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  1. SOAWM

    Been thinking about getting a Matrix power amp but.....

    A while ago I bought an FM3 to replace my previous live rig (VHT Pittbull Ultra Lead and a big pedalboard). First I tried using the power amp of the VHT and this sounded amazing, but it felt stupid to carry an expensive tube head just for the sake of using the power amp. The best alternative...
  2. SOAWM

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    With the ambition to downsize my live rig I have recently purchased an FM3 to either play through my tube amp or use with a Matrix GT1000FX. I decided to build a custom pedalboard and by coincidence the full setup perfectly fits an old case I had lying around. The pedalboard is far from...
  3. SOAWM

    FM3: Pairing with real cabinet - Tubes vs. Solid State

    Thank you for all of the suggestions. Although I was really looking forward to testing a power amp with tubes - definitely after experiencing the FM3 in the fx-return of my VHT Ultra Lead - I have decided to first try the solid state route again. Last year I sold my Matrix GT1000FX which had...
  4. SOAWM

    FM3 and Tuner

    I did not have my first coffee of the day yet. Awesome that the function is already there. Will test it out tonight!
  5. SOAWM

    FM3 and Tuner

    I was not aware of this function in the axe-fx III, but this would be really convenient on the FM3 for live use. Hoping it will be implemented!
  6. SOAWM

    FM3: Pairing with real cabinet - Tubes vs. Solid State

    The return of the VHT works really well and sounds absolutely incredible, but it somehow feels redundant to carry around head while I only use the power section. That's why I was looking into a dedicated power amp.
  7. SOAWM

    FM3: Pairing with real cabinet - Tubes vs. Solid State

    For a long time I used an Axe-Fx II with a Matrix GT1000FX and FRFR (Matrix CFR12) speakers, but ultimately felt the urge to experience the feeling of a loud amp in the room again. I sold everything and retired the Axe-Fx II to my modest home studio. The last couple of years I have been using a...
  8. SOAWM

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 1

    You are correct, but I am going to rehearse with my traditional setup and then use some spare time to test the FM3. So, no harm if there are a couple of bugs here and there. Looking forward to it!
  9. SOAWM

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 1

    Today I was going to bring newly acquired FM3 to our rehearsal room for the first time. Perfect timing Fractal!
  10. SOAWM

    FM3 - CAB Different position for output 1 and 2?

    This works, but then the signal to output 2 is dry (without the time-based effects). I currently have the preset configured as show on the screenshot, but the sound is far more to my liking when the cabinet is placed right after the amp (the highlighted shunt). The effects are more prominent...
  11. SOAWM

    FM3 - CAB Different position for output 1 and 2?

    A couple of days ago I received the FM3 and I have successfully transferred my Axe-Fx III presets. These are quite simple in nature: amp, cab and a couple of time-based effects such as delay, reverb and plexverb. I am currently rethinking my live setup and I would love to use Output 1 for FOH...
  12. SOAWM

    Fractal 4cm Club

    A couple of days ago I have received my FM3 with the intention of incorporating it into my live setup. Currently, I am using a VHT Pittbull Ultra Lead with a pedalboard that mainly revolves around a Source Audio Ventris and Nemesis. The FM3 will probably replace these pedals. I am still...
  13. SOAWM

    Thinking of upgrading…need advice

    I recently upgraded from an Axe-Fx II with MFC-101 to an Axe-Fx III with FC-12 (and there is also an FM3 on the way now). Although I am not much into praise and worship music, I feel like our approach to sound might be quite similar because I am mostly into post-metal. So, I combine high-gain...
  14. SOAWM

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    That is great news! My FM3 is arriving tomorrow and I am really looking forward to having my Axe-Fx III sounds in my mobile rig.
  15. SOAWM

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    How are you liking the Ventris in addition to the Fractal reverbs? On my live (tube) rig I am using a Source Audio Ventris and Nemesis, but have always felt like the reverbs in my Axe-Fx III are on par.
  16. SOAWM

    The new DS1 Mod is unbelievably good

    Could this imply that we might find an HM-2 in the Axe-Fx III in the future? If I remember correctly from the discussions in the Axe-Fx II days, this pedal was always difficult to model due to the specific character/noise it has. I would love to finally have the Swedish chainsaw sound inside of...
  17. SOAWM

    Not a Bug Reading Preset & Cabinet Names?

    So a stupid question after all... Sorry. Feel free to delete this thread. Thanks for the swift reply.
  18. SOAWM

    Not a Bug Reading Preset & Cabinet Names?

    I was unable to find previous mentions of this, so hopefully I am not asking an overly stupid question. When Axe-Edit III is started it always goes through the process of 'reading preset names' and 'reading user cabinet names'. Is this normal behavior or should Axe-Edit III remember the latest...
  19. SOAWM

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    Can someone give some practical examples of how this can be useful? I feel like this might be huge, but I am not fully grasping it yet.
  20. SOAWM


    Monday just got better.
  21. SOAWM

    Just Received My FC-12

    I also received my FC-12 yesterday. To be honest, I was not fully aware of the all the features because I was not planning to buy one originally. The FC-12 came with the AXE-FX III I ordered on Reverb and I am blown away. This unit is so much more flexible and user friendly than the MFC-101...
  22. SOAWM

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    It is! One of the challenges of living in a small appartement is finding a convenient place to store gear, especially now I also need to work from this desk. I also made that slide for the midi-keyboard myself for this exact reason.
  23. SOAWM

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    After much debate, I decided not to wait for an MKII and ordered a mint (still has the screen protector) MKI with an FC-12, pedaltrain pack and Mission Engineering expression pedal for significantly less money. Time to retire my beloved Axe-Fx II.
  24. SOAWM

    That delicious anxiety . . . .

    I am expecting to experience a similar scenario. The Axe-Fx III and FC-12 I bought as a set on Reverb arrived together at the sort facility (2 pieces), but the later processing and department only show 1 piece. Let's hope the both arrive on Monday or that the Axe-Fx arrives first... Looking...
  25. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    Instead of working with a list of predefined presets, I personally think it would make more sense to enable the user to save presets in the global EQ settings. This would allow to set specific settings for the venues you often play. If you do this together with your live engineer during...
  26. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    Thanks Lee! After much debate I just could not justify the price for the added features and increased waiting time for an mk2. Still feels quite scary to buy something this expensive through Reverb and hope that everything arrives safely and in perfect working condition. I am not sure whether I...
  27. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    Just to give an update. Yesterday I received an email from G66 that the COVID-situation had delayed some things and that I would need to wait a little longer than expected to order the Axe-Fx III mk2. Funny enough, an hour before receiving this email I got a notification from Reverb that an...
  28. SOAWM

    Can't make a choice

    I have been considering purchasing that one as well. If it would've been a FC6 instead of a FC12 I would have already bought it. The upgrades the mk2 provides are not necessarily must-haves, but psychologically it feels somehow better to have the latest and greatest when spending this kind of money.
  29. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    I think the word "need" is often really subjective, because although I am really looking forward to the new effects and connectivity (especially reamping in the mix) this will not make me a better player or magically help me to produce better songs. Although I believe motivation should come from...
  30. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    Thanks again for all of the input. Just received confirmation that someone is coming over for a guitar I had for sale next week. I am now officially on the waiting list for an Axe-FX III mk2 and according to G66 it will be able to order in about 3 weeks. Once I receive the III I will try to...
  31. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    Thank you for the elaborate message, Lee! This are the exact kinds of experiences I was hoping to read. Really glad to hear that the process of dialing in a killer tone has become easier with the Axe-Fx III. I am started to get convinced that the Kemper-route might not be for me after all: I am...
  32. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    Thank you so much for these compliments! It's quite funny that you mention Downfall of Gaia. Our last show before the whole covid-19 crisis really started to restrict our day-to-day lives was as a support for them in Germany. A couple of days later, they had to return home from the tour because...
  33. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    @skydog Thank you for your insights and for sharing your personal experience. Great to hear that the III has made your other gear redundant. @Andy Eagle You raise a valid point. The user is indeed an important part of the puzzle and the II is still a great unit that can produce world class...
  34. SOAWM

    Ares 2.0 vs Axe-Fx III fw.14 (worth the upgrade?)

    For the last 8 years, I have been using an Axe-FX II. After a while, mostly because I found it too cumbersome to constantly move my rack between my home, our rehearsal place and shows, I went back to playing live with tube amps (VHT Ultra Lead and pedalboard). As a guitar player, I am mostly...
  35. SOAWM

    Best 3U rack bag to fit Axe-Fx2?

    The case was made by Castle Cases in the UK!
  36. SOAWM

    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    To be honest I don't understand why they didn't include the possibility for a wireless iOS/Android-editor. This feature has been requested for ages and often provided by 3rd party developers.
  37. SOAWM

    Input 1 question

    I use the front for playing with a cable and the back for my wireless.
  38. SOAWM

    Best 3U rack bag to fit Axe-Fx2?

    Initially, I used a 3U bag for my Axe-fx and my 1U Matrix GT1000fx, but after a while the zippers of the bag and the loop for the strap broke. Since I really enjoyed the portability of a rack bag, but wanted something more durable, I ordered a custom rack case with plastic panels instead of wood...
  39. SOAWM

    Guitar cab vs FRFR?

    When I was still playing in a straight forward thrash metal band, I really preferred the sound of my Matrix GT1000FX with two CFR12 FRFR-speakers. I cut through the mix like a knife and was really, really tight and clear. Now, however, I'm playing in a post-metal band which requires the...
  40. SOAWM

    Guitar cab vs FRFR?

    After years of using my Matrix CFR12's as a backline, I've recently ordered a 4x12 cab for the new band I'm playing in. What power amp are you using for this setup?
  41. SOAWM

    Matrix Power Amp and non powered FR monitors

    Matrix makes the CFR12 and Q12 passive FRFR speakers. I use two CFR12's in conjunction with the GT1000FX.
  42. SOAWM

    Power Amp for Loud Doom Metal

    Thanks SoProg and Jimmy Gaydos for the response! :) Although I always believed I could achieve every tone I desired with my Axe-Fx, I'm starting to feel the same way as you do. When I was building patches for this doom project I was jamming with, I literally went the route you suggested...
  43. SOAWM

    Power Amp for Loud Doom Metal

    Can I hijack this thread and ask how you approach creating presets for doom? I've been jamming with friends to make some music in the veins of Primitive Man, Conan and Fistula, but I can't achieve the gritty and powerful sound that is so particular for this kind of music. A while ago I played...
  44. SOAWM

    Black Sabbath said goodbye

    I will forever blame myself for not having seen them play live...
  45. SOAWM

    Ugh...back to work 2017

    Back to work today, after spending two weeks at home. Although I played a lot more guitar than usual, I didn't succeed in fulfilling my goal of writing a couple of songs for a new project. I really need to get out and play with new people and explore new horizons musically, instead of just...
  46. SOAWM

    Sigh... gig failure.

    I once had a similar experience, unfortunately at one of the most important shows I played with my previous band. Halfway through our set, while playing a solo, all of a sudden my sound was completely gone. I finished the song without sound and checked all the cables immediately afterwards...
  47. SOAWM

    Some Hi-Gain Rhythm Guitar Tips!

    Great! Thanks for this :)
  48. SOAWM

    MC-6. Small, fully programmable midi controller

    Do I understand correctly that you are able to program totally different banks and use them simultaneously? For example: Bank 1: Presets Bank 2: IA's Bank 3: scenes Bank 4: looper So in practice during a set, I could: select preset 2 on my axe-fx - change to bank 2 - hit the drive IA...
  49. SOAWM

    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    Sorry for going off-topic, but your username makes me wonder if you play in the Belgian band Emptiness? If so, I really like your music and sound. Was 'Nothing but the Whole' recorded with the Axe-II?
  50. SOAWM

    new Q12 user

    I use 2 CFR12's as backline, powered by a GT1000FX, plenty loud.
  51. SOAWM

    Please recommend me monitors for live use

    No problem! ;-) Let's hope we share the stage again in the future.
  52. SOAWM

    Please recommend me monitors for live use

    That's not entirely true. If you are referring to Ostrogoth's performance on Metal Fest Geel? I also played that night with Objector and both our guitar players used an Axe-Fx II with FRFR monitors (I use Matrix CFR 12's) ;) Nice setup, I generally place my monitors on top of each other, but...
  53. SOAWM

    Wish Add Scenes 1-5 to Looper Control Mode

    Great suggestion!
  54. SOAWM

    Strap locks

    Once I used Loxx, I immediately changed out all the Schaller's I had.
  55. SOAWM

    Music recommandations for a long run

    Russian Circles is one of my favorite instrumental bands to listen to while driving.
  56. SOAWM

    Fryette LXII Finally! Some progress!

    A little too pricey for my liking.
  57. SOAWM

    help me choose a new guitar :)

    Those old MIJ RG's are really good for the price you pay. I'm currently in the proces of refinishing and upgrading an old RG7421 (non-trem) as my first sevenstring guitar. Only payed 200€ for it and have already done new inlaywork, sanded the body down, have a hipshot replacement bridge ready to...
  58. SOAWM

    Judas Priest Cover Axe-Fx FW 17.02

    After all your contributions I expect Fractal to make you a custom digital amp, the MARK VI.
  59. SOAWM

    One Shot From Your Last Gig - Bar/Club/Hall/Stadium/Bedroom

    In the back you can see my Axe-FX rig (going direct to FOH). The cab is a backline and wasn't connected. Behind the cab I placed my Matrix CFR12 on a pole. Same story in this picture, but our other guitar player's rig. Also using the backline cab as a stand!
  60. SOAWM

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    Looking forward to rehearsal this weekend! Thanks again for the continuous development.
  61. SOAWM

    Virunga on Netflix

    Just finished watching Virunga and I can concur that it's one of the most impressive documentaries I've ever seen. Makes you reflect about humanity on so many different levels.
  62. SOAWM

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Now you have made me regret buying a custom 3U case... I will definitely need to add this to my rig :D
  63. SOAWM

    Recommendation for pedalboard

    Also built one myself: http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t154/Boostdidier/PEDALBOARD/1.jpg
  64. SOAWM

    Robert Fripp (King Crimson) now using Axe-Fx!

    Rig tour: Robert Fripp | Introduction | Guitar News | MusicRadar Rig Tour of Robert Fripp! After all those prog/djent-metal guitar players finding their way to Fractal, one of thé prog-legends has joined the family!
  65. SOAWM

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    That's our way to remind ourselves to fade out ;)
  66. SOAWM

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Picture of my homemade pedalboard on a gig last friday!
  67. SOAWM

    Post Your Rig!

    Tried to get everything in one picture in my small room. Will take more pictures once I get the chance to try my new Matrix CFR12 monitors in our rehearsal space. Axe-Fx II Matrix GT1000FX Line 6 G55 Wireless Custom patchbay Custom Flightcase MFC-101 Boss Expression Pedals Custom Pedalboard...
  68. SOAWM

    New Axe-fx II XL Rack Build

    That must be one of the most compact, yet overly complete rigs anyone can dream of. In what way do you feel that the music you play or the sounds you are after require the added effects from the Eclipse and the Strymon pedals in conjunction with the onboard effects of the Axe-Fx? From my...
  69. SOAWM

    Headphones vs. FRFR

    Because I live in an appartment I am bound to play with headphones most of the time. Only at rehearsals and gigs I get the chance to play through my monitor, so I guess that around 75% of my playing is done with my AKG K271 headphones. Because these headphones are 'closed' by design, the sound...
  70. SOAWM

    Which recording interface do you recommend?

    I am very satisfied with my Roland Quad Capture!
  71. SOAWM

    Guitar Strap Height - what are your experiences?

    A couple of nights ago I was installing new straplocks and decided that this was the ideal moment to try some other strap heights, as I use a leather strap that can't be easily changed in length. Lately I had been struggling with my downpicking speeds and never could nail solo's standing up as...
  72. SOAWM

    Updates Firmware and Axe EDit But Axe Edit Wont Connect

    This always works for me when I don't get a connection between Axe-Edit/FractalBot and my Axe-FX II, running on OSX: Go to 'Audio/MIDI-configuration', tap cmd+2 (opens up midi-screen) and press 'Scan Midi Bus'. This always fixes it for me! Hope it helps ;)
  73. SOAWM

    huge latency issue with Logic Pro X and Garage Band :-( [SOLVED]

    You're welcome! I've had the same problem in the past.
  74. SOAWM

    huge latency issue with Logic Pro X and Garage Band :-( [SOLVED]

    Are you sure that your project is set to 48.000?
  75. SOAWM

    MFC-Edit - MAC users

    Damn, I guess I'm too late? Would've been nice to test it out, especially since I have to reconfigure my rig for upcoming gigs!
  76. SOAWM

    Coming Soon

    Too bad they aren't black. Black ones would really match the MFC!
  77. SOAWM

    Nearly finished my new case! OCD content inside

    Although the case is made from high quality components, I wouldn't really trust airlines with this rig. I went for a lightweight (case weighs 6,5kg), portable solutions since I'm not a touring player. We only play locally and this only involves us loading our gear in cars. Castle Cases also...
  78. SOAWM

    Nearly finished my new case! OCD content inside

    In the past I always had the Matrix at the bottom, since it was a little more convenient to wire everything up. Never experienced any heat issues. This case has more airflow than the rockbag, so everything wil be fine! I indeed made the panel and cabling myself ;) Thanks for the comment!
  79. SOAWM

    Nearly finished my new case! OCD content inside

    I intended to buy a new strap, but it was nearly impossible to find a good one. So I opted to reuse the strap from my Rockbag. Since one of the clips broke of I'm using a carabiner at the moment. The case is indeed quite deep, but it was one of the standard sizes of the company (50cm from rail...
  80. SOAWM

    Nearly finished my new case! OCD content inside

    For about the past year I've been using a 3u Rockbag, but unfortunately the quality left much to be desired. Almost all metal hardware (zippers, strap, ...) broke down and to be honest I don't want to carry around my gear in something that isn't protective enough. A couple of days ago I...
  81. SOAWM

    HOLY S**T!! this is the best hi gain tone ever!

    When I just got the Axe-Fx II I made a tonematch of that Exodus tone! It isn't that hard ;)
  82. SOAWM

    FW 14 coming out tonight or not?

    In the beginning when I got the Axe-Fx I was constantly anticipating the next firmware release and felt that I 'needed' the extra features. But to be honest I am completely satisfied with my setup at the moment and could possibly play this for the rest of my life. Off course I can still imagine...
  83. SOAWM

    FASLINK Adapters? (XLR to Ethercon)

    Would buying two of these adapters make it possible to use an XLR cable between an Axe-FX II MKI and a MFC-101 MK-101?
  84. SOAWM

    F 14 goes right into the danger zone

  85. SOAWM

    My second solo EP will be out TOMOROW ! Jazz, progressive rock & metal

    By any chance influenced by Steven Wilson?
  86. SOAWM

    What is the life expectancy for a network cable?

    Does your cable smoke or eat unhealthy? Best bet is to always have a spare one available! ;)
  87. SOAWM

    using the volume pedal

    Try placing your volume block last in the chain! ;)
  88. SOAWM

    Controlling DAW or Qlab with MFC-101 through Axe-FX II over usb

    MFC-101 connected to the Axe-Fx II with an ethernet cable, and the Axe-FX II connected to my laptop with a usb-cable. No midi cables involved, but I guess it should be the midi-out of the Axe-Fx?
  89. SOAWM

    Controlling DAW or Qlab with MFC-101 through Axe-FX II over usb

    Update: I used midi-monitor to check the incoming midi and I it states that everything the axe-fx sends is 'invalid'....
  90. SOAWM

    Controlling DAW or Qlab with MFC-101 through Axe-FX II over usb

    Hi everyone, My band and I are currently without a drummer, which makes we are rehearsing with a drumtrack. As running to my macbook is getting kind of annoying, I was looking at a way of controlling my DAW or Qlab with my MFC-101. Unfortunately I can't get it to work. I have set Midi Thru...
  91. SOAWM

    Attack of the drones

    mmm, tasteful!
  92. SOAWM

    Mastodon - Oblivion cover

    You don't get stems and the audio stays within the application, so there is no standard feature to export the track. You just get a mixer where you can adjust the level of each 'stem'. I just removed all guitar and used soundflower to record the backingtrack to a useable audiofile. PM on the...
  93. SOAWM

    Mastodon - Oblivion cover

    Thanks mate! Crack the Skye is also one of my all time favorite records. Too bad Oblivion is the only song of that album Jammit provides... I would love to do some more covers! Damn cool track you have in your signature by the way!!!!
  94. SOAWM

    Mastodon - Oblivion cover

    Thanks for taking the time to comment ;)
  95. SOAWM

    Mastodon - Oblivion cover

    Hi everyone, I just recorded a new cover! In order to record a cover, where my guitar is clearly audible I purchased Oblivion on Jammit.com This gave me the possibility to completely remove the original guitar tracks. So every piece of guitar you hear is mine, part from a little...
  96. SOAWM

    Slipknot Mark IV (OwnHammer)

    Very cool and useable sound. I really like the fact that is has power, but doesn't have too much bass. I think it really leaves the room for a basstrack and that it would really punch in a mix.
  97. SOAWM

    Thinking of purchasing a Matrix cab/monitor...

    I've been very happy with the quality of Matrix and the service of G66. Matrix is just much more convenient to buy than Atomic in Europe.
  98. SOAWM

    Thinking of purchasing a Matrix cab/monitor...

    The weakest link in my rig is most definitely my monitoring system. At the moment I play through an Electro-Voice ELX112 passive monitor, powered by a GT1000FX. The ELX is undoubtedly a great monitor for its price, but lately I have been having the feeling that there is a far better solution...
  99. SOAWM

    Axe-Edit 3.0 Released!

    Thanks for all the hard work!
  100. SOAWM

    Custom pedalboard for MFC and Mission pedals

    With the tolex and handle it looks very familiar! :D I would've put the ethercon on the side though! Feels a little bit safer when playing live.
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