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  1. Disconnector

    Wish "Meta" controls

    Hi all! The Axe FX has an amazing plethora off controls that if worked together can make nearly any sound you can imagine. The only challenge is understanding which controls to tweak together to get the specific sound that you are looking for. This is where meta-controls come in . . . A...
  2. Disconnector

    Frequency dependent phase inversion - 80's delay nerdiness

    Hi all! I recently grabbed an Effectron II (ADM 1024). It's an 80's delay and I'm quite enchanted by it. The delay sound is percussive and it fits into the mix perfectly - plus the modulation is weird enough to really capture your ear. I like it enough that I've searched up 2 more because...
  3. Disconnector

    Why aren't there more scalloped guitars?

    Yeah I know they're ugly and you can't play them in tune and if you play a scalloped neck you can't play an unscalloped neck . . . blah blah blah. Every time I pick up my old mongrel partscaster with the Squier tele neck that I scalloped with a rat tail file a decade ago I got lost in how...
  4. Disconnector

    The Axe-FX has ruined me . . .

    So I went and bought a highly regarded practice amp for my library space since it's two floors away from my Axe. I end up working in my library so I need something up there to strum on between interminable Zoom calls. I don't need anything loud or super high end - just something that doesn't...
  5. Disconnector

    Bass sounds with Cygnus . . . lovin' it!

    I've been tracking a bit to get a better feel for Cygnus and to work on a few tunes. I ran my old Ibanez Soundgear bass ($100 used from GC) through the Fractal Morgan AC20 into a 4x10 bass cab. So freaking grindy! Love it!
  6. Disconnector

    Wish Spatial audio processing

    I'd love for the AF software to allow me to place an instrument anywhere in the sound field. We can do this in a rudimentary way with panning and Haas delays but a lot of high end gear uses special filters and processing to make sound come from anywhere in the stereo field . . . from behind you...
  7. Disconnector

    That delicious anxiety . . . .

    So the UPS guy this delivered today . . . And I still have this space in my rack . . . Axe-FX III UPS tracking is still reporting "Shipment Ready For UPS". GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I'm literally more wound up about this one than I was for my first kid. When they ship separate boxes on...
  8. Disconnector

    3x10 Vibro-king IR?

    Hi all! I absolutely ADORE the 3x10 Vibro-king IR. I use it for all of my clean tones and as a thickener for my dirty tones as well. I like it so much that I want to use it inside of Logic as well. Is there a pack that I can buy that includes the .WAV version of that IR?
  9. Disconnector

    Axe-Edit issues with Logic Pro for AF3?

    Hi all! I'm (im)patiently awaiting my invite to buy an AF3 but I have a question. I've noticed that Axe-Edit for the AF2 and Logic really don't work well together on OSX. Apparently this is known problem - which means that I can't edit my AF2 patches with Logic open. Which is a pain to be...
  10. Disconnector

    Good guitar teachers via Zoom?

    Hey everyone! I’m thinking about picking up some lessons for intermediate guitar ... I’d like to learn the more “shredding” side of the instrument. Zoom or some sort of remote video would rock now. Where do you all find good instructors right now?
  11. Disconnector

    Do yourself a favor . . .

    If you've updated to Ares and haven't scrolled back through the amps that you usually don't use you're missing out. Just for giggles I sat down with my favorite patch (Vibro-king and a Marshall through a pair of 4x12s) and started scrolling through all the amps. I've done this before back in...
  12. Disconnector


    Wow. Just frickin' wow. I finally got to crank up a few of my Marshall presets that I've whipped up with Ares 1.05 and all I can say is WOW. I never really liked the Marshalls in the AF to be honest. They all seemed kind of fuzzy and flabby to my ears. Most of my truly beloved presets were...
  13. Disconnector

    Starting over from scratch

    Hi all! The latest updates have massively improved the sound of the Fender and Vox amps in my opinion. They have improved so much that frankly most of my presets need to be binned and reworked from scratch again to be honest which is totally cool - I LOVE THE NEW TONES! The question is this -...
  14. Disconnector

    Are there more delay lines hidden in the magic box?

    Hi all! I'm working on rebuilding an effect from a PCM80 that's built on the glide>hall algorithm. It's basically built on 2 + 6 modulated delay lines plus reverb. The end effect is simply a mono flange into a stereo chorus with a nice delay - but the precise timing of the delay lines is...
  15. Disconnector

    '80s Lifeson tone Q - PCM80?

    Hi all! I've been trying to get that shimmery/chorus/flangy tone on Grace Under Pressure. I've downloaded the presets that others have created and although they sound good there's just something missing especially since most of those presets were created with a much older version of the...
  16. Disconnector

    Fletcher and Munson are dicks

    So . . . I recently broke out my MIJ Wolfgang Standard after about a year of not touching it. I've been in a bit of a strat kick lately so it wasn't getting any love. I dropped on an Eddie approved set of 9s tuned her down to Eb and started looking for Eddie tones from the first few albums. I...
  17. Disconnector

    Wish A notes section for presets and scenes

    I know that space is at a premium but it would be great if there was a small (255 character maybe) notes section for each preset and scene that would be visible within Axe Edit. That way when folks create presets they could note what each scene was for and give others ideas about how to use it...
  18. Disconnector

    At Brit Floyd in Richmond

    Awesome! Can't wait for the show to start :-)
  19. Disconnector

    Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Q7

    Holy crap folks. I've noticed in some of my new patches it's almost like a sub is on now - it literally flaps my frickin' pants like my old JCM800 if I crank it through my monitors. The DC-30 has me gobsmacked with my PRS DC-3 - chimey sweet awesomeness that makes me want to sit down and write...
  20. Disconnector

    YAAEHST (Yet Another Axe FX Holy $#!+ Thread)

    Hi there! So I've been haunting this forum for years and saving my shekels . . . and about a month ago I finally ordered and received my XL+. I started out in modelling with a Pod HD500 and it really soured me on digital gear for recording. Finally I bought an 11R and I designed some sounds...
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