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  1. Jimmytwotimes

    Very interesting tone wood experiment

    First video I have seen of this guy - very interesting experiments on whether tone wood matters. If you haven't seen it, its a good watch.
  2. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe XL as a load box??

    I have recently starting using my XL in the effects loop of my amp using the 4 cable method - which I have never tried before. What I found is that I'm using the output levels on the axe to control my volume and setting my amp to a certain level ( stays around 3). But in theory, I could turn up...
  3. Jimmytwotimes

    Anyone ever buy an amp because of an axe fx model ?

    I just did....
  4. Jimmytwotimes


    I've been seriously considering to start building a parts guitar. Considering all the things that could go wrong, its a little intimidating for me. I'm just looking for a little advise as to possible issues and things to look out for. Any wood recommendations etc. I was looking at Warmoth...
  5. Jimmytwotimes

    NGD - Charvel

    I'll start by saying that this guitar wasn't even on my radar. What was originally my plan was to buy a Suhr Any Wood model - I liked the tele body shape, roasted maple neck, humbuckers ( I believe it comes with Thornbuckers). I had played one and really liked it. However, I just couldn't bring...
  6. Jimmytwotimes

    Artist visas

    https://www.nme.com/news/music/visa-fees-for-foreign-artists-touring-the-us-to-increase-by-over-50-2747282 Not sure if this has been discussed already - I'm just finding out about this now. Granted, tours are more or less on hold right now, but this was all in the works since last year and now...
  7. Jimmytwotimes

    New Xitone owner - any tips ?

    Hey there - I just got a Xitone passive wedge - up to this point I have been using a regular Port City 2x12 cab with EV12L's which has always sounded great with Matrix FX1000. But I have always wanted to try the FRFR thing and have heard great things about the Xitones. So far it sounds great - I...
  8. Jimmytwotimes

    Global Cab modeling

    Does anyone know if there is somewhere in axe edit where you can turn cab or amp modeling on/off? or does it HAVE to be done on the front panel ?
  9. Jimmytwotimes

    Garage Band experts?

    I'm trying to figure out if I can make patch/scene changes on my XL from Garageband. So during a recording, instead of making changes to scenes/patches via my foot controller, I want to put an automated midi change in garageband at certain points in the track that would change the scene in my...
  10. Jimmytwotimes

    Pickslanting ?

    Anyone try using the Troy Grady pickslanting technique ? Anyone have the night and day difference in your playing ? I have been watching his videos for the last week basically because I'm a Andy Wood fan and I heard him talk about Troy. I have to say its not working for me yet - In theory, I...
  11. Jimmytwotimes

    Volume Swells

    I'm learning the La Villa Strangiato solo which has a bunch of quick volume swells at the beginning of it. I have never really done a whole lot using the volume knob technique. As I'm trying to do it, I'm finding it hard to not have other strings ring out. Anyone have any suggestions for a...
  12. Jimmytwotimes

    A Life On The Road...

    This is Brian Johnson's show on AXS. if you have not checked it out - I very highly recommend it. Brain is actually a REALLY good interviewer and has a ton of personality and really gets the guests to open up. He typically will go to their hometown and walks around to places that are important...
  13. Jimmytwotimes


    Saw them last night - I have to say, they had some of the best quality sound that I've heard in a long time. And the mix was perfect - instruments didn't get lost. Even the bass stood out. I'm assuming they are still all AXE FX for live shows ? Guitars sounded amazing - I would love to get their...
  14. Jimmytwotimes

    New Jensen speaker..

    I know everyone is all crazy about the new Celestion speaker thats FRFR. Looks like Jensen is getting in the game too.... I will be very curious about these as well... https://www.jensentone.com/jensen-full-range-digital-d-speakers
  15. Jimmytwotimes

    Def Leppard On Howard

    I heard Def Leppard on Howard Stern this morning - I have to assume they are using an axe III - the guitars sound amazing - I'll be curious to see the video of it when its posted.. If you haven't already - check it out !
  16. Jimmytwotimes

    Harmonizer Help

    I have actually never tried to use the harmonizer until today - and I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing. I have tried both the fixed and intel modes. And to me it sounds like there's like 3 or more notes being played - almost like a ring modulator or something. I'm actually trying to play...
  17. Jimmytwotimes

    Saw Joe B last night and was at meet and greet ...

    Saw Joe Bonamassa last night - this is the 4th time I've seen him and he never fails to impress. His tone is possibly the best live tone I have heard. He played for a little over two hours - did two encores. Amazing player and I think his singing has improved a lot over the years. Had meet...
  18. Jimmytwotimes

    Gain Stacking

    Anyone do this? If so - what amps and drives are you using? I've messed around with it with little success. But I'm thinking its user error...
  19. Jimmytwotimes

    NGD - PRS CE

    Got this about two weeks ago - got it all set up and back to me today. I absolutely LOVE this thing !! Sounds and plays better than any guitar I have - I haven't put it down yet today.
  20. Jimmytwotimes

    Spotify gems?

    Having a fairly solitary job, I am able to put my ear buds in and listen to music all day ( when Howard Stern isn't new:). Most of the time I just put Spotify on and see where it takes me. My musical tastes go from blues to death metal and everywhere in between. Every so often, a song will come...
  21. Jimmytwotimes

    Anyone have, or played PRS Dustie Waring ?

    Just curious - trying to decide on a versatile rock/metal guitar with Floyd or Floyd type trem... Also any other suggestions you may have in the 2400 or less range... :)
  22. Jimmytwotimes

    Legato lesson?

    Looking to improve my legato playing - I know theres a ton of videos out there. Just trying to narrow it down and see if anyone has any favorites they might recommend :cool:
  23. Jimmytwotimes

    Judas Priest !

    Saw Judas Priest last night with Saxon and Black Star Riders. All three bands were great. I am amazed that most of these guys are in their late 60's and are still kicking ass ! Rob Halford and Biff Byford both still sounding amazing. The standout for me was Ritchie Faulkner - I know hes a great...
  24. Jimmytwotimes

    Sat switch... who uses it ?

    Just curious how many people are using it.. I never really did much with it before and I was messing around with some higher gain amp blocks ( retctos, C+, HB and HBE, etc...) In my experimentation, it seems in the "ideal" setting, that the amps seem a little more lively and have a better fee l-...
  25. Jimmytwotimes

    Light bulbs....

    So I've already bent my wife's ear enough about this - so I'm coming here to complain some more.. So heres something that I can't understand... We can put people in outer space, we have invented computers that fit in our pockets, we have a 2 rack unit that has hundreds of amps, cabs, and...
  26. Jimmytwotimes

    How many people solder their speaker ?

    Just curious as to how many people solder the speaker wire to the speaker, instead of just sliding the thingy onto the post... Was considering opening up my cabinet and doing that someday when I'm bored...
  27. Jimmytwotimes

    New PRS MT 15

    Curious as to how this is going to sound.... Anyone hear one yet? http://www.prsguitars.com/amplifiers/mt/mt_15
  28. Jimmytwotimes

    NGD- Korina, Korina...

    Hi all - thought I would share my excitement - just got delivered today a new Epiphone Korina flying V ! I have to say, its set up pretty good right out of the box and plays really nice. I wasn't really sure what to expect from the Korina or the blackwood finger board -but I think its a great...
  29. Jimmytwotimes

    What Do you want from me... drive ?

    Hey everyone - trying to get the tone from this song/album. Everything I can find says that he's using a 59 batsman - but I'm having trouble getting the overdriven tone on the recording - any suggestions from the Pink Floyd gurus out there ?
  30. Jimmytwotimes

    FRFR Open back cabinets ?

    Just wondered if anyone has tried this before. There was another thread out there about open back cabinets and how they filled the room more and added some dimension. I have two 1x12 open back cabinets, and I'm now thinking about replacing the speakers with FRFR speakers and running stereo with...
  31. Jimmytwotimes


    I have to say - for whatever reason I have not really ever gone to this model in the past. Whether it was because I thought it might be too gainy or have too much highs. I don't know. Recently I have been listening to a lot of Warren Haynes and found that the SLO 100 is an amp he uses a lot. So...
  32. Jimmytwotimes

    Resources for playing Slide

    Want to learn some open E slide Allman Bros tracks - anyone have any good resources, books, web sites, anything to help with patterns etc in open E? having trouble finding a whole lot about it - and this shit is hard ! Any info would be appreciated ! :cool:
  33. Jimmytwotimes

    Volume and tone knobs....?

    Just curious as to where everyones tone and volume knobs are at when creating your patches. I tend to have all mine all the way up and adjust just the bass mid treb in the axe. I always see people like Bonamassa constantly fiddling with both while he plays. I typically never mess with my tone...
  34. Jimmytwotimes

    Matrix passive CRF12 wedge or Q12 passive

    After a lot of peoples comments here regarding FRFR and how great it is, I am considering adding either a FRFR wedge or cabinet. I am currently using a port city 2x12 OS with EV12L and using a Matrix 1000fx for power. My thought is getting a passive speaker to use with the amp. Does anyone have...
  35. Jimmytwotimes

    I Want to dive bomb....

    So I'm looking for a "metal" kind of guitar. I don't want to spend more than $1500. I would like a neck through ( unless there isn't much if any tonal/sustain difference between a non neck through model), 22 or 24 frets- preferably stainless steel, 6 string, very good stock pick ups- I typically...
  36. Jimmytwotimes

    Slowing it down....

    Whenever I'm learning a new track, especially a solo, I use my DAW to slow the solo down and loop it so I can just learn and practice individual parts of the solo at a much slower speed. This has been a much greater learning tool than I ever thought. Aside from learning the physical notes, there...
  37. Jimmytwotimes

    RIP Butch Trucks

    Always loved Butch's playing - also played quite well with another drummer, which is really hard to do. Will definitely be listening to some Allman Bros tonight. Rest in peace buddy !
  38. Jimmytwotimes

    "muddy/midd-y" at higher volumes

    I'm currently using a Matrix 1000 into a Port city OS 2x12 with a EV12l and ASW KTS 70 in it. Cab modeling off. I am finding that when I create patches, they sound really good at lower volumes - lots of definition, bass and treble are clear. When I crank up the volume, the tone gets very...
  39. Jimmytwotimes

    Is there anyone better than Glen Hughes ??

    Just got his new solo record, Resonate. Totally kicks ass, Soren Andersen is guitarist on it who also has a great performance on this record. He is just so consistently awesome in rock with everything he has done - and hes 64 !! Gives us old farts some hope ! I'll be looking forward to a new...
  40. Jimmytwotimes

    Which CAB for the CAP'N ?

    Just wondering which factory cab(s) you guys are finding to work the best for the new Hook amps - thanks ! :sunglasses:
  41. Jimmytwotimes

    Multiple Axe fx sightings last night

    Saw Devin Townsend last night with Between the Buried and Me - all players were using the Axe. I know most people here know all these guys were very early adopters of the Axe - it was cool to see them still using them and their tones were awesome throughout the night. If you have a chance check...
  42. Jimmytwotimes

    Black Sabbath-Rival Sons

    Had a chance to see BS the other day on the " the end" tour. Have to say, they killed it. I was a little skeptical especially of Ozzy. But he sounded great and the drummer who replaced Bill Ward was amazing. Rival Sons opened, and if you haven't checked these guys out, I highly encourage you to...
  43. Jimmytwotimes

    Bonamassa - Stop!

    Hey everyone - heres a tone I've been working on for a bit. I'm trying to emulate Joe's tone from the song "Stop!". IMHO I think it comes fairly close. Scene 2 is the main tone with delay thats used throughout much of the verse and intro. Scene 1 is without the delay. I use the volume knob on...
  44. Jimmytwotimes

    Scarlett mixcontrol and imovie ?

    Has anyone tried to record into iMovie from a scarlett device using mixcontrol ? I'm trying to record video of myself using iMovie and the facetime camera, at the same time getting the sound from a garageband track. So basically getting iMovie to record the sound from the axe and garageband at...
  45. Jimmytwotimes


    I know that most of you out there are already much aware of this, but want to share an experience with maybe some newbies that might not feel that that are getting the tones they want out of the AXE FX. A few days ago I took all 3 of my guitars to the luthier for their annual check up ( set...
  46. Jimmytwotimes

    Switching guitars - LP to strat etc..

    I have been mainly an LP and PRS ( custom 22) player. About a year and a half ago, I decided to pick up a strat american standard because I wanted that "strat" tone - plus wanted to expand my guitar collection a bit. For some reason, I cannot seem to gel with it. I find it very difficult to...
  47. Jimmytwotimes

    Best way to clear out/delete a patch/preset?

    Just wondering if theres something I'm missing or an easier way. So, I just want to take a patch I've been working on and totally delete everything about it and start from scratch. Up to this point, in axe edit, I have been going to "preset" then "clear preset". Then I go back to "preset" and...
  48. Jimmytwotimes

    Huge Soaring Lead?

    What are you favorite delays and basic settings to get that huge soaring lead tone? I'm having trouble dialing the perfect one in. I should mention that this is for live use (not recording) and is not FRFR - using a matrix and 2x12. Thanks !
  49. Jimmytwotimes

    Anyone have a Richie Kotzen Tele ??

    I have been thinking about getting one of these, however I can't seem to find one to take for a test spin. Just wanted to get any opinions you might have on it. Thanks in advance !
  50. Jimmytwotimes

    Startling discovery... for me at least...

    So - many of you probably are aware of this already - but for me it was an epiphany. In creating my patch from scratch - which usually just starts with an amp and a small amount of reverb, I have discovered that putting the reverb block in parallel with the amp ( i have been putting it at the...
  51. Jimmytwotimes

    Strap locks

    What are you favorite strap locks ? Not real happy with my current ones ( Hennessey) - looking for something easy and full proof ! Thanks ! :)
  52. Jimmytwotimes

    wah set up -again..

    Hey there - having issues setting up my wah. I'm using a pod 500 as a midi controller. The pod seems to be working fine as far as a controller and is transmitting fine. The issue I'm having is with the wah block and getting the axe to respond properly. So the issue is that I have the wah block...
  53. Jimmytwotimes

    Joe B. Bassman

    Hello - I came across an issue of Guitar Player a few months ago where Joe Bonamassa was discussing his new set up for this tour with all Fender amps. He went in to some detail about the settings on them. So I decided to dial up a Bassman and use the settings he described. I think it came out...
  54. Jimmytwotimes

    Wah set up question..

    Hey everyone - I've only had my XL for about a month and have finally had a chance to try and set up my pod 500 to control the wah/volume. I got the volume to work - but having trouble with the wah and I know its just some parameter I'm missing. The wah works only half way. So when my heel is on...
  55. Jimmytwotimes

    What cabinets/speakers are you using with your Matrix GT1000?

    Hello everyone - I'm about to pull the trigger on an XL and I'm still on the fence about amplification for it. I'm now going in the direction of getting a Matrix GT1000 and a traditional 4X12 cabinet. I was interested in hearing some opinions from people and their setups, how they like them...
  56. Jimmytwotimes

    Matrix Neolight NL12 vs CLR

    I am looking for some advice or comparison on these two models. I am considering running either a stereo set up with a Matrix power amp ( like a GT1000FX) and two NL12's - or getting one active CLR. I do limited gigs at the moment, however I anticipate that changing in the future. So as of now...
  57. Jimmytwotimes

    Need help with selecting or updating amp

    Hello everyone - I'm new here but have been reading the forum for quite awhile. I have finally decided to get an Axe II. And now I'm trying to prepare for it with possibly a new amp configuration. I'm not gigging right now, but may in the future. Currently I have a Blackstar HT-20 head with two...
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