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    Rethinking Plexi EQ

    Parts variance. If a manufacturer’s purchased parts are allowed to fall within a specification of +/- 20% each, a few parts in you can have a vastly different result.
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    Fryette Deliverance question

    Yeah, about that: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/more-fryette-vht-amps.155881/
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    Fryette Deliverance question

    The model lost gain after 19.0 in my experience.
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    More than 1000 presets

    My band members think me having 25 presets, one per song we found ridiculous.
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    First time rehearsal/gigging with Axefx3. Things to know?

    Play along to records or backing tracks to find your slice of the EQ curve, resist the temptation of a too broad tone that sounds great alone but gets lost within a band mix.
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    How loud is your frfr?

    When we’re at the nursing home I’ll hear about the flavor Jello tonight and you’ll just have to guess based on color.
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    Axe FX too overkill for bedroom only playing?

    A proper Axe setup is expensive, it’s overkill if you don’t have your other finances in order.
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    How loud is your frfr?

    We agreed on a 85db max stage volume, hence the original attraction to modelers. Although the CLR can easily be louder than a traditional 4x12 is desired.
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    Run two Axe 3’s simultaneoly with an FC12?

    Presumably, one wire is power hot, one data hot with a shared ground. Perhaps there is a way to avoid the power hot on the second unit. You’d have to know how to use a multimeter and understand basic electricity prior to proceeding.
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    Run two Axe 3’s simultaneoly with an FC12?

    Have you tried simply splitting the XLR to feed both? I did this video a while back.
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    Setlists and songs

    Sometimes I’m not near a laptop, other times our son is using it, etc. I don’t cart a laptop to every rehearsal or gig.
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    Setlists and songs

    You have to jump back and forth. Hence why harder.
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    Setlists and songs

    Thank you for that both condescending and unhelpful reply. I’ve been to numerous AXE events, including the amp shows. I fall right into the main group of people I saw at them, male, 50s, professional with computer experiences from work, but far from IT guru. If we are the BUYERS, then it...
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    Setlists and songs

    I want to begin by saying I think "setlists" is an awesome new feature I look forward to utilizing. While "songs" seems to be a solution to the problems encountered primarily in the II, not the III. Let me explain: Back in the II days, I had to set up my banks as groups of five, in...
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    'The Alien' Wins Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

    When Kevin Moore left the song writing changed dramatically.
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    Wet/Dry/Wet with 3 Yamaha HS8 studio monitors out of Axe-Fx III?

    I ran a true w/d/w live rig for many years with three 4x12s. The reasoning was simple, to maintain the pure analog tone of the amplifier. In the modeling world it would be pointless, hence why I’m only going stereo today.
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    Why No Authentic Tab For Effects Types??

    You are using more capacity, which means the units might become obsolete sooner.
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    Does the Axe FX have the tools available to replicate this tone?

    Why not find this person on Facebook or Instagram, begin by complimenting them, and then ask how they get that “awesome” sound. From there you have your framework you start.
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    Why No Authentic Tab For Effects Types??

    Anything is possible, but at a cost. Given the amount of memory and CPU the units possess, what are you willing to give up to create the capacity to follow such a path?
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    Scene Selection Via Foot Pedal?

  21. L

    question about using head phones

    Swap out any volume blocks with shunts, sound will probably return.
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    Has it really come that far?

    You’ve answered your own question. The chasing of firmwares and the alterations of tone they create can be exhausting, especially if the rest of your life is jam packed. Back in the day, processors like the Rocktron Chameleon never received an update. I used those for over a decade...
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    Front - rear instrument input comparison

    It’s nothing new, anyone remember when that dentist x-rayed his Johan Gustavsson guitar? It’s the stuff of Gear Page legend
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    Transcription software?

    It needn’t be that precise. It’s to send to friend so when he comes to visit he has rough break down of how I play it.
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    Transcription software?

    I don’t want to have to write it out, too time consuming.
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    Transcription software?

    How do I share my ears with someone else?
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    Transcription software?

    Does anyone know of a software which can take your live playing and convert it to either sheet music or tab? Presumably via a midi pickup I’d imagine.
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    Fractal FC-6 vs FC-12 vs Mastermind LT vs GT10

    You have VAT tax to help pay for all the services you enjoy there. In the US, we pay for those things outside of our purchases. That extra $1000 you cite for the Turbo is a one time cost, our health insurance is $2,000 per month, every month, until the next 25% increase rolls around.
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    Fractal FC-6 vs FC-12 vs Mastermind LT vs GT10

    They are in business to make money, of course they will charge as much as the market will pay. Your employer does this as well.
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    Fractal FC-6 vs FC-12 vs Mastermind LT vs GT10

    Make your life simpler, get the FC12, plug it in and begin playing music moments later.
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    WOW! Is it just me or have prices sky rocketed on gear?

    Actually they are beginning to phase the iPhone out internally, in decade it’ll be gone.
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    WOW! Is it just me or have prices sky rocketed on gear?

    Bubble is about to pop. Equity P/E ratios are double historical norms. In 18 months gear will be cheap as people struggle with their $700,000 mortgages sans employment.
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    Axe-Fx III Manual for FW 19.x

    YouTube has many such videos.
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    Test individual factory presets from download banks

    Search doesn't seem to be working right now. Is there a way to preview an individual preset from the Banks downloaded from the support page, without overwriting, your entire III bank?
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    Using a metal pick made my III sound way better

    I used a metal pick (the same one actually) for twenty plus years. Twice a year I’d glue some sand on it for grip. I’ve migrated to the Dava with the rubber grip for the past few years, it’s like a grippy jazz iii.
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    Coliseum Mark III Tone

    Go to 4:30 to 7:30 section.
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    Coliseum Mark III Tone

    The Coliseum is just a higher wattage (150w) version of the Mark III.
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    They all sound different (monitor dilemma) - Final verdict

    I actually did three walls.
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    They all sound different (monitor dilemma) - Final verdict

    Or just do the whole damn wall. 😉
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    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    Audeze LCD-2s are the gold standard.
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    Power tube additions

    I’m surprised not one it talking about the 11 new power tubes. Great way to make subtle changes without having to deep dive into advanced parameters.
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    They all sound different (monitor dilemma) - Final verdict

    Any video you listen to will also be effected by the device and room from which you are listening. Making high end speaker choices from videos watched on one’s phone seems counterintuitive, in that you have the limitations the sound device creates.
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    How to get a 12 string sound?

    The trick is a high cut so you are only going up an octave on the lower three strings, and slight detune on the three higher ones.
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    Is Neal Schon still using the Axe Fx III?

    He used spend a lot of time and money at Ultrasound in NYC. I saw him there a few times.
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    Wish Return Dynamic Depth and Presence

    I used a different computer than usual, hence the confusion. Never mind, carry on.
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    Blending 2 amps, Volume pedal not able to silence amp 1 100%

    Check the wire is good, if one strand of ground wire is touching a hot terminal this can happen.
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    How do we know the amp models are very accurate?

    The amp models are accurate to the actual amp Fractal owns. If you know anything about tube amps, you understand part tolerances of +/- 20% result in tonal variations between exact same models. Then when recorded, the microphone placement, board utilized and post EQ all further alter the...
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    Debate over… Axe Fx III Turbo ordered!

    In electronics that’s a win, our current HDTV is 10x our original but cost 15% as much.
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    Eric Gale

    On the last day he proposed he would have his own camp soon, I can’t see it, who would finance it?
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    Modern Hard Rock Amps

    My go to amp is the DELIVERANCE M60.
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    Has FAS answered the question regarding upgrading existing Axe FX III Mark II units?

    Of course, what are they gonna sell in 2025 without it? Otherwise you become like Gibson and your main competition is your used product. Who’d pay double for new, years old technology?
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    Free FullRes Room IRs

    I believe distance is the major issue to be addressed. We all stand a different places in reference to our amplifiers, I’d imagine the dispersion at 36” away is vastly different than at 72”. Labeling of distance and whether direct or off axis should be included IMO.
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    Once I turned edit off it worked, thanks.
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    Wish Return Dynamic Depth and Presence

    Two months ago longer IRs weren’t possible. Ten years ago it was unfathomable Metallica would play live with a modeler. Of course it could be done, it may however require more effort than they wish to exert toward it.
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    Cannot get this to load, stops at 2.6% each time. Yes I redownloaded it twice more, turned everything off and back on.
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    Dream Theater Pull Me Under solo - 5 different guitars

    Of course the Ibanez sounds the most like the record, but I preferred the Suhr.
  57. L

    Wish Return Dynamic Depth and Presence

    I use these all the time and find the lack of them is preventing me from upgrading beyond 15.01 permanently.
  58. L

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    I gigged four slaved heads into two 24 space racks and three 4x12s in w/d/w setup. It sucked, you have no idea how great you have it today.
  59. L

    How are you guys using the new fullres IRs?

    I’ve been adding far field IRs forever, these are just a variation on that theme. Too much CPU versus my method for my needs on the MK I.
  60. L

    Dual CLR’s or Dual Powercab 112 plus? Help me decide...🤔

    I’ve hoarded CLRs so if awaiting a repair I’m still good.
  61. L

    Waitlist Email

    Just arrived now.
  62. L

    Dad Jokes

  63. L

    Waitlist Email

    I’m at 2:49 with no invite so I doubt this 2:50 scenario.
  64. L

    Amp Level vs. Scene Level

    Sometimes more than one scene uses the same amp channel, at which time, scenes volume can help. Of course you could always add a volume block right after the amp to accomplish the same end result if you prefer.
  65. L

    Pickup matching?

    Or the Axe Fx IV.
  66. L

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    Does it require FW 17 or is it backwards compatible say to 15.01?
  67. L

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

  68. L

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    No waitlist thread? WTF, I want a refund!
  69. L

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    I believe it allows you to add an additional block or two to a maxed out preset. Let’s say your preset on your current unit is at 85% but you wish to add an additional reverb, you can’t because you are too close to CPU overload. On the turbo unit, that 85% preset goes down to say 70%...
  70. L

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    The nature of electronics is evolution. Does LG tell you a new television is coming out next week? I believe some of the entitlement attitude is born from the iPhone where everyone knows a new one is coming out every September. I have the MK I and love it, on 15.05. I can’t get Cygnus...
  71. L

    FullRes IR vs. Reverb

    And on lesser units like the FM3 & FM9.
  72. L

    Waitlist Email

    Lest not forget Daylight time this year runs from March 14 to November 7, which is 239 days, or 65% of the year. Isn’t it odd “Standard” time only accounts for 35% of the year?
  73. L

    Used Mk I (w/ a return window) + fan hum

    The only moving part is the fan, so any vibrational sound would be associated with it. If you got a great deal, even factoring in a new fan, then keep it.
  74. L

    FM9 CPU Utilization Question

    We compared to the III in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/please-test-this-iii-preset-on-the-fm9.176253/
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    Waitlist Email

    It is well established they only ship to the US and Canada.
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    Waitlist Email

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    Using an FM3 (or FM9) with an Axe-Fx III

    I am considering getting the FM9 to replace the FC12, combining the FM9 with the III would not only provide 50% more CPU, but I could also keep the III on 15.05 which I love for high gain patches. I could continue to enjoy the development of software via the FM9. I suppose if you put each...
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    Using an FM3 (or FM9) with an Axe-Fx III

    Well about that:
  79. L

    Using an FM3 (or FM9) with an Axe-Fx III

    My Mission pedals are passive, not electrified.
  80. L

    Using an FM3 (or FM9) with an Axe-Fx III

    What about creating a Y cord to feed both units simultaneously?
  81. L

    Using an FM3 (or FM9) with an Axe-Fx III

    How would continuous controllers work if plugged into one unit, could it control items in the other.
  82. L

    updating to cygnus - I know i'm late

    I’m finding the Fryette More has far less gain in Cygnus.
  83. L

    One expression pedal for dual / triple use?

    You can change the switch in a Mission pedal to a momentary type, then a quick tap does one thing, a longer tap another.
  84. L

    underwhelming sound through headphones advice

    Mine are a decade old.
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    Please test this III preset on the FM9

    Thank you so much. I believe the FM9 can work for me then. Just to be clear, adding back in two reverbs would be a non-factor since they are on a different chip correct?
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    Please test this III preset on the FM9

    Yes, but original music. Do a pitch harmonic while playing the A note (2nd fret) on the G string and press your bar down. You need to turn on the scene EXACTLY as you pinch.
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    Please test this III preset on the FM9

    Can we discuss this a bit more please? If I were to get down to one cab block by merging the two cabinets in Cab B (via Cablab I suppose) and placing them in second slot of Cab A, and changed out MTD2 for say the Plex Delay in the FM9, would that suffice?
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    updating to cygnus - I know i'm late

    I just began the process myself. I upgraded from 15.05, I have two IIIs so I can compare them screen to screen. The modifications I find myself making to 16.05 are: Power Amp page: Decrease transformer match Increase speaker Impedance Increase bias term depth Increase bias term...
  89. L

    Please test this III preset on the FM9

    Attached is my most CPU intense AXE Fx III preset, which normally runs at 87%. I have removed the two reverbs it normally has, since those would run on a separate chip on the FM9. Doing so brought the III's CPU utilization down to 70.7%. (I also changed the cabs to random factory ones due...
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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Of course they know, it had to be a development consideration. The reverb was probably moved to its own chip to address this issue.
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