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  1. Chuk

    Custom Scales - 'Message in a Bottle'

    I'm trying to setup a preset to cover the signature riff harmony from 'Message in a Bottle' by The Police. I've manged to setup four custom scales for each of the four chords but I need a way to switch between them as I play. The changes are very quick so I'm looking for something other than a...
  2. Chuk

    Prince "solo" flanger setting lets go crazy

    It sounds to me like all wah except for a flanger for a few seconds when he slides up and down the neck before the descending outro.
  3. Chuk

    Axe FX3 Mkii additional gear?

    Rocktron Banshee talk box. That's all apart from two expression pedals.
  4. Chuk


    I've given up downloading presets because frankly, my presets sound better. Even the presets by some major third party developers were ultimately a fairly disappointing. Just learn to build your own. Much more rewarding.
  5. Chuk

    Purchased Patches

    I'm also done with buying preset packs. Mostly underwhelming. I've done it a couple of times and, frankly, any of my own creations sound as good or better. That's not surprising really because they are tuned to my particular instruments.
  6. Chuk

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00 Public Beta

    Man I LOVE this company. This is why I've been a devotee, and exclusive Fractal user, since late 2007.
  7. Chuk

    Headrush & Alto for Guitar and Vocals

    I started with RCF Art310a and used that for years. Then bought a Yamaha DXR10 after the RCF died. It took me a while to adjust to the different tone of the DXR10. I then thought I'd like to run in stereo on large stages so I bought a Headrush 108 to pair with the DXR10. The 108 is louder than...
  8. Chuk

    Poll: MK1 owners, 1024 User 2 cab slots or 32 FullRes cab slots?

    I remember those days of long ago. I was one of those original members from that old forum. I got my first AxeFx (Ultra) back in Dec 2007. I've been reading this forum most days since back then. Good memories.
  9. Chuk

    Talk box position in chain & OUT4 vs OUT1

    I do exactly the same with my Banshee and it sounds marvellous.
  10. Chuk

    Triple Crown Info

    I just tried this amp (Triple Crest 3) on your recommendation and I'm a bit stunned. You're right - a huge range of sounds. Zero tweaking. A new favourite. Thanks.
  11. Chuk

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    My presets are all over the place. (yes I play in several bands) My Mastermind GT-22 brings them all together via it's Setlist functionality.
  12. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Factory Preset Banks 16p03 - Preview

    Thanks Cliff et al. My Fractal products [used exclusively since 2007] are the best investment I've ever made since 1978 (when I started buying music gear).
  13. Chuk

    CC#s all set to NONE?

    No. I usually update with every release.
  14. Chuk

    CC#s all set to NONE?

    After a long lay-off I've reconnected the AxeFXIII to my Mastermind GT/22 foot controller but the expression pedals aren't working. Ron Menelli has been trying to help me out over at that forum but I've noticed that within the AxeFXIII all the previously assigned CC#s now read NONE. This...
  15. Chuk

    Australian Shipment- Axefx III

    Contact the Australian distributor - Independent Music. Andrew Farnham is extremely helpful.
  16. Chuk

    Which Expression pedal to get?

    The travel on the Dunlop is MUCH longer (even on the Mini) which enables me to get exactly the sweet spot for wah work. Also the Mission pedal eventually caved in. The cast metal chassis started collapsing around the treadle mounts.
  17. Chuk

    Which Expression pedal to get?

    I use two: a Dunlop Volume (X) Volume & Expression Pedal and the Dunlop Volume (X) Volume MINI. I much prefer them to the Mission pedal I used to use.
  18. Chuk

    The Fixx "Saved by Zero" which effect?

    Is this a clearer sample of the part you are referring to? Starts at about 1:50.
  19. Chuk

    Boutique 1 Matchless model

    I have nine Strats but I'd probably baulk at forking out AUD$3,000 for a Strat. My custom built Strats cost a lot less than that and they are pretty much unbeatable, even by my CS Strats. YMMV. However that Matchless amp is superb!!
  20. Chuk

    Axe-Edit III 1.05.13

    I'm having an issue with connectivity. Both Fractal-Bot and FracPad connect to my AxeFXIII but Axe-EditIII 1.05.13 does not.
  21. Chuk

    Tips for a realistic Spring Reverb sound?

    I NEVER use 'spring reverb' unless I'm especially shooting for a 60s western twang or surf sound.
  22. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    The gift that keeps giving. Wow, just wow. I'm very pleased with this update because previously the 'Virtual Capo' mode was unusable due to latency. Thanks Cliff et al.
  23. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    Happy Easter indeed. Cheers from LockDOWNUNDER.
  24. Chuk

    Using the Tuner as a mute switch?

    I always use TUNER to mute. Especially at big corporate functions when other people are on the stage while I'm not there. If someone knocked my guitar volume there might be a problem.
  25. Chuk

    Bug? Strange Amp switching behavior (MIDI)

    I take it that this problem has coincided with installation of this new beta FW. If you can't get a helpful solution here then you may get an answer from Ron Minelli himself over at the RJM forum. He's extremely good at problem solving. Good luck.
  26. Chuk

    Panic Attack!! I just clicked pay.

    Welcome to the 'rabbit hole'. I've been down here since 2007 and I'm still finding stuff.
  27. Chuk

    Solo 100 Clean VS. Shiver Clean VS. USA Clean VS. Bludojai Clean

    Shiva Clean for me too. It just seems to work well in so many situations.
  28. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    All these updates. This is killing me!! My AxeFXIII got fried in a lightning storm over two weeks ago. It's been with the repairers ever since awaiting parts from the USA. I've never been so long without my Fractal unit since my first one in 2007. I'm in SERIOUS withdrawal. So this is what...
  29. Chuk

    How to get backed up axe fx 2 stuff to new axe fx 3

    I used Fractool to port my AxeFXII presets across to AxeFXIII. I can tell my old Ax2 presets apart because Fractool laid the signal chain into Row 2 (except for IN and OUT blocks) whereas normally it's in Row 3. I still had a bit of work to do but what a fantastic resource. Thanks Al.
  30. Chuk

    Boot up failure

    My AxeFXIII has failed to boot. It displays a solid white screen on the GUI and some solid colour leds. I'm panicking because I have gigs this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.
  31. Chuk

    What amp did the Axe-Fx III make you discover and fall in love with?

    I'm a mid-gain guy mainly playing Strats. My go-to amps are: Suhr Badgers Matchless Trainwrecks Marshalls. Having said that, I think I have patches made up for most amps except the super hi-gain amps. The choices are simply astounding.
  32. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    A happy Happy New Year. Cheers Fractal team It takes my mind off the fact that my country is burning to ashes.
  33. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    I've just loaded 11.01 and went straight to the DC-30 EF86. OMG! My new favourite. Damn this sounds fine. Tx Cliff.
  34. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta 1

    I also gigged this last night and was very happy with the results...REALLY happy. I still need to tweak a few patches to accommodate some level/tonal changes.
  35. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.00

    When I scrolled to the ADVANCED page the unit started screaming/feedback and i couldn't turn the drive block off. I had to shutdown. I think I've soiled myself.
  36. Chuk

    The greatest digital guitar recording of all time?

    Agreed. I was shocked when I discovered this is a solid state amplifier. Amazing tone and player.
  37. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    Cheers Cliff et al. This is why I've been onboard since 2007.
  38. Chuk

    Used Liquid Foot+ Pro+ or New FC-12 at similar prices?

    I used Liquid Foot LF Pro for many years. It was very reliable but a PITA to program because it used Java script over midi. Flaky as 'all get out'. Having said that it served me well for many years until I bought the RJM GT/22. That is a magnificent beast! Just go FC is you're a basic user.
  39. Chuk

    Which hardware pedal did you keep since getting your Axe-Fx III and why?

    Rocktron Banshee talk box. Its quite heavy but there's nothing like sticking a real tube in ya mouth to get those demented sounds.
  40. Chuk

    Yek's great listing of all the 2048 Factory Cabs available in the Axe III!

    Thanks Yek. Your contributions here (Forum and Wiki) are invaluable.
  41. Chuk

    Output knob setting?

    10 o'clock (tape secured so it can't be accidentally moved)
  42. Chuk

    Backup Faster!

    I'm in shock. I've been here for more than 11 years and I wasn't aware of this tip. Top post!
  43. Chuk

    AFIII Presets Axe-FX III AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - Fully Updated for Cygnus 19.07, now available!!!

    Yes please. I use OUT2 as the feed to my onstage FRFR monitor ( I use Copy OUT1 to OUT2) so I have to delete OUT2 from each and every preset otherwise the cab-less feed is routed to my FB. It took a long time but is worth it.
  44. Chuk

    The RCB Boost is great!

    The RC Boost is 'first call' in over 80% of my Drive Blocks. It's very hard to go past.
  45. Chuk

    Marshall TV Greenback IR's

    Generous fella. Tx Leon.
  46. Chuk

    How do you set your 'boost' option?

    I add a +3dB null boost at the the very end of my chain. Works perfectly. I also insert a +8dB boost immediately before the Amp block for 'cleanish' boosts as opposed to Drive block boosts.
  47. Chuk

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.05

    I'm having problems using Axe Manage. Lots of quirky things going on. For instance: Preset Names 'coping' to new location but not overwriting existing data plus other little things. Unfortunately its intermittent....mostly.
  48. Chuk

    Other People's Presets

    After several years I have given up the feeling of being disappointed by downloaded presets. They almost never sound like the original demo. Instead I use them as a staging point to tweak, sometimes very heavily, for my own use. Often I abandon them but I can often learn something from them...
  49. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    Ticketeeboo! Thanks Cliff.
  50. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    Ticketeeboo! Thank you Cliff.
  51. Chuk

    Scene ordering?

  52. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    I've just loaded 4.00Beta and I've come here to GUSH about how freakin' good this sounds!!!!!! I'm totally gobsmacked about how Cliff manages to find a bit more in every update. I've been using Fractal exclusively since 2007 and I'M STILL blown away by this product. I must mention, in passing...
  53. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Thanks Cliff. I never would have spotted that because I NEVER touch that dial. Maybe it was inadvertently to 48Hz. Cheers.
  54. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Sorry if It's been reported ad nauseaum. I just saw the update thread, duly updated and immediately found the issue, then jumped to report without reading through the previous pages. My bad. Cheers.
  55. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Bug? I think I've found a bug in the Drive block. With 'Tone of kings' selected, when I turn the Drive control up to 9.99 or 10.00 the AxeFXIII locks up. Technically it's not frozen but there is zero audio output at all except a very loud 'blip' when changing between presets. Reboot solves the...
  56. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    I've noticed some odd behaviour with the Drive block in the latest BETA firmware. So far I have only come upon this in only one preset on one particular Drive Channel. [Attached preset] In the Drive block on Channel B various drive pedal models are passing a 'rumbly' signal but if I change to...
  57. Chuk

    How to Choose an IR - My Method

    This just changed everything for me. I managed to audition a hundred different IRs in just a few minutes. Wow!!!! Ordinarily I'd audition a few then get bored/confused and bail. The scrolling trick is genius. Tx Leon, you're worth your weight in gold mate.
  58. Chuk

    Wish Channel naming option

    Forgive me if this has been previously discussed although I'm sure I read of this request (I've searched but can't see anything): If it was possible I'd love to see an option to 'name' the Channels for each block state. When I'm selecting stomps via my RJM Mastermind, it would be helpful to see...
  59. Chuk

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    This my regular AxeFXIII rig. The guitars change all the time.
  60. Chuk

    Stereo vs. Mono at gigs. What are you using?

    Stereo to FOH, Stereo to IEM (both via Out1) Mono to powered wedge for onstage vibe (via Out 2)
  61. Chuk

    Presets - how do you organize them?

    I cycle mine from clean through crunch to solo every six presets to line up with my Mastermind GT/22 foot controller. Every six presets the cycle starts over. I'm a live player. To be honest I was surprised by how many factory presets I actually kept after porting across to AxeFXIII from AxeFXII.
  62. Chuk

    Yek's Organ (preset)

  63. Chuk

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Yes, this amp! Instant Ty Tabor/King'sX territory albeit without his hands and talent.
  64. Chuk

    Epiphone 56 with P90s (preset attached)

    Sounds great. Good playing , good tone. It just goes to show....
  65. Chuk

    What is everyone doing for live setup?

    Out 1 > FOH (split to stereo IEM) Out 2 > Yamaha DXR10 for personal monitor on stage.
  66. Chuk

    Tone Match Problem

    I'm having the same issue - a kind of comb filtered sound. Like its in a pipe or very small room. I tried Willowdale's smooth knob suggestion above and it did help but I think it diminished the quality of the match. Has there been a solution yet?
  67. Chuk

    Implemented Command Z Undo/Re-do

    Yes, I'm always trying to UNDO something dodgy I just did. I miss that feature terribly.
  68. Chuk

    Blues time with Comet amp

    Nice tone...and playing Marco. This tone is what I call 'home'.
  69. Chuk

    Multidelay - Tips & tricks Thread

    Leon, you have opened my eyes to my now favourite chorus effect in the AxeFXIII. I'm loving your instructional videos BTW. Props for your efforts and generosity to this community. Cheers.
  70. Chuk

    Matching a Klon Centaur

    I watched the entire video and agree that Camilo did a stellar job of simulating the tone of that mystical Klon Centaur (at least through my PC speakers). I slavishly copied his exact settings and admit to being fairly underwhelmed at the result. It sounded good but when I switched to my trusty...
  71. Chuk

    Should I go III?

    Yes. Get it without question. I've been with Fractal for the whole journey and even I was surprised by how much better the III is over my much loved II. I agree with an earlier comment that the Fenders are amazing. Get it.
  72. Chuk

    Axe-Edit III and RJM Mastermind GT - problem

    I've been having issues with my Mastermind GT/22 when the AxeFXIII is connected to AxeEditIII. Connectivity between the GT and AxeFXIII is seriously impaired when I connect the AxeFXIII to my PC and then open Axe-EditIII. The AxeFXIII MIDI IN light goes on solid and 'some' IA buttons on the GT...
  73. Chuk

    [request] Opeth - Ghost of Perdition - Solo Lead (stems inside)

    I can't help you with the tone except to say that he [Mikael Akerfeldt] used to use Laney amps on stage back in this era and a GT6 IIRC. Mike is a very under-rated guitar player who now plays 'second fiddle' to Fredrik Akesson who is a shred beast. My favourite band of all time.
  74. Chuk

    [solved] Multiple Output block programming question

    Thanks Chris. Works a treat.
  75. Chuk

    [solved] Multiple Output block programming question

    Does anyone know of a shortcut method to add an OUT2 block to ALL of my presets without having to individually edit each and every one of the 512 presets? I have setup my AxeFXIII to run stereo to FOH via OUT1 and 'mono' to personal monitor via OUT2.
  76. Chuk

    Axe-Edit III 0.07.26 Public Beta

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I missed the Preset Manager SO much.
  77. Chuk

    First rehearsals for Axe-Fx III

    Yep, that Plexi100 sounded instantly great. I found myself using it quite a bit.
  78. Chuk

    First rehearsals for Axe-Fx III

    I've just finished two days of rehearsals with my new AxeFXIII and I'm totally surprised by how some of the stock presets (which I'd normally avoid like the plague) are blowing away my regular and favourite AxeFxII presets ported over via FracTool. I didn't expect to be that impressed by the...
  79. Chuk

    Anyone out there using Axe-Fx III & LF Pro?

    I've used the LF Pro successfully for years with the AxeFXII but I can't get it working properly with the AxeFXIII. The Bank Up/Dn buttons don't do anything to the AxeFXIII. If I individually program each and every preset then it does work but that would mean having to program 252 presets. Many...
  80. Chuk

    Anyone out there using Axe-Fx III & LF Pro?

    I'm just asking if anyone has successfully connected AxeFXIII & Liquid Foot Pro (original series)?
  81. Chuk

    Any Liquid Foot Pro/ Axe-Fx III users who can help me?

    I'm not using AxeFX mode. Patrick Voes helped me by checking out the Scene settings (as seen on the LF Editor screen) and suggested I remove a reference to SPECIAL - EXTERNAL SYNC. I followed his advice and now Scenes work just fine. I haven't been able to work out how to programme the BANK...
  82. Chuk

    Any Liquid Foot Pro/ Axe-Fx III users who can help me?

    Update: I reloaded LF Pro firmware and I "Erased All Data" in the LF Pro and started from scratch with NO SYNC. Long story short, I'm back to where I started. Scene change DOES work but STILL locks up the controller for seven seconds. I'm just about done with this thing after hours of...
  83. Chuk

    Any Liquid Foot Pro/ Axe-Fx III users who can help me?

    Tx for your quick response unix-guy. Yes, the LF Pro has an AxeFX2 mode but it doesn't recognise the AxeFx3 specifically and won't 'autoload' settings. Yes I DO have CC34 set for scene select in the AxeFx2 and AxeFx3. All the settings are identical pertaining to Scene control.
  84. Chuk

    Any Liquid Foot Pro/ Axe-Fx III users who can help me?

    I've just received my AxeFXIII and I'm setting up the Liquid Foot Pro (the original series not the + series) to connect. I copied all my midi settings from my AxeFxII across into the AxeFxIII. The Fractal settings mostly ported straight across but there are a couple of variations. I haven't been...
  85. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    This thing sounds freakin' great. I thought I might be slightly underwhelmed but it was worth the wait. Makes up for the disappointment of the World Cup.
  86. Chuk

    [Solved] Just got Axe-FXIII today...but [bad headphone adaptor]

    I just received my new AxeFXIII last night and had exactly the same problem. Through headphones the reverb mix was 100% wet but FRFR Output1 was perfect. I was FREAKIN' OUT. Thank goodness I found this thread. It was the headphone adapter. It worked perfectly for years with my AxeFXII but needed...
  87. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Picked mine up today from IMA too. Still boxed up tonight. Must wait until wifey goes to work tomorrow before unboxing.
  88. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    I doubt you'll regret your decision. The AxeFXII is still such a powerful tool that I considered not upgrading to an AxeFXIII at all. In the end I pulled the trigger but if I wasn't currently 'flush' then I would've been just as happy opting out. The AxeFXII now represents even greater 'bang for...
  89. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    That's Brett Kingman - the King of Demos and a damn fine player but the there's only about 10 seconds of actual 'naked' AxeFXIII from the 3:00m mark. I'd imagine that Andrew Farnham had a unit brought out here (Australia) for such demo purposes.
  90. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Nothing was mentioned regarding the number of units. I would imagine that I must be fairly close to the top of the OZ queue because I contacted IMA within a couple of hours of the US announcement. I got the first message Friday 1st of June and the second message yesterday. First message...
  91. Chuk

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Paid for mine today. I've been thinking hard about whether to bother upgrading because my AxeFXII is still so damn good but Andrew's 'last chance' message pushed me over the line. Now the waiting really begins!
  92. Chuk

    Any FC release time info ?

    I was on that MFC list for many months before I gave up and bought a Liquid Foot Pro. I still use it at every gig and will probably still use it after my AFXIII arrives....... whenever that is. (Australia)
  93. Chuk

    Effect for sweet emotion intro

    Whenever I use the Banshee it turns heads. A lot of punters don't know what it is but they're fascinated anyway.
  94. Chuk

    Effect for sweet emotion intro

    Many years ago I tried using the Formant Filter and expression pedal to replicate a talk box but I wasn't satisfied. The only FX pedal that I carry to supplement the AxeFXII is a Rocktron Banshee. I suspect that if you tweak around with the FF long enough you'll get a decent result. It depends...
  95. Chuk

    Australians and AxeFXIII

    I have been advised that the local Australian distributor will be expecting AxeFXIII units sometime in May. It's going to be a long next couple of months. At least I still have my trusty, and awesome, AFXII.
  96. Chuk

    Dumble-ing!! ODS-100 HRM + Cab Pack 17 :)

    Schweeeet! Playing and tone are top-shelf.
  97. Chuk

    Wow.... 4k bump in amp graphic eq is the shit!

    I recently took a professional hearing test followed by SEVEN online tests. I have a dip at @4Khz but it comes back up again at 8Khz. I guess 37 years of gigging takes it's toll. So I guess adding 4Khz is only going to get me back to where 'normal' folks hear a 'flat' response (in my own ears...
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