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  1. edo

    deluxe tweed bright switch..

    The bright switch on the deluxe tweed doesn't seem to have any effect. Is this normal behavior or possible bug?
  2. edo

    AF in studio: any benefit from mic pre's?

    I generally always tweak my presets for live use, but in the last year I obviously found myself much more involved in studio sessions than live playing. So because I am considering to upgrade my home studio with some fine mic pre's / compressors etc to use for tracking vocals, acoustic guitar...
  3. edo

    Persnally, the Analog vs Digital battle is over!! (JCM800 A/B clip)

    I think I'm going to post in the wish section to stop messing with the modeling, it just can't get any better than this! Can it?? In this clip I plugged into the af3, sent an output to the jcm800 input, jcm800 output into a torpedo captor x with cab sim bypassed, and form the captor back into...
  4. edo

    Wish Marshall Jubilee & Suhr PT15

    IIRC the brit silver is based on some kind of modded jubilee owned by Alex lifeson.. it would be cool if we could have the original silver jub too! And the PT15 would be cool too! Unless someone has info on what it’s based on and how we can approximate it with what we already have..!!
  5. edo

    Sync user cabs between Axe-Fx 3 and FM3?

    Is there a way to sync user cabs between af3 and fm3? Obviously with all limitations considered, for example if I load 120 Ir's in the fm3, is there an easier way to sync them in the af3 other than manually import them 1 by 1 in the corresponding user slot?
  6. edo

    Edosounds Xmas Jam

    I already posted this in the af3 general forum, but since I used the fm3 to record all guitars and bass, I might as well post it here instead! Anyways, I made a short arrangement of John Lennon’s happy Xmas, and would be happy to turn it into a global challenge / jam. If you want to be part of...
  7. edo

    Edosounds Xmas Jam, anybody up for it?

    I made a backing track with a rock arrangement of John Lennon's Happy Xmas (War Is Over), and I'd like to make it a global jam / challenge. But to spice things up, I'm going to pick my 3 favorite solo's and assign 3 edosounds prizes (preset packs and cab pack). So, who's up for it??? You can...
  8. edo

    AFIII Presets Dream Theater Metropolis Part1 (full cover)

    A couple days ago I made a John Petrucci commercial preset for FM3, yesterday I was converting it for AF3 and I got carried away with the power of the beast, so I made a deluxe version (for AF3 only, and possibly one of the best presets I've ever made!) and recorded the full guitar cover of...
  9. edo

    JTC jam of the month

    Here’s my first “post vacation” clip, just came up with this solo for this month JTC jam of the month. I used the lead preset I made a couple weeks ago for a 1 off gig with a local band, based on the Brit 800#34. You can buy it as individual preset on my website (the preset includes 6 scenes...
  10. edo

    Help setting up external switch!

    I bought a dual switch that I would like to use to scroll preset up/down, and I’d like to be able to hold one of the 2 buttons for tuner. I got the preset up/down part working, but whenever I assign the hold function to tuner, it just goes straight to tuner even if I just press. I’m assuming it...
  11. edo

    In the style of John Petrucci (Preset attached)

    I already posted this clip a couple weeks ago in the AF3 recordings subforum, and since I promised I would share the preset for both AF3 and FM3, I'm going to post it here too, so you can check out the clip and get the preset if you want! I made this clip for the JTC free backing tracks of July...
  12. edo

    In the style of John Petrucci

    I took part to the jtc #jamofthemonth, it was “in the style of John Petrucci”, so i went for the i&w style (I haven’t listened to any Petrucci since metropolis 2, so I’m not sure how his tone and playing has evolved since..!) Anyways, here it is the clip: And here's the preset for FM3 / AF3
  13. edo

    Tornado of Souls (free preset)

    From the AF3 forum: When I was posting the daily clips by request for the Famous Riffs preset packs, a friend asked me over and over to play this. Truth is, I don't have a 24 fret guitar (the fact that I couldn't play it was not a major concern! :D).. Well, I still don't have a 24 fret guitar...
  14. edo

    Megadeth - Tornado of Souls (free preset)

    When I was posting the daily clips by request for the Famous Riffs preset packs, a friend asked me over and over to play this. Truth is, I don't have a 24 fret guitar (the fact that I couldn't play it was not a major concern! :D).. Well, I still don't have a 24 fret guitar (and I still can't...
  15. edo

    Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (2nd solo, Pulse)

    Considered by many the GOAT guitar solo in history, turning 40 today! Here's Comfortably numb, mostly based on the PULSE cd live version, with a few "licenses" here and there 😁 The preset is "Pink Floyd" from the "Famous Riffs Vol2" by Edosounds (aka me :D), played by Edo Faiella - Music (again...
  16. edo

    Edosounds Famous Riffs (Slash - AFD)

    I published the "Famous Riffs" preset packs for AF3 a couple weeks ago. Now they're available for fm3. I'll be posting daily demo clips on my ig page until I have all clips done to make a full length demo on youtube. Here's a preview of the "GNR - Welcome to the Jungle" preset applied to Sweet...
  17. edo

    AFIII Presets Edosounds - U2 ie15 Tour Preset Pack

    This was the first commercial U2 preset pack I made for AF2 about 3 years ago. It's probably my favorite U2 tour, because of a killer setlist and what I consider the best live tone the Edge has ever had! Now it's finally available for AF3, check it out and let me know what you think! Here's the...
  18. edo

    Plex shift

    Spent the last couple hours on my new fm3, I had never questioned / doubted about the sound quality, which is top notch like expected. I also had to reconsider the 3 switches (I was afraid it wasn’t enough, but the way they work is just pure genius, so that’s a big positive surprise!). However...
  19. edo

    Spring reverb 12.09

    Has the spring reverb always been mono only (I mean, even with the stereo spread to 100%) or is it something new for this fw?
  20. edo

    Brit Silver check?

    I just got a new load box (two notes torpedo captor X), and today I finally spent some time sending my real amps di into the af3 to try different Ir's and whatnot. While the brit 800 sounds virtually identical to the JCM800, the brit silver sounds way off. The real jubilee sounds way more open...
  21. edo

    AFIII Presets Edosounds Famous Riffs Vol.3

    Famous Riffs Vol.3 video demo is up! I added a few extra bits to the daily clips I already posted on ig & fb to show how a preset named after a song can work quite well for the given artist / guitarist, check it out, and as always, feedback is welcome! Here's the preset list: OASIS - FAMILIAR...
  22. edo

    Wish Swap channels

    I don't know whether this should be posted here or in the axe edit forum, so feel free to move it if that's the case. Anyways, it would be super cool if you could implement the function to swap channels within a block, along with the current function of "copy channel X to channel Y". It would be...
  23. edo

    Metallica - Kirk Hammett lead tone (black album)

    Here's the last preset from the "Famous Riffs vol3" preset pack. This one is based on Kirk Hammett's lead tone from the black album. Check it out and as always, feedback's very welcome! P.S. Famous Riffs Vol.3 for AF3 is out now!
  24. edo

    Slash - “Use Your Illusion”

    I posted the clip for a preset based on Slash’s Use Your Illusion tone which will be part of the famous riffs vol3 preset pack coming out in a couple days. I usually make 1 minute clips on instagram, but I have to admit, I was having so much fun with this preset that I couldn’t stop!
  25. edo

    with the compliments of Andy Timmons!

    A couple weeks ago I recorded a solo for the zillionth lockdown guitar challenge, a contest in Italy sponsored by dv mark and zoom. Yesterday they announced the winners in a youtube live stream, and it turned Andy Timmons was a special guest in the jury! To make it short, I won the second prize...
  26. edo

    AFIII Presets edosounds Famous Riffs Vol.2 preset pack

    Volume 2 of Famous Riffs preset packs series is out for AF3 (af2 and ax8 will be ready tomorrow). As usual, the 10 presets are based on the daily clips by request on ig & fb. Here's the video sample: (edit) I forgot to include the setlist, here it is: 1. Metallica - Master of Puppets 2...
  27. edo

    New Edosounds Promo

    I spent a good part of quarantine learning how to use final cut pro x, and as a result I made a new promo for edosounds. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  28. edo

    [fixed] Possible bug in tremolo block?

    Tremolo block, tremolo type, even with trigger trreshold parameter set to off, at low dynamics the tremolo goes away
  29. edo

    Some Michael Landau rock lead

    I was making a tone for something else, but as I tweaked the knobs on the brit800mod this kick a@@ solo by Mike Landau came to mind and so I gave it a shot. The song is called "Gli Angeli", by Italian rocker Vasco Rossi, and Landau's solo is just a masterpiece on its own. If you happen to like...
  30. edo

    AFIII Presets Edosounds - Famous Riffs preset pack

    I don't know if you've read it in an older post.. anyways, a few days ago I came up with the idea to post a 1 minute clip every day on my ig / fb pages, with a mini tutorial of a "famous riff" by request. In the end, I turned these clips into a series of preset packs, with a new volume coming...
  31. edo

    #riffoftheday - GNR "Welcome to the Jungle"

    A couple days ago I started a new series of mini guitar clips on my instagram & facebook pages (@edosounds & @edofaiellamusic in case you wanna follow) to kill some time in quarantine, #riffoftheday, where I try to play and show a riff/lick in 1 minute. Basically I make a poll, I pick a riff...
  32. edo

    af3 to iPhone

    I've been trying to figure out a way to record the af3 audio directly into iPhone while filming video clips. Would the camera kit connected between the af3 usb and iPhone be enough? Or does it require some sort of dedicated external audio interface like an irig duo or similar? Has anybody tried...
  33. edo

    Drive A/B comparison

    I was doing some A/B comparison tests between a few of my od pedals and the af3 equivalent models, I ended up recording them and making a video clip. Pedals are: BOSS SD1 (80's mij) vs SUPER OD IBANEZ TS9 vs T808 OD BOSS FA-1 vs FET PREAMP ProCO RAT vs RAT DISTORTION KORG SDD3000 vs SDD PREAMP...
  34. edo

    social links in signature?

    Sorry, I didn't know where to post this, since the "forum rules" topic is closed.. is it allowed to add social links in the signature? I remember some restrictions applied to the signature, but I can't remember and I can't find exactly what..
  35. edo

    Hallelujah ambient

    1 minute (Instagram friendly) ambient rendition of Hallelujah - after a bottle of wine and a bottle of bitter. It was supposed to be a happy Easter clip, but I’m a little late! 😊
  36. edo

    another 800 #34 clip

    Consequences of lockdown: I'm participating in contests more so nowadays than when I was in my teenage! This one is a 16 bar solo over a backing track provided by the contest, and again, I ended up using the brit 800#34. I can't get enough!! (ps, like I wrote in the video description, whenever I...
  37. edo

    "I'd rather go blind" solo

    Not that I really care about winning an overdrive (as you can see I already have a few collecting dust lol), nonetheless here's my attempt at the ten guitars challenge - I'd rather go blind. Les Paul > AF3 > logic. What else?? (PS. I remember some guitar legend complaining about modelers not...
  38. edo

    AFIII Presets New U2 preset pack

    New U2 preset pack based on the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour 2018 available for AF3. If you buy it before April 30 you get the additional Berlin Suite, based on a block of 5 extra songs from the upcoming Live in Berlin DVD, for free. www.edosounds.com U2 - EI18 sample clips U2 - Berlin Suite...
  39. edo

    Jeff Beck reinterpretation on a 800 #34

    Currently my go to amp for just about anything. I came up with a quick arrangement for Jeff Beck's diamond dust and gave it a go. 1 take, guitar > AF3 > Logic, no post production.
  40. edo

    power amp hardness

    I just noticed that power amp hardness now defaults to 5 on all amp models. I'm not sure about previous fw's (I'm on 12.05), but on the af2 it defaults to different values for different models, so I wonder whether this "global default" is intentional. Don't get me wrong, it sounds great, I'm...
  41. edo

    AFIII Presets U2 Extras Vol.2 preset pack

    I had released this a few days ago, and yesterday I finally got to record a video demo. Being it an Extras Vol.2 you won't find the big hits, but rather some unusual tracks.. check it out and let me know what you think P.S. I'm finishing up the sample video for the Extras Vol.1, hopefully...
  42. edo

    Keep parameters when changing models?

    Iirc, normally when you changed model within a block it used to keep the main parameters as they were, with the advanced parameters changing to specific default values. Now whenever I select a different model, everything defaults back to noon. Is there an internal option to select between these...
  43. edo

    Echo FC to midi out

    I've been trying to record both processed audio, DI and FC midi events into logic for reamping keeping the midi performance (scene change, expression pedal etc) with no luck - apparently because it can't be done at the moment, as the AF3 is not able to echo the FC input to midi out. Is that...
  44. edo

    recording midi events into DAW

    I can only find info on how to send midi events from DAW to AF, but I want to do the opposite: I want to record a midi track with scene changes, exp pedal performance etc while I record a DI track for reamping. How can that be done? I assume I'd have to make a midi track in my DAW (Logic Pro)...
  45. edo

    Global blocks?

    Any word on global blocks yet? That’s crucial for me, at least for amp & cab blocks..
  46. edo

    AFIII Presets First commercial U2 pack for AF3

    I was waiting for the "vendor" badge before posting this. Now that I got it, I'm happy to announce that the first commercial U2 pack for AF3 by edosounds is out. You can hear the demo samples of The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 pack (obviously based on U2's most recent tour) in the clip below. And of...
  47. edo

    Reamp an existing DI track with AX8

    I'm recording a few DI tracks to reamp in both AF3, AF2 and AX8 to demo an upcoming preset pack I'm producing. With AF2 and AF3 there should be no problem as they both work as audio interface so I assume the USB level should be consistent between output and input. The problem is with the AX8, as...
  48. edo

    Processing DI track

    Is there a way to process the same DI track (recorded via AF3 usb) into both AF3, AF2 and AX8? I'm making a new preset pack, and it would be cool if I could use the same exact performance to record the sample clips as opposed to play / record it 3 times.. Any help greatly appreciated!
  49. edo


    I had installed 11.01 last week but was away for a couple gigs (still gigging with the af2 at the moment) and had no chance to mess with the latest fw until yesterday. I plugged in and it was instant "wow". Whatever that subtle gap between my ac30hw2x and the af model was, it's gone. Feel, tone...
  50. edo

    Plex shift

    I'm having a very hard time to sync the Plex shift (with one Plex set to 1 octave higher) to the tempo of the tune. BPM and tempo subdivisions are correct, but whenever I step on the preset, the plex delays are all over the place and the alignment to the sequence is random.. sometimes it's ok...
  51. edo

    Af3 vs Af2 default values

    I just installed fw 8 on the af3 and ares 2 on the af2, and noticed that some parameters default to different values (e.g. preamp bias -0.150 vs -0.190 and harmonics 4.20 vs 4.50) and was curious to know why and which values should one use for accuracy with the given model.
  52. edo

    Remove cathode bypass cap?

    I’ve beed consjdering to experiment with this mod on one of my real ac30’s, and was curious whether I can mimic this mod within the axe to get an idea of the result.. if so, how?
  53. edo

    FC: Setlist?

    Just spent a couple hours messing with my new fc12, but after reading the manual and configuring some global / per preset functions here and there, I noticed the fc does not have the setlist function (a la the mfc101). Is there an equivalent function I'm missing, or am I supposed to scroll...
  54. edo

    Bug? Ares 1.0 ac30tb gain (vs af3)

    I spent a couple hours A/B'ing the AF2 ac30tb vs the AF3 ac30tb, same settings, same ir, same everything, and I came to the conclusion that the af2 version might have something wrong. Specifically, turning the master volume trim down to 0.5 makes the model sound more similar to the af3 version...
  55. edo

    fc12 vs mfc101 image?

    I've been searching the forum with no luck so far.. are there any side by side fc12 / mfc101 images anywhere to show the dimensions? FC's are not available in Europe yet, but I'm already working on the fc 12 based pedalboard / case and wanted to figure out how the one I have will fit.
  56. edo

    Diodes for dummies?

    I had to install the new axe edit to realize how many options each drive now offers as far as diodes and clipping. Now what? I mean, how do they affect the sound? Any info / rule we might take advantage of other than randomly experiment with different types on different models?
  57. edo

    AF2 Ares amp block gain?

    After messing around with Ares on the af2, it sounds like amp models have way more gain than previous fw - my edge of breakup vox's and fender's all sound beyond edge of breakup now. Just curious if that's how it's meant to be or if it's still part of the beta phase. I haven't played with 3.01...
  58. edo

    Summit DCL200

    Can the af3 do it (or get in the same ballpark)?? If yes, what would be the best compressor model?
  59. edo

    X-LOAD LB2 question

    I'm not sure where to post this, so please feel free to move it somewhere else if that's the case. I'm considering to get the LB2 for the sole purpose of capturing Ir's of my own amps (all combos). However, by reading the manual, it looks like it only supports 8Ohm, while most of my amps are...
  60. edo

    Screen frequency / q and mismatch?

    I just discovered some advanced parameters in the af3 amp block I had not noticed before: screen freq / q and mismatch. How do they work? Screen freq seems to do nothing other than freezing the axe if set to any extreme. I can hear some difference by tweaking mismatch, does it have to do with...
  61. edo

    Bug? LFO loading to different tempo than the one stored in preset

    I don't know whether this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong here, but I made a preset where I assigned an lfo modifier (set to 1/4 note) to a volume block so that it acts as a tremolo, but every I load the preset, I the lfo for some reason is not in synch, and I have to manually change from...
  62. edo

    IR capture: setup / levels?

    I've been capturing ir's for a few years, but considering the discontinuous results (some sound great, some sound ok, some are terrible), I guess it all depends on the setup and levels. If anybody with some experience could answer these questions to clarify once and for all, I'd really...
  63. edo

    IR Capture quality versus Axe-Fx 2?

    Is the af3 vs af2 ir capture quality the same? Or the af3 has any improvements? Just curious as I was going to make some
  64. edo

    AF3 ir capture

    I was about to capture a couple ir's with the af3, but i just found out that output 2 L is xlr only.. does that mean that I must use an xlr / jack cable to connect from output2L into front of amp or is it possible to use output 3 L instead?
  65. edo

    Something in the display...

    So I finally got my af3, and as soon as I unpacked it I noticed this little piece of something (wood? Cardboard?) inside the display (see picture below).. is there a way to open it and remove it or should I return it to g66?
  66. edo

    Help needed ASAP!!

    i’m about to play a gig and my ethercon connection failed on me again (timeout as soon as I step on any switch), so i’m running a midi connection as a backup instead. The problem is that normally I have the daw connected to axe fx midi in to remotely change scenes in a couple numbers when i’m...
  67. edo

    Marshall Jubilee clean channel?

    I’m no Marshall expert, what amp model would be the closest option to mimic the jubilee clean channel?
  68. edo

    Dream Theater "rusty" Erotomania

    Just having some fun mimic'ing my old triaxis / lexicon rig (and my old rusty and long gone chops) over some tunes i used to play when I was 16.. more than 20 years ago! Too bad I forgot to select the sound card, so what you hear is the actual iphone audio :(
  69. edo

    Real amp DI into axe fx IR

    I've been messing around with IR capture / tone match in the last couple days, and came across the fas official video tutorial for Mic + DI ir capture method (see below). At one point in the video, Cooper A/B's the combo DI signal and the Axe through the acquired IR. How can I do that? It would...
  70. edo

    tone match help

    I recorded a track into logic, just guitar > amp, which i'm using as template for a tone match reference sending the recorded track into the axe via USB. The tone match sounds perfect, however, if I export it into a cab block, the volume is much lower than regular ir's. What am i going wrong??
  71. edo

    change preset without engaging it

    I've been reading the manual and browsing the forum, but can't find the answer I'm looking for. I'm trying to figure out how to (if there's a way) go from preset 1 to preset 2 (F1 preset up, F2 preset down in my setup) but still have preset 1 until I step on switch 1 (scene 1 of the new selected...
  72. edo

    Axe-Fx III Wish List

    Same old wish I posted in the af2 wishlist: sdd preamp built into a dedicated sdd3000 delay block!
  73. edo

    global block alternatives?

    I just discovered that the AX8 does not support global blocks, which is terrible news for me as when a new fw comes out, in the axe fx 2 I generally adjust and change the core amp tone across 300+ presets simultaneously, while with the ax8 i have to do it manually, for each amp, for each cab...
  74. edo

    auditioning factory presets?

    What's the easiest / quickest way to audition factory presets without actually installing all factory presets back into the axe? I'm looking for 1 specific preset but I can't remember what it's called, so i wanted to quickly browse through all factory presets without changing my own presets. Thanks
  75. edo

    Possible bug in the #34 Marshall?

    I’ve been messing around with the #34 mod 800 model, probably my fav model at the moment... however, I noticed that if I engage a drive block in front of it for solo boost, when I disengage the drive block there is an audible bass frequency warble until I switch to another preset and back to the...
  76. edo

    U2 commercial preset packs for AX8

    For those who asked in the past, I've finally bought the AX8 and I'm slowly updating all preset packs to the latest fw for AXE FX2 and optimizing them for AX8. I've just published the I+E preset pack, you can listen to the sample clips at www.edosounds.com in case you're interested!
  77. edo

    Ax8 reamping

    I’m finally working on my commercial U2 preset packs for the ax8. I have the di recordings of the sample clips I made with the axe fx2, and would like to know how to reamp those tracks with the ax8, so I can have the same clip / take reamped in both fas units. Thanks in advance!
  78. edo

    Grid / scene levels

    Is there a way to change the level of rows 1 and 2 and save it per scene, without affecting the level of row 3? Specific example: row 1 uses amp / cab 1, row 2 uses amp / cab block 2, row 3 uses a parallel multidelay / reverb chain for ambient fx. Scene 1 should use both amps (at -6db's), scene...
  79. edo

    understanding the tone freq parameter

    I was messing with this parameter, and noticed that the higher I set it, the more boomy / muddy (i.e. more low mids) the tone - almost like a proximity effect when close mic'ing, while at lower settings the sim sounds more open. So I'm assuming the tone freq sets the center frequency of the tone...
  80. edo

    Power supply

    does anybody know if the mfc can be powered with a strymon ojai? I'm considering to get a smaller pedalboard and would like to have one single power supply for mfc/wireless jack/battery charger. Cat5 is not an option as I've had lots of problems during gigs with it, so I'd rather stay away from it.
  81. edo

    xfmr match formula?

    I remember a while back Cliff had posted some sort of formula to calculate the proper xfmr match value for specific speakers - if I remember correctly, the correct value for the celestion blues was 0.8 or something like that. Does anybody know where i can find that post, and if it's still valid...
  82. edo

    fractal product release timeline?

    Anybody familiar with the fractal product release timeline? Trying to figure out when / if an ax8 is in the near future plans to restrain my g.a.s.!
  83. edo

    GAS'ing for an AX8, but...

    I'm seriously considering to get an AX8 as a backup for my main axe fx rig. However, the only thing that stops me from going for it is the single amp / cab limit, as 95% of my patches use 2+ amps. So the question is, is dual amp dependent on hw or sf? In other words, is the dual amp capability...
  84. edo

    super od clip type

    Just curious to know why the super od (boss sd1 model) defaults to Silicon clipping type as opposed to 4558 (which should be the stock chip in it). Does anybody know?
  85. edo

    Psycho acoustic story

    Yesterday I finally put the new highly acclaimed motor drive on my main amp global block (linked to 90% of my presets) and played a gig. I had this stupid smile throughout the whole show for how good everything sounded. Then today I found out that the motor drive was only on that one preset I...
  86. edo

    Fixed Q7 Preamp CF Ratio (GLOBAL BLOCKS)

    Preamp CF ratio acts random. I have my ac30tb linked to global block 1, default value would be 1.960, some presets show 0.450 and some 0.645. If I save current preset to 1.96, it will store the new parameter, but other presets linked to the same global block will keep showing random numbers.
  87. edo


    Is proximity captured in the IR (mic + DI method)? I've been experimenting with some it capturing, but the ir coming out of the process has much less bass than the actual recording of the same mic'd amp.
  88. edo

    Help needed asap!! (Mfc frozen with all lights on)

    Earlier today I turned on my mfc (mk3) and it had all lights on, blank screen and did nothing. I unplugged the power, plugged it back and it worked. Now it's doing it again, and unplugging the same power is not fixing it. What's the deal?? Anybody else with such experience? Please, I need help...
  89. edo

    Commercial U2 preset packs

    Since I posted a clip with my U2 presets a few weeks ago, I got quite some requests to make them available for sale, so finally, here they are: https://edofaiella.wixsite.com/u2sounds P.S. feel free to give me some feedback on the website as I didn't have much time to double check it with...
  90. edo

    Fw 7

    Why is it taking so long for the final release? Just curious
  91. edo

    Yet another U2 preset medley..

    I've been trying to record this clip for a long time, mostly to check the levels between presets without playing, as when I do it I always end up tweaking everything but the levels! lol Anyways, feedback is welcome! Edit: here's a quick file description and tracklist: Here's a clip I made...
  92. edo

    Xfmr match with blue alnico

    i remember reading somewhere a while back that the correct xfmr match for a celestion blue alnico speaker would be 0.75, but I can't remember where I read that and if it's correct. Can anybody confirm?
  93. edo

    Question about song mode / 1 preset with 5 scenes

    I use my mfc in song mode with 1 preset per song and 5 scenes. I use both dual blocks and x/y to try and minimize the audio drops upon scene change. However, when I switch back to scene 1, i think it loads the preset again so for example if I go from scene 4 to scene 1, and the only difference...
  94. edo

    different cables / wireless comparison

    After a recent discussion on the fractal audio forum about different cables and wireless jacks, here's a quick comparison clip. Same guitar (strat), same preset (axe fx 2290 delay into ac30tb model), same part (u2 i still haven't found what i'm looking for). The only variable is the cable...
  95. edo

    axe fx with wireless jack

    After spending the last couple weeks off retweaking all my patches for q6.02, I can say that my axe is at its best. However, if I go wireless (with a sure glxd6), the magic disappears. I know that going wireless compromises the tone, but if I try the wireless between guitar and amp, the tone...
  96. edo

    U2 Acrobat

    This is my latest u2 guitar tutorial, as always, axe fx 2 only.
  97. edo

    cathode resistance

    It's the only parameter that is not described anywhere, including axe wiki.. What is it and what does it do??
  98. edo

    Preamp tube type

    just curious if the different characteristics of the different preamp tubes have ever been discussed - say x is warmer, y is tighter, z is cleaner etc. I can hear the difference, but it's so subtle it's hard to tell what the actual difference is!
  99. edo

    fender tweed deluxe mods

    @FractalAudio, I've finally found the mods to turn a fender tweed deluxe into the edge signature deluxe. Now I just need to figure out how to translate this into the axe fx!! :D Here's the mods, I'd really appreciate if you could help me figure out how to mod the axe model following these...
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