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    Sold My AX8, Bought a Mark V

    Awesome deal - I own both the AX8 and a Mark V - for the Mark V i have a different pedal board (H9, Comp, Wah etc). The Mark V is a serious beast once you dial it in. It is a little fussy about pedals in the loop and it has a sweet spot on the Main Output at around 10 or 11 o clock. I love the...
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    Compact gig-able amp ideas...?

    I picked up a 1x12 cabinet on craigslist, installed an Eminence Speaker Beta 12CX with the ASD1001 driver, fabricated a new back panel to the cabinet for the Dayton PMA800DSP power amp. I only carry the AX8 and the Cabinet. You can also pick up a FRFR from Xitone or Atomic etc - either way it is...
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    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

    Saw them in Las Vegas the other night. Tones were incredible !! Very clear and articulate in an arena setting. Totally amazing !
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    NGD - PRS content

    I owned a CE24 and went through this to get the bridge to float correctly. The 3rd string would always go out of tune until I fine tuned everything. After these adjustments I never had a problem. I hope it helps: http://www.thefretboard.co.uk/discussion/50351/prs-trem-setup
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    XiTone Active Wedge - Ported?

    Hello, Any XiTone Active Wedge owners that can share info about the wedge. Specifically whether the wedge is ported or completely closed Thank you!
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    Judas Priest tone

    Added the Pitch Block for you to download
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    Judas Priest tone

    Make sure your IR is a Celestion G12T-75 4x12 cab Also try a Pitch Block - Select Detune with the -9 and +9 pitch parameters to give a "doubled" sound. It will create a thicker tone without the modulation of a chorus.
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    AX8 -> Headphones VS AX8 -> Interface -> Headphones

    What would folks suggest for playing along with you tube videos for learning covers via a laptop and the AX8 output - I have a Y cable into a headphone amp. but it reduces volume way too much. Would a small mixer be a better solution or ?? Appreciate any advice - Thanks
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    DESPERATELY looking for an ambient sound

    effects to achieve Ambient - tweak to your desire
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    Moving from FX8 to AX8

    Export your FX blocks to your PC. When you create a preset on the AX8 you can import your FX blocks to the AX8. I moved from an FX8 to an AX8 myself and did this same thing. It is definitely worth it if you are in a cover band. It will take some time to setup up presets on the AX8 and get used...
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    Need a little Guidance - Amp/Cab Choices

    I have a 50:50 and played the AX8 (cabs sim off) through it into a Mesa Recto 2x12 - its killer !
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    Is it just something different or do cobalt strings sound GREAT?

    You are correct. From my experience they do sound and feel different. I prefer NYXL's, but the cobalts are unique.
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    “Like a Stone” Whammy

    sounds awesome ! - can you share the preset ? - Thanks
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    Rush flanger tone...

    FX8 Preset B5 - Invisible Airwaves http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/images/1/1b/FX-8_Factory_Presets.pdf
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    Need a little Guidance - Amp/Cab Choices

    This is good advice - The FX8 works great with the Mark amps. You have chosen a nice rig. Have you dialed in the Mesa on its own plugging your guitar directly in? They do have a bit of a learning curve and are a bit fussy. I have personally been down this same road and IMHO as compared to your...
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    Rush flanger tone...

    I believe the FX8 has a preset for that - if someone can export the effects blocks
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    AX8 -> Headphones VS AX8 -> Interface -> Headphones

    I landed up with this : Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier Hosa CMP-153 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Stereo Breakout Cable
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    Avenged Sevenfold the stage presets

    Definitely use a Mesa Type Cab IR with V30's - and try experimenting with the Marshall JVM Model or a Mesa Dual Rec with EL34 tubes in the power amp section. Should mention the HellWin amp was designed by the same person who did the Peavey 5150 etc - so that may give you a good starting point...
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    Looking for good acoustic IRs for piezo bridge guitar

    These are amazing - Thank you !
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    Whos running a poweramp?? Engl 850/100W stereo power amp

    I have a Mesa 50/50 and it delivers plenty of clarity, power and thunk. I know people have opinions that it adds a Mesa flavor but you can mess with the power amp sim settings in the Fractal and tweak to your liking if you wish
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    Has anyone had an issue like this?

    I have had this happen, it seems to be related to certain presets. I happened to be in AXE - Edit while playing and the CPU will drop to 2% when the volume drops and then I am forced to restart the unit
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    A Review of Moke's Custom Preset Design Service

    I just ordered another 8 this morning in addition to the 8 I already own - Moke = super tones, amazing skills
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    [Moke's Custom Presets] 'AX8' Thread - Updated to Q9.04/10.01 -New presets, Videos, Huge Discounts

    And I thank you for that - I will be ordering a few more presets tomorrow !:D
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    Attended G3 last night - Vegas - amp comment

    Do you like your JP-2C ? - I have the Mark V - It likes to be at master volume around 10 or 11 o"clock for face melting tone
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    Attended G3 last night - Vegas - amp comment

    Enjoy the show ! Let me know what you think
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    Attended G3 last night - Vegas - amp comment

    Joe's tone was definitely good - I have been a fan for many many years. I think I liked his tone prior to the Marshal JVM switchover though Enjoy the show ! - I would be curious on your observations - have fun !
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    Attended G3 last night - Vegas - amp comment

    Checked out G3 last night here in Vegas. Phil Collen - BlackStar Amps John Petrucci - Mesa JP2C and 4x12 Recto Cabs (stereo) Joe Satriani - JVM410 and Marshall Cabs stereo Mike Keneally - KSR head and Cab DJ Ashba (guest appearance) - Kemper and Marshall Cab I could not see effects racks...
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    Headphones rabbit hole

    I landed up with this : Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier Hosa CMP-153 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Stereo Breakout Cable
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    What amp covers the most territory ?

    Check out the Plexi or JTM45 patches in the exchange - they would be your best fit for this era
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    Should I dive in without hearing or playing the AX8?

    Yes , I dove in even while owning a Mesa Mark V and FX8 - I do not regret it Using it direct or through power amp and cabs is very satisfying
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    If anybody needs a new 100 W stereo power amp, Carvin has a deal.....

    good score - people speak highly of them on the forum - let us know how you like it
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    AX8 High Gain Scenes Demo Q9

    Is the patch for the Petrucci -esque high gain demo available to us? - Thank you !
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    Headphone Solution

    Just wanted thank everyone that helped recommend the following for the AX8 headphone listening solution: Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier Hosa CMP-153 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Stereo Breakout Cable Works great - Thank you
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    Guitar Repairs Las Vegas area?

    Yes - AMD - Alan Dreher is the best - He has his own shop
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    Inbound AX8 - interface question

    so the 2i4 ? - pardon my ignorance when it come to these devices - not my expertise -Thanks
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    Inbound AX8 - interface question

    Very cool - thanks for that So if I would go the Focusrite interface route which one would anyone suggest?
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    Inbound AX8 - interface question

    nothing outrageous - I will not be doing home recording etc. Main use will be using to tweak tones with headphones
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    Inbound AX8 - interface question

    What interface is recommended for a Windows laptop and headphones setup to dial in presets from the AX8 ? Focusrite... etc?? Thanks
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    '80s Lifeson tone Q - PCM80?

    I deleted my post - I sent it prematurely - I got too excited after listening to the example:oops:
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    Stereo Routing Question

    same thing for the sends and receives for the loop ?
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    Stereo Routing Question

    Hello, I am new to stereo routing so please forgive my lack of understanding. I have an FX8 and a Mesa Mark V switching channels with relays etc... works perfect!...I just acquired a Mesa Stiletto and would like to set up stereo. So essentially I have 2 heads and 2 cabinets and an FX8. I have...
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    New User Needs Help With Modern Metal Tones

    What is your rig setup ?
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    Revive Audio Mods - FX8

    They are on eBay selling the modded FX8- which is where they posted the info ....They charge $350.00 for these mods if you send your unit in, which is in the listing info as well. It is also mentioned they will be offering these mods to the AX8 as well
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    Revive Audio Mods - FX8

    Thoughts on their claims? "After much R&D with the circuit we are proud to offer our FX8 Modification Service. This unit comes complete with our modifications service and is in excellent condition with original owners manual. The software has also been updated to the most recent version as...
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    Expression Pedal stopped working..

    first thing to troubleshoot whether it is hardware or software. Disconnect the pedal and remove the settings from your FX8 and re-install from scratch making sure you power off the unit and restart after de-install.....if it repeats the same symptoms the pedal itself, or cable may be the issue
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    Fx8 Road Cases?

    so I cut a piece of plywood 24x12 - covered it in vinyl - mounted the FX from underneath - and placed it in the tray part of the case - I will post pics
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    fx8 with external od pedals

    The Suhr Pedals have a relay on/off option - works great
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    Mesa Mark V - Boost/Drives ?

    any Mark V owners using the FX8's blocks for EQ's, Drives, Boosts on Channel 2 Crunch setting? What did you find works best for Marshally type hard rock tones? Thanks
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    Why why Z? My A B C test and other musings...

    I have a Mark V and run 2- 212 Recto Cabs with the FX8 The AX8 is great with an FRFR but in my experience it has never been able to replace my Mesa in a band situation I am glad I stuck with the amp and FX8 setup Just my opinion of course
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    Any Noise or Tone Loss Due to Digital Input?

    I have a Mesa Mark V and have owned the H9 and the FX8 on more that one occasion. I have also owned the G System in the past with the same Mark V. The G System is flat out horrible with it's tone loss because of its converters - It has a major tone suck as well as the G Major 2 that I have...
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    Preset for Guns´n Roses Sound

    for the FX8 - there is one in the exchange for Slither that might help you get started: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5262 His effects in general: Cry Baby Wah MXR Phase 90 MXR Tremolo MXR Octave Fuzz MXR Chorus Boss Delay
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    Dumb Idea - Thoughts?

    I am not sure about the tweeter either. Folks seem to like XiTone Cabs and this is the speaker that they use. I don't see any mention of tweeter in any of their cabs but I could be mistaken. If you look at their 2x12 passive cab it looks like it is roughly the same as my recto cab with different...
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    Marshall Plexi Crunch...

    That MOD 5 tone is it for sure !! - Wow!
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    Dumb Idea - Thoughts?

    I have 2 Mesa 2x12 Recto Cabinets that I am reluctant to get rid of (both wired stereo) Would it be unwise (or stupid) to consider changing the speakers to the Eminence Beta-12CX (like XiTone) to make it more FRFR and using a stereo amp to power for an AX8 set up ? Would I need to add ports or...
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    First Clean preset with the AX8...

    nice job! - share the preset if you would please :)
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    Mesa JP-2C and FX8 Question

    typically you will need to match the MIDI channels of the FX8 and JP-2C so they communicate and then send the channel change etc via the FX8 (5 pin MIDI cable from FX8 to MIDI in of Mesa). CC commands that are in the Mesa manual as to what function is assigned to each CC command (Page 29 )
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    Mesa JP-2C and FX8 Question

    You should be able to do it through MIDI - looks like philipacamaniac has helped some folks with this
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    Taking the final plunge.

    I am glad to hear this from you guys, I have a Mark V and cabinets etc. and was an FX8 owner. I am considering an AX8 and selling off my Mesa. Most of the tones I seek are so various that the only way I can be satisfied is with an AX8. The Mark V and FX8 are great but was always trying to get...
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    Judas Priest cab choices

    4x12 Marshall 1960 GT-75's British Steel tones Engl PowerBall or Invader for the newer tones still using the Marshal Cab
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    After about 10 months with the FX8

    I had mine for almost a year. Coming from every setup imaginable, G System, G Major2, then Strymon, analog pedals etc buying and selling things 3x over again ...I purchased an FX8 ...I loved it at first, but then found myself spending too much time tweaking everything. The AX8 seems to get a lot...
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    No sound

    Thanks guys, Unfortunately it was not a blank preset, cable or mute problem. I have a limited # of "go to" presets and it happened on every single one...it literally just stopped working. It lost all audio and it was almost like it triggered the mute function on the amp, very weird ...got me...
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    No sound

    I was tweaking and testing patches today and while switching to a new preset all of a sudden I had no sound coming out of my amp. The FX8 did not freeze up and it responded normally except no audio output. I disconnected everything and restarted the FX8 and everything went back to normal. I had...
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    Looking for suggestions on a piezo-equipped electric

    Maybe look at another Music Man or a Brian Moore USA model - I agree with geezerjohn...Carvin and Parker make wonderful instruments but the resale value can be shockingly low. I have a Brian Moore C90P and a Music Man JPX both with piezo systems - definitely workhorse guitars
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    Reproducing Petrucci's Wah

    wow - thank you for doing this - can't wait to try it :D
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    Noob Question/view of effects

    +1 I have an FX8 that I use with the Mark V - Channel Select knob should be on "FT SW" and Loop Assign knob should be on "ON ALL" you should be good to go
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    Noob Question/view of effects

    Suggestion to troubleshoot - take out the cables on the back of the Mark V that are plugged in to the channel switching etc. - make sure the EFX loop send level knob is at 12 o' clock and the loop active toggle switch below that is in the upright position. Also make sure that the Loop Assign...
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    Ronni Le Tekro Effects Tone?

    Hello, Has anyone built a Ronni Le Tekro tone for the FX8? Gathered from the web: Roland Space Echo before the amp to hop up mids and add gain. Modded Boss OD-1 before the amp, modded to roll off the highs. Boss BF-2 Flanger - Eq and Mids Thanks
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    Noob Question/view of effects

    can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?
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    Channel switching question with EVH5150 III Stealth

    in FX8 Edit - load your Preset and then go to CONFIG > Relay 1 and/or Relay 2 and you can set the Tip/Ring setting per scene option
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    Gibson inlay loose -help ?

    I would be concerned that even after you glue them it will require some scraping, sanding and leveling since you mentioned being able to feel them when they were coming loose. They may not glue back into place exactly how they were when they were originally installed . It can get tedious if you...
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    colourcoding jacks...?

    So I did order these and here is a pic of them on the FX8
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    Some video from last weekends show

    Love your stuff man! - any chance of getting your effects blocks library from your presets for us FX8 guys ? - Thanks
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    colourcoding jacks...?

    Check these out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-x-CLIFF-UK-Genuine-1-4-6-35mm-Jack-Socket-Plastic-Nuts-7-Colours-for-Marshall-/321906650877
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    Mark V 100 watt

    I have the FX8 and Mark V and use the relays for switching channels, EQ etc...works flawlessly. No need for an Amp Gizmo, just a couple of TRS - TS -Y cables- I use these: http://btpa.com/ADP12-XX.html
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    Wish Add FX8 to Axe Change Please ?

    Yes, or at least an effects block library exchange for us FX8 guys ;)
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    Wish Ability to pull out effects blocks on Axe FX Patches

    So I opened a preset (Axe Exchange) from the FracTool application and when you right click an effects block it asks how you would like to save. It always seems to save everything as a .syx file not a .blk file - this causes a checksum error when trying to load on the FX8. So is it...
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    Wish Ability to pull out effects blocks on Axe FX Patches

    so for clarification, will an Axe FX II *.syx preset load into FX8 Edit to pull the blocks from the preset? Thanks !
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    MIDI issues: Fractal latency & issues?

    Did you inquire to RJM to see if they do a custom interface cable or if a mini amp gizmo etc would work ?
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    Advice of drive block?

    This is a great suggestion. The Tube Drv is a great sounding drive - if you use a boost or PEQ in front it really does respond as described in Sonofiam's post. If you load the Rush Limelight preset - it was designed to be used into a clean amp and utilizes the Tube Drv a couple different ways...
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    Mesa Boogie MkV or Lonestar

    I have a Mark V and I agree - The cleans are great much like the Lonestar and you can dial in a good crunch as well with Channel 2 - and don't forget about Channel 3 Mark IV "liquid lead" tone it's addicting. Channel 2 loves boost/tube screamer type pedals I have the combo and use the Mesa...
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    FX8 Mark II looks sweeeet!

    This is my first piece of Fractal gear , so I am happy it will supported moving forward - Thanks
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    FX8 Mark II looks sweeeet!

    as long as we are reassured that the FX8 MK 1 will still have firmware and be supported - I think there will be a better comfort level
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    Xotic EP Booster usage

    So I tried the EP booster with my rig and decided that it is not needed with the FX8 There are so many options in the FX8 between the drives, enhancers and EQ's that I was able to sweeten some of my presets Thank you for the SDD Preamp tip !
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    Piezo/Electric new challenge

    you might want to look at the RJM Y Not box - it may help with splitting the signal via MIDI commands
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    Xotic EP Booster usage

    Let me know what you think when you try it - I remember it being an always on pedal and having some sort of magic going on. I sold off everything when I got the FX8 and I think I am missing it - idk ;)
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    Xotic EP Booster usage

    Hello, Anyone using an EP Boost in front or post the FX8 ? Is there a similar substitute in the FX8 that would achieve the same result? As always, thank you for your help !
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    Fx8 Road Cases?

    I have one of these cases 24x12x6 - very good for the price http://www.roadcasesusa.com/categories/Effect-Pedal-Cases/
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    List of amps that have ground loops with FX8

    I bought this a few years ago - I don't gig without it - and always plug in at home with it as well Any of the ISOBAR models will do.....it's gonna cost ya 40-50 bucks but its well worth it for filtered power http://www.tripplite.com/isobar-4-o...ord-3300-joules-diagnostic-leds~ISOBAR4ULTRA/
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    Fx8 Road Cases?

    I have one of these cases 24x12x6 - very good for the price http://www.roadcasesusa.com/categories/Effect-Pedal-Cases/
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    Dialling in Mark V

    I have a real Mark V and as other folks have mentioned you need to have the treble and presence up as they are part of the gain structure. Keep the bass at 2 or 3 and make sure the EQ is engaged and the 2200 Hz slider is boosted for the high mids which will add gain as well - Also on the real...
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    Carrying case?

    22 1/2 comfortably spaced
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    Vegas FAS fam...

    Check out Fremont Street experience for the tribute band experience: http://vegasexperience.com/calendar/live-entertainment-570/ Also music shop : http://www.jeguitars.com/ Enjoy !
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    Mesa Mark V Combo Switching

    I have a Mark V - If you use a Y Cable - TRS - TS to TS - plug the Tip into the back of the amp Ch2 and the Ring into Chan 3 you only need to use Relay 1 to control channel switching through the FX8 - in the preset scene if you select Tip it will change to Ch2 and if you select Ring it will...
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    Carrying case?

    Check out the SKB cases as well SC2111 - Fits FX8 and an expression pedal :) http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=589&o=&offset=&c=85&s=75
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    Gig bag?

    Check out the SKB cases as well SC2111 - Fits FX8 and an expression pedal :) http://www.skbcases.com/music/products/proddetail.php?f=&id=589&o=&offset=&c=85&s=75
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