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  1. Algone

    ODD CORE my new project (Metal)

    Hope you'll enjoy :)
  2. Algone

    Heavy Draft

    Hi, this is a sample of my new preset with a FAS MODIII in 18.07, the playing is not famous it's just a draft. I hope you enjoy it ;)
  3. Algone

    5153 Blue bug with 18.04 beta? [FIXED]

    Hi, i have a preset with a 5153 Blue 100w, i wanted to try the new 5153 blue 50w, i copied the X to Y (X is the 100w, Y the 50w) and applied the same setting and the 100w (X) sounds bad. Automatically, when i select the 50w in Y, the X go bad. Is it that there are people who have the same...
  4. Algone

    i will go crazy!!!

    Can people of Fractal staff help me, i have a good UR Tone Match and i want to export it in ".ir" I try to "Dump to USB" from the Export window of the TM, i try too with the "Utility >IR CAP >DUMP, the transfert is done but impossible to recover it on my PC. I try too with Midi-OX without...
  5. Algone

    How adjust UR

    Hi, i want to know how can i adjust or mix my UR, what i do with the Tone Match bloc? I see Cablab 3 (i have the 1) don't load the UR (.sys) i ask myself, why?
  6. Algone

    linking two blocs AMP

    Hi, i use a preset in stéréo with two blocs AMP (1&2) work out them in the mix in Cubase. Is it possible to link the two AMP block to adjust them together? I try with "Global Link" without succes :grey:
  7. Algone

    Tone Match not in HiRes on the FW13 ????????

    Hi, the question is in the title.
  8. Algone

    Bug after conversion

    Hi, i have made an IR of my cab (Krank 4X12 with 4 mic), mixed with Cablab v1.01, it work well. I want to EQ this IR, i convert it in .wav with "Jojo Converter" , i apply an EQ in Wavelab, for sure i respect the 24bit/ 48Khz, re-converted in .sys with Cablab, export it in the AxeFX with...
  9. Algone

    IR of Century Vintage

    Hi, i'm looking for an IR of Century Vintage, is anyone know where i can find it? Thx
  10. Algone

    KRANK cab

    Axe-Change - Download 4x12 - Algone KRANK - by Algone This is the IR of my Krank 4x12 cab with a mix of two V30 and two G12K100. It's a bit light for playing but in recording it is good for me.
  11. Algone

    My personalized Recto preset

    Axe-Change - Download Preset - Recto-Mod-ALGONE - by Algone The sample: MP3 Player SoundClick This preset is my favorite for playing in my band with an Atomic 50/50 tube power amp and a Krank cab with mix V30 / G12K100 Celestion speakers. We play metal low tuned, this sample is just an idea...
  12. Algone

    grain of tube

    Hi, what is for you the most influential parameters to bring out the grain of tube? I play only with hi gain amp but i'm not satisfied with the sounds I found, not realistics:|
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