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  1. GitarKnut

    Two independent volume pedals

    As I stated in my previous post it is possible to use two separate Volume pedals, but the one that is not in use needs to be parked in the "toe down" position and the operation "Src1 X Src2" (in the Edit Modifier window) must be selected. I have a volume pedal connected to my RJM MM GT22 (Source...
  2. GitarKnut

    Two independent volume pedals

    If the operation "Src1 X Src2" (in the Edit Modifier window) is selected and one of the pedals is parked in its "max" (toe down) position it works but that does unfortunately not fulfill the OP's wish for level change regardless of the position of the other pedal.
  3. GitarKnut

    Two independent volume pedals

    Page 64 in the latest revision (March 2022) of the Owners Manual
  4. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Thanks, I re-loaded the preset I shared in my first email on this topic (#170) and yes, you are absloutely correct . A simple reset fixed it :). I just love this Forum and all the highly competent and helpful members !!!
  5. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Thank you for looking into this and please accept my apologies for claiming a possible bug which seems to be caused by something outside the Fractal products and software. If I remember correctly this (and some other presets) came from my Axe Fx II XL and it is definitely not unlikely that...
  6. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Thanks, I tried this: 1. Deleted the the EQ block and added it back => no change 2. Deleted GEQ 4, -> inserted GEQ 1 -> made a copy of GEQ1 -> re-inserted GEQ4 -> pasted the copied EQ into GEQ4 => GEQ 4 come to life 3. Deleted the "live" GEQ 4 and re-inserted GEQ4 => "Dead" GEQ4 again 4. Some...
  7. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Thanks for testing and confirming! I got "Fractalized" in 2012 (Axe Fx II, Axe Fx II XL, FM3 + FC-6 and Axe Fx III since it first came out) so I am quite familiar with the products and I just can't see that I am doing something wrong (hopefully not PEBKAC this time.....:)). And the other three...
  8. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Here are presets and system settings for my entire rig. I have tried to re-install FW 19.01 but GEQ 4 is still "dead". Please note that the Cab-block in the preset now has rather randomly selected IR's as I use some third party IR's in the original preset (Scenes 2, 5 and 6 uses "YA York 212 M65...
  9. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Possible Bug; Graphic Eq 4 does not work. The Balance and Level controls work as expected, but nothing happends when I move the sliders. I have tested most of the Eq Types and they are all the same. GEQ 1-3 work as expected. I have tested using front panel and Axe Edit. FW 19.01 (and Axe Edit...
  10. GitarKnut

    Boost Scene

    Please accept my appologies if this has been suggestet earlier but you can also assign the Bypass of multiple blocks to a Control Switch (e.g. CS1). By doing this you can turn multiple blocks on and off with one footswitch. This is very handy if you for your lead tone want e.g. Delay, Reverb...
  11. GitarKnut

    Wrecker Express Normal scene is my new favorite factory preset

    Yes, don't overlook the FAS amps (e.g. Wreck, Express and Crunch)! Also do yourself a favour and try swapping the EL34's with 6CA7's with associated power tube settings as discussed in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wrecker-express-with-6ca7s-o-o.174290/#post-2114814
  12. GitarKnut

    Wrecker Express with 6CA7s.... O.o

    Thanks for your excellent suggestion. I have also implemented the 6CA7 tubes (with the PA-settings from the Marshall as shown in your picture) on the FAS Express, Wreck and Crunch amps and all I can say is: TRY IT, you'll like it:):). After this discovery I will also try these settings on other...
  13. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    It may have been mentioned earlier but I can not remember having seen it in this thread with the very interesting discussion regarding "fingers VS signal chain" (guitar, cable, AXe FX III and outboard gear). Have you tried to play with different guitar picks (materials, shapes, "angle of attac"...
  14. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 8 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #5

    I would start with checking the Master Volume (in addition to the overall volume) as there seems to be some changes/variations in the MV taper (log15 v.s. authentic). My way of getting the sound I want from the Axe Fx III is to always check the "Headroom" VU in the authentic page. For amps...
  15. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 8 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #5

    Isn't Brit Pre the same as JMP-1 (i.e. on the "not verified yet" list)?
  16. GitarKnut

    FM3 and Axe-fx III together

    I am a huge fan of Leon ("2112") and Ragdoll and it would be very nice to see a video demoing the potential power this combination.........:):):) Or is it simply overkill to combine them??
  17. GitarKnut

    FM3 and Axe-fx III together

    I have both an Axe-FX III and FM3 but have not thought about combining them until now. It should be possible to: Run one of the units in the effects loop of the other Send S/PDIF from one unit to the other (then they would be in series) and hence avoid one D/A - A/D conversion. I also have a...
  18. GitarKnut

    [fixed] Bug? Angle Severe 1 Hum from Presence

    Also be sure that the "AC Line Frequency" is set to the correct value in the "Config" under "Global Setup". I live in Norway (Europe) hence 50 Hz but in e.g. the US the correct value is 60 Hz.
  19. GitarKnut

    Set up IA for channel toggle?

    I use the OMG9 setup but it should be the same procedure for any setup or the FM3 alone. Go to "FC Controllers" and set the parameters as shown in the picture. You can select toggle between any channels or even roll through all or some channels by selecting "Chan Inc /Dec" under "Functions"...
  20. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    Fully agree, I read this thread to get information and learn about FW14.00 so my dear forum colleagues - can you please stick to the topic?
  21. GitarKnut

    Fixed FM3 Output suddenly goes silent

    I have experienced the same issue when playing music via USB and guitar at the same time. (Only plying music via USB with no guitar connected or only playing guitar with no USB audio processing is fine.) It happends regardless of FM3-Edit being open or not; FM3 HP, FW 1.06 Beta 3, Windows 10...
  22. GitarKnut

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    I had the same problem and the reason was that the Input to the Pitch Follower was set to Input 2. See this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/pitch-follower-not-working-responding-input-source-for-the-pitch-controller-was-factory-set-to-input-2.163770/
  23. GitarKnut

    Not a Bug Pitch Follower not working/responding - Input Source for the Pitch controller was (factory) set to Input 2

    Thanks - that solved it for me as well! But I really think that Input 1 should be the default value for the "Input Source". Anyway, it's not a bug. Do anyone have a good explanation on why the default value is Input 2 ??
  24. GitarKnut

    Not a Bug Pitch Follower not working/responding - Input Source for the Pitch controller was (factory) set to Input 2

    FW 1.05 and FM3 Edit 1.01.07. I have tried to allocate the Pitch Follower to Input Trim (in the amp block) both from the FM3 Edit and front panel of the FM3 but the FM3 does not respond on pitch changes from the guitar. I also have an Axe Fx III and there it works as supposed so I am quite sure...
  25. GitarKnut

    Fixed PC and DAW audio glitches and goes out of tune with digital artifacts every 10-15 seconds

    I experienced the same issue but using another USB-port on the PC has cured the problem. (FW 1.05 and WIndows 10)...... very strange!
  26. GitarKnut

    Power Supply AC Line Frequency

    My understanding is that the Power Supply AC Line Frequency relevant to the performance of the noise gates is set from the front panel; Setup-> Global Settings -> Bottom of the Config tab (AC Line Frequency). OR: Axe Edit III; Setup -> Config (AC Line Frequency is found bottom right). If I am...
  27. GitarKnut

    Can a switch increment channels on multiple blocks?

    I can do this with my RJM MasterMind but not on my FC6. One workaround is to use Scenes for this, but I want to stay within the same Scene and kick in various effects and change Channel on others using a single switch. The idea is to have a "Master" solo/lead switch working on all Scenes. See...
  28. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    It has happened to me a couple of times that the sound has degraded slightly after installation of a new FW but re-installing the FW (and re-setting the system settings/parameters) have always provided a "better than ever" sounding Axe Fx III. I always take a beck-up before installation and just...
  29. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    I have loaded FW11b and its sonic and feel/response qualities are beyond belief. So far I have tested with RCF NX12-SMA, Atomic CLR and in-ear. My preferred way into the new impedance modelling is that existing presets should be kept unaltered (i.e. FW 10 or earlier). After all we have tweaked...
  30. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    OK, but how can I accomplish what I want to do? (Use a Control Switch on the FC-6 to simultaneously change the Bypass State on some Blocks and Channel on another). And why do the AXE FX III respond to External pedals/switches connected to the FC-6? I can easily do this on my RJM MM GT22 so I am...
  31. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    As I stated in my post they definately do in my set-up. I rock the Expression pedal connected to the FC-6 and the Channel in the Reverb block nicely changes from A to B to C to D and then it starts over again with further movement of the pedal. So I am a bit confused....
  32. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    I attached an External Switch to the FC-6 and mapped it to the Reverb Block on the "Channel" page on the AXE FX III (using the "Learn" function. Then I could change Channel on the Reverb Block but only toggle between Channels A and D (I assume A is "min value" (0) and D is "max" value (3 or 127)...
  33. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    I am not able to send MIDI messages from a switch set up as a Control Switch my FC-6 (FW 1.09) to the AXE FX III (FW 8.00). This should be possible according to the manuals, Page 45 in the AXE FX III manual and Page 39-40 in the FC Manual. (Yes, I have read the manuals and I have searched the...
  34. GitarKnut

    Change Bypass status on some blocks and Channel on another block with one switch

    Thanks for chiming in but I have already tried that (as mentioned in my first post I have read the manual;)). Just for testing I tried to use the same CS to select Scenes (also on Page 45 in the AXE FX III manual and Page 39-40 in the FC Manual) but that did not work either. I also tried the...
  35. GitarKnut

    Change Bypass status on some blocks and Channel on another block with one switch

    I have searched the forum and owners manual but without success on how to achieve this. My intention is to have a "lead" switch engaging e.g. GEQ in front of the amp, volume boost (GEQ post amp) and delay (using a Control Switch to control the Bypass status of the relevant blocks) and with the...
  36. GitarKnut

    Expression Pedal Not Working Well for Volume Swel

    Chris is right. I have a Mission pedal alongside Fractal EV 1's and I had to swap the leads (i.e. reverse the polarity) to make the Mission pedal function normally.
  37. GitarKnut

    Is it me? Does 6.03 suck? My live sounds are now terrible.

    My experience (see post #5) is that all parameters seemed to be fine including Power Amp and Cab Modeling. I'm using some global blocks but no global Cabs, but some amps just sounded bad or weird in lack of a more precise term. I have to Amps in parallel where one is active and one is bypassed...
  38. GitarKnut

    Is it me? Does 6.03 suck? My live sounds are now terrible.

    I have experienced a bad sounding Axe Fx III after an FW-update a couple of times lately. To me it seems like the "badness" hits different amps in different ways (i.e. some amps sound fine whereas others sound worse). Re-installing (even re-downloading and re-installing) the FW has cured the...
  39. GitarKnut

    [closed] Have there been any more 6.x beta sightings ?

    My Axe Fx III lost the inputs (no signal entering the unit from any of the inputs) and this was also reported by someone else on the Forum. I tried to re-install the 6.0 beta (from 5.08) and the same thing happened. No sign of hanging an everything seemed to be fine (including communication with...
  40. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Updated from 5.08 to 6.0 beta and the inputs were dead i.e. no signal into the unit. I have some global blocks and everything seemed fine until I tried to play ..... I tested Inputs 1, 2 and 3 and no signal were detected in the unit. Rolled back to 5.08 and everything is good. Love to start...
  41. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    Seems like we are in for a paradigm shift, i.e. oncoming tube amp reviews will read something like ".....and the latest version of this amp feels and sounds almost as good as its Fractal counterpart....." :):)
  42. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    The Delay Block - I can neither find the "Config" button on Axe Edit III nor the equivalent function on the front screen (i.e. the possibility to manually set Time and Tempo separately for Left and Right. But I do find a button for "L/R Time Ratio". Is the latter supposed to replace the Config...
  43. GitarKnut

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.01

    Great update and I am very happy that I jumped on the "Fractal train" six years ago. I have found one small error on the Graphic EQ's; when selecting any of the two new 10 Band 2/3 Octave EQ's the frequencies displayed are 31Hz to 16kHz, i.e. the same as the "old" 10 Band EQ's. The frequencies...
  44. GitarKnut

    Block for A/B switching?

    As stated in the Wiki the Multiplexer can only run one line (or source) at a time. So if you want to run two amps in parallel or morph between them using an expression pedal the Mixer block is your friend. Simply by-passing one of the parallel amps (set the "Bypass mode" to "Mute") will also...
  45. GitarKnut

    Modeler Stress Test

    Why feel or guess about the 3rd sample .... why not test ourselves? Most of us have an Axe Fx II (any version) and/or an Ax8 and then it is fairly straight forward to compare with the sound clip from @FractalAudio. I dialed up the Factory Preset "Deluxe Verb", set the Bass, Treble and Volume to...
  46. GitarKnut

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    I am quite new to the FracTool (and have of course donated to support the work done so far on this excellent tool) but Axe-Fx user since FW 9 (i.e. several years) so I am very familiar with the Axe. Most of the times I start FracTool it stops working within a few seconds but every now and then...
  47. GitarKnut

    Fixed Q9b; Amp2 goes quiet when "Out Comp Amount" is set above 0.0

    Same here, I am more than happy to test beta versions released to the community - don't think I have missed one single beta-version so far. So thanks for letting us contribute in the process !! I followed Cliffs advice and it works wery well. After adjusting the "Comp Clarity" on the first...
  48. GitarKnut

    Fixed Q9b; Amp2 goes quiet when "Out Comp Amount" is set above 0.0

    I left my unit (XL) off over night but the same problem exist after re-powering this morning, switching presets and so on. I guess that this indicate that the problem is related to the XL and not the XL+. What about the Mark 1 and 2 units? And BTW I also have an AX8 so I do know how to live...
  49. GitarKnut

    Fixed Q9b; Amp2 goes quiet when "Out Comp Amount" is set above 0.0

    Yes, I have tried to reset the Amp2 block and it still goes quiet. I have and XL (sorry that I missed to mention that in my original post). I have also tried with and without Axe Edit (i.e. front panel and AE) and the behaviour of the Amp2 block is identical. I have not tried to re-download and...
  50. GitarKnut

    Fixed Q9b; Amp2 goes quiet when "Out Comp Amount" is set above 0.0

    I installed Q9b and found that all my Amp2's were silent, both x and y. I have two Amp blocks with x and y in most of my presets. After some investigation I found that setting the "Out Comp Amount" to 0.0 brought the sound back. There is actually some sound up to approx. 0.3 but after that it is...
  51. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.03 Firmware Released

    How to really say "THANK YOU" and show our appreciation to the amazing efforts from Cliff and his team: Buy more Fractal products (cab packs, cables, AX8s +++) !!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)
  52. GitarKnut

    [NOT A BUG] Q. 4.01b - Strange behaviour of Plexi 100W 1970

    Thanks Simeon. In my presets I use either the Input Trim, the Input Drive or an Eq (graphic or parametric) connected to an External Controller. (Filter or Volume blocks are other nice options). Which method I use depends on available CPU and what I want to achieve with the extra gain hitting the...
  53. GitarKnut

    [NOT A BUG] Q. 4.01b - Strange behaviour of Plexi 100W 1970

    First, I will use the opportunity to thank you for creating the best "guitar multi tool" ever made. I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and I have never enjoyed playing as much as I do now with the Axe Fx with its endless possibilities and the best guitar sound I've ever had (having...
  54. GitarKnut

    [NOT A BUG] Q. 4.01b - Strange behaviour of Plexi 100W 1970

    I have a XL and noticed that when attaching an external controller to the Treble Drive on the Plexi 100w 1970 the CPU-usage increases with 10% or more. I have an Ext.ctrl. on the Drive (or Treble Drive) on several other amps/presets and the CPU usage is fairly stable when attaching and using the...
  55. GitarKnut

    Atomic CLR problem

    I have two CLR active wedges (non-NEO's) and I really love them. I had to replace the power module in one of them so within a few days I received a new one (free of charge) from Atomic and I returned the faulty one (I live in Norway so it was shipped from their UK-affiliate). My experience with...
  56. GitarKnut

    G66 appreciation

    I just have to chime in and confirm that I have exactly the same experience with G66. Their service is on its own more than sufficient reason to buy Fractal products (or other gear) from them.
  57. GitarKnut

    Global EQ

    Based on "lessons learned" by reading this excellent forum I have a global GEQ at the end of the signal chain in all my presets and I can easily switch this on/off via a controller. How to accomplish this; 1. Put a PEQ at the end (or near the end) of the signal chain in the presets, you use...
  58. GitarKnut

    AxeFX still dead after 4 months

    My first Axe Fx was a Mk I and it had quite similar symptoms with dimmed screen and other strange things happening. I first thought it was the display or the ribbon cable but finally I had to send the whole unit to G66. I had purchased the unit second hand from the US but despite of this G66 was...
  59. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    I have an XL (current FW is 3.0 beta) and have just checked but I did not find any unusual behavior i.e. when the mic type is set to "none" the Proximity knob is not active. Just for the test I also sat the mic type to "null" and the Proximity know was doing what it is supposed to do. I tried...
  60. GitarKnut

    Bug? Large volume difference on Nuclear-Tone when switching modellin-version

    After installing Q 2.04 i went through my presets and checked the options on modelling version (i.e. Q2.00, Q2.01 and Latest. On the patch with the Nuclear-Tone it was a very large volume difference between Q2.01 and the other two. I have an XL and it is connected to a MFC-101 MkIII and a RAC12...
  61. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Some amps need a slight re-tweak more than others but once you have done that you'll never look back. I was very happy with my sounds many FW's ago and now .... I don't know what to say - I just can't stop smiling when I play and I can't stop playing. It is THAT good now. My rig is Axe Fx XL...
  62. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Scene Controllers are your best friend and are stored per preset. If you call up a global block (i.e. amp) you have to initiate the use of Scene Controllers (or any controller) for the parameter you like to control. Then you have to set the values of the Scene Controllers for the Scenes in that...
  63. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Thank you Sir for taking time to answer my question. My rig is Axe Fx II XL, MFC 101 MkIII and two CLR's (on rehersals and gigs) and two RCF NX12 SMA (at home). I get A LOT of compliments for my sound and quite often I dial in a new sound and just can't stop playing. Fractal gear is highly...
  64. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    I have an XL and have noticed that the "Pwr Amp Grid Bias" (on the Power Sply page on Axe Edit) is 0.500 for most (or all?) of the Marshall and Marshallesqe amps. I re-loaded Q2.0 and the Marshalls seemed to be between 0.300 and 0,350. I did not check all the Marhall’s but at they had different...
  65. GitarKnut

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta

    I have an XL (+ MFC 101 Mk III) and a number of two amp presets (using both X and Y of Amp1 and Amp2). On all the presets I have checked so far the Power Amp Hardness is 0 on all my Amp2's (both X and Y are 0). I have checked the values both in Axe Edit and on the front panel of the XL. Besides...
  66. GitarKnut

    CLR Broken - What next ? Any help appreciated

    I had a very similar problem with one of my CLR's and the Power Unit had to be replaced. I sent an email to Tom King (not their customer service which I understand is suffering from heavy spamming) and received an answer almost immediately. I live in Norway and within a few days I got a new PU...
  67. GitarKnut

    Funny story about how the Axe FX won - again!

    I guess the FAS-amps are the equivalent to the Yamaha DG philosophy (naming philosophy only - no quality of sound and feel comparison). My understanding of the FAS-amps is that they are Cliff's tweaked and optimized version of the "cornerstone" amps; Marshall, Fender, Vox and Mesa just to...
  68. GitarKnut

    Bug? Preset-Cab Bundles not working correctly after FW update

    I have a XL, installed Q 1.05 before loading the bundle and found the same error as Ian (x-amp is Vibrato Verb CS and y-amp is USA Lead). I'm really looking forward to testing Q 1.05, the bundles and cabs in Cab Pack 20 at live volume. At medium volume it sounds glorious. I run two active CLRs...
  69. GitarKnut

    Can someone un fuck my preset? V2.0 QUANTUM FUCKUP

    Well, being a native Norwegian I am not too familiar with the English language but I think if we substitute the f.... word with a synonym like "screw" we may be able to reach a conclusion; Q: What is the difference between a blown light bulb and a pregnant woman .........? A: You cannot un-screw...
  70. GitarKnut

    Issue Setting Levels between X & Y Amps

    Most of my presets have Amp1 and Amp2 both with X and Y amps (i.e. four amps per preset). Knob A controls the volume of Amp1 (both X and Y) and Knob B controls the volume of Amp2 (X and Y). I use the VU-meters to set the levels and it works and saves just fine. I have an XL and run FW 19_03 beta...
  71. GitarKnut

    FW18.07b bug - Amp Y-state overdrive set to 10

    I had some of the same experience with the Negative Feedback values after upgrading to 18 beta 00 and posted a thread regarding this in the Bugs section http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-bugs/96460-negative-feedback.html Could you please see if also your Negative Feedback values change...
  72. GitarKnut

    Bug? Negative Feedback

    When checking my presets after upgrade to FW18b i noticed that the Negative Feedback was inconsistent across my presets. A further investigation showed that (at least on my XL) the Neg.Feedback value from the X-state of an amp was copied over to the Y-state. Checking a number of amps showed that...
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