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  1. stegre1

    Can I configure a switch so that turning on an effect shuts another off?

    That's the question. I have a normal reverb sound and a HUGE reverb sound. Is there a way to program the AXE-FX II XL so that when I engage the huge reverb sound it will shut off the normal reverb sound, and the reverse
  2. stegre1

    Messed up my MFC-101

    I started the week trying to update the scenes in a patch I created and it worked fine until I tried to add an additional reverb block into the patch and set up a footswitch to control it. Through trying to do that, I lost the ability to move from scene to scene with the MFC101. Only "Scene 1"...
  3. stegre1

    How do I get the Axe-FX MTD to sound like orchestral string synth?

    I heard someone doing this and using an expression pedal along with the MFC-101 to fade it in and out. Any ideas of the settings? Thanks for your help! They would play a chord down low and then fade in the simulated string sound an octave up. I assume it may be pitch shift and shimmer, but I'd...
  4. stegre1

    Getting volume level to show on MFC 101

    Is there any way to get the volume level to show on the MFC? Even if it just the MIDI number?
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