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  1. Henry

    Doable: Auto-Engage Modifier in one scene, Bypass in another?

    Here is my scenario: I have a Wah in Scene 1 with a Modifier on Control using Expression 1, and Auto Engage On (Med Pos). I would like Wah to be totally off in Scene 2 (so I can use Expression 1 for something else). I see in the manual that Modifiers settings are shared between Channels of a...
  2. Henry

    John Petrucci Guitar Universe 2.0 - NY August 2018

    Anyone here going? Or is an alumnus from last year? I'm not sure what to expect. I assume people bring a guitar, right?
  3. Henry

    Implemented Looper: Hitting ONCE while in RECORD should stop recording but not start playing immediately

    The current looper control does not allow for a loop to stop and not play immediately. At least I have not found a way so far. The II looper implemented this by: - stopping the recording when you hit Record (while recording) - and setting the Immediate Play to Off. The III looper goes into...
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