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  1. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    2008 American Deluxe Telecaster with Original Fender Hard Shell Case The original Fender tuners have been replaced with the Fender locking tuners. I will include the original tuners, as well. I am the original owner - guitar has never left my house and is in mint/near mint condition. There...
  2. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Metronome Control

    Would very much like to have metronome control/functionality within Axe-Edit. Nothing fancy; just on/off, level and tempo would be great.
  3. ocaptainjr2

    Accessing Bank D on the XL with MFC-101 MK1

    I hope I am missing something obvious, but I am unable to access preset in Bank D on my Axe-fx II XL via the MFC-101 MK1. Everything is working great up until preset 383, but I can't select anything higher than than. If I select a preset higher than that using the front panel, the MFC will...
  4. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Edit Ignores Scene Revert = On

    Not sure if this is a bug, by design, or I am just missing something, but I have my Axe-FX II setup with Scene Revert = On so it doesn't store the state of effects that are turned on and off within a scene. This works great with my MFC, but when I am enabling block/effects and changing scenes...
  5. ocaptainjr2

    How do I tell what User Cab is being used?

    I have been trying a bunch of User Cabs with mixed results. I have made a couple patches I like and would like to continuing trying to load different cabs but I can't for the life of me remember the User Cabs I loaded into my Ultra... Basically, how can I find out what User Cab is current in...
  6. ocaptainjr2

    My Power Amp experiences (SS & Tube)

    I know there are a ton of posts about the various power amps that people are using with the Axe, but I wanted to share my experience... I got my ultra about 3 months ago and used my Mesa/Boogie 2:50 (with 6V6's) and was pleased with the results. However, I wanted to try the SS option and take...
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