ago. Though, the amps that depends on Power Amp distortion ( i.e. Marshalls ) aren't gonna sound right.
  54. carlguit

    Dumbles in Q2?

  55. carlguit

    Upgrading from FW 17 to Quantum 2

    I've seen a similar post a while a go but can't find it. So here it is… Is that doable or I need to upgrade to a few different versions before? Also regarding the presets, will it change the bank of presets ( I understand that some sounds will change ). Will I be able to load backed-up...
  56. carlguit

    Wish More amp-in-a-box pedals!

    I forgot the Blackstar pedals. They sound amazing.
  57. carlguit

    Wish More amp-in-a-box pedals!

    +1 for amp in a box. I Actually started a thread about this yesterday in the wrong section ( sorry Fractal ) where I wished for a mini FX-8 ( similar size to a Strymon or Eventide factor series with buit in FX loop ( to accommodate a switcher ). But if they come up with new distortion sounds...
  58. carlguit

    I had a B+ time constant epiphany

    Just tried it… Really cool!! Especially good on patches where lots of FX are involved. i.e. delays. It seems like it's cleaner and the you don't get drown by the Fx. Though I do found that with ''extreme'' settings like the 100ms suggested above, it removes too much compression for my taste...
  59. carlguit

    ISP Full spectrum monitor

    1228$ on Sweetwater
  60. carlguit

    ISP Full spectrum monitor

  61. carlguit

    ISP Full spectrum monitor

    I just saw that ISP released a new monitor specifically tweaked for digital processors. I know it's still brand new but did anyone had a chance to try it? I live in Canada and ordering a CLR is ridiculously expensive with the customs fees and the shipping.
  62. carlguit

    ISP Full spectrum monitor

    I just saw that ISP released a new monitor specifically tweaked for digital processors. I know it's still brand new but did anyone had a chance to try it? I live in Canada and ordering a CLR is ridiculously expensive with the customs fees and the shipping.
  63. carlguit

    Rockett Pedals - The Dude - great sounding pedal

    Sounds great. People dig the Zen Drive but it never really worked for me and sold it back. There was a high mid frequency that kept bothering me. When I rechecked the demos after I kind of could hear it now that I'd play it. In a band context it wasn't as apparent but it kept bothering me...
  64. carlguit

    Finally sold my last tube amp . . . sort of

    Pretty much the same… Still got a tube amp… Never had much at the same time but I had the chance to own roughly a dozen of the amps modelled in the Axe FX. But that's besides the point. I had about 45 stomp boxes before getting the Axe Fx. Mostly drive pedals but also a nice collection of...
  65. carlguit

    Piezo , pre-amps, options

    Hi Faulknier. And So you think The Fishman D.I. would compensate for that…. I'd rather not have to deal with a battery and avoid the hassle to set-up my guitar so that my regular pick-ups don't go through pre-amp.
  66. carlguit

    Piezo , pre-amps, options

    Thx Georgy. I guess my real question is can I get the ghost system WITHOUT the Acousti-phonic ( the pre-amp inside that needs a battery ) and get similar results using some preamps or EQ's in the Axe Fx or using the Fishman D.I. I already have that midi switcher in front of the Axe Fx and got...
  67. carlguit

    First Band Rehearsal with the Axe-FX 2 XL+: Lesson learned

    Were you sitting during that session? I'm asking because you mentioned using the JamHub. Some guitars are more sensitive due to their jack placement.
  68. carlguit

    Piezo , pre-amps, options

    Hmm… While I evaluate all options. Anyone knows a ''stereo'' wireless?
  69. carlguit

    Piezo , pre-amps, options

    Hi So I've seen a guitarist using the Ghost piezo pick-ups by Graphtech. He said he was using it with the Acousti-phonic on board device AND the Fishman D.I. ( Imaging ) He then went straight to the mixer and it sounded great. I'd like to get a similar sound but I'm a newbie with Piezo and...
  70. carlguit

    Boss AC-3 with Axe-Fx routing options

    Hi everyone, I'd like to use my Boss Acoustic Simulator with the Axe-Fx. My signal chain is guitar-switcher ( 3 drive pedals and acoustic simulator ) - Axe-Fx's front input - Mixer - FOH. I ''like'' the tone of the AC-3 straight in the mixer but I'd like to integrate it with the Axe-Fx so I...
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