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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.01

    Thanks Cliff and FAS !
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Just noticed that when you enter the tuner (on the front panel or with axe edit) and exit , there is no sound until you change the scene you're in. Did I miss something or is it a bug ? Thanks Edited : Ha ha ha, bdrepko, you were faster ;):D
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    Forum Maintenance 2019/06/07 - COMPLETED

    Great new UI. Clearer, more pleasant to navigate. Thank you !
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    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Thank you very much FAS Team !
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    Axe-Edit III 1.01.08

    Thank you Michael
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    Thank you ! Low Cut and High Cut added to individual IRs is something I was hoping for. Great add
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    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    It works with FW 5.07 now. Thank you !
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    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    I tried to import the 2 blocks in their respective folders but had an error report when the Axe edit refreshes the blocks definitions. Anybody had the same issue ? The settings are visible on page 1 but I'd like to know, in case I missed something when importing the blk files. I'm still with...
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    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    Same here Thank you Austinbuddy ! The original EM is one of my favourite effects too, I still have one that's working, sometimes... (and a spare sad 1024, so I must be rich ;))
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    Non-Minimum Phase IRs

    No. If you mix non MPT OH IR's with other manufacturer's ones (or the stock one which are all MPT processed), you 'll have the delay problem at the biginning when you try to align them in Axe Edit. OH IR's mixed between them, no problem
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    Non-Minimum Phase IRs

    Here you are (there were other mentions of the problem in other threads too ), but here you have an answer from Kevin (OH) himself : https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/3rd-party-irs-delayed.149493/
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    3rd Party IRs "delayed"

    Thank you very much for the information and clarification Kevin. Purchased the new multi mics vox blue ir's a few days ago btw :)
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    Axe-Fx III USB Firmware Version 1.08

    I had the same problem too. Did you follow the instructions in the read me file - I didn't get it at first - and go through the utility mode of fractal bot ? Everything went fine for me then with the correct procedure.
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    Trainwreck Express. Choo choo! Great dynamics. Have you tried it?

    Sounds amazing and indeed very dynamic, but... fantastic playing Burgs. Thumbs up
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    3rd Party IRs "delayed"

    Yes I know, but I suppose that if you use the smoothing function it's not MPT anymore. This is what I was referring to : https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cab-block-negative-mic-distance-values-or-manual-ir-trimming-capability.146421/#post-1743613
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    3rd Party IRs "delayed"

    It's too bad we can't mix non MPT Ownhammer files with IR's from others York Audio, ML Sound Lab,...). There were several posts about this problem before, asking for a solution either by allowing some sort of "negative mic distance" or by expanding the available mic distance to allow a proper...
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    Axe-Edit III 1.01.05

    Great. Thank you !
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05

    Thank you !
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    Axe-Edit III 1.01.03

    Thank you !
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    Thank you Cliff
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #3

    Great. Thanks !
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    Amazing ! Thank you Cliff !
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02

    Uber cool ! Thanks
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Can't wait to try these drive blocks with the new Fw. Thank you Cliff and FAS !
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    Wish Cab block (negative mic distance values, or manual IR trimming capability)

    That would explain why the smallest smoothing correction brings back the ir’s at the beginning of the graph in Axe edit, with no mic distance ( other than the one which is part of the ir)
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    Wish Cab block (negative mic distance values, or manual IR trimming capability)

    Even before .1 That's what I mentioned in this post : https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/non-minimum-phase-irs.146046/page-2#post-1727654 I'd still like to have an explanation, because I don't understand what's going on there, and if there is a difference between this very small processing...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00

    Waouw, that was fast... Thank you :-)
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    This new firmware is absolutely fantastic ! Amps are more clear and dynamic, the modulations sound warmer... Brilliant And, the "Avant Delay Channels" preset Iaresee mentionned ... spent an hour playing with the delays programmed in it : so musical and inspiring Thank you Cliff and FAS !
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    Wish Cab block (negative mic distance values, or manual IR trimming capability)

    +1. It would be nice to be able to mix non MPT Owhammer IR's with other factory IR's
  30. H

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.10

    Thank you !
  31. H

    Wish Sustain pedal like the one from Game Changer Audio

    Must be the fw, I'm still with 2.04. Thank you Yek !
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    IR Processing Option (referencing OH Massive Libraries)

    Gee, Leon was faster ! :) But from my experience the mic distance doesn't help when mixing OH IR's with others (I still wonder why) but the smoothing yes. You can either download again the Line6 folders from your OH account (which I did) : the files in them are 200ms and minimum phase, this...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

    Thank you for this update and good luck with your surgery !
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    Non-Minimum Phase IRs

    Now regarding mixing non or MPT ir's, there is something I don't understand : - I tried to mix in the cab block some non MPT wellspring irs with various factory (MPT) irs of the axe (from different manufacturers too). I was expecting phase problems but there is not, shoudn't it be the case as...
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    Non-Minimum Phase IRs

    Absolutely ! Although I wrote in a previous thread I couldn't hear any difference between MPT and unprocessed there is definitely a very subtle one.
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    The best way to use headphones

    Don't hesitate to try the Blue Lola headphones. Had (and still own) a pair of Beyer DT 880 and for playing guitar I prefer the Lolas. And by the way they are at a very good price on Amazon.de now ;-)
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    Reverb - Tips, Tricks and Favourites

    Leon, what cab did you use ? It sounds great. Thanks
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    Axe-Edit III 1.00.09

    Thank you FAS and Michael !
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.04

    I don't rememeber having noticed the "Huge Room" one (will give a try, thank you), but I discovered the "Music Hall" with Cliff's AC20 preset, and it's indeed a very nice reverb.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.04

    Thank you Cliff !
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    3.4.0 -> 3.4.2 installation problem

    Yes. I got this too. You click yes and then everything goes normaly : program is uninstalled then updated version is installed
  42. H

    Fixed Scratchpad de-phasing in Axe-Manage vs Cab-Lab

    Hi, I just did the test with the same OH IR send from the Cab-Lab 3.4.1 browser, mixer, from Axe Manage Cab (Axe Edit 1.00.08) and from the Axe memory slot. I have the same result, no issue. I tried with no processsing and min phase in Cab-Lab. There is something I don't understand : how can...
  43. H

    Fixed Scratchpad de-phasing in Axe-Manage vs Cab-Lab

    Hi Sébastien, Is it a single IR or do you mix it in the Axe Fx cab block with another ?
  44. H

    v 3.4.0 to v3.4.1 issue

    It worked for me with Windows 7 and updating from the app : the 'processing' took 5 minutes then everything was installed correctly. Thank you Michael !
  45. H

    Anyone having issues still with Axe edit III version 1.00.07 with block library?

    It works for me here (Windows 7), I tried various blocks and (again for me :-) ) the update fixed the block libray problem. No global blocks involved however.
  46. H

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.07

    @Michael Pickens I just tried to run Cab-Lab and Axe Edit at the same time, and if Axe Edit is open , cab lab still crashes when trying to connect. Not a biggie because it works the other way but I just wanted to report it
  47. H

    Fixed Unable to recall saved blocks

    I didn't noticed neither about the other way to access to the block library, thank you Patzag ! 1.00.07 sorts the issue yes and it's great, but unless it's normal there is still a little problem : if you recall a block through library upper menu, the settings change but not the name of the...
  48. H

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.07

    Thank you Michael. Great for the cab lab issue too.
  49. H

    Fixed Unable to recall saved blocks

    It's the same issue.
  50. H

    Fixed Unable to recall saved blocks

    Ok I am going to try : I add to a preset any block that has a block library saved on the computer (with the correct path in the preferences / workspace) When I click on the little block library window (at the left of the settings, under the "type" window), I see all my saved block names. Then...
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    Not a Bug Modifier assigned to all block channels

    You're right, hadn't noticed this possibilty in the menu. Sorry. Please feel free to delete the post Thank you Chris Edit : And iaresee :)
  52. H

    Not a Bug Modifier assigned to all block channels

    Let's take a Delay block and assign a lfo to the balance in channel A The channel B delay will have its balance assigned to the lfo too, and if I select none in the Edit modifier window the modifier will be cancelled also in the channel 1
  53. H

    Fixed Unable to recall saved blocks

    I checked with Axe Edit 1.00.06 installed (AXE FX III is Fw 2.02) and the problem is still there
  54. H

    Fixed Unable to recall saved blocks

    I will tonight
  55. H

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.01

    Thanks FAS !
  56. H

    Fixed Can only select <All Banks> in Cab block

  57. H

    Fixed Unable to recall saved blocks

    Hi all, There seem to be some problems recalling saved blocks from the blocks library : first Axe Edit 1.00.05 could not find the saved blocks (altough the folder path was correct in the preferences), I tried to reload the (same) directory and now all the blocks presets saved are there and...
  58. H

    Pitch Block - What Am I Missing? (Latency Issue)

    By curiosity I just did the test in Cubase and I have 28 ms of latency with a semitone down (with virtual capo or dual shift)
  59. H

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.05

    Great ! Thanks
  60. H

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.00

    Thank you !
  61. H

    Cab Lab 3.4 standalone install problem with Avira

    It already happened with the Cab Lab 3.3.2 version (There was a post about it, and I see you had the problem too). So I suppose it's more or less the same thing happening and that the program is safe.
  62. H

    Cab Lab 3.4 standalone install problem with Avira

    Hi, I tried to update the standalone version (from the 3.3.1 app and from my account by downloading the bundle again), but Avira blocked the install process with a TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen (Trojan) detection. I'm sure it's a false positive but even with exceptions in the avira settings and restoring...
  63. H

    Favorite ‘big clean’ amp?

    For me it is : if you take a Deluxe and use a 2X12 or 4X12 Mesa V30 IR (OH, JY,..) with -or even without- a very little tweak on the amp side you have something bigger and realy nice. But of course all this is subjective and personal...
  64. H

    HELP! Connecting Axe-Fx3 to Cubase 8

    Hi, I just had a look. Please note that I usually don't record through usb, and that I'm working on a PC with Windows 7 and Cubase 9.5., so there might be some differences. It works perfectly here : (NB : in the vst input connections I have chosen 4X stereo inputs) Could you post an image of...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Thank you Cliff and FAS team !
  66. H

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.04

    Thank you Michael !
  67. H

    Not a Bug Phase problem with imported OH cabs

    Thank you Kevin ! I didn't know about the Fractal tutorial on your site, no that I have read it it's clear...
  68. H

    Not a Bug Phase problem with imported OH cabs

    Thank you Cliff for your answer "When you use Cab-Lab it creates a .syx file that is a *processed* IR. Axe-Manage then simply imports that file." Ok, but then I don't understand the cabinet import IR processing choice in the Axe Edit preference menu. Shoudn't the "min phase" process the...
  69. H

    Not a Bug Phase problem with imported OH cabs

    Ok I think I got it (thank you unix-guy !): when I'm converting wav files ( from a OH Fractal folder) to ir's with Cab Lab 3, I don't tick the minimum phase button. I did it this way because the manual says the min phase processing is by default (and it is indeed ticked in the tools menu -...
  70. H

    Not a Bug Phase problem with imported OH cabs

    Sorry for the confusion, I used (#) to make a difference with the cabs that have been processed with cab lab. So if I take any cab from a OH folder and import it via axe manage there is a phase problem when mixed with others.
  71. H

    Not a Bug Phase problem with imported OH cabs

    I don’t know if it’s strictly an Axe Edit problem so mods feel free to move the post… When I’m importing OH cabs (#) with Axe Manage cabs (Ir or Syx files), or listen them in a scratchpad location, they sound fine but if you try to mix them with other “non OH” cabs (stock e.g) there is a phase...
  72. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    Just checked with the update . It works flawlessly now. Thanks again Michael !
  73. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    Yes, I used ir files. Thank you.
  74. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    Thank you Michael. Yes I save the new cabs. I will try to put it more clearly, step by step. There is also the problem mentioned in my first post, unfortunately it's still there too.
  75. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    No it doesn't, but thanks to you I found the problem. If you drag and drop them from the left to the right window it works. If you double click first to audition them, and then drag them it doesn't. Strange.
  76. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    Hello, Just tried to load some more OH cabs in the axe III (FW1.18) with AE (FW 1.00.01) Axe-manage cabs and it doesn't work anymore : I can hear the cabs in the scratchpad (double clicking in the browser left window), but when I copy them in the axe memory slots (right window) and save, they...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.17

    Fantastic ! Thanks
  78. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    Hi there, could someone confirm / disconfirm the problem ? Thank you !
  79. H

    Wish Swap channels

  80. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    Right (it wasn't written on the Axe Edit windows so I forgot it) and guess what, it's 1.16 beta 2 ;)
  81. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    Axe III FW 1.16 beta, Axe Edit 1.00.00
  82. H

    Fixed Issue with Axe-Manage Cabs

    When I open axe-manage cabs and load some ir's (Fractal, OH) in the browser : if I audition one cab in the list - let say nr 5 - then some others, when I come back to the nr 5 and double click on it it's silent. I have to reload the folder to be able to listen to nr 5 again. Same thing with auto...
  83. H

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.00

    Great ! Thanks
  84. H

    Axe fx 3 and external Sound interface together ?

    I don’t use the axe fx as an audio interface, I have one and I’m very happy of the results with it, so for me it’s spdif and analog audio output. There is no better or worse solution, it’s a matter of practical results, of what you need or prefer and want to achieve. What’s better on paper like...
  85. H

    Axe fx 3 and external Sound interface together ?

    This should be possible on a pc with asio4all ( although I never tried)
  86. H

    NGD - Warmoth VIP and 2 videos

    Nice guitar and playing !
  87. H

    Ice castle reverb

    Very nice add ! Thanks FAS
  88. H

    Playing with looper and plex delay

    Beautiful Marco ! Grazie
  89. H

    Wish Divided by 13 RSA 23

    I know, there are a lot of amps in the III already, but... Divided by 13 rsa 23 seems really special. Would it be possible to have it modeled please ? Thanks
  90. H

    Question about the studio compressor

    Thank you Yek ! I didn’t know about these changes. I have a small problem now : I used to rely a lot on the studio comp of the axe II and I would like to convert my presets/ blocks to the III. The settings I used where closed to default, and with the new calibrated version I have tried to raise...
  91. H

    Question about the studio compressor

    Hi, I noticed that with the same blocks at default (reset on each one and switching Axe II comp detector to Rms) the studio comp in the Axe III seems to compress much more than on the AXE II. I hardly have - 5db on the Axe II and more than -10 db on the Axe III, switching the same guitar to...
  92. H

    Axe-Edit III 0.08.30 Public Beta

    Great, thanks !
  93. H

    Editing via front panel

    Received mine yesterday. The new display is great, and yes editing on the front panel is a breeze. The rest is not bad neither :D
  94. H

    Tone Matching - Test and Tutorial

    Grazie Marco
  95. H

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    @Admin M@ Thank you very much for these blocks Matt ! I've been trying for so long to get the Police E Mistress sound, sometimes getting close but never totally pleased with the result. I would never have thought to start from the digital mono effect type, and even less to get a stereo effect...
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