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    SOLD Axe FX 3 Mk1

    Not playing out anymore and planning on moving so I'm going to stick with my FM3. I'm the second owner but unit has never given me any issues. It has lived in a Gator Pro 4U case all its life and is in excellent condition. Have retail box as well. Asking $1,750 shipped. Please PM for...
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    SOLD FM3 (headphone model) and Boss FS-7

    Had to send back my original FM3 without headphone out to Fractal due to a USB issue and got a brand new headphone model back. Decided to go back to my AxeFx 3 exclusively so I'm letting the FM3 go. I'm asking $1,200 net to me after shipping and payment. It's brand new in box but can take...
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    USB Out Issue

    I'm having a very similar problem to this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cant-get-sound-via-usb.165429/ But I have my output 1 connected to both the analog XLR out to a CLR and SPDIF to my home theater receiver (that works fine with the Axe 3) and get no USB audio through. Both...
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    FS Eminence Beta-12CX and ASD1001 bundle

    Selling an Eminence Beta-12CX 12" Coaxial Driver with a ASD1001 High Frequency Driver. Used it for a bit in my Seismic SAX-12M-PW coaxial speaker but the original sounded a bit better for my purpose. Both in excellent condition. $80 shipped Located in Columbus, OH. Please PM any questions...
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    Expression pedal sweep question

    Hello! I'm running into a similar situation as described here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/expression-pedal-not-working-well-for-volume-swel.152276/ Going straight into my FM3 with a TRS cable using this Melo Audio EXP-001 expression pedal that uses a 10k pot: Amazon item B07MJQH9PR...
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    Fixed Expression pedal calibration

    I'm running into this problem with my FM3: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/expression-pedal-calibration-question.159166/ Seems to be fixed for FCs but not for the pedals directly connected to the FM3. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks!
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    Couple of questions/issues with my FM3 - Tap Tempo, FS-7 and ring LEDs

    So I received my FM3 this past week and I have been trying out the different functions with switching and FM3 Edit. I also have the Axe Fx III so I know what to expect sound-wise. I am really liking the switching setup and can't wait to be able to test it out in a live setting. I do have a...
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    SOLD Equator D5 powered coaxial studio monitor pair with accessories - $375 shipped

    I recently upgraded to a pair of Adam Audio monitors so I no longer need these Equators. They are great monitors and have served me well. I like the coaxial design especially for small spaces and listening to them at a close distance. They've worked great for dialing in my Fractal patches since...
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    SOLD Fractal Audio AX8 - $1,100 Shipped and PP

    I have an AX8 in great condition that I'm selling. I'm planning on transitioning to using my Axe 3 live, so don't really need both. So the sale will include an AX8 with retail box. $OLD Please PM any questions. Thanks! Roman
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    Axe-Fx 3 Instrument Level and DI recording / Reamping question

    Hello, I posted something about this in a different thread, but wanted to ask a bit more about the Instrument Level parameter and how it related to the DI signal being recorded through USB for reamping. I tried recording both processed and DI signal on my DAW (Studio One 4) and was able to do...
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    DAW USB Audio Output very low compared to guitar output on OUT1

    So I just got my Axe 3 last week and I'm trying to replace my current recording setup with it. I fired it up, updated the FW and it works great. The only issue I'm having is that my previous recordings on Studio One sound way too low (mixer levels seem fine). The guitar outputs fine, but when I...
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    FS IEC to Powercon cable, GLS Ethercon cable, Fostex T50RP MKIII headphones

    Hello! Selling a couple of things I no longer need... Powercon power cable (10 feet, input) Bought this from amazon but not using it anymore. Went back to regular IECs... More info and details: www.amazon.com/ChromaLeaf-Neutrik-powerCON-Edison-Power/dp/B00NTFDZQE $20 shipped GLS Audio...
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    My initial experiences with the Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor

    A little history first: I originally started using the Axe-FX with a Matrix GT800FX + 2x12" Buzzbomb. The set up sounded very good but I felt there wasn't much versatility without being able to switch Cab sims around. After a while of waiting for a CLR, I bought a passive Xitone wedge to use...
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    USB Audio driver install problem: Error 116, Unsigned driver

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why drivers 168 for Windows (I'm using 8.1) are not installing. Everything was working great until I decided to uninstall previous driver versions that were installed together with 168. Once I tried to install 168 cleanly, no go. I keep getting Error 116. I...
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    Axe-FX freezing. All lights stay on and it doesn't boot...

    Hello. I was wondering if someone could help me. I left for a business trip a couple of weeks ago and upon my return, I turn on my Axe and it just freezes. All the lights turn on and stay on and it doesn't boot. One time I left it like that and it boot after a couple of minutes but that's not...
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