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  1. ocaptainjr2

    Auditioning cabs from axe change

    The pin in the top right corner will keep the window open so you can sample multiple cabinets without it closing upon selecting a cab.
  2. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Metronome Control

    As someone who doesn't play live, the request was for Axe-Edit for home use. Others have expressed interest in assignable controls on footswitches and the like.
  3. ocaptainjr2

    New Vintage Audio IRs

    Most IR makers use an a transparent power amp so the tone is as close to only being the cabinet being captured as possible. I'm sure someone like @York Audio can explain this a whole lot better.
  4. ocaptainjr2

    New Vintage Audio IRs

    Checked out the site and looked at the Mesa Traditional. The description says the captures were done with a 2:90 power amp, so my initial thoughts would be it is probably not ideal for the Axe with the power section already modeled in the Amp block. "...these IRs are captured with the monstrous...
  5. ocaptainjr2

    AXE FX III USB Firmware Release v1.11

    As a note, when I performed the update I did not get a confirmation of the transfer being complete in Fractal-Bot. Upon checking the AXE, the USB Firmware was updated to the newest version.
  6. ocaptainjr2

    Repurchasing Gear You've Previously Sold

    I also had a blue Morse like you described. I sold it a while back and while it was great, I am OK without it.
  7. ocaptainjr2

    Repurchasing Gear You've Previously Sold

    When I was in college and playing in bands a lot, I sold my Ibanez JPM P2 to purchase a first run Music Man JP6 in Blue Dawn. I already had a P4 and have since acquired a P4, but the P2 still haunts me. I still have the original JP6 and a few others, but with the current prices of a P2, I just...
  8. ocaptainjr2

    Can anyone recommend modern rock/metal in E standard?

    Sylosis https://www.guitarworld.com/features/sylosiss-josh-middleton-i-always-try-and-balance-out-the-shreddy-stuff-with-feel-and-melody
  9. ocaptainjr2

    To live is to die, clean

    Maybe this will help? Sounds like Jazz Chorus for the cleans on the album. https://gearspace.com/board/showpost.php?p=3723846&postcount=47&s=36f303a33b10bdbb2eebe07ef6b7e4e8
  10. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Peavey Rockmaster Preamp

    I went from the 50/50 to a Mesa 2:90, and later a 2:50. I put 6V6 power tubes in the Mesas and found it was a good compromise between the EL84s in the 50/50 and the 6L6s in the Mesas.
  11. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Peavey Rockmaster Preamp

    I love the Rockmaster. Still have one in a rack case in the closet.
  12. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    Price Drop: $1,500.00 USD shipped to US.
  13. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    I totally understand and hope I don't regret it. I will definitely end up with another tele someday.
  14. ocaptainjr2

    no distortion from IIC++

    By great, I meant plenty of gain (for me). Equal, or similar to all the other JP6 pickups I have used, but in your context, probably less gain than an EMG or D'Activator.
  15. ocaptainjr2

    no distortion from IIC++

    I have a JP6 that I put an Illuminator in the bridge position and it sounds great with the C++
  16. ocaptainjr2

    Best 5150 Sheffield 1200 IR?

    Not Sheffields, but this is out there, as well..York Audio stuff is great: https://www.yorkaudio.co/product-page/5153-412-vh20
  17. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    Thanks! Below is a Reverb link; I dropped the price a bit, but would be wiling to make a deal for a forum member. https://reverb.com/item/46092937-fender-american-deluxe-telecaster-2008-cherry-sunburst-w-ohsc
  18. ocaptainjr2

    Best 5150 Sheffield 1200 IR?

    Maybe this? https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=215_183&products_id=416
  19. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    Thanks! Its a great guitar and I hate to sell it, but I just can't justify keeping it when I haven't played it enough. Hopefully, someone here is interested or makes an offer. If not, I'll list it on reverb.
  20. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    2008 American Deluxe Telecaster with Original Fender Hard Shell Case The original Fender tuners have been replaced with the Fender locking tuners. I will include the original tuners, as well. I am the original owner - guitar has never left my house and is in mint/near mint condition. There...
  21. ocaptainjr2

    Bogner Uberkab IR's?

    Maybe this one from OwnHammer is what you are looking for: https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=215_183&products_id=446 412 UBKF based on a 2012 front loaded Bogner® Uberkab 4x12 cabinet. 100" based on 2002 Celestion® Hot 100 speakers. T75" based on 2012...
  22. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Metronome Control

    Not sure when this was added, but this is great. Thanks Leon!
  23. ocaptainjr2

    Need help with SPDIF not working

    From your screenshot of the Focusrite Control, I would guess the issue is where it says "Sync Status Not Locked". Does it show it is locked when you change the clock to SPDIF? Edit: Do you have the most recent Focusrite Control and firmware for the 6i6 installed?
  24. ocaptainjr2

    Need help with SPDIF not working

    Looks like how I have my 18i20 setup in reaper. You are arming the track in reaper, right? The screenshot above doesn't show show the track being armed (the red record circle). See screenshots...
  25. ocaptainjr2

    Tuner Bug - Firmware 17

    Just checked and no problems here exiting the tuner from the front panel. I believe some people mentioned issues with Tuner mute, but I could be mistaken. If you haven't, maybe try on multiple presets and with the RJM disconnected just to eliminate the obvious.
  26. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Metronome Control

    Would very much like to have metronome control/functionality within Axe-Edit. Nothing fancy; just on/off, level and tempo would be great.
  27. ocaptainjr2

    studio/ office chair with moveable arms?

    I have this. It's a little more expensive than other suggestions, but I really like it... https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/3240738/Flash-Furniture-X10-Ergonomic-LeatherSoft-High/
  28. ocaptainjr2

    built in metronome

    I would love and have asked for metronome support in Axe-Edit for years. It would be so nice and convenient.
  29. ocaptainjr2

    Looking for some help with IRs

    Anything by @York Audio is amazing. They offer a wide variety to fit pretty much any amp or style of music.
  30. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.14

    I have had issues where the installer quits with the last two releases. In case anyone else has similar issues, I had to install by using 'Run as Administrator' under Win10 x64 to get the application to successfully install despite the user account being an admin account.
  31. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.13

    I reinstalled 1.08.12 over top of my current 1.08.12 installation from this link: https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/Axe-Edit-III/Axe-Edit-III-Win-v1p08p12.exe After that I was able to install 1.08.13
  32. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.13

    Same here. Win 10 x64 Same here. Win 10 x64
  33. ocaptainjr2

    Looking for some Wah settings

    I have an original Bad Horsie. No idea how to measure the frequencies, but if someone can point me in the right direction, I'll get the multimeter out and measure whatever needs to be measured.
  34. ocaptainjr2

    Guitar tab source that is accurate?

    I've had good luck with these transcriptions. Plus he sends electronicky for free. https://www.youtube.com/user/7strings89/videos
  35. ocaptainjr2

    Donating Gear

    I've donated to https://www.savethemusic.org/ and https://www.mhopus.org/
  36. ocaptainjr2

    Things you can't do on Axe-Edit III?

    Turn on the metronome
  37. ocaptainjr2

    John Petrucci - "Terminal Velocity"

  38. ocaptainjr2

    How do you delete a corrupt preset?

    Glad you got if figured out!
  39. ocaptainjr2

    How do you delete a corrupt preset?

    Send another preset to that location using Fractal Bot and save the new preset? Just a thought...
  40. ocaptainjr2

    Great Music Movies To Stream?

    Butch Walker: Out of Focus Dear Jack Hired Gun Until the Light Takes Us // Lords of Chaos Death by Metal Winger: Then and Now
  41. ocaptainjr2

    Deep Tweaks for the Axe-Fx III

  42. ocaptainjr2

    Released our new EP today - stream away!

    Paul Warren from the petruuci forum? Sorry... Had to ask...
  43. ocaptainjr2

    Jazz 120 level/modeling issue?

    Not sure if this helps, but it was discussed before... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/jazz-120-amp-level-bug.148767/#post-1762325
  44. ocaptainjr2

    Wish 80’s - 90’s Preamp Models

    I saw that and it gave me flashbacks to the happy good times. The Piranha was so great.
  45. ocaptainjr2

    Wish 80’s - 90’s Preamp Models

    I've wished my Peavey rock Master before. Would also love to have a Rocktron Piranha. Those were my main racks during the 90's and early 2000's.
  46. ocaptainjr2

    Gain Disparity Question

    Leon almost always uses the Input Boost from the Preamp menu. Not sure if you watched the video where he tweaks the settings or just listened and assumed the amp had that much gain on it's own.
  47. ocaptainjr2

    Power protection: Furman PL-PLUS-DMC or P1800-PFR?

    I have Furman PL-Pro DMC in my console with the Axe. I have used it for years and never had any issues; even with the glorious power outages in the summer here when it gets hot. Whether the Furman has anything to do with it, I'm not sure, but it can't hurt.
  48. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Peavey Classic Amp

    Loved those amps. I would also love to see my Peavey Rock Master preamp modeled. It's the only gear I haven't sold since going Fractal.
  49. ocaptainjr2

    Must have cab packs?

    Anything from @York Audio is amazing. https://shop.fractalaudio.com/cab-packs/york-audio/
  50. ocaptainjr2

    Petrucci Rig Preset

    Hope this helps...
  51. ocaptainjr2

    "Sweetened" Tunings?

  52. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Thank you! It works now and sounds great.
  53. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Is anyone else getting an error when trying to load the preset from AxeChange? Tried dragging and dropping in Axe-Edit, FracTool and Fractal-Bot.
  54. ocaptainjr2

    Cannot get S/PDIF working

    I run my Axe-Fx III into an 18i20, as well. I checked the settings you posted for the III and mine are the same. In Scarlett MixControl, I have the sample rate at 48, sync source as SPDIF and it locks without an issue. In the mix portion of Mixcontrol, make sure you have two channels set for...
  55. ocaptainjr2

    Using 30msec delay in parallel mode

    Sounds amazing and your playing is great. I also really like the chorus.
  56. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Wait list @ 09:47 EST...just got my invite and ordered.
  57. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I'm one minute away @ 9:47 EST and have not received an invite. Fingers crossed I get the invite...soon.
  58. ocaptainjr2

    Savatage tab books coming soon!

    How and/or when can I buy these?
  59. ocaptainjr2

    NHL Playoffs

    3-3, game 2...
  60. ocaptainjr2

    Duncan Pegasus PUP in Mahogany Guitar

    I had a Pegasus/Sentinal combo in a Schecter Loomis 7, which is ash or alder w/ maple fretboard...while it was way better than the stock EMGs, I never gelled with the guitar as a whole and never did get a sound that I really enjoyed. Can't say it was the pickups or the guitar, but I would lean...
  61. ocaptainjr2

    NHL Playoffs

  62. ocaptainjr2

    Couple of observations about the Friedmans in 7.02

    Exactly the same for me. Just haven't quite found out how to make them work for me recently, but I'm hoping these settings are a good starting point to get back into them.
  63. ocaptainjr2

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    How does the Recto cab compare to your Ownhammer collection?
  64. ocaptainjr2

    Axe FX II XL+ High Energy Hard Rock (video)

    This is awesome. Love it. It's like Clutch meets Robot Lords of Tokyo meets Monster Truck. Super Cool.
  65. ocaptainjr2

    Q7 Recto 1 Test

    I use the JY Mesas and use a stereo cab with MES-412 TR 57A1+121 and MES-412 BR 421G3+121 panned down the middle, i.e. 0.0
  66. ocaptainjr2

    Presence Shift in USA Lead models

    In the FW release thread, Cliff said "The USA Pre models now all use a MarkIV power amp model. The 2:90 power amp is basically the same as a MarkIV and does have a presence shift but it's accessed through a jack on the back (Voicing)."...
  67. ocaptainjr2

    Tone Match to IR conversion

    I've exported a few cabs to IRs in the past using the front panel, but the resulting IR is always very quiet (low volume) in relation to other IRs. Not sure why, but it deterred me from doing this more often.
  68. ocaptainjr2


    Las Olas...better atmosphere and just as nice of beaches.
  69. ocaptainjr2

    best v30 ir

    The Mesas from the OH Justin York pack
  70. ocaptainjr2

    Presence Shift in USA Lead models

    I looking at the front panel. Not sure if they exist within Axe-Edit. Cliff has said that he is not a fan of the 2:Ninety and that the models were captured with a VHT 2502 poweramp.
  71. ocaptainjr2

    Presence Shift in USA Lead models

    I wondered the same thing. I've tried it, but didn't like the results.
  72. ocaptainjr2

    Presence Shift in USA Lead models

    I may not be understanding correctly, but I am looking at my USA Pre Yellow and Green patches and both have the Pres Shift option in there.
  73. ocaptainjr2

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: BB Pre (based on Xotic BB preamp)

    Yes. This is exactly the series I need. I am drive ignorant and the amp models were a huge help.
  74. ocaptainjr2

    Fullstep down tune/pitch tune

    I believe there is a factory patch called 'whole step down' or something similar that may be a good starting point for how to setup the pitch block.
  75. ocaptainjr2

    Boss cosmic pan from se-70 effect?

    I still have my SE-50. Love that thing.
  76. ocaptainjr2

    mesa triaxis (cliff's settings)

    Just gave this a go...wow, I really dig the clean. Disengaged the cut and switched up the cab and it sounded great. I really like the chorus settings in scene 4. Scene 2 was really cool. Made a couple tweaks for my rig/preference and I am totally digging this. Definitely got my triaxis love...
  77. ocaptainjr2

    mesa triaxis (cliff's settings)

    Awesome. I'll try to find time this weekend to check it out.
  78. ocaptainjr2

    mesa triaxis (cliff's settings)

    Awesome, thank you! The Triaxis used to be my go to Axe models, but for some reason I've lost touched with them and now I'm using the C++ and a Diezel. I dig them both, but would love to find that Triaxis mojo again. Hopefully your patch will help.
  79. ocaptainjr2

    mesa triaxis (cliff's settings)

    Sounds good. I would totally be interested in checking out the settings.
  80. ocaptainjr2

    FAS 6160 - progressive metal sample

    I like it. Sounds good in the mix.
  81. ocaptainjr2

    Boost an amp with another amp?

  82. ocaptainjr2

    What the WHA?

    Check the auto-engage parameter.
  83. ocaptainjr2

    Emotional Guitar Improvisation by Stel Andre

    Love it. Great stuff as always. Which amp?
  84. ocaptainjr2

    Will an update ever add this

    I was actually providing a way for him to resolve his issue and trying to be helpful as the OP is a new user. Not everyone is aware of the resources available on the forum or on the FractalAudio site. You know, "teach a man to fish..." Your statement about my posts/questions is factually...
  85. ocaptainjr2

    Will an update ever add this

    I bet you could find out by reading the manual or doing a search on the forum.
  86. ocaptainjr2

    MUSIC MAN JP7 Melodic Shred - Stel Andre

    Cool. I've never seen the zebra pickups on a stock JP. Looks great.
  87. ocaptainjr2

    MUSIC MAN JP7 Melodic Shred - Stel Andre

    Love it! Are those the stock pickups?
  88. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2

    Still hoping for a 7th string offset being added to the tuner
  89. ocaptainjr2

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    From the link: "Go With What You Know" featured a hint at the next project that was to come. All Roads Lead To Inca was inspired by the work I had been putting into learning my dad's music and the total technical transformation of my guitar playing. On that track I was using a combination of 2...
  90. ocaptainjr2

    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Ridiculously good. Love it.
  91. ocaptainjr2

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Energyball (Engl Powerball)

    Not sure if this is the one, but this is the only Framus I had on my PC and I used to download most everything that was posted on here.
  92. ocaptainjr2

    Digitech Drop Demo w/ Axe Fx

    I think that is the main difference between the The Drop and the EHX Pitchfork. The Pitchfork does pitch up and down, while The Drop just detunes.
  93. ocaptainjr2

    Gun's'roses / Bob Dylan - Knocking on the heaven door

    Is that an Ibanez Ghostrider? Love those guitars.
  94. ocaptainjr2

    Simplest Recording Program?

    From my experience, reaper was the most simplistic. I'm sure others here will have other/better opinions. I tried Pro Tools First (the free version) and it seemed more complicated than reaper.
  95. ocaptainjr2

    Extreme and Nuno

    63 Vibroverb
  96. ocaptainjr2

    Hendrix Bold As Love Guitar Iso track

    It was literally $300, but I was a poor college kid...then again, back then we couldn't sell a 70's Les Paul or Strat for more than $1500....oh, to have those guitars now, when they sell for 3k+...
  97. ocaptainjr2

    Hendrix Bold As Love Guitar Iso track

    Used to work in a used and vintage store in the 90's and there was a dual showman. Loved that amp and should have bought it.
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