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  1. rtcook

    FS 2014 Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II Floyd Rose

    2014 Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II Floyd Rose. Excellent used condition. Split coils and boost. Gloss front, satin back. One nick on the satin back edge. Usual pick and swirl marks in the gloss black. Couple dents not through the paint. All original except I added Grover locking tuners that were...
  2. rtcook

    Selling a guitar

    I have a high end Gibson guitar I want to sell. I have been a big user of eBay and Reverb, but with the fees and now the taxes I refuse to sell on either. Craigslist doesn't seem to get the coverage as eBay and Reverb. Considering joining a Gibson or related forum, but sometimes you can't...
  3. rtcook

    FS Axe FX III Mark I

    Selling a like new Axe FX III Mark I. Rack mounted with plastic washers on both sides. No scratches. Been in my smoke free home since delivery and has never left. Really minimal use. Original owner. Bought directly from Fractal. Have the original box. Mint condition. Screen protector...
  4. rtcook

    Multiple channels of one amp in one preset

    Ok. This is probably easy for most, but I don't seem to understand how to or the best way to do it. Best example to give would be the JVM 410H with the 6 amp settings. OD1/OD2, Green, Orange and Red. Is there any way to make a preset to include all 6 of these in one preset a that is foot...
  5. rtcook

    Journey/Schon tone/equipment

    Never really followed Neal Schon, but have taken an interest lately to the Escape tone. Can anybody tell me the equipment Neal used? Not asking for a preset as I can never get those to sound the same as the user. Would like to try and create this from scratch, but I don't know the amps...
  6. rtcook

    Marshall Super Bass

    Ok. This has been discussed somewhat before, but I still have a few questions. I am trying to replicate Malcolm Young's Marshall Super Bass. Took the 100W Super Lead Treble and changed the tone stack to the JTM45 tone stack and set the frequency to 750hz. Tried a few published knob settings...
  7. rtcook

    SOLD 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro

    Its absolutely like new with the following upgrades/changes. I didn't like the Burstbucker 3 in the bridge and it didn't really have good sustain or that "Les Paul" tone to me. So, I decided to give it a workover. I changed out both pickups to a Classic 57 in the neck and a Classic 57 Plus in...
  8. rtcook

    SOLD 2005 Gretsch Malcolm Young II G6131MY

    2005 Gretsch Malcolm Young II G6131MY. Original owner. Absolutely brand new condition. Played only a handful of times. Been in the case all its life. No marks or damage. Plastic still on back covers. Strung with 56-12 strings with a wound third. Paper work and case candy included. I believe I...
  9. rtcook

    SOLD Kramer Baretta #7 of 10

    Special run from Music Zoo. Made by Gibson. Only 10 ever made. Original owner with all paperwork, case candy and shipping box. Never played. Kept as a collectable. $2500 + shipping and PayPal costs if you chose to use.
  10. rtcook

    FS Samson D-1500 Realtime Analyzer w/MM01 mic

    If anyone is interested I have this for sale on Reverb. https://reverb.com/item/26856893-samson-d-1500-realtime-analyzer-and-mm01-microphone
  11. rtcook

    Opinions on this piece of gear

    What's yours guys thoughts on this piece of gear? Thinking about practicing with headphones while traveling. http://m.mooeraudio.com/product/Radar-51.html
  12. rtcook

    Scribble Name Magnifyer

    Here's some scribble name magnifyers I made from info I found on here. I used 2X power 1" bar magnifier stock and cut to 2" long. Added 1/4" roll magnetic strips and polished the ends. They stick firmly to the FC. Might not be for everyone, but they help me out. Roger
  13. rtcook

    Wish - Scrolling Scribble Name

    Is it possible? May of my names are longer than the scribble name allows. Maybe a toggle for scroll or not for others that do not wish this?
  14. rtcook

    Amp reset

    Ok. Don't flame me on this. I have read (and tried) resetting my amp block to get the full update of the firmware as sometimes I can tell the difference and sometimes I can't. What is the proper way to do this? I don't want to have to write down all my amp settings to re-input from scratch...
  15. rtcook

    FS 3U Case for Axe-Fx III

    Anybody need a nice 3U case for their Axe Fx III? Great for home to protect it rather than leave it sit out. See pics. $75.00. + UPS shipping costs to wherever you are. PayPal accepted. Roger [/url] [/IMG]
  16. rtcook

    FSOT Axe-Fx II XL+ SOLD!

    As new, always racked, never gigged, no scratches, plastic washers used. Screen protector still on. All paperwork and original boxes and cord. $1550 shipped to you in the CONUS. You cover PayPal costs if you wish to use otherwise USPS money order. I would also trade straight up for a mint...
  17. rtcook

    Screen protector

    Got my Axe FX III. First thing I noticed was there was no clear plastic screen protector on it. Now we won't be able to have the who still has their factory screen cover still on thread. LOL.
  18. rtcook


    Is it safe to assume the RAC12 will not work with the AXE FX III?
  19. rtcook

    Metallica Seek and Destroy

    Anybody know what reverb to use in this song assuming reverb is what I hear. Thanks, Roger
  20. rtcook

    Global volume pedal setup on MFC-101

    This will probably be an easy one for somebody. I have my Boss volume pedal setup and working as global volume control on my MFC-101. What I have noticed is that if I have the pedal depressed say to 25% volume and then shut everything down and not touch the pedal, when I turn everything back...
  21. rtcook

    Computer to powered speakers

    Need some help making this connection. To make a long story short my old desktop with a high quality sound card took a crap and I bought an all in one computer to replace it since I didn't want to build a whole new system. I thought I could just hook up my M Audio powered sub and speakers to...
  22. rtcook

    Queensryche - It's Another Rainy Night...

    Was looking at this tab for this song, http://www.guitaretab.com/q/queensryche/15354.html In the beginning description it mentions using a pitch shifter for the one part. I don't know if this is correct or not as I am a novice with alot of pedals. If this is a way that I can achieve this...
  23. rtcook

    Mixer help

    I'm wanting to buy a rack mixer. I only play at home, but I also just bought a drum machine as well. I'd like to hook the drum machine up to the mixer as well as my powered speakers that are currently hooked up to my Axe. The Axe would then need to be hooked up to the mixer. Is this correct...
  24. rtcook

    Wanting to start fresh

    I have saved presets from way back and keep updating and tweeting them. I wonder if they could be better by just starting over as many of them now sound terrible. I want to start out fresh and rebuild the couple presets I currently use the most as they are pretty simple amp/cab setups with...
  25. rtcook

    Loading Factory Presets

    How can I load the all Factory Presets into Banks D, E & F of my Axe II XL+ using Axe Edit? I've watched the videos, read a bunch of posts and tried to do it myself. Can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone help?
  26. rtcook

    iTunes through Axe II XL+

    I am running Windows 8 connected to my Axe II XL+. No problem with Axe Edit or communication. I want to play iTunes through my Axe and play along. I used to be able to do this before on my Axe II. But, now when I switch the audio to the Axe II XL+ it still plays through the laptop speakers...
  27. rtcook

    Preset printout

    How can I get a printout of a preset so I can see what all the settings are? Thanks, Roger
  28. rtcook

    Factory Preset Loading

    Can someone tell me how or point me to the right place that shows me how to upload factory preset banks to a specific bank on the Axe? I want to load all 3 factory preset banks into banks D, E and G on my Axe II XL+. Thanks, Roger
  29. rtcook

    To buy or not to buy?

    I am wanting to purchase a new XL+ but I am suspicious of whether a new rack model is coming out. I know this has been talked about, but some assurance from a Fractal employee would help me settle my suspicions. If I should go ahead and buy I will and put my II up for sale. Thanks for any...
  30. rtcook

    Marshall JCM900 SL-X

    Which of the Marshall amp sims are you guys using to get this amps tone? JMP-1? There used to be a JCM900 amp a long time ago but it's been deleted. Thanks, Roger
  31. rtcook

    Axe II Discontinued?

    Not trying to start anything, just want some clarification. I've read in the Firmware 19 update thread that the Axe II is discontinued and will not be supported then the posts disappeared in the thread. Also read in a II to XL preset conversation thread the same thing. Is this true? I...
  32. rtcook

    Amber "Edited" LED [FIXED]

    When you guys set your levels for the new VU meters, does the amber "edited" LED light up for you as a reminder to save the preset? Mine does not. Normal or bug?
  33. rtcook

    Randy Rhoads Altec 417-8H IR

    Anybody make one of these IR's? Roger
  34. rtcook

    Programming X2 for an Amp X/Y Toggle

    Programming XS2 for an Amp X/Y Toggle I thought I did this correctly, but the amp in the preset just stays on the Y state. I set the XS2 in the MFC-101 to CC #100 and the switch to toggle. Did the same procedure for XS3 and XS4 for Scene Increment and Decrement and the scenes work fine. What...
  35. rtcook

    v. 3.01 update issue

    v. 3.05 update issue I updated to this new version this morning. All seemed to go well except the MFC-101 wil not show the status LED (red/green) for any effects used in my presets. Everything is all black and the effects I know that are in the preset cannot be turned on/off with the MFC-101...
  36. rtcook

    Headphone Amp

    I just wanted to share my results with an experiment I recently tried to improve the sound of the Axe through headphones. I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 32 ohm headphones. By my standards a pretty good pair of headphones. But, plugged into the Axe's front Phones jack I never thought...
  37. rtcook

    Mark IIC+ difference from FW13 to FW14

    Why has my Mark IIC+ preset changed so much from this FW update? I really hasn't changed much over the last several FW updates. I'm really at a loss on how to describe it as I'm not that good at describing tone. I know there were some changes to the Mesa tone stack or something of the sort...
  38. rtcook

    Marshall Crunch

    Been working with the 100W Plexi. Love the amp. Would like to get a little bit more crunch out of it. Any tweaking suggestions on how to get this out of the amp itself and not by using a pedal or efffect? Lots of advanced options with tranny, tubes, etc. Just not sure where to start...
  39. rtcook

    Output 1, 2, Headphone and XLR/TRS Balanced vs. Unbalanced

    Ok. Somebody tell me if I am on the right track or not. I want to use my headphones to practice and not disturb others at night. When I plug them in my monitors connected to Output 1 XLR do not silence as expected. I have read the headphones and Output 1 are the same. In order to make this...
  40. rtcook

    Fractal/Ownhammer Ultrarez IR's

    Can someone tell me if these IR's in the Fractal store will only be available through Fractal? I have bought in with Kevin at Ownhammer and still have a credit in my account. I don't want to spend the $99 on the Fractal ones if they will eventually show up for me to purchase at Ownhammer. I...
  41. rtcook

    iPad Drum Solo

    This guys got more talent in his little finger than I have in all of mine. Some people just have it. I don't. The struggle continues...
  42. rtcook

    Windows 8 and Axe Edit

    Can you guys give me some answers, suggestions and direction please? I'm in the market for a small screen (~12") netbook/laptop/ultrabook with Windows 8 to run Axe Edit and all the related Axe software. I want to know if the touch screen works with Axe Edit or if it has to be used with a...
  43. rtcook

    Display resolution

    I loaded Axe Edit on a netbook I have. Problem is the bottom of the screen is cut off and there is no way to resize it. Is this something that will be addresed in the future? Thanks, Roger
  44. rtcook

    Starting from scratch again

    Lately I have been questioning my patches. Seems they are not as nice sounding after all the firmware updates. So, I decided to create a new one from scratch to compare. All my patches are very simple amp/cab and maybe an effect or two. Mostly just amp/cab. The newly created patch turned...
  45. rtcook

    Question: Control when external switches connected

    When trying to turn on the boost switch in Axe Edit it will not switch. My guess is because it is connected to an external switch. When I press the external switch, the boost goes on and off and shows on and off in Axe Edit. Normal or a bug?
  46. rtcook

    V11 Observations

    Upgraded with no problem. Per the release notes it states not to use the Axe from panel when connected to USB. So while trying out the new firmware I would make changes from Axe Edit. I noticed that when bypassing an effect with the new spacebar option the light on the MFC does not change...
  47. rtcook

    Brit 800 V10 Experiment

    Did a little comparison/experiment tonight and thought I would share the results. I own an original, mint unmodded 1981 Marshall JCM800 2204 (6550 tubes) and two mint late 70's Marshall small check cabs loaded with original G1265's. One is a slant cab, the other is a bottom. So, essentially...
  48. rtcook

    MFC-101 4 Button Expansion Module

    Sneek peek of my project. http://www.amparchives.com/MFC-101%204%20Button%20Expansion%20Module/DSCF6663.JPG http://www.amparchives.com/MFC-101%204%20Button%20Expansion%20Module/DSCF6664.JPG http://www.amparchives.com/MFC-101%204%20Button%20Expansion%20Module/DSCF6665.JPG...
  49. rtcook

    Volume Pedal Help

    Looked around and could not find an answer to my issue. Not really sure how to describe it to search well either. But, here's the issue. I just purchased a Boss FV-500H for a volume control. By the way, I love it. Better feel than the Missions. I have it connected to the MFC-101 and it...
  50. rtcook

    dbx DriveRack PX

    Anybody use one of these? DriveRack PX | dbx Professional Audio Would this be a useful piece of gear for us FRFR powered speaker guys? Thanks, Roger
  51. rtcook

    High pitch squeal/feedback

    I'm running a FRFR setup. I'm getting some high pitch squeal/feedback I can't seem to dial out through the Axe. The only way I can get it to quit is to roll back the volume. The guitar does not have a tone control. Only a volume and a 8.5k humbucker. No treble bleed either. It's also fully...
  52. rtcook

    Boss FS-6 Power Switch

    If anyone is interested, I modded my Boss FS-6 with a power switch so I do not have to pull out the cables to turn it off. A small toggle switch controls the power now. No more dead batteries. If you want details, let me know. I'd be willing to share. Roger Picture here...
  53. rtcook

    Boost using XS-1

    This is now possible with v. 9.00, but how? I know this is easy for some people, but I'm a little lost. Anyone care to explain in simple terms? Thanks! Roger
  54. rtcook

    Updating MFC-101 Firmware with MIDI-OX over USB

    I ran into a little problem updating v. 2.11 firmware, so I made some notes for future reference. Thought I would just share. Roger Updating MFC-101 Firmware with MIDI-OX over USB and one 5-pin MIDI cable between Axe-FX II and MFC-101 1.) Set these options in the Axe-Fx II I/O button >...
  55. rtcook

    Best NF/FF cab combinations

    I'd like to know what are the best NF/FF cab combinations guys are using for stereo FRFR setups as outlined by Scott Peterson. I am only using the factory cabs in the Axe II and don't know if there are some better ones out there I should be trying or buying. I am after ones for all amps, but...
  56. rtcook

    Headphone Impedance

    Cliff/Adam or anyone who knows for sure... What's the proper headphone impedance match for the Axe II? I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones and not sure on this spec. Seems to be wide range of values. Any help greatly appreciated, Roger
  57. rtcook

    Multiple MFC-101's

    Just out of curiosity, is it possible to chain two MFC-101's together? Roger
  58. rtcook

    M-Audio MIDI Uno for updating MFC-101

    Since I sold my Ultra and the MIDI interface, I have no way now to update my MFC-101 with the new firmware. Will the M-Audio Uno work ok for just doing that? I know people had issues with it working with Axe-Edit. I currently have my MFC-101 hooked up and working with the CAT5 cable. I just...
  59. rtcook

    Hercules Headphones

    Anybody have any experience with this brand? Particularily model HDP DJ-Pro M1001. HDP DJ-Pro M1001 - DJ/Music - Hercules Seems to be the right specs for Axe use? Thanks, Roger
  60. rtcook

    Firmware supplied IR's

    How can I tell which of these IR's are NF and which are FF? Only a couple seem to have that in the description. Thanks, Roger
  61. rtcook

    EV ELX115P Review

    I thought I would give you guys a little feedback. I purchased two EV ELX115P speakers and hooked them up last night. I previously was running a Marshall 20/20 EL84 rack tube amp into two Marshall 1960 V30 loaded speakers with an Ultra. I was able to get some really good Marshall tones from...
  62. rtcook

    Cliff's setup

    I thought I read somewhere that Cliff is using an amp and guitar cab setup as his preferred rig. It makes me wonder if he uses this type of setup to create/tweek the amp simulations he creates. Its said that he has a ton of vintage amps that he "cloned" into the Axe sims. I would think a FRFR...
  63. rtcook

    PolyTune type tuner in Axe

    Did I read somewhere that this is supposed to happen or am I mistaken? Thanks, Roger
  64. rtcook

    FRFR vs. Amp/Cab

    Guys, I know this has been talked about a lot so please bear with me. I currently own an Axe II and have it connected in stereo to a Marshall 20/20 rack amp into two Marshall 1960’s loaded with V30’s. The tone I get is really good, but limited. I’m still having trouble getting my tone to...
  65. rtcook

    Axe II to PC through a USB hub

    Anybody setup like this? Does it work properly? My Axe II and computer are like 30 ft. away from each other. USB 2.0 cable limit is supposedly 16ft although I have found longer cables. The suggestion I got is to go through a USB hub. I tried a bus powered active USB cable 33ft. long and it...
  66. rtcook

    Plexi Treble "ice picky"?

    I like the Plexi Treble amp in 5.0, but I'm used to the Plexi1 amp in the Ultra. The Plexi Treble amp seems to have highs that hurt my ears. I don't know if this is called "ice picky" or not, but all I know is it was not present in the Ultra version of this amp. It may be more true to what a...
  67. rtcook

    My experience with v. 5

    Hi all! New here and to the Axe. Had a Ultra for a short while and just received my II. I played v. 4.01 for a short amount of time and was concerned that I had made a mistake upgrading. Well, after upgrading to v. 5 tonight and installing all the new v. 5 preset banks, I'm glad to report...
  68. rtcook

    MFC-101/Axe-Edit/Ultra communication

    Please delete. Thanks, Roger
  69. rtcook

    MFC-101/Axe-Edit/Ultra communication

    I hooked mine up like this and it works. But like everyone has said the MFC-101 does not update from Axe-Edit. Would it work like this? A MIDI Thru box splitting to the MFC-101. Or, is there another way to get everything to work? Read something about a 4 cable setup but did...
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