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  1. shadoe

    Just wanted to say thanks.

    Hey guys. Its been a long time since I've logged in. I've been playing guitar since 2001 and bought the Axe Fx 2 MK2 right after it was announced. I've been enjoying it ever since. I was super active in the forum and in and out of metal bands from then, until mid-last year. I was diagnosed with...
  2. shadoe

    Andy Summers Bozo Review

    I was reading this interview today and Andy Summers almost goes off on the interviewer for asking mundane questions. Anyway, here it is: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/25745-andy-summers-not-another-classic-bozo-interview I've never been a huge fan of the police. However, I've always...
  3. shadoe

    Carvin T-100 power amp stops working at high volume?

    This may or may not be the wrong forum to ask. But, I know a lot of you have vast experience with tube amps. So, I bought an OS Mesa 4x12 the other day and wanted to crank it. I had the power amp bridged and playing through 100 watts. I double checked my ohms and made sure the cab matches the...
  4. shadoe

    How to get crazy Karnivool sounds?

    The guitarist starts in these "wails" at :34. I was wondering if anybody knew where to start with them? Thanks in advance!
  5. shadoe

    Speaker Resonating Frequency

    I've owned my Axe FX II for nearly 3 years. I had a standard before that. I've been attempting to make a nice, smooth metal tone for just as long. I could always nail the mids-highs and gain that I wanted. However, I could never figure out low-end. When I eq'd the low end to my tastes, it just...
  6. shadoe

    Alternative rock recording

    Hey fellas (and whatever few ladies that might roam the boards), I woke up the other day and had this melody in my head. The song is quite different from anything I've made. Let me know what you think! on #SoundCloud
  7. shadoe

    Glenn Fricker's Opinion.

    Now, before I start this, the last thing I want to do is start a pissing war. I am a fan of Glenn Fricker and watch his channel, religiously. However, He's had some interesting things to say about the Axe FX II. He's even gone as far as to make a shirt about modelers. It doesn't say anything...
  8. shadoe

    For fans of Veil of Maya and/or August Burns Red

    Just a little shameless promotion here: We just released a single from our upcoming ep that's due out in October. If you like it, Give us a like on Facebook. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/lightbringerus
  9. shadoe

    Anyone know how to set protools up with 2 devices?

    I record with a Presonus Firepod. But, I also want to be able to record via USB with the Axe FX and monitor from the Firepod. Is there any way to do this? I'm sure the Axe would sound better if I recorded USB instead of using the converters in the Firepod. Thanks in advance!
  10. shadoe

    New Guitar Day!! - Carvin/Keisel (Pics inside)

    Already, I love this guitar. It may be the best guitar (IMO) that I've owned, to date. The neck joint is flawless. Its plays like a dream and the finish is quite beautiful. I have owned an Ibanez S-series 7-string. I also, still own an Ibanez RG 7-string prestige. Its blows both out of the...
  11. shadoe

    A new song for me.

    I posted this song in horrible quality a few months back. However, I rerecorded everything and I feel like it deserves a second chance. Let me know what you think!
  12. shadoe

    Anyone know how to recreate the Born of Osiris lead tone?

    I know Lee posted up his rhythm tone. However, I'm not a fan. But, I love the lead tone. Its spot on for what I want. Anyone know how to recreate it? The intro to this song is an example of what I'm talking about.
  13. shadoe

    Anyone else ride mortocycles?

    I'd love to see your rides! I just picked up this 2010 Harley Davidson Wide Glide yesterday.
  14. shadoe

    How do you explain what an Axe Fx is to someone who has never played guitar?

    Last week I took my girlfriend out to Cheesecake Factory. I was wearing my Fractal Audio shirt (like a badass). So, our waiter asked about my shir, wondering what Fractal Audio does. The words that came stumbling out of my mouth were something like, "They make really cool guitar thingees." And...
  15. shadoe

    A hilarious badly written song for your mastering input?

    I made this last night in an attempt to practice with source tones/mastering. If you have any input please let me know! Please excuse the amazing leads. ;) Stuff Used: Axe FX II, Superior Drummer, Expand 2 (for bass), Pro Tools 10 and EZ Mix 2
  16. shadoe

    Front Jack VS Rear Jack

    I hear people say there is a difference. However, what is it? I see everyone racking their units and running their instrument cables in the front. What is the purpose? I have searched far and wide and have come up empty handed. P.S. Brace your self for sexually charged jokes regarding this...
  17. shadoe

    So Guthrie does a walk through of his gear and isn't using the Axe anymore?

    It would appear our hero is still stuck in the middle ages. Check it here: Rigged: Guitarist Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats, Steven Wilson, Himself) | MetalSucks
  18. shadoe

    So I pulled the trigger on a set of brand new Shure se535 IEM's

    I get them in tomorrow. $500 later, I hope they make me a happy man. Anyone have any experience with these? Anything I should know?
  19. shadoe

    Monuments. Seriously, the best band I've never heard of.

    I heard this on Carnival of Sins. It was a century media demo I downloaded for free (legally). And this band was on it. I know you guys aren't HUGE fans of djent but it seems like they have a new refreshing approach to it. I bet even djent haters will like it. Check it out.
  20. shadoe

    Has anyone tried a peavey ipr 1600?

    They're super light weight and affordable. My bassist uses one and I'm gonna try his out. Does anyone have any experience with them for guitar and axe fx? Peavey IPR DSP 1600 Power Amp with DSP | GuitarCenter
  21. shadoe

    Automated program changes using midi interface in cubase.

    I play in a band with another guitarist. I have II and he has a standard. So, we can't do USB automated patch changes (or can we still?). Does anyone have a step by step for it? I searched and couldn't find it. Thanks in advance!
  22. shadoe

    New song! (Mix Critiquing needed)

    I'm still having a bit of trouble getting rid of the low-end muddiness. But here's the song. Let me know what you think!
  23. shadoe

    So I have had continuous stupid moment for the past 6 months....

    I bought my Yamaha hs80ms about 10 months ago. While setting them up, I noticed they had almost no low end to them. So I have been making mixes all by exporting them and hearing what they sound like on other speakers. Being frustrated, I turned the speakers around and discovered that while I...
  24. shadoe

    New Dream Theater album this year? Hell ya.

    No signs of an axe fx in here but still cool!
  25. shadoe

    A new song I recorded!

    A few drum mess ups here and there and an unfinished solo. All in all though its getting close. This is easily the best I have ever gotten a mix to sound. AF II, Superior Drummer Metal Foundry, EZ Mix, and Pro-Tools. Let me know what you think!
  26. shadoe

    Bareknuckle Holy Diver just not cutting it for me.

    To get the mid range punch I love I have to have the mid muddiness too. Its low out put which doesn't bother me too much except the pickup itself is so damn high and close to the strings. I've heard great things about the aftermath and midrange punchy rythms. Any thoughts? How are the...
  27. shadoe

    Warranty question.

    I have a brand new mfc and I use an ethercon cable. My switch 4 doesn't work. I still have the warranty however, if I can fix the switch myself and avoid the downtime it would be ideal. Thanks!
  28. shadoe

    So, my band is playing with periphery in July.....

    And I couldn't be more stoked. We played with them last time they came through too. I love seeimg how the pros use axe fx and the awesome rigs they're running. Plus, the dudes are just nice guys and awesome to hang out with! I though I would share excitement with you fellas. Excuse my...
  29. shadoe

    I just ordered my mfc!

    I've done the research, read the manual and watched YouTube vids. Do you guys have Any tips that haven't surfaced? Also, will it come with the latest firmware on it?
  30. shadoe

    I decided to give 10 another chance....

    And, I love it. I used to stick primarily to the different 5150 variations. When I initially made the switch to 10 it fudged up all of my high gain patches and made them basically unusable. I tried and tried and tried to get back to a suitable tone and failed. I re download 9.02 and was more...
  31. shadoe

    A few questions on expression and wah pedals.

    I'm getting my mfc ordered next week so I need some things cleared up. 1. I have a crybaby from hell that I still love. Is it possible to loop this through the mfc? 2. Can an expression pedal act as a wah in one patch and a volume in another? 3. (This may be a stupid question) can I...
  32. shadoe

    Any budget in-ear monitor solutions?

    I just need 4 channels and 4 patches and I have been scouring the internet and can find nothing. Any suggestions from my favorite place to post?
  33. shadoe

    What is your go-to back up for the axe?

    I know the AEII is incredibly reliable but I gig frequently and don't have a back up yet. I don't have the 2200 for another II but I saw a pod hd on Craigslist for 250 I was thinking about getting. What is your back up?
  34. shadoe

    Where can I find the banks for frimware 9?

    Anybody know? Thanks in advance!
  35. shadoe

    Shadoe's V1o Rhythm Test

    Here's my new rhythm. I think it came out sounding good. However, I still can't get it to sound as good as it did in V9. I'm thinking of switching back. Let me know what you think!
  36. shadoe

    Going Direct in Live Situations

    I play in a band with another guitarist (I have a 2 he has an ultra). Our bassist uses a pod pro. We play metal corish type stuff. And we both use Peavey modelers. What have you guys found that makes everything sit in the mix appropriately and not get muddied up? Filters? PEQ? Gain...
  37. shadoe

    I think I'm finally getting my head wrapped around this mastering thing.

    I recorded this using the Nolly rythm guitar and slap bass settings (Ibanez 10 Anniversary Prestige w/Barknuckle HolyDiver and MIM Fender Jazz Bass). I also, used Superior Drummer Metal Foundry, EZ MIX2 and some basic pro-tools plugins. Recorded through a firepod and Yamaha HS80s. I take...
  38. shadoe

    Superior Drummer question.

    I know this isn't the right forum. However, I know a lot of you (including my self) use superior drummer. I was wondering if there is way you could use a regular Superior Drummer snare (from the NY Avatar) along with the drums in the Drum Kit From Hell. Thanks in advance.
  39. shadoe

    Does The AF 2 sound better when you use it as an interface?

    I have had mine for about 3 weeks so far. I run it though a firepod into PT10. I still haven't been able to get especially strong tones. I've tried quite a few different ways. I run ASIO4ALL and I saw you could set it up to have the axe run as the input and then make it play back through an...
  40. shadoe

    I bought the new SilentUnderground pack and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

    Do you just load them on there like a patch? They're the same type of file so I tried (and also failed) Thanks in advance!
  41. shadoe

    Going direct and using a amp live question.

    I've read the wiki and the manual and have done a few google searches and can't find a thing (or if I found it, I didn't understand it i suppose). I know you can run everything in stereo and have the same sound coming out of both left and right. However what I'm looking to do is run a separate...
  42. shadoe

    Studio Lead 2?

    I'm pretty upset (not really) that it didn't make it on to the II. That was my favorite stock preset. Has anyone else noticed?
  43. shadoe

    IS there a way to back my entire Axe Fx 2 up without Axe-Edit?

    I'm sure its been answered but, I couldn't find it. I just got my 2 in and I wanna back up my stock presets. I have already downloaded Midi-Ox and am using to load presets but I haven't saved any yet.
  44. shadoe

    EZ MIX 2 problems...

    Actually, its more like I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I'm running Pro Tools 10 and and I can't find it in my inserts. Even then I have no idea how to use it. Where's a good place to start? Thanks in advance!
  45. shadoe

    The forum hasn't given me a "Server Busy" message in a while!

    Thanks fractal! Edit: Shit I meant, "Server."
  46. shadoe

    Just ordered my new Axe II

    I had an Axe Fx standard but, I wanted the II. :) How long did it take to come in for you guys on basic shipping?
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