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  1. gittarzann

    FS AX8 For sale SOLD

    Price reduction
  2. gittarzann

    FS AX8 For sale SOLD

  3. gittarzann

    MFC 101 to only select scenes

    What value is scene 1 ?
  4. gittarzann

    MFC 101 to only select scenes

    Thanks! I am sure I am in error, but I can't find anything linking scenes to the learn function in the FM3. I read about MIDI mapping but if I understand it correctly, the IA switches on the MFC would not be Global Scenes 1 through 5, they would be Preset 1 Scene 1 Preset 1 Scene 2 etc...
  5. gittarzann

    MFC 101 to only select scenes

    Can it be programmed so the first 5 switches select scenes within each preset? I'd like to use the FM3 to select presets and the MFC to select scenes. I can program everything else using the learn function. I just can't figure out scenes.
  6. gittarzann

    Some slide tones, Joey Landreth & Ariel Posen inspired.

    Yep, I read right past Joey and saw Landreth. Now I will go check out Joey :)
  7. gittarzann

    Some slide tones, Joey Landreth & Ariel Posen inspired.

    Nice playing!! I'd never heard of Sonny .. I know.. right?!? ..and got an opportunity to see BB King with John Hiatt on the bill. What a guitarist!! Loved it
  8. gittarzann

    Help with DI/Reamping

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/using-fm3-in-reaper.165571/#post-1987449 I had trouble setting it up, followed this post and got it working, hope it helps.
  9. gittarzann

    Free Archon & Triple Crown presets

    WHY is the video of the editor ???
  10. gittarzann

    Stage rig #100... Another one. Video and preset d/l

    Thank you Burg for all your generosity to the community. Great info and tones constantly being provided for everyone.
  11. gittarzann

    FS FX-8 mk ii - ready to buy

    I have a G2 and a Switchblade too. I need to get rid of some of it. My SB is the GL, an amazing piece of gear especially for it's time.
  12. gittarzann

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    What kind of pedalboard do you have. That is pretty much my exact setup and all your gear looks like it fits nicely!
  13. gittarzann

    80's Presets Ported to AX8

    Thanks Leon! Your the best... mate!
  14. gittarzann

    1959 Magnatone Troubadour 1x12"

    LOL I'm more a 1's and 0's kinda guy I do love to look at amps though!
  15. gittarzann

    1959 Magnatone Troubadour 1x12"

    Saw this pop up on craiglist...says ZZ Top used one?!? https://fresno.craigslist.org/msg/d/fresno-1959-magnatone-troubadour-1x12/7004304815.html I have never heard of this amp before. Pretty clean for 1959!
  16. gittarzann

    SOLD Floyd Rose R3 Locking Nut Gold

    message sent
  17. gittarzann

    Can the MFC stay or start up in reveal mode?

    I knew I could do it that way, but was looking for any easier way to do it with just one setting. Thank you for your input!
  18. gittarzann

    Can the MFC stay or start up in reveal mode?

    Can the MFC stay or start up in reveal mode? I sometimes forget to hit reveal before I switch scenes and end up switching presets. My desire is for it to be revers from the way it is now.
  19. gittarzann

    The Shadows (Hank Marvin) - "Apache" preset

    Dude !! I love that patch..Killer job Sounds beautiful even with all the FX bypassed Thank you for sharing
  20. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Definitely some NEW Magic in this firmware. Cliff....YOU ROCK !!
  21. gittarzann

    Why does getting blood tests require a doctor??

    Leeches freak me out!! My son just got back from Peru..spent a week of his honeymoon on the Amazon River in a research center.. He got home and shared some of the pics he took while there..... There are some BFL's (Big F....ing Leeches)in that jungle. sorry for the derail.
  22. gittarzann

    Timeout Rant!!

    I still get random timeouts too. I try to always exit Axe-Edit at the end of my jam session. I have tried starting the Axe first and edit second and vice versa..but dont think hat has made any difference. I have tried alternate cables...but no fix yet. It is frustrating that it locks up all the...
  23. gittarzann

    One switch, many subtle changes

    I would love to see how that works. Is it possible to share a preset and controller settings. And if it is...any chance you might share that? ☺️
  24. gittarzann

    Judas Priest tone

    See if you can track down a stem track. Its amazing how different a complete mixed track sounds compared to a single track. I read some time ago that they used plexi's and Treble boosters for their older tones
  25. gittarzann

    Judas Priest tone

    Here is a thread I remembered checking out. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/judas-priest-the-sentinel-vocal-instrumental-cover.113964/#post-1363405
  26. gittarzann

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate #2

    Yup I am thinking of grabbing one of the headrush speakers to use for a secondary amplification setup
  27. gittarzann

    Don't you hate it when....

    Yup....Hate it when that happens. I think I recall a wish something like ...do you wish to save changes before leaving... or something like that.
  28. gittarzann

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate #2

    Nice! Thank You Cliff
  29. gittarzann

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    The new Friedmans in the Axe II are killer !! Not only are the Friedman amps great, whatever he did to the modeling improved all my tones across the board. I cant wait to see what innovations Fractal has come up with for us this time around.
  30. gittarzann

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    I agree 100% The kid in me still wants the new and improved though. I have never had such a long lived excitement period in any purchased item. Seriously. Thank you Cliff !
  31. gittarzann

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    Nice Thanks Cliff !!
  32. gittarzann

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

  33. gittarzann

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    10 for my Axe II Mk 1 seemed to definitely bring something new and better to the mix. I am looking forward to the AX8 update!
  34. gittarzann

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    I thought they operated independently from when I first saw the pic. Seems like it could be useful for something if they could operate independently....although with the scribble strip it would be redundant most likely
  35. gittarzann

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    It's worth it... and if down the road you think it isn't....... even selling used you will recoup most of your money for quite some time.
  36. gittarzann

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Great news Cliff!! Prayers for a speedy destination of good as new!
  37. gittarzann

    Preset feature request: Notes

    Something I would think would be cool.. Having the ability to custom name blocks that would displayon the FC LCD's. Might have the abity already ...
  38. gittarzann

    Preset feature request: Notes

    I believe this request goes all the way back to the Ultra era. It would be awesome if the new hardware could store the info some how.
  39. gittarzann

    The Honeymoon is Over...

    I am keeping my Axe II until I have a III in hand
  40. gittarzann

    The Honeymoon is Over...

    That sounds like a near mirror image of my journey.
  41. gittarzann

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    Did mix and match preamp and poweramps make it to the III?
  42. gittarzann

    New Patch Set - "Hybrid Amp Collection"

    Cool videos !! What is that switch on your strat called, or is there info on it somewhere online?
  43. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx 4CM vs FX8

    I thought I read that the FX8 had different (higher quality) converters than any of the other Fractal units.
  44. gittarzann

    Does anyone have the old Andy's Whistle preset?

    I don't think so, I may have the name wrong. There used to be a preset that had whistling that reminded me of the old Andy Griffith Show. LOL. I am trying to find the patch to see if it would work for the whistling part in "Under The Boardwalk" But, thank you for posting and trying to help.
  45. gittarzann

    Does anyone have the old Andy's Whistle preset?

    I thought it was still included in the factory stuff but cant find it. Thanks in advance for any help!
  46. gittarzann

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas !!
  47. gittarzann

    Where is the AX8 currently being made?

    I don't want to ruin it for you, but, Not in Santa's workshop !
  48. gittarzann

    Metallica tonematch/preset extravaganza Quantum edition Vol.4!!

    Breadfan is one of my favorites as well!
  49. gittarzann

    what albums has the axe been used on?

    Did he do a factory restore before you got it, or did you get Johnny A presets?
  50. gittarzann

    Neal Schon's Reverb/Delay in This Video?

    That guitar is very unique. I tried to find info on it...seems very pricey...around $100K if I am reading the site correctly. Not derail your thread....thats really great tone.
  51. gittarzann

    Axe vs Plexi 100w

    I get what you are saying, what an incredible difference between listening at a distance to a mic' right on the speaker.
  52. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    My sentiments exactly. I have never really figured out if Ed isn't an English speaking person or his thumbs don't fit on the phone he is typing on..... BTW...no hate Ed..I am seriously amazed at your musical ability !!
  53. gittarzann

    Since no one will directly ask Cliff about potential new FW...

    Sorry, I had to. Either way....I am good...love FW 8 !!
  54. gittarzann

    Goodbye Old Friend

    that sucks .... sorry
  55. gittarzann

    Free Mesa Preset Pack

    Thank you !
  56. gittarzann

    Wish: Library Tool Bar instead of drop down menu

    I wish that under the controller button that there was a library button. - Click on the button and it opens the library to pick fx type - Click on and fx type and your library for that effect is opened - Names of stored fxcould be in the area you currently edit the fx in - Drag and drop...
  57. gittarzann

    Comfortably numb - live cover

    Wish there was a "Love" button. Gave me goosebumps....seriously !! Great job !
  58. gittarzann

    AustinBuddy Naked Amps Tone Pack (still) Rules! ... New Website up...FM3...coming soon(ish)

    Bought it Excited to try it out !! The bonus pack is a great addition. Thanks @austinbuddy
  59. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx sighting

    I didn't think about that, but looking at it....you can see him play much easier that way.
  60. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx sighting

    I saw Stryper a few years ago somewhere near the Bay area. I saw the Ultra in a rack that I think they used in their FOH stuff. It wasn't powered on and they didn't use it. I asked Michael about the Fractal. He just said he had one, but didn't really use it. I guess he blew the dust off it and...
  61. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx sighting

    Looks like an Ultra maybe. Cliff said he loaned a unit out to these guys a long time ago... Maybe this is the loaner finally seeing stage time.
  62. gittarzann

    Badlands - High Wire COVER VIDEO w/vocals

    The singer is no slouch on guitar either. Rocco, I love your posts. Great taste in music and you guys kill it every time!!
  63. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    This !!! Very nice Cliff & Co.
  64. gittarzann

    Tone match (Acoustic)

    Loved your creation. Outstanding !!
  65. gittarzann

    Ownhammer vs ML Sound Lab IRs Test, who is better?

    Great Tone!! Any chance of sharing that preset?
  66. gittarzann

    Ownhammer vs ML Sound Lab IRs Test, who is better?

    Apple....every time !
  67. gittarzann

    Hey, isn't today 'Preset A Day' day?

    Some great presets in your packs. Thanks!!
  68. gittarzann

    Women with Axe FX

    WOW.... here is a female guitar player
  69. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    I swear.....Cliff needs a tip jar !
  70. gittarzann

    What will you do when no more firmware updates?

    Yep, with remarks like that....aleclee deserves to be permanently disqualified from updates. Not the rest of us though :)
  71. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    The trick is to have so much gear, they can't keep track of it all. :D
  72. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    +1 Meeeeelllliiiooon Add Cliff and the other top notch FAS peeps to that list!!!
  73. gittarzann

    New Warehouse

    Congratulations Cliff and Fractal Audio !!
  74. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    I think this is a good idea. It isn't worth getting all worked up about it. Cliff has always been more than fair with us. He has always busted his ass to give us as many options as possible. I would love to be able to keep updating my II, and it seems the poll shows that the majority of the...
  75. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    IMHO...changing anything hardware related is going to cost money and risk damaging the unit. Someone stated in the 4.01 beta thread, for a couple hundred bucks they cold have it done somewhere like a cell phone repair company. You probably could, but if you sold the Mark I and added maybe $400...
  76. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    You won't be able to upgrade if you have a Mark I/Mark II. Wait until someone can't load the latest firmware.:) If you have an XL or XL+ its really a non issue, this only affects the older model II's.
  77. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-ii-quantum-rev-4-01-public-beta.119924/page-4#post-1426337 Yes, but it's in the thousands. However we are approaching the firmware size limit for the Mark I/II version. This may be the last firmware for the Mark I/II because there isn't anymore space...
  78. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    This most likely will be a futile exercise due to CC's choice to implement, or not, the change.
  79. gittarzann

    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    I am a content Mark I user. I have just read through 17 pages of people +1 ing the request to remove this option, so I am starting a poll. This poll is related to these comments by Cliff
  80. gittarzann

    Compressor settings

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/afx-compression-tips-including-the-new-9-02-features.25398/ This is a great read. From Radley guitarist with Neil Diamond.
  81. gittarzann

    80's hero's preset bundle interest?

    I appreciate everything you have said, and totally get why you feel the way you do. But, without (hopefully) overstepping. The rational escapes me. Seems to me its like saying I am going to do an album and it took me 1000 hours to finish so I want to charge 1000 bucks a copy. Nobody or very few...
  82. gittarzann

    80's hero's preset bundle interest?

    I just finished reading the rest of your post. IMHO I have a hard time pulling the trigger on a product that is usually hit and miss. Not that your work isn't really great, but I have a really hard time making anybody else's presets work for me. I agree with the other posters about price. I...
  83. gittarzann

    Another trick...High Pass / Low Pass

    Try playing with your ear snuggled up to the speaker cone...NOW there are some high frequencies.:eek:
  84. gittarzann

    No new firmware in May.

  85. gittarzann

    A/V Geniuses...I need help please !?!

    I have 2 Vizio Soundbars. One has a wireless Sub. The Soundbar that is a set with the Sub went out and the sub still works AFAIK. I have read about the soundbar having issues and mine seems to be displaying the signs of being blowed up. My question is: Can I intercept the audio input from...
  86. gittarzann

    Any sort of guide available for "intermediate tweaking"?

    You may have read these already, but I like Cliff's Tech Notes. They go deep into how one control or several work together to shape tone. Interesting reading whether it is usable to you or not.
  87. gittarzann

    Satriani preset update using Firmware 3.01

    thank you for the preset! I have read through a couple times but didn't see any mention of user IR. It may be that it is too early and I haven't had any coffee.
  88. gittarzann


    Just trying to throw out some possibilities. Aaaaand I used a smilie face....so I was being nice.:)
  89. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    We can go back and forth all day. I know I can choose another amp, and I appreciate you trying to help....but I wasn't asking for help. I was asking a question about why the control only goes up. I just wanted to know if there was a reason why. I think only 1 person can answer that question...
  90. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    :) you choose another amp
  91. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    With the new default being at zero.....the amps with soft characteristics can only be further softened...even though they are already soft. If 1 person likes it soft another person likes it hard.....
  92. gittarzann

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    Cliff and Co. Thanks for all you never-ending hard work to make this the best it can possibly be. 1 question about the harmonics being zero. Wouldn't it make sense to have it default at 5 so there is room to go to the left, or 0 with negative values. I am not complaining, just a question. I...
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