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    Looking for "I want to break free" preset

    Hey, I´m looking for a good preset for "i want to break free", I do not care if it's paid Thanks
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    Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Hey, I´m looking for a good preset for creedence clearwater revival (bad moon rising), actually I play in a band cover and i have a lot of work to learn. Can you help me with it?
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    Satisfaction Rolling Stone Presets

    Hey, I´m looking for a preset for a rock tibute band. I´m looking for a preset for satisfaction.
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    Help, Rolling Stones presets

    Hello, I´m looking for presets for a rock tribute band. I would like to know if any factory preset corresponds to a preset of rolling stones or Keith Richard. I tried to make a preset for satisfaction with a fender amp and cab and master fuzz but I do not get the satisfaction tone. Can you...
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    AXE FX2 XL like a sound card

    Excuse for me poor English, The last year i used a Helix like multifx and preamp. I used it with my band, but the most of the time i used it like and audio interface, like a sound card at home. I played guitar and the same time like and audio player for backing tracks video or music. The last...
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    looking for celestion silver 2x12 or weber blue dog silver

    I´m looking for this ir´s from vintage Ac30, could you help me?
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    recording guitar+shimmer

    I have a question abaut pan, how to pan guitar and shimmer sound. I want to recortd it with a backing track, the guitar have one output without shimmer and another output with shimmer. I would like to know how to mix with the backing track to get a good sound. I record it via spdif in stereo...
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    compressor settings, please need help

    Hey I´m looking for a good setting for compressor, like Boss cs2 o mxr Dynacomp. I play in a u2 cover band and i need a good setting for compression, i play all the time with delay. It must be soft but present. Could you help me?
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    I´m trying to emulate this new pedal supersonic FUZZ GUN, it´s a special fuzz pedal, you can see the specs in http://skywave.hostcentric.com/deathbya ... zzgun.html I want to get this sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oKwnkYFsiE I´m trying with the drive block with "hard fuzz model" but...
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    Please help me with the new settings, i don´t know the correct settings for AC30 block and 2x12 British cab. I need your help-
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    Hi, I´m trying to clone my sub-octave fuzz from DM4 of line 6. It´s difficult becouse it sound an octave down with fuzz. I´m thinking to do it with the drive block "Hard Fuzz" and the pitch block with an octava down. I think that is it the way to do it, but I need your help and suggestion. Thanks.
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    electro harmonix POG emulator

    can you copy ris pedal with ultra? http://www.ehx.com/products/pog "With the POG you can add one octave up, two octaves up, and one octave down from your original guitar signal and blend them all together - plus it works on strummed or arpeggiated chords! Want your guitar to sound like a 12...
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    settings for use with nearfield monitors

    Excuse me I need help to connect my nearfields monitor with axe, what settings have i to choose in axe fx?? Thanks and excuse for me poor english
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    Emulate 12 string with chorus?

    I want to emulate a 12 strings guitar, i´m thinking to use chorus, it´s possible what do you suggest? waht settings? Thanks at all.
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    FCB1010+Midi sound card+Axe -Fx

    I´m trying to control my axe-ultra with my emu-0404 and fcb101. I want to use the editor and the fcb1010 at the same time. can you tell me how to connec it, if it´s `possible?
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    problem with editor and windows vista

    Excuse me for my poor English, Recently I install the last editor version, but it don´t work, it can´t be installed, the install software give the next message "this directory cant not be witten, chose another directory", the directory failed is "c:\program files(x86)\fractal audio\Axe-fx...
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