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  1. tjontheroad

    FM9 Does Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Electric Mandolin, and Upright Bass

    FM9 can handle anything I throw at it for sure. Wins most versatile gear award in my studio. Here's a track with my Takamine EAN40C, Fender Strat Plus Deluxe, Taylor T5z, John Page Classic AJ, Kentucky KM-300E Electric Mandolin, and Palatino Upright Bass all through the FM9.
  2. tjontheroad

    Neo Fervour Super Space Funk Jam [FM9 in the mix]

    Here I believe I've created a new genre of music. It's a Super Space Funk and this jam has about everything thrown into it. Guitars, keyboards, drums, and eurorack played by yours truly. Starts on solid ground and then gets into orbit.
  3. tjontheroad

    White noise at boot up

    Anyone else experience this? Just turned on my FM9 with the 2.0 beta and was blasted with very loud white noise coming out. Made me jump out of my chair :dizzy: I'm connected via spidf to my AU Apollo X6 interface. Reboot fixed the issue.
  4. tjontheroad

    Broken Defenses - Fractal FM9 & Boss SY-1000

    Here's some old school prog rock I'm calling "Broken Defenses". All the main guitars are played via the Fractal FM9. Bass and guitar synths via the Boss SY-1000. I programed the drums on Logic Pro X Drum Designer.
  5. tjontheroad

    FM9 made my best of 2021 list...

    FM9 made my best of list... Here is my 2021 Year In Review. The best gear. The biggest disappointments. My favorite video. The best part of the channel. What's up for next year. Thanks for watching and your support. Cheers, TJ
  6. tjontheroad

    SOLD Fractal Audio FM3 - Price Drop $850

    For sale is a Fractal Audio FM3. Is an early model without the headphone jack. There is a small scratch on the screen. Not very noticeable when unit is on. Price drop $850 shipped CONUS. No trade offers please.
  7. tjontheroad

    Flight Of The Fractal

    Here's a song demo of the Fractal Audio FM9 called "Flight Of The Fractal" All sounds, including drums, synths, and guitars, are from the FM9. FM9 presets used in the video are available for free download (see video description for link).
  8. tjontheroad

    Mission Engineering Mission Io Full Range FRFR Cabinets

    Mission Engineering Mission Io Full Range FRFR Cabinets A quick review
  9. tjontheroad

    Positive Vibes

    FM3 in the mix here. New studio track. Time to dispel negative energy and bring on the positives vibes. Feeling good my friends.
  10. tjontheroad

    Tensions Rising - Fractal FM3 - Arturia PolyBrute - ASM Hydrasynth - Sequential PRO3

    Here's a jam that features the Fractal FM3, Arturia PolyBrute, Arturia MatrixBrute, ASM Hydrasynth, and Sequential PRO3. I call it "Tensions Rising".
  11. tjontheroad

    Ice Wave. Searing FM3 Tones

    This jam features searing FM3 guitar tones, synth backing, and the debut of my son TJ Jr with his manic dance moves. Guitar starts at 55 seconds
  12. tjontheroad

    FM3 + Arturia MicroFreak x 2 = Awesomeness

    In another episode of "not just for guitar"... I love playing my synths through the FM3 effects. It brings them alive.
  13. tjontheroad

    Question about MIDI block bypass?

    I'm trying to turn on/off individual blocks via MIDI. Quoting the FM3 manual page 103, "Bypass page of the MIDI menu allows you to map MIDI CC messages—or connected pedals and switches— to bypass or engage blocks". However when I assign and send a CC message number, it only seems to bypass the...
  14. tjontheroad

    FM3 and Roland MC-707

    Roland MC-707 and Fractal FM3. All backing tracks were composed on the MC-707 and then imported into Logic Pro X. Thanks for watching. Please share and subscribe. Check out TJontheRoad.com for more.
  15. tjontheroad

    FM3 Latin Style

    It's Friday Night Fun Jam time. Here's episode 3 latin style using the Fractal FM3, Novation Launchpad Pro MK3, Ableton Live, and Suhr guitar. Thanks for watching. Please share and subscribe. Check out TJontheRoad.com for more.
  16. tjontheroad

    FM3 is not just for guitar...

    FM3 is not just for guitar... Here's the 1st edition of my Friday Night Fun Jam. I'm using the effects in the Fractal FM3 with the Polyend Medusa and Arturia MicroFreak synths. Thanks for watching, Please share and subscribe. Check out TJontheRoad.com for more.
  17. tjontheroad

    Not a Bug FM3 and FM3-Edit going nuts when clock-sync'd

    I was clock sync'ing the FM3 to Logic while monitoring FM3 Edit. Both were wildly doing odd things when receiving the time code. FM3's footswitches displays changed on their own to various random presets names. FM3 Edit block displays randomly would disappear and then reappear. If you watch...
  18. tjontheroad

    Fractal FM3 Synth Jam - "Without Reason"

    Fractal FM3 Synth Jam - "Without Reason" Take care and be safe at home. Because stuff happens without reason. Cheers, TJ Thanks for watching. Please share and subscribe. Check out TJontheRoad.com for more.
  19. tjontheroad

    Back to Fractal. FM3 is pretty awesome. First look review now included.

    I got my FM3 yesterday. It's pretty freakin' awesome. I missed the sound of Fractal FX since selling my FX8 some time ago. Glad to be back :)
  20. tjontheroad

    Wish More MIDI PC and CC commands per scene

    Having only one MIDI PC and CC command per scene is somewhat limiting. Competitive products can do up to eight. I have MIDI controlled amp and I'd like to add a couple MIDI pedals with FX8. Using the MIDI block takes up space that could be used otherwise. FX8 needs and should have more per...
  21. tjontheroad

    Can FX8 configure pre and post be changed per scene?

    Can FX8 configure pre and post be changed per scene? Obviously, pre and post is select per preset. But, can I change it per scene to move the FX loop in a different position or change series/parallel routing within the same preset? If not, this would be my wish for future FW :) Thanks.
  22. tjontheroad

    Using relays with T/S only connection?

    I probably already know the answer here, but why not ask anyway? ;) My Mesa TA-30 has both a channel switch jack and a reverb bypass jack. I'm running the channel switching via relay 1 and all is good there with a T/R/S cable. I'm looking also to use relay 2 to switch on/off the reverb bypass...
  23. tjontheroad

    FX8 is in da' house :)

    A funny thing happened while exploring all the amp models on my AX8 and Yek's magnificent amp guide. I found myself feeling and wanting more first hand experience with the real tube thang. I've owned and played through a few nice amps over the years (various Fenders, JCM800, Bad Cat) but I sold...
  24. tjontheroad

    Converting AX8 FX blocks to the FX8 (and back again)?

    Is there way to create a preset on the AX8 (or FXII) with FX blocks only and send/covert it to the FX8? In other words, I'm hoping to create and test a preset on AX8 that mimics a 4 cable method FX8 rig with my MESA TA-30 combo. I'd use the AX8 amp block X/Y with a cab block to sub for the...
  25. tjontheroad

    Is there an advantage using the Filter block instead of an EQ?

    I'm experimenting with the Filter block but not understanding the difference in using it instead of a EQ block. I've read the wiki but not certain of its best application. Please enlighten me. How are you using it?
  26. tjontheroad

    Help with Pitch block for Cream "Swlabr"

    I'm trying to get the intelligent pitch shift to do the short harmony in the solo section of the Cream tune "Swlabr". I understand the music theory behind the minor riff with a 3rd on top as I hear it. But, I'm having trouble understanding how that relates to the parameters in the pitch block...
  27. tjontheroad

    Wish Locking AX8 screen when using AX8-Edit

    This idea was discussed here; http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/locking-ax8-screen-when-using-ax8-edit.116659/ If you use AX8-Edit 99% of the time like I do, this would be a handy feature. Thanks, TJ
  28. tjontheroad

    Locking AX8 screen when using AX8-Edit?

    I've had my AX8 for a few weeks now and I'm really liking it. Question I have, is there a way to lock the AX8 screen display in footswitch mode when using AX8-Edit? That is, I don't want to the screen to change to block parameters or the grid when editing on the computer. I just want to display...
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