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  1. apescaleconflict

    Acoustic Electric Guitar / Carol Ann OD-2 and Metal (yeaah)

    Hello! It's been a fair while. I hope you're all feelin dandy! Lots of awesome clips popping out here all the time. I don't have my electric guitars at home so all i have is my old faithful Yamaha A1M. I desided to drop her tune to standard A# and do something different soundwise to me. I...
  2. apescaleconflict

    Mysterious BASED ON MESA IR's From ML Sound Lab (yeah it's heavy again)

    Hey! We've been testing these new BASED ON MESA ir's with the team, and im happy to day that even if the CP13 was outstanding, these new ones are beyond the capabilities of it. These have more depth and when the CP13 was incredibly textured in mid range, these are incredibly heavy and more...
  3. apescaleconflict

    Just another GGD2 and groovy metal!

    Hey! Been away alot because mixing my bands EP and few other projects atm, but meanwhile some third party editing is been done i got finally time to swing that GGD2 with this idea i had in mind. Hope it tickles yer titties!
  4. apescaleconflict

    Fender Vintage Combo Synth Ambient Metal test. Yeeeah, you heard it right...

    Hey! This clip doesn't probably get anybody to the exstacy of "i gotta have it" but i challenged my self to do something totally different with it than what people may assume it to be used most likely. Im truly sorry. :D It's smeared with Modern delay stuff, synths and heavy guitars. May as...
  5. apescaleconflict

    Quantum 6 + 5153 50w and this ML Brit collection can be lowwwwwwwww too. F tuned clip!

    Heya! This pack of beastjuice just dropped in the store! It's pretty awkwardly versatile... You can do whatever you need with the ir's, vintage rock to this following kinda F tuned "deathcore'ish" blablabla. I used the Greenbacks with two sm57 and r121 combo can't stop chugging with it.
  6. apescaleconflict

    Upcoming ML Sound Lab Cab Pack. This thing is OLD and HEAVY and super versatile.

    Heyyyyyy there! Im beta testing this package that Mikko is cooking up and what the H"#%. Cab is like at least 45 years old, and sounds absolutely ridiculous. I can't wait to get my hands on more in depth ir's. This one is once again more heavier sort. Like always. Because it makes me chuckle...
  7. apescaleconflict

    ML Sound Lab Heavy IR Trio test with GGD drums / CP13 (Mesa), CP24(DZL) and CP25 (Zilla)

    G'day! Here's what the title promises in a one clip of a song that i did for my band. New album coming out somewhere spring next year though. Meanwhile just enjoying to tweak these demo songs to hell and back. Every clip is with the same setup, SM57 + SM57 + MD421, i tried to choose the ir's...
  8. apescaleconflict

    Slow F powerchod sludgefudgeheavies with ZILLA 2x12

    Yo! Because im low like that, i'd like to throw in a slow sludgy F tuned clip to show just a bit how this little big cab does in this kinda stuff. It's nothing special riffwise, but trust me i've been juicing my brains out for riffs towards our bands album, so sorry for that :D I just felt...
  9. apescaleconflict

    ML Sound Lab Dizzy V30 / SM57 + MD421 FW 2.04 Clearing off the spider webs!

    Hey dudes! Haven't posted a while, we moved to a bigger flat and i had a few projects to mix so i've been busy with family and stuffstuff. Anyway, Mikko has done these amazing impulses (again) from Diezel. There's the K100 also, but this is the V30 in a context of this song im working on! Amp...
  10. apescaleconflict

    ML Sound Lab little big boy 2x12" Mesa coming.... wait for it.... sooooon

    .......aaaaaaaand here's a short test with all guitars SM57 + e906 alloy. It's just a scene of this melody that was in my head so i used it to this clip. I am really blown away how big and in your face these ir's are. Very versatile and easy to use stuff, i definetly recommend to check 'em out...
  11. apescaleconflict

    F# lowride swing / HBE with Cab Pack 19 (Kurt) Angle

    [ UPDATED THE SONG TO WHOLE SONG NOW ] Hey dudez! Just a test how low my LTD-SC607b can go. This is with F# but i didn't change any strings so it's .64 on the low F#. Doing pretty okay i think! :) Song is something been stuck in my head flow-wise for a while, this is not the full song, i'll...
  12. apescaleconflict

    ML Sound Lab CP20 Brit 80's 4x12 test / JCM800 / Heavy rockis'h shishkebabha

    Okay, i'ts hard for a metal soaked guy like me to produce these clips and this was kinda quick one, but i was really enjoying the cp20 and that 80's 4x12 Rola Celestion G12-80! Has that vintage tone but the bite suited quite well for what i was after. Clip is as i said quite strip down to...
  13. apescaleconflict

    Demo Song "Ritva 3D" / 5153 50W & ML Brit HW 4x12 from CP20

    Hey dudes and dudettes! Did this song this week in a few days, it's a demo of this idea i had in my mind! I'd also like to hear some comments how you think it sounds, tried few new things in the mix! Also it was a test to see how that Marshall cab hold metal, yet again. haha... Any questions...
  14. apescaleconflict

    ML Cab Pack 19 / ENGL / Friedman HBE / Quantum

    Hey, Heres a sneak peek how the ENGL cab in CP 19 stands out in a metal context, didn't take me too much time to throw this up, it's childsplay to find a IR from this pack to fit the metal mix. Questions opinions, everything is welcome! This cab is gonna come out (correct me if im wrong) at...
  15. apescaleconflict

    Yet another Vox AC30 / 2x12" AC30 ML / It can be heavier too!

    Hey! As a metal dude, i tried this pack with a more heavier touch. Guitar is LTD SC607b with EMG 81-7, so you can hear how this beast can work with metal setup also. Some might not even try because it's labeled more light rock or indie. But hells yeah, lil old VOX can drop the hammer pretty...
  16. apescaleconflict

    Zakk Wylde Stylish Tonematch test AXE FX II Quantum

    I went and did a tonematch from 1988 Ozzy Ozbourne, a little bit tweaking and it suites for the BLS stuff too! Axe FX II is such a tittie generator. I also ra#ed the riff totally, and played it with my DJENTSTICK JACKSON DKA8 with BKP JUGGERNAUT PICKUPS to be ultimate untrue. Wanna give...
  17. apescaleconflict

    New track i mixed! Finnish melodic metal! JCM800 and Mesa Dual Recto / ML cab pack 13

    What's up guys? Last week i was assigned to mix a song of my friends band. It was fun times! They made a lyric video out of it and i also uploaded it to soundcloud! :) All guitars are JCM800 and Dual recto, most of the tone comes from JCM800! ML Sound Lab Cab pack 13 was used in all tracks...
  18. apescaleconflict

    ML Sound Lab Entry. Mesa Dual Recto / Marshall JCM800 blended

    Hey! This is an intro of an song that i am currently mixing for my friends band, it's in progress so forgive me there's still stuff to do! Also it's not very versatile, but i wanted to participate and i got a permission to leak this out! :D Guitars are reamped with my Axe using the topics...
  19. apescaleconflict

    Axe FX II FAS USB as an audio hardware problem in Reaper

    Hey all! I tried to find a similar problem, but didn't find that helped me with this. I want to use my Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 with reaper, and im using FAS USB as my audio device in windows 7, to reamp a track from my computer with axe fx. I've done this before about a year ago, and everything...
  20. apescaleconflict

    Demo song for my band / EVH III 50W / Pro Tone Deadhorse / Axe FX II / fw20b

    Hey! Recorded this demo song for my band to see if the guys are up to take this to the arsenal :) It's played a bit sloppy and im really new mixing with metal machinery drums so forgive me :D Also im getting a new bass, my fender jazz bass doesn't quite cut it these days so forgive me that...
  21. apescaleconflict

    Tesseract swing ripoff rythm patch test / Firmware 20b / Cab Pack 13

    Hey, Just ripping it off brutaly, im very well aware that it's idiotically close riff wise to the style, bu that was kinda the point to test this patch haha. Used my protone deadhorse in front of axe and Jackson DKA8 with BKP Juggernaut pickups to achieve it. Im gonna be testing the new...
  22. apescaleconflict

    Cab Pack 13: ML USA Bulb 4x12 UltraRes™ Reeeeally short Chunk Test Drop G#

    Hey guys! I've been busy with my kid for a while and been focusing to our new album so it's been quiet for me here! But Im gonna test out the upcoming OH cabs aswell got time to check this one out! Mikko has really done some epic job with Misha. All these impulses that keep coming, it's hard to...
  23. apescaleconflict

    DZL Herbie FW 19.00 / No drive pedal / Owhhammer Mills 4x12 / Full Demo Song

    Hey guys! Did this song to my band. As my love for DZL Herbie is growing, i decided to share this demo version i did yesterday with you guys. All guitars are Diezel Herbie with no drive pedal at all. Cab is Ownhammer Mills 4x12 Erockomania superspecial über tits v6.0 sport edition XXVII Tell...
  24. apescaleconflict

    Axe FX II FW 18.08 Herbie CH3 Quickie test

    Heyyy guys! I recorded this really quick test with Herbie CH3! I was fooling around with my Axe FX today and cursed to erockomania that my flubfactor is too overkill. He quickly threw me on the right track and after that i rushed this clip. It also has a supercharged Owhammer...
  25. apescaleconflict

    NGD! Ibanez SIX28 8-string riffage / Ownhammer Bogner V3

    Hey guys! Long time no post, mostly because i've been busy with a newborn baby and writing own bands songs. But i got this Ibanez as a backup guitar and dialed in some patch for giggin' and allm and just HAD to post something here :D Guitar has a great feel in it! Riffs were put on really fast...
  26. apescaleconflict

    Cab Pack 7: CK's USA Traditional 4x12™ / Again another metal influenced test of these

    Hey! Nothing too fancy going on here, just a little riff i was doodling the other day and put on soundcloud. Wasn't gonna post this one here but maby someone is interested of the preset or on the verge of buying this cab pack and just looking for the right push. :) Hope you dig it as much as i...
  27. apescaleconflict

    Ownhammer V3 Beta test / Trying metal style (FW 16.04)

    Hey! Title says it all, Kevin has kindly let us test some Beta versions of the upcoming V3 impulses, i decided to show you how it plays in "heavyish" kind of metal style. I like em a lot! Mics are sm57v / r121f and mesa cab. Amp is 5150 block Just threw this up really quickly, so sorry for the...
  28. apescaleconflict

    Our bands four track EP was released today! Check it out :)

    Heeeeeeey! I posted a the cover video a while back of the Meshuggah's Future Breed Machine, and now we released the EP itself. All bass and guitar parts are recorded with Axe FX II and i think the firmware was 14.somethingsomething... Sorry can't remember correctly! Drums were done in a...
  29. apescaleconflict

    Cover video of Meshuggah - Future Breed Machine done by my band

    Hey all! I just wanted to post this here as offcourse we recorded the guitars with AXE-FX II! It was done while we were recording our upcoming EP and we had such a fun, we all LOVE Meshuggah! Hope you guys like it as much we did recording it! :D EDIT: Thanks You Tube for choosing the most...
  30. apescaleconflict

    Good old Metal 4x12" cab ir from Axe-FX Ultra to ULTRARES?

    Topic says it all, is that ANYHOW possible? Sorry if there's been millions of topic out of this before, but didn't find and im really noob on converting things into ultrares. I know there is normal IR out of Metal 4x12"
  31. apescaleconflict

    Bass Sub-Forum would be great?!

    Hey! I mentioned this in another thread too, but i thought it'd maby get more attention in a new thread. I personally would love more open discussions about bass presets, tweaking them and sharing in particular topics. I know there is a lot of people here who use Axe-FX II a lot for bass...
  32. apescaleconflict

    My Bareknuckle Aftermath set arrive today! Let the tweaking start!

    Hey! I started tweaking my axe presets today as i changed my EMG-707 set to BKP Aftermath set. Oh dang do i like the dynamics and bite of those little son of a guns... Recorded something simple and chuggish to see how they fit in my templates, almost instantly better but the tweaking may...
  33. apescaleconflict

    Guitarjons Meshuggah (future breed) patch test in normal riffing test

    Title says it, just thought to share this really quick test with the Future Breed Machine presets, i had to try it out how it works in my template :) And thanks for the great presets again Guitarjon! This was done with Agile 7 27" scale and EMG 707, so keep in mind that compared to the...
  34. apescaleconflict

    Downgrading to 14.02 doesn't work

    Hey! I have to re-record some parts to our album with FW 14.02, but i can't get it to communicate with axe-edit, and my presets aren't visible in the unit anymore. How do i get the FW 14.02 to work or does anybody know why this occurs? I've tried different USB drivers and axe-edit versions...
  35. apescaleconflict

    Pantera - Walk / FW 15.02

    Hey, Decided to try this one out as an update to 15.02, i think there's millions of them for other FW:s for sure but just letting you guys have it to try out, also this is my like second or third tone match so im just getting a hang of it :D This small clip contains dimebag and then my guitar...
  36. apescaleconflict

    Axe FX II Asio driver issue occuring with Reaper

    Hey! I was wondering if somebody know what the heck has happened to my ASIO drivers, these used to work and has worked before, but now for some reason i get this buffer error message (screenshot in the picture) I can't recall any drastic all even small changes in my setup, so this is really...
  37. apescaleconflict

    Heavy but melodic 15.02 testing

    Hey, Nothing fancy, just testing my drum template and the new FW update. Loving the shit out of it! What say you? Agile 7 string / EMG 707 Superior drummer metalmachine Friedman HBE with ownhammer high gain essentials Mesa/DZL blend.
  38. apescaleconflict

    Sloppy test of guitarjons trivium patch in mix (no trivium song inside)

    Hey guys! Just recorded this small riff that popped in my mind and tried the trivium match patch by guitarjon. Some tweaking in DAW but majority of the sound is just the patch. Hope ya dig it!
  39. apescaleconflict

    Did a quick song in 1 hour, tested the diezel ownhammer and cablab.

    Did this in a hurry because it was to participate a contest, but here's the song! Mixed in Reaper Agile 8 string Axe FX II EMG 808 Superior Drummer Metal Machine
  40. apescaleconflict

    A little teaser playthough video from our upcoming album...

    Hey dudes! Check out as our guitarist got his brand new Strandberg boden and did a playthrough of this simple song out from out upcoming album! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=728521183857028 Please note that the ending result will change when the record is done, not yet mixed to...
  41. apescaleconflict

    Trying Metal Machine drums for the first time / small test with new patch.

    Hey, I haven't really got into the Toontrack Metalmachine expansion so i tried to give it a go with my also new axe preset :) Still need to tweak that metalmachine but it's really potential little fellow! :D What do you think! In case you wonder, i mixed it in reaper out of superiordrummer.
  42. apescaleconflict

    Agile TAF plus OH impulse blender testershit

    Yo! This is OH_412_MAR-CB_V30-CH_Studio-Modern + TAF_4x12_MESA_SM57_07_OFFCENTER_1INCH blended 50/50 I'll share the preset if anybody is interested, but nothing spectacular going on there, plus i tweaked a bit on DAW Amp is Friedman HBE Cheers!
  43. apescaleconflict

    Demo track i did for my band / Farting "technical" thingametal.

    Cheers dudes! Did this demo track for my band and thought that some of you might dig it. :) I'm really more and more into the unit everyday... This clip doesn't have the FW 14, and im really looking forward to try everything out with it! Keep in mind that this really is a non polished demo...
  44. apescaleconflict

    2min Oldschool type of Song made totally in 30min / Mesa / Ownhammer

    Hey! Today i was so bored that i just decided that don't give how crappy shit i record, but i have to write and record the song in 30min. So here's the deal. :D It is recorded with recto2 red mdrn and ownhammer impulses :) Hope you have your laughs as i did! :D Questions and feedback, and...
  45. apescaleconflict

    My live and studio 8-string rythm preset with PVH 5153 / FW 12.04

    Hey, I was sharing this on another thread, but thought to clarify it by just adding it to a new topic to be found more easily. :) Quick info, i use this as a base to tweak my recordings in home or studio, works as it is and here's a clip of as it is in a mix...
  46. apescaleconflict

    Testing FW 12.04b with my Agile 8 string in F

    Yeah, just thought to share how it manages the low F with my setup, i think this firmware keeps it together a lot better now! I can tweak more easily and not loose control over what im doing :) Here's a short clip with drums but without bass so you can hear the gtr better, hope you dig it :)...
  47. apescaleconflict

    Mic Models in stock cab IR's / general discussion

    Hey! I've owned Ultra for 2 years and just bought Axe II, i gotta say i freaking love it. I've been wondering a long time and have wanted to discuss about the thing that has bothered me a while. I have been doing a lots of things wrong or i'm just 1 in the million who doesn't use MIC...
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